Howard: Hey, you know what’d be a great idea? We get some girls over here and play Laser Obstacle Strip Chess.

Leonard: Believe me, Howard, any girl who would be willing to play that, you don’t want to see naked.

Howard: You underestimate me.

The Big Bang Theory The Work Song Nanocluster 2009

L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace!

Patton 1970

Yesterday the Washington Examiner commented on the idea of the White House minting “Trillion dollar coins” to balance the budget:

Now that the Treasury is near the debt limit yet again, liberals have cooked up an even crazier scheme to avoid much-needed structural entitlement reform. This time, they claim that a 1997 statute passed to authorize the minting and selling of commemorative coins also authorizes the Treasury secretary to mint unlimited amounts of money. The Treasury could then deposit these coins at the Federal Reserve and use those funds to pay off our debts. The Obama administration has yet to comment on the collectible coin solution.

The debates over our nation’s debts and deficits can be tense. At moments of levity, the 14th Amendment and collectible coin schemes are both good for a chuckle. But our country also faces real and tough problems that demand real solutions. The Left does itself and the nation no favors by taking these schemes seriously.

And Byron York, who I like a lot poked fun at this idea a bit:


and finally:


In fact some might even laugh at counter measures being proposed:

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., has also announced plans to introduce a bill that would make it illegal to mint high-value coins to pay government debt.

I don’t laugh at them at all, I think countermeasures are vitally necessary.

If there is one thing these last four years have erased from my calculation it’s the idea that our friends on the left are limited in any way in their actions.

From Obamacare to Benghazi we’ve seen a White House willing to do ANYTHING to achieve their goals and a press willing to cover for them at every turn.

Why WOULD the White House hesitate to take any action that they think might be in their political interest, law be damned?

Consider this line from Byron York concerning the GOP’s attempt to get Democrats to pass a budget emphasis mine:

As Sessions sees it, Reid’s budget gambit is the result of a long-term plan. “It’s not a failure of leadership,” Sessions said. “This is part of the president’s political tactics. There’s no doubt in my mind that the White House and the Senate leadership calculated that the lumps they would take for not producing a budget were preferable to actually exposing their financial plan for the future.

Remember the Senate is required BY LAW to pass a budget, yet politically Harry Reid & the White House has been willing to ignore the law when it’s to their advantage and for three years the press and the public have ignored it.

Some may think Representative Greg Walden is pulling a stunt trying to advance this bill,  I disagree.  You’ve got to kill this option right now before it becomes a serious play.

If anyone thinks for one moment that the prospect of this administration turning us into Weimar on the Potomac worries this administration more than having to propose any budget cut that would upset the people who write the checks or the activists that turn out the vote, then you haven’t been paying attention for the last four years.

Update: fixed last sentence in 2nd to last paragraph.

Update 2: Clarity? How much more clarity do we need, but then again it took 10 plagues to get Pharaoh to let the Israelites go

At about 3:20 p.m. today my oldest son sat down to each an early supper since he had to work tonight at 5. He then told me something he had seen on the Life Dr. Who and Combom site concerning the Royal Mint coming out with Dr. who coins.

I checked out the Royal mint site and sure enough they have medals of base medal coins of the <a href=””>10th doctor, K9 and the Daleks for £9.95 each (about $16.41 each. I also noticed that they had Silver medals of the Doctor and the Daleks at £35 ( 57.75 each) and a full Gold medal of the Doctor and the Daleks at £150 each ($247.50)

The Silver medals are limited to 5000 each and the Gold to 500. causing me to regret not having large sums of disposable income because they will turn over VERY quickly.

I gave a call to the mint and the lady there told me that they were absolutely swamped. They hadn’t even gotten the medals in the the computer system yet so all the orders were on paper. I picked up 2 each of the base metal ones and one each of the silver. Can’t afford the gold which is a shame because I don’t think they will last past tomorrow if even.

Like the 1st year issue quarter sovereigns if I was working I would have picked up a few to sit on but I can’t justify the expense without work and don’t want to teach my kids speculation when money is tight.

If you want some for yourselves I wouldn’t wait for the day to end.

Some general thoughts for the last few days.

First when you are sick it is amazing how little the vagaries of the political world matter. When you are lying in bed with fever you don’t care what joke the president cracked or no.

