Aren’t leftists the ones always howling about how people to the right of them are “anti-science”? Then how is it that a simple statement about human DNA which is scientifically true caused a man to lose his livelihood? If you guessed that he must have said something about how humans are created as male or female due to biology (and not as a “social construct”), you win.

It all starts on stupid Facebook, where people were commenting about how a male rap celebrity declined to receive a kiss from a male who identifies as female. The rapper, Ginuwine, got himself labelled as “transphobic” for his “hatecrime” of turning down a kiss from someone he is not attracted to. No “#metoo” for him. No defense for refusing advances made by members of a preferred demographic; submit or be destroyed is the rule these days! And no defense for anyone who says otherwise, either!

Enter Will Caligan, disabled war veteran, who committed the terrible thought crime of saying that if you were born male then you are male and that you can’t change DNA. He said this on Facebook. The horror! Predictably, the OUTRAGE!!!! did not take long to erupt along with the demands that he lose his job and be driven from polite society. Of course the mob got its way:

Will Caligan is a Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran who was an Airborne Counterintelligence Agent who attained the rank of Specialist. He recently lost his job as a comic book creator because of his conservative beliefs.

Caligan decided to express his opinion about a trending news topic. Rapper Ginuwine refused to kiss a transgender person. He commented on his friend’s Facebook wall about his beliefs on the subject.

Caligan told us, “The only thing I put was that DNA was science and of God. That a person could not change their sex no matter what they did. It is a natural construct. In total the statement was only about three sentences long.” You can see above that pretty much sums up what he said.

Despite Caligan’s views being held by many others, that did not stop a witch hunt against him that ended up causing him to lose his job.

The perpetually offended began a campaign on Facebook to harass Caligan’s employer, a comic book company called Short Fuse Media. Will Caligan, alerted his boss to the issue and was initially told not to worry about it, but then the pressure must have gotten to the Short Fuse people because not long after the initial reassurance, Caligan was not only out of a job but also publicly denounced by the company and had been advised to apologize and henceforth keep his opinions out of public view – for his own good, of course!   Via PJMedia:

Caligan contacted Sean Mack, his boss at Short Fuse Media Group, who seemed to take the whole thing in stride at first, writing in a communication, “If it’s not this, it would be for something else. Don’t stress over it. I’m good and we’re dealing with it head on. I have your back!” He quickly changed his tune with no explanation — presumably after being threatened by rabid SJWs and facing too much pressure by the lynch mob — and cut ties with Caligan. “I’m going to have to put some distance between us until you can change the perception people have of you,” wrote Mack. “I think you can fix this. It’s really up to you. Apologize and keep your comments and beliefs to your inner circle instead of public forums.”

More, via BoundingIntoComics:

You read that right. Will Caligan lost his job with Short Fuse Media Group because comments were deemed offensive. But Will tells us that losing his job wasn’t the worst part.

“Sean told me he was going to cut ties but in his press release he pretty much threw me under the bus. The issue was not getting fired. I think he has a right to work with whom ever he wants but what he doesn’t have the right to do is slander my name and throw me under the bus to do it. If his press release would have just said “We are cutting ties with Alpha Dog Studios” then I probably would have just let it go but that isn’t what he did. You can read the press release. He attacks me in it.”

And that’s exactly what the press release does. It attacks Will. But what’s even more ironic is that in the same press release where they are severing ties with Will for expressing his beliefs, the Short Fuse Media Group claims to “support and respect all PEOPLE from ALL walks of life.” Apparently, they don’t really believe that.

So there you have it: if you think that biology determines gender for human beings, you had better keep it to yourself if you do not want to be publicly denounced and hounded out of your job because you are apparently just like Hitler or something, and if you are a heterosexual male and a male who identifies as female wishes to be physically affectionate with you, you had better comply or you are also just like Hitler or something. This is the lunatic age we live in, until people stop fearing the leftist thought police mob, anyway.

If you are sympathetic to Will Caligan, you can offer him some words of encouragement HERE, but be aware that doing so will likely out you as being just like Hitler or something (it’s to his post on Facebook about the situation).


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I saw the Superman / Batman movie after Good Friday Services and was thinking….

Thought #1 Lex Luthor = the Joker

For some reason the decision was made to make Luthor into the Joker as opposed to himself, Jessie Eisenberg plays the Luthor/Joker well but whoever that was, it wasn’t Lex Luthor

Thought #2 Ben Affleck is a pretty good Batman

There have been a lot of internet jokes about the concept of Ben Affleck as Batman, much of it due to his reputation but in the end Affleck does an excellent job. I found him a completely believable Batman and I suspect fans will be as shocked as they were when Michael Keaton owned the role as well. I look forward to seeing him in the role again.

Thought #3 Amy Adams OWNS Lois Lane

In man of steel Amy Adams excelled and she does the same here. She owns every scene she is in, although in fairness it was not hard for her to own the bathtub scene. Her Lois Laine is THE Lois Lane and it is a crime that in 20 years another actress will play the part.

Thought #4 “I thought she was with you” (minor spoiler)

That is the line that Superman and Batman exchange in when Wonder Woman shows up for the big final battle and in one sense it accurately represents the question: “What purpose does she serve?” Don’t get me wrong, her part was well acted and I like the way the character was written but if she was removed entirely from the movie I don’t think anyone would notice.

