Trump is God and the Devil

by baldilocks This morning I posted two statuses on my Facebook page that received a lot of reaction. The one I want to discuss is this one. There are two types which are the opposing sides of the same coin: “Trump-worshippers” and “Trump AntiChristers[i].” The first group is much more vocal than the last one (coined … Continue reading Trump is God and the Devil

Eyes Front

Last week, when President Obama reverted to the topic of “income inequality,” I was reminded of one of things I used to complain about to God. Why did people who were “worse” sinners than I get the things I’ve always wanted but didn’t have? Christians are exhorted to keep their eyes on Jesus—the Way, the … Continue reading Eyes Front

It’s more than a threat, it’s a temptation

When you look at the South Park situation, the reaction of comedy central and the sudden concern at offending religion that seems to pop up as long as that religion isn't Christianity in general or Catholicism in particular, it tends to make the average Christian sick. You have seen the Lord berated, your forms of … Continue reading It’s more than a threat, it’s a temptation