Screw your blue wave…a Chinese Red Tsunami is coming!

China will own your data and use it to manipulate you. They plan to do that for the whole world. The latest Bloomberg article showing Chinese insertion of spy chips into SuperMicro is just another step in their attempts to do this. Plenty of people think this is a pipe dream and conspiracy theory, so … Continue reading Screw your blue wave…a Chinese Red Tsunami is coming!

History Repeating in Africa?

by baldilocks China in Africa. Chinese corporations are all over Africa.  In June 2017 a McKinsey & Company report estimated that there are more than 10,000 Chinese-owned firms operating in Africa. What are Chinese corporations doing in Africa? That's a highly controversial issue. The reason Chinese corporations are in Africa is simple; to exploit the people and take their … Continue reading History Repeating in Africa?

An American in China

After four, lengthy visits to China, I have some suggestions for people who want to travel there. I would recommend that you skip Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong unless you want to do a quick tour upon arrival into the country before heading to the exciting part of the Middle Kingdom. Keep in mind that … Continue reading An American in China

Crime Stories in China

Almost everyone loves a good crime story or murder mystery, and the Chinese are no exception. Zhou Haohui, a 41-year-old school teacher, has written a series of potboilers called “Death Notice.” In fact, American readers can get a taste of the books when Doubleday publishes the first of three of the novels later this year. … Continue reading Crime Stories in China

On North Korea Watch the Generals & the Chinese

There is one aspect of the North Korea talks that needs to be brought up. While the US congress is asking for consultation on any deal President Trump makes the real question is going to be on the North Korean side. One of the problems with running a death camp the size of a small … Continue reading On North Korea Watch the Generals & the Chinese

An American and Chinese Hero

Claire Chennault, someone whom few people in the United States know but should,  may be the most beloved American in China. During World War II, Chennault headed a secret operation in Kunming called the First American Volunteer Group, better known as the Flying Tigers. By December 1941, Kunming, a vital capital of a southwest China … Continue reading An American and Chinese Hero

Healthcare in China

Getting to see a doctor in China isn’t easy. After I had a persistent cough, however, I had to see a physician. Almost everyone goes to a hospital to see a doctor. That's the way the system works. What is interesting is how the healthcare system forces Chinese to do something they abhor: standing in … Continue reading Healthcare in China

China and Patience

The adage goes that you don’t want to see sausage or laws being made. The same can be said about reading or watching news. If you know something about a subject, you likely will be dismayed by the news. For me, that is the case when it comes to U.S. coverage of China. For the … Continue reading China and Patience

Marxism and China

In a rather neck-snapping series of pronouncements, Marxism has moved to center stage in China. On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched a high-profile campaign lauding the importance of the German philosopher. Communist Party newspapers hailed Das Kapital, Marx’s critique of capitalism, as “holy scripture.” State … Continue reading Marxism and China

This is Wrong and I Don’t Care if the Target Is Islam

The Most Dangerous thing in the world is an excuse DaTechGuy There is no question that radical Islam is a global threat, that the Jihad is an oppression that must be fought, that the only thing worse than Islam's targeting of critics of Islam from Pam Geller and Robert Spencer and the Murder of folks … Continue reading This is Wrong and I Don’t Care if the Target Is Islam

“The” China Earthquake

It’s difficult to find anyone in Chengdu, a laidback city in central China known for its pandas and spicy food, who doesn’t know where they were at 2:28 p.m. on May 12, 2008. That's when a massive earthquake, one of the worst ever in China, left 87,000 people dead, 370,000 injured, and five million people … Continue reading “The” China Earthquake

Korea and China

A young Vietnamese man pulled out his phone and asked me if I knew about what was happening in Korea. He passed the device to me where the presidents of North Korea and South Korea were meeting on the border between the two countries. “I feel a lot safer now than I did a few … Continue reading Korea and China

The Catholic Church in China

At St. Francis Catholic Church in Xi’an, China, the congregation flowed out into the courtyard for Sunday Mass. Churchgoers include many young parents with children. The service lasted more than 90 minutes, including a sermon that ebbed and flowed for nearly 20 minutes. Each section of the church has one of the Ten Commandments written … Continue reading The Catholic Church in China

Trump’s Success in China

Did Chinese President Xi Jinping just blink in trade war stand-off with US? That exact headline comes from The South China Morning Post, a leading news organization in Hong Kong. I guess the U.S. media mavens who screamed about the dumb move Trump made against China had already turned their attention to the next round … Continue reading Trump’s Success in China