Thought #5 Damn right they deserve thanks

I stayed for the end credits expecting an easter egg (there was none) but noticed that they gave thank yous to a bunch of DC writers and artists from the past from Gardner Fox to Jim Aparo as well they should as anyone who was a comic guy in the 80’s can clearly see the plot, large chunks of the script and dialogue are basically merging a series of comic stories from the 80’s. Younger viewers might not have seen it but it’s painfully obvious if you’re my age.

I remember this line from an old justice League comic with a hero from the future called Booster Gold (pretty lame character actually) who while fighting a group of villains encounters a shapely enemy that strikes a pose asking: “You wouldn’t hit a girl would you?” he answers “Well…” you see a panel with the giant word BAM! and then the line about equality above.

I couldn’t help but think of it when looking at the Althouse, The Conservatory, Ed Morrissey it’s simply amazing to see what is going on.


There follows a tirade about what we teach our sons about violence against women, as if, in a face to face physical encounter, the man is always wrong. So, as a woman in the work place, can I get right up in any man’s face, get as angry as I want, shake my fist right by his big old glasses, and the moment he flinches, if his hand touches me, I get to shout “violence against women” and he’s the one who’s screwed? As a feminist, I would just love to have power like that. That’s sarcasm, I hope you’re not too far gone to realize.

Althouse asks the question: How is it that our friends on the left, champions of they type of feminism that felt insulted if you held a door with your fedora off, can believe in this?

At the Conservatory part of the answer comes from Joy McCann:

But of course, this isn’t all a gender-relations issue, because if Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin had charged someone with their fists raised, there would not be this notion that the blows must be blocked without making contact with the woman’s neck at all. (And the idea that one can defend oneself against strikes without touching the assailant’s neck is honestly bizarre anyway.)

Some of this, in short, has less to do with the male-female double standard than it has to do with the liberal-conservative double standard.

She gets another piece of the puzzle there, their belief is dependent on the target because as the Reclusive leftist has pointed out the left’s support of what they call “feminism” can be very selective.

So we’ve established the what (the left playing the defenseless woman game) the how (twisting it only for these particular women on the left) but it’s Ed Morrissey who finishes the trifecta by establishing the WHY

Bradley and Abrahamson didn’t think they could win in a criminal complaint or a demand for a restraining order (which would make Supreme Court sessions rather difficult), and so chose to leak the story to political allies in order to pay back Prosser

Why didn’t they think they could win? The answer is back on paragraph in the post.

Prosser would have his due-process rights, including taking depositions, evidentiary hearings, and the like.

When you accuse someone of a crime you have to back it up with something called evidence so Bradley and Abrahamson decided to play the old game, let the left and the blogs play attack dogs, but with a thin amount of actual facts to back them up they are playing the only game they think they can win, counting on the old protective instinct to support them.

I think they are going to be burned badly.

Reading this story via Glenn I have one thing to say to our press corps:

If you treat someone as your feudal Lord then you have no business complaining if you are treated like a petitioning serf.

And amazingly, you know who agrees with me on this? None other than Ted Rall:

The Nation and Mother Jones and Harper’s, liberal magazines that gave me freelance work under Clinton and Bush, now ignore my queries. Even when I offered them first-person, unembedded war reporting from Afghanistan. Hey, maybe they’re too busy to answer email or voicemail. You never know.

Well that’s not an explicit rejection based on content, but this is:

Now there’ s a new cause for refusal: Too tough on the president.

I’ve heard that from enough “liberal” websites and print publications to consider it a significant trend.

A sample of recent rejections, each from editors at different left-of-center media outlets:

· “I am familiar with and enjoy your cartoons. However the readers of our site would not be comfortable with your (admittedly on point) criticism of Obama.”

· “Don’t be such a hater on O and we could use your stuff. Can’t you focus more on the GOP?”

· “Our first African-American president deserves a chance to clean up Bush’s mess without being attacked by us.”

I have many more like that.

Since he considers Bill Maher a man of the right you can imagine what it takes for him to call a mag “left of center”

He is a perfect example of the meme I’ve stated over and over: The easiest way to get the average American to reject the left is to show them as they actually are. Rall’s fall from grace coincides with the internet era that enables the ordinary American to easily respond both to publishers and their advertisers when someone crosses the line.

Those of us in the mainstream of American values had already rejected him, those magazines on the left who depend on the members of the Obamacult for their revenue now have too.

Ted Rall has a right to his interesting opinions. If he thinks there is a segment of the public willing to pay for his work then he can look for supporters to finance it. I’m sure Iran or Venezuela will be happy to kick in a few bucks for attacks on America. Until then, welcome to the free market Ted, had a feeling you wouldn’t like it.

Have no fear, once the president is defeated in 2012 I’m sure Mother Jones and the Nation will be happy to have you back as long as your target is the GOP.

Update: Bad Link Fixed

Yeah I’m upset about the Arizona ruling, the Massachusetts electoral college law and the Keeton case but there is joy in DaTechGuy ville today:

For Rich has started his newest Doctor Who saga Outrage today staring the 6th Doctor and Mel!

So get yourself over there and start enjoying yet another exciting and well drawn Doctor Who serial.

Oh and if you missed his just completed 3rd Doctor Adventure, The Stalker of Norfolk it is now available free as a PDF download.

See life is good

the final chapter of the original 3rd Doctor adventure The Stalker of Norfolk at Rich’s Comic Blog.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the story set in 1588 and don’t want to come in at the end the Title page is here. Simply go on through the 63 pages. The Archive page featuring 3-10 pages at a time is here.

The Next new adventure is called Outrage. Since he has now done the 3rd, 5th, and 8th Doctors we can assume that we will be seeing a different one(s). Anyone want to make book on which one(s)?