That being said if President Bush had said that…etc etc etc.

Is it just me or it it almost becoming a cliché to say those words “if George Bush had done that”, it’s pretty sad that this is the case only two months into a presidency.

And slate is still doing Bushisms. They just can’t help themselves. Hot Air is answering with their Obamateurism of the day.

I actually thought that the Comedy Central show “That’s my Bush” was actually kinda funny. think it’s safe to say we won’t see a comedy central show called Obama & Mama about a president dealing with his mother-in-law living in the White house. The concept of a mother-in-law comedy in the White house does have possibilities but it would never happen.

This won’t be our first post racial president until we can laugh at him like any other president.

Then again I don’t recall laughing at the president being normal until Nixon. In fact other than Carter and Bush #1 every president from Nixon on has been the butt of public jokes. That is a real change in my mind or maybe I am whitewashing history.

In my opinion Ezra Klein’s attack on Ann Althouse is dishonorable.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that only 4% of president Obama’s first term is done. There is still a lot of time for him to make things work out.

Then again after calling for Imus to be fired for insensitivity his special Olympics joke was really stupid. Not so much the joke which was kinda lame but that the President cracked it. Where was the teleprompter when you need it. Wasting its time blogging!

Of course he could have said it was candlepin bowling. That takes real skill. There has never been a perfect game in Candlepin Bowling.

And can someone tell me how a protest of 25 people at AIG make the top of Yahoo news while 3000 “tea party” protesters don’t warrant a mention?

Bert Blyleven and his Dutch team have done the sport of baseball a great service. All baseball fans should be very grateful…

Unless you are from the Dominican Republic.

This by the way is the first time that a Cuban baseball team didn’t make the semi’s of a tournament in 50 years, I’m heartbroken.

Is it just me or is there just nothing worth going to the movies to see anymore? I haven’t been excited about a movie since the LOTR trilogy.

And I still can’t believe they cut out the death of Saruman from the theatrical release. Buy the extended version instead.

Rich’s comic blog is nearing the end of his Doctor Who strip that has run 210 pages so far since march of 2007. If you are even the least bit of a doctor who fan and you haven’t already checked it out you are missing something wonderful.

I sure hope there will be an actual physical comic, I would very much like to buy it.

I have not checked for Dr. Who Audio’s on ebay now for several weeks, April 12th can’t come fast enough for me.

Eventually the normal business cycle will turn and the country will be back on its feet again. The only question is when it will happen and who will be in a position to take credit for it when it does.

And it would be nice if Catholic Colleges can have pro-life rather than pro abortion speakers at their commencements.

And those quarter sovereigns that I picked up at £47.50 (or 47.10s if you want to go old style) are now selling direct from the royal mint at £67.50 That is a £20 increase in under 3 months. I hope you followed my advice way back when and picked some up.

Oh and they make that Darwin coin in gold too. Price £625.

The Marxists, and Answer are still protesting the war. Gotta do something to keep that bankroll full.

And Gateway Pundit has more pictures from his tour of Spain and Morocco amidst his political blogging. They are really something. Just keep scrolling down.

And finally before I hit the sack and get rested up for tomorrow I want to thank one of my favorite fellows of the left Mike for his good wishes during my illness. If you haven’t figured out that good friends come from left right and center then you spend too much time on the web and are too angry to enjoy real life.

On that coin site I found this link concerning counterfeit £1 coins. I wouldn’t think that it would be worth the price to counterfeit a £1 coin but this older article from the Independent gives some details:

According to coin industry sources, the economics of producing counterfeit coins, as opposed to notes, make it necessary to produce large amounts to net any kind of decent profit. Technically, it is relatively simple to produce fakes using dies made from the real thing; some are made from hand moulds, some on machines. All that is needed is sufficient nickel and brass. The kind of people doing this, in their backrooms and workshops, are most likely to be traditional criminals and gangs – Charlie Kray, elder brother of the infamous twins, was long suspected by police in London of involvement in counterfeit coin rackets.

One coin expert told The Independent that he had heard that £100 worth of counterfeit coins were being sold on the black market for £80 and £1,000 for £800 and so forth. “I think they could cost around 50p to 75p to produce, so you have to produce an awful lot to make it worthwhile,” said the expert, who added: “Frankly, if I get any, I just pass them on in my change, its not worth doing anything else.”

