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Leo Durocher Nice Guys finish last.

This year MLB made two rule changes/clarifications involving plays at 2nd base, one favoring offense and one favoring defense.

For the offense the rule clarification states that the fielder making a play at 2nd on a double play has to touch the base having control of the ball for the force out, in the past being close was generally enough for the umpire to call the runner out on a force.

For the defense the ability to “take out” a 2nd baseman or shortstop has been greatly limited. If the runner shows any sign of deviating from a direct path to 2nd base to interfere with the pivot throw to first, or raises an arm or leg to o so, he will be cited for interference and the batter called out.

Now there are many who don’t like these rule changes as they are affecting baseball customs that have been in place for years however no matter how much one might object to these changes, a MLB manager who wants to win is no more likely to tell his players to ignore these rule changes than an AL manager is to decide to allow his pitchers to bat because he dislikes the DH.

And that brings us to Donald Trump and Colorado.

When Donald Trump’s people say that the Colorado primary system was changed to favor the establishment he is likely correct as the GOP was trying to protect a potential frontrunner like Jeb Bush from an insurgent like a Ted Cruz and like those baseball fans they have every right to say they don’t like this new system.

However this doesn’t change the fact that these changes were made back in August of 2015 and at the time the changes were made neither Donald Trump campaign nor any other said a word.

In fact they didn’t say a word all of 2015 as I tweeted

However while every campaign didn’t say a word about the changes only one of the three remaining candidates decided to incorporate the rule changes in their Colorado campaign.

That man was Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump may not like the new rules, Donald Trump might object to the new rules, but if he wants to blame someone for not winning any delegates in Colorado this year, he should look in the mirror.

John "Lee" Ruberry in Colorado
John “Lee” Ruberry in Colorado

By John Ruberry

Since last autumn’s government shutdown, when “Barrycades” blocked visitors from entering National Park Service sites such as Yellowstone, but also open-space plazas such as the World War II Memorial in Washington, the NPS has gone from America’s most-loved federal agency to a place among the rest of the Everglades-type muck that is the national government.

The National Park Service, which is part of the Interior Department, is about to sink deeper into the mire, the Denver Post reported two days ago.

The National Park Service is proposing to boost entrance fees at 131 of the 401 public properties it manages.

“The proposed increases in park entrance fees will allow us to invest in the improvements necessary to provide the best possible park experience to our visitors,” said Park Service director Jon Jarvis in an Aug. 14 memo [emphasis mine] to regional directors urging them to foster public support for the first fee increase since 2008.

With an eye toward sprucing up for the Park Service’s 100th anniversary in 2016, Jarvis is asking regional directors to conduct public outreach this fall and winter so fees can be implemented as early as next summer.

Did you notice that? “An Aug. 14 memo.” Clearly “the most transparent administration in history” wants the fee hike scheme to be hidden from taxpayers.

Old Faithful
Old Faithful

Entrance fees could increase the popular Rocky Mountain National Park by 50 percent and a whopping 150 percent at Great Sand Dunes National Park. Worse, the NPS’ “public outreach” on the rate hikes begins in late October, just as visitation at the parks plummets.

The National Park Service’s annus horribilis didn’t end when the Barrycades were lifted. Later that fall, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), while placing much of the blame on Congress, eviscerated the NPS for overlooking maintenance of the popular parks and wasting money on barely-visited sites.

From Fox News:

“This is an agency that spends $650 million a year administering a $2.6 billion budget,” says Coburn — a ratio he calls, “outlandish.”

His report cites dozens of cases of waste. The Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site in the San Francisco Bay area, for example, averages less than 10 visitors a day. “With nine employees, the National Park Service often has more staff working the grounds, than daily visitors,” the report says.

