BOHICA For Him, But Not For Them

by baldilocks The little guys have to follow the rules; the Big Guys and Girls, not so much. The Army is booting out a 13-year public affairs sergeant for including in an unclassified government email the same information about a special operations unit and Osama bin Laden found on web pages. The irony in … Continue reading BOHICA For Him, But Not For Them

The impact of classified disclosure

You know he's right... Confidential. Secret. Top Secret. We hear these terms thrown around concerning Hillary Clinton's emails. But what do they really mean? If you don't handle classified information (and most of you don't), it's hard to understand the impact of losing classified materials. Worse, most security people aren't going to comment on it, … Continue reading The impact of classified disclosure

Wasted Days

by baldilocks It’s an odd feeling to begin to believe that you wasted your youth. It’s what I’m beginning to believe about my own. Back when I was a skinny little critter, I wasn’t popping out illegitimate babies or selling/smoking weed or selling/shooting heroin or streetwalking or being a groupie to sports/pop music icons. I … Continue reading Wasted Days