The real problem as far as I can see is that since coins don’t leave circulation for decades a counterfeit stays a very long time. Plus if you turn it in, you’re out a pound. I would think it is just too much work for the government to worry about it but this a newer article shows how the problem has grown:

The number of fake pound coins in circulation has doubled in the past five years and one in every 50 is now counterfeit.

The newer article has tips on spotting the bad ones and a small film as well. Apparently the fakes are getting worse, likely due to an attempt to bring down the cost of producing them. If the quality keeps dropping then the problem might fix itself.

Got the 2009 uncirculated set from the Royal mint. Other than the Darwin coin I don’t think I’ve seen an uglier set of coins in my life. Click here to see if you agree. I remember now why I didn’t buy them for the kid before.

The good news is in looking for the image I found the site that hosts it. Definably worth a look if you collect. The 2009 Lincoln penny backs for are particularly good.

Checked out the US mint site today. Noticed something interesting about the gold coins.

The 2008 coins along with the 1st Lady gold coins but the 2009 coins are being offered on a sliding scale based on the price of gold.

That’s going to make buying collectible gold interesting this year.

Those 2009 1st year Quarter Sovereigns from the Royal Mint are looking better even with an price £8 higher than that last post. At today’s exchange rate that’s still below $75 each. I should have gotten more than 3 when I ordered job or no.

With the exchange rate between the pound sterling and the dollar rapidly moving in the direction of the dollar the Royal Mint’s move a few years ago to do all pricing in Pounds now favors US collectors.

I’ve already pushed the Darwin anniversary coin but it terms of something that has real chance to gain in value you can’t beat the newly offered Quarter Sovereign.

I haven’t seen this as a coin offered or minted before. It is a gold coin just about 1/16 of an ounce at 22 ct with the same classic design front and back and the standard full sovereign or half sovereign. If you’ve never seen one this is what it looks like:

Same design used for all size sovereigns
Same design used for all size sovereigns

The glory of the British Empire is long past but if you want a chance to get something to remember it by the quarter sovereign is a solid and inexpensive choice. The mint is getting £47.95 each for them at the current exchange rate that works out to around $63 each for a gold coin in it’s first year of issue.

I grabbed 3 since that’s all I can afford, If I had a job I’d grab 10.

The web site for the Royal mint is here, or you can give them a ring at 866-519-7298.

An interesting oddity was revealed to me at the flea market this week.

The local coin dealer tells me that the 2008 Silver Proof set is actually selling for less than the Regular 2008 Proof set.

As you can see if you follow the links the regular set is sold out, apparently people bought them due to hard times so the mint is sold out. The sets are selling online for about $65, while the silver sets are still available for $45 direct.

No idea is that will remain the case but there is always the 2008 Uncirculated set available from the mint…while they last.

BTW did you know they were making quarters of the territories and DC? I didn’t.

I’ve had my share of atheists who have been hitting the blog lately due to my following of the raving atheist’s conversion. (Thanks for coming and reading btw) If you are one of them this e-mail I received should interest you.

The Royal Mint is coming out with a commemorative £2 of Charles Darwin for his 200th birthday. The link for the coin is here. The price is £7.78 or old style £7.15.3. (About $12 at today’s exchange rate).

From the Royal mint site:

This commemorative £2 coin for 2009 celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin as well as the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species. The reverse of the coin, designed by Suzie Zamit, features a profile portrait of Charles Darwin and a chimpanzee together with the denomination TWO POUNDS, the year dates 1809 and 2009 and DARWIN. The presentation folder tells the story of Charles Darwin’s life and achievements and includes a reproduction of original drawings he made during his travels.

With a max run of 25,000 on the folder I’d order now. The Royal Mint makes pretty neat stuff and this coin certainly qualifies.

It would seem to me to be the perfect gift for Atheists in particular but you don’t have to be an unbeliever to appreciate Darwin. His contributions to science are considerable and he certainly rates the coin. It’s a nice coin i’d recommend it to anyone. It would make a particularly good gift for a science or biology teacher too.

I would suggest ordering early however in my experience the royal mint ends up backordered pretty fast. I’d rather have the coins in hand and sit on them for 12 months then order them in November and get them in Feb.