A few days ago my eldest niece (who bears a striking resemblance to Maria Bartiromo) picked up my wife for a wedding shower for the soon to be spouse of my 2nd youngest nephew who gets married this month.

The bride to be is a beautiful, intelligent and gainfully employed young woman, the type of young lady I hope my own sons eventually find.  Her husband to be, my nephew is fit, handsome, intelligent and likewise gainfully employed.  They make an excellent match and I’m rather happy for both him and my brother his father.

The event did not garner any press, there will be no articles in the local or national papers and if you search for any gossip concerning it at the sites of Perez Hilton, Variety or Inside Edition you will likely be disappointed, although you just might find a picture of the quilt my wife made for them on her facebook page.

The reason for this is simple, My nephew and his bride to be are not people of great fame nor have they to my knowledge sought to be. In fact it’s very likely that this piece will be the closest thing to attention this blessed union achieves.

They are simply two young people who have worked very hard during their young lives and are now getting ready to begin a hopefully happy family life together and are content to be so.

Contrast that Ms. Cora Segal.

Unlike my nephew, his wife to be or even my niece who so resembles Ms. Bartiromo Ms Segal has not shunned the spotlight.  She has run workshops that have been covered by Vice, The Washington Free Beacon and The Daily Caller which wrote:

Sullivan and Segal also explored the notion that communism and socialism were superior economic systems to capitalism, because capitalism promotes the oppression of fat people and the tyranny of healthy eating.

and furthermore they were able to get sponsorship for this event:

The event was co-sponsored by the Women’s Resource Center, History Department, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Interpretation Theory and the Worth Health Center.

As a fat person who clearly understands that I am overweight due to my own choices and acknowledges the risks involved thereof, I won’t comment on their argument or the groups that choose to sponsor it.  I will only note that scheduling such an event, getting sponsors and opening it to the public by its very nature requests attention.

Now Ms. Segal is in the news again, for her disruptive actions at a University of Massachusetts event featuring nationally and internationally  known writers Christina Hoff Sommers, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Steven Crowder.

Given the nature of the event, the people who attended it, the filming of the event an the ubiquitous of the camera phone one must conclude that the very public actions of Ms. Segal were designed to get attention, to be seen and to be reported on. As Ms. Summers states the event video has gotten over 180K views That she has gotten national attention is not a bug, it’s a feature.

That’s why I’m perplexed when I saw this tweet from Christina Hoff Summers who was one of the objects of Ms. Segal’s wrath that evening.

The reason for my confusion is this:  being noted was the entire purpose of her actions, as Stacy McCain put it

We know who Cora Segal is and we know what Cora Segal believes because Cora Segal has told us these things. Cora Segal is an activist, and when an activist goes to a public event and disrupts it by shouting obscenities — “F–k you! . . . Keep your hate speech off this campus!” — her public activism is newsworthy.

I would submit it’s more than newsworthy for Ms. Segal it’s VITAL for the future she sees for herself!

Consider,  there are literally thousands of young western women whose parents are paying the more than the median income of an American household to be taught how oppressed they are in woman and/or gender” studies programs in the US alone.

However even if such a person manages to get an advanced degree there are in reality a limited number of actual paying jobs for such majors. as Andrea XX discovered  

“I have a honors BA and I’m defending my MA thesis in two weeks. I am also apply for jobs and I can only find stuff in the service industry. I applied for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk job today. My degrees mean NOTHING. I am at the end of my rope.“

How does one change such a situation?  Become noticed!

While I’m sure many on the left might not like the idea of Cora Segal being the face of feminist campus activism or might be repelled by the way the nickname #TrigglyPuff  (a takeoff on this Pokemon character Jigglypuff for those who do not know) Ms. Segal now finds herself in an enviable position compared to other obese marxist feminist lesbians.

 She now has a national profile

 She can now claim “oppression” for the mocking she has received from folks from Iowahawk  to Milo and more.