While the NPS opposed adding the O’Neill home to its roster of properties, its director, the aforementioned Jon Jarvis, appears to favor adding the Pullman District on Chicago’s South Side as a National Historic Park. Pullman, then located outside of Chicago’s city limits, was a Pullman Company-owned planned community and the epicenter of a violent 1894 strike. The strikers lost, but a few years later the Illinois Supreme Court forced the Pullman Company to divest itself of its namesake town.

The Pullman District and its period architecture is moderately interesting to a history buff such as myself, but after twenty years of attempts by local government to elevate it as a tourist attraction, the rest of America remains unimpressed. The Heartland Institute’s Steve Stanek phrased it best, “Pullman National Park? You’ve Gotta be Kidding.”

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

As for sneak-attack entrance fee hikes by the most-transparent-administration-in history? You’ve gotta be kidding. Especially if it ends up that visitors to places such as Rocky Mountain National Park end up subsidizing a Pullman National Park, which by the way, would almost certainly end up as a Valhalla to the labor movement and other left-wing causes such as planned communities–but only if such towns are planned by government, not by capitalists of course.

Finally, the NPS’ recent track history is poor, as Coburn explained on his website last year:

Of the top 25 most visited National Parks in 2012, only 8 have been approved since 1970 – of the 25 least visited parks, 20 have been established since 1970.

John Ruberry  regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

While everyone is talking Syria an interesting video concerning the recall elections of the gun grabbers in Colorado:

Warner Todd Huston describes the scene:

In the video you see Democrats being accused of stuffing the ballot boxes with perhaps hundreds of illicit ballots dropped off when the election itself is supposed to be a walk-in vote only with only “hardship” ballots mailed in or dropped off early.

Hat tip to Ben Howe

I think the absentee ballot system is the easiest way to fix an election. What’s to stop a union guy leader from putting a ballot in front of someone and saying: fill this out and vote it or no work for you. How do you prove it?

Anyone surprised at this simply hasn’t been paying attention, Warner isn’t surprised

Figures, doesn’t it? Thieves and crooks will never change their spots and you can’t be a Democrat without those indelible spots in full bloom.

Gotta admit it the timing is smart for them, the whole country is looking elsewhere.

Are you a B & E man who is worried that you might be in danger because Colorado is a concealed Carry State?

Well have no fear, Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock is for you:

As of October 1, residents cannot display, use, or possess any firearms or weapons of any kind, anywhere on the property.

Concealed Carry License? Hunters, no problem our new policies make sure that you as a second story man will be safe and secure on your job.

Harold “Fingers” Malloy spokesman of United Burgles and Second Story Men local 77 had this to say.

“Concealed Carry laws pose a serious hazard to our members who go to work every night just trying to make a living, we’re pleased to see Oakwood Apartments take the steps necessary to make sure our members can do their jobs with piece of mind.”

After all what the safety of some old used up vet when there are plenty of 2nd story men with mouths to feed?

Maybe James O’Keefe can provide the signs.

Update: Well that didn’t last long

The owner company of the Castle Rock apartments has thrown out the new policy created by the management company after holding an emergency meeting yesterday. They said they were unaware the management company had created this new policy and given that this is public housing, it’s most certainly unconstitutional to ban people from owning firearms in their homes.

What will the UBSSM local 77 say?

Capt. Darling: So you see, Blackadder, Field Marshal Haig is most anxious to eliminate all these German spies.

Gen Melchett: Filthy Hun weasels fighting their dirty underhand war!

Capt Darling: And, fortunately, one of *our* spies–

Gen Melchett: Splendid fellows, brave heroes, risking life and limb for Blighty!

Black Adder Goes Forth, General Hospital 1989

You know I’ve heard the left telling for years that we should be happy to pay our fair share of taxes, how it’s patriotic to do so and those who balk at such taxes are just greedy.

Apparently this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to pot:

marijuana advocates fear excessive taxes could destroy the whole idea around voter-approved Amendment 64 and keep recreational pot users in the black market.

“If it is too much tax too quickly, it will kill the transition to the legal market,” said Michael Elliott, director of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group.

