Bravo Sierra and Paying Attention

by baldilocks Earlier today I said this: It was in reference to Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) expounding on her experiences with weed, Tupac, Snoop, and time travel, but I consider it a timeless aphorism -- especially when we're talking about ideologues pandering to a desired constituency. Unskilled pandering happens all the time with politicians from … Continue reading Bravo Sierra and Paying Attention

We Averted Our Eyes

by baldilocks I’m old enough to remember when I was called delusional by an alleged conservative for pointing this out. That happened in 2008. But I’m certain that Don Surber was pointing it out back then also. Here he is in a well-earned I-told-you-so: Barack Obama is a communist. Mild compared to Castro or Mao, … Continue reading We Averted Our Eyes

The Fisherman

by baldilocks No, not that Fisherman. The other one. The power to tax is the power to destroy. --Daniel Webster, et al. The 36th president of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson, is infamous for many things. Most domestically notable are two programs: the Great Society and Medicare. Both programs can arguably be viewed as … Continue reading The Fisherman