She is even getting cash offers from the opposition to make her case:

She has gone from being just another , as Steven Crowder put it, elephantine feminist in the room, instead she has achieved that most coveted status in the current western world victimhood!  With careful and  clever manipulation she will be able to parlay these events and her “victimhood” on the college speaking circuit and actually have universities pay her to travel to their locations to make the case not only for her victimhood but to present her beliefs before an admiring audience.

In other words she has actually been put in a position where her outrageous public behavior can give her a living as a professional marxist feminist lesbian.  That is no mean feat.

It’s certainly requires less time, study and effort than the sciences and healthcare path that my Nephew and his wife to be have chosen.

It’s rather amazing actually, if she had pulled her Enfant terrible routine at the wedding shower for my nephew’s betrothed she would have simply been a nut who likely would have been arrested and forgotten.

So cry no tears for Cora “TrigglyPuff” Segal Christina Hoff Summers she has gotten exactly what she wanted from her actions.  That was, in effect her shower and she has received the gift she wanted most of all.

May she be as happy with her chosen path as my Nephew and his bride to be.


the Irony is not lost on me that TrigglyPuff’s $5000 offer from her behavior at UMass Amherst is more than we’ve pulled in four months of writing here at DaTechguy Blog

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Papa Bear:  That is something you must never do so let that be a lesson to you

Stan Berenstain The Bike Jesson 1964

Commander Sela: Come in, gentlemen. Take a seat, please. Excuse me, I’m just finishing up a speech. For you, Mister Spock. I rather enjoy writing. I don’t get to do it often in this job.
Lt. Cmdr Data: Perhaps you would be happier in another job.

Star Trek TNG Unification Part 2 1991

I read with some amusement this story concerning the delicate flowers empowered college women at Oberlin college reacting to Christina Hoff Sommers’ suggestion that if one’s major is not conducive to making a living perhaps one should choose a different one.

Mind you this is the same message she has given at other venues as well:

“A way undergraduate women can change the wage gap is to change their major,” Sommers said. “Of the college majors, naval architecture is 97 percent male. Early childhood education is 98 percent female, social work 88 percent female. There is a big difference in what they major in.”

If more women were to change their majors from lower-paying jobs such as childhood education to higher-paying jobs like petroleum engineering, the wage gap would not be such an issue, Sommers said.

Yet this dose of reality was so traumatic for the some in the student body (even before it was given) that some lashed out at those who invited her as enabling rape while others have answered with love letters to themselves or found the need for “safe spaces”

However while the proper reaction to such people is intense ridicule as the father of two sons one still in college I can’t fight the impulse to couple my ridicule with some practical aid:

Ladies if you will not believe that nasty scary Christina Hoff Sommers perhaps I can provide a witness more to your liking.

Meet Andrea XX

I have no idea why throwing bodyshaming/slutshaming at Miley is being allowed a free pass. It’s the propagation of heteropatriarchal crap.

— andria (@andria_xx) August 26, 2013

Her feminist bonafides are impressive:

“Honors BA in Social Justice and Peace Studies” and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Gender Studies.

Her blog is no longer up but two years ago she was about to defend her Masters Thesis in Gender Studies so we can safely presume that by this time she has acquired said degree and while a Masters in any subject doesn’t impress either Dr. Sheldon Cooper or Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler it should be enough to convince those hiding in Oberlin’s on campus safe rooms that her opinion can be heard without trauma.

So Andrea XX tell us,  just how valuable is an Honors BA in Social Justice & Peace Studies & a Masters in Gender studies?

“I have a honors BA and I’m defending my MA thesis in two weeks. I am also apply for jobs and I can only find stuff in the service industry. I applied for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk job today. My degrees mean NOTHING. I am at the end of my rope.“

In fact it’s even worse that what it sounds:


Now while it is (almost) too late for Andrea XX to change direction if you are an Oberlin student you still have time to abandon majors that make you unemployable and make sure that you are at least in a position to pay off your college debt and have a life once you leave the safe room and enter the real world.

You won’t like the alternative, take andrea_xx’s word on it.


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