What? the voter approved amendment was all about tax free pot? I don’t remember anyone arguing for tax free pot, but beside the fact I’m sure many on the left hearing this are Shocked SHOCKED to discover that excessive taxes will hold back a market and Ed mentions another point that never hit me.

Of course, people can’t usually grow their own tobacco. That’s not true of marijuana, which as reader David K pointed out in an e-mail to me, is called “weed” for a very good reason. Now that marijuana has been legalized, David thinks there will be little appetite to bust people for growing their own supply — but if it’s being done to avoid paying taxes, I’m not so sure. Ask the citizen distillers in the South how they handled the “revenuers” back in the day.

Meanwhile we have been told how vital government regulation is to protect citizens from exploitation and danger, to be sure products and services are save for the public, when we’ve objected suggesting this handcuff’s business and costs jobs we’ve been told that we are putting profits over people.

But strangely enough our friends on the left have discovered rules and regulations that might actually hurt a business:

Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest provider of abortions, says the proposed stricter standards for clinics could cause all but six of the 42 abortion facilities in Texas to shut down. Bill author Republican Jodie Laubenberg said no facility would be forced to close.

How about that, regulations hurt businesses and the insistence of supporters of the bill that these rules will force clinics to be safer are not relevant.


One of the basic rules of economics is supply and demand.

If there is an excessive quantity of an item its relative value drops, this applies not just to basic products and services, but to things such as the money supply.

Likewise if you have an item in short supply, it because more valuable and the holder of that valuable item, commodity or service can pick and choose among offers to their advantage.

This is true of jobs. Jobs are a valuable commodity, employers produce tax revenue, pay for infrastructure and allow produces to be produced in an area but most of all they attract the most valuable commodity of all, people.

Now I’ve been led to understand that there has been a shortage of jobs around this country over the last 4 years, but apparently I’ve been mistaken. Because in state after state we see the elected governments deciding they are a commodity that doesn’t need to be attracted.


Shrugging off the fiscal caution of recent years, Governor Deval Patrick proposed a $1.9 billion tax increase tonight in his State of the Commonwealth address, saying it was necessary for the state to invest more in education and the state’s transportation network to “accelerate growth and expand opportunity.”

Who knew Massachusetts was doing so well they didn’t need to attract jobs? Who knew that people like my oldest son, about to graduate from College in May after 4 solid years on the deans list, with decades of earning potential ahead of him is so common we can tax him by the mile.

And the good times are not restricted to the bay state.


P.A.T. Products, an international distributor of specialty chemicals, plastic and raw materials, has been based in Bangor for 39 years.

Leo Coyle, the company’s founder and president, told the Bangor Daily News he is moving the company’s corporate headquarters to the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, N.H., because of that state’s more attractive tax structure and to be closer to his markets.

39 years in Maine, why move now?

“I’m not trying to bash Maine,” he said, adding that it’s a great place to raise children. But during his 40 years living in the state, he said he has become frustrated by what he sees as Maine’s attitude toward business and industry.

“Until the state of Maine gets their act together, there’ll be more and more and more people leaving. I’ve been watching it for 40-plus years. What do I see? I see people saying they can’t take it anymore. I’m not alone,”

Who knew Maine was doing so well they could spare him? Lets be fair, the legislature has done all it can to keep him in Maine, however that legislature has been the newly elected Democrat legislature of…

…New Hampshire:

Lately they have been doing their best to keep companies there in all kinds of ways…

Tobacco Taxes

So the New Hampshire House just passed a bill to tack on another 0.20 cents a pack.

This ‘revenue’ will be extracted from predominantly middle and lower income people, but the left has an excuse.

Boat Taxes

With the lessened taxes: Based on the rates scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2015, the Department states revenue produced per fiscal year would be $1,529,580. Yes, this is the Republican law
With the Democrat tax hike: Based on the current number of vessel registrations, the Department states the fees in effect produce $3,059,160 of revenue per fiscal year.

Fuel Oil:

By vote of 186 to 165 the Democrat controlled New Hampshire House passed a 25% increase in New Hampshire’s fuel oil tax.

A “county income tax

Tomorrow there is a hearing (10am – LOB 301) for HB 330. HB 330 would allow any county delegation in New Hampshire to adopt a ‘County Income tax’ to be administered by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration

And of course a gas tax

All of us are, or should be, concerned over the necessity of the $1 billion gas tax increase in HB 617. Many of us are looking for an alternative that will address the requirement that we maintain our highways and bridges while avoiding what apparently would be the biggest tax increase in New Hampshire history.

And all of that is after only 5 months of Democrat control!

Who knew that in this short period of time New Hampshire has become such a strong state that they don’t need all those business and people from Maine Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New York to consider relocating in New Hampshire in the future?

And such prosperity isn’t limited to the east. Let’s look west to…


Colorado is in such good shape Gov Hickenlooper he can afford to sign this

Colorado’s governor signed bills Wednesday that place new restrictions on firearms, signaling a change for Democrats who have traditionally shied away from gun control in a state with a pioneer tradition of gun ownership and self-reliance

even though it leads to this

Ammunition magazine manufacturer Magpul Industries said it plans to begin leaving Colorado “almost immediately,” and other firms may follow suit in the wake of a new law that limits ammunition magazine capacities.

“Our moving efforts are underway,” Magpul chief operating officer Doug Smith said Wednesday. “Within the next 30 days we will manufacture our first magazine outside the state of Colorado.”

Who knew Colorado was doing so well they could spare businesses like Magpul and Lawrence Tool & Molding…

“We’re basically going to follow Magpul and do our best to continue being a supplier for them,” said Lloyd Lawrence, owner of Denver-based Lawrence Tool & Molding. “It will probably be out of state.”

Lawrence said about 50 to 60 percent of his business comes from supplying magazine parts to Magpul.

and Alfred Manufacturing…

Denver-based Alfred Manufacturing Co., employs 150 residents. It, too, will “relocate part or all of our operations out of state” if Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper enacts the stringent gun-control regime pushed by Biden and company. The company has already put expansion plans on hold.

And of course we can’t leave out the state doing the absolute best of them all, California, which is doing so well it can spare the rich:

With the new year, big earners are confronting a 51.9 percent federal-state income tax hit on earnings over $1 million, the result of a confluence of new tax-the-rich levies imposed by California and Congress in the closing days of 2012. That is officially the highest in the nation.

small businesses

Campbell Soup announced in September that it was closing its 65-year-old plant in Sacramento, which employed 700 workers, and shifting production to North Carolina, Ohio and Texas. Chevron is moving 800 technical positions—in other words, jobs that aren’t physically stationed on California rigs—to Houston.

Non-manufacturing businesses are also moving or expanding operations where labor, land, energy and capital are cheaper. Comcast announced in the fall that it is moving 1,000 call-center jobs out of California because of the “high cost of doing business.” Facebook, eBay EBAY and LegalZoom have opened up Texas offices in the past few years, while PayPal, Yelp and Maxwell Technologies MXWL have pushed into Phoenix.

and of course the average person

Even while California’s Hispanic population has grown by more than 1.5 million since 2005, thanks to high birth rates and foreign immigration, two Hispanics have moved out for every one that has moved in from another state. By contrast, four Hispanics from other states have settled in Texas and Arizona for every three that have left.

It’s not unusual for immigrants or their descendants to move in pursuit of a better life. That’s the history of America. But it is ironic that many of the intended beneficiaries of California’s liberal government are running for the state line—and that progressive policies appear to be what’s driving them away.

It’s gratifying to see that these states and others are so prosperous they can spare not only the jobs, but the workers who these companies employ that fuel economic growth, and in the fashion of true Christian charity they are giving other states a chance to get those jobs they can spare

lawmakers from Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Arizona and South Carolina are now courting Remington away from New York and Magpul away from Colorado.

So if anyone tells you that New England, Colorado, California and all those blue states are doing bad, don’t buy it, they’re just doing so well they simply don’t need the jobs and the revenue they bring and what to share it with their less fortunate Red State neighbors

Now that’s what I call neighborly!


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In Colorado apparently the after school tutoring program for kids is for children of color only:

A school principal said no white children were allowed at an after-school tutoring program, and now some parents call it discrimination.

The principal at Mission Viejo Elementary in Aurora sent a letter telling parents the program is only for students of color.

Not to worry the school says they will make accommodation for the rare white student who like students of color fail to reach the levels of accomplishment that students of the school are expected to reach.

“This is Andre Pearson. It’s focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs,”

Now some might suggest such an arrangement suggests an inherent inferiority in non-white students, particularly if they need help devoid of the presence of a different race, but the school disagrees:

If the civil and political rights of both races be equal, one cannot be inferior to the other civilly or politically.

and further

We consider the underlying fallacy of the plaintiff’s argument to consist in the assumption that the enforced separation of the two races stamps the colored race with a badge of inferiority. If this be so, it is not by reason of anything found in the act, but solely because the colored race chooses to put that construction upon it.

Oh sorry, my mistake, that’s not the schools argument that’s from the majority opinion of the Supreme Court Case Plessy v. Ferguson of 1896.

Funny I seem to recall a court case in 1954 overturning that decision saying in part:

We conclude that in the field of public education the doctrine of “separate but equal” has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.

One would think that a school principal would be familiar with this but perhaps Mr. Pearson can be tutored on the subject. The only question: Will he demand a segregated tutoring session.

I’m absolutely delighted to see Sandra Fluke campaigning with Barack Obama. It reinforces his anti-catholic positions and will help drive voters to the polls this year.

It’s also useful because I suspect Limbaugh not withstanding outside of the far left NOW gang that continues to shrink in numbers, power and influence, Ms Fluke is not held in high esteem.

But as Revealing Politics shows us (hat tip Ben Howe) I love Obama with Sandra Fluke because we get video like this

If this is the card they really want to play, please please PLEASE keep doing it.


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Two days ago I was pretty sure that Santourm was going to win Missouri and should do good in Minnesota. Last night was when I went to bed Santorum had not only won Missouri decisively but very decisively in Minnesota and was doing well i Colorado.

I listened to Rick’s Victory speech and it was first-rate and I went to bed with 11% of the vote in Colorado thinking he will do pretty good.

This morning I woke up to find he won Colorado.

This is even more amazing when you consider that the conservative vote is divided with Gingrich. Romney plan and best move is to keep the teaparty/conservative vote divided between Gingrich and Rick Santorum but Santorum won despite that division.

But the last week was a gift to Santorum. The Susan G. Komen stuff highlighted planned parenthood and abortion and the protection racket that abortion is. (Which Romney vowed to protect at one time) The totally expected 9th circuit ruling highlighted the issue of liberal courts and Gay Marriage (which Romney failed to fight in Massachusetts), And finally the administration’s attack on the Catholic church which has produced letters from 169 Bishops (only 8 have not issued such letters and one is very sick) via Obamacare (a law based on Romneycare).

Put simply this is a week that energized social conservatives and reminded them what side Romney was on when he actually held an executive position to make a difference.

Meanwhile, Santorum has not only been consistent but has been totally unafraid to engage even hostile crowds on these issues and defend these positions. Remember this video:

As Santorum said last night Romney will not have the most money and organization in the fall, so perhaps we want a candidate who has other attributes.

Update: Smitty gets it

Jon is a local blogger that I met at Blogcon 11

It’s important to note that blogging on the state and local level is not only important but is even more likely to make a difference than national blogging and if you are a Colorado tea party type the Estes Park Tea Party is always looking for new bloggers.

You can see the rest of the field guide to bloggers here.