Out of a Job for Crossing the PC Mob

Aren't leftists the ones always howling about how people to the right of them are "anti-science"? Then how is it that a simple statement about human DNA which is scientifically true caused a man to lose his livelihood? If you guessed that he must have said something about how humans are created as male or … Continue reading Out of a Job for Crossing the PC Mob

Five Superman / Batman Movie Thoughts

I saw the Superman / Batman movie after Good Friday Services and was thinking.... Thought #1 Lex Luthor = the Joker For some reason the decision was made to make Luthor into the Joker as opposed to himself, Jessie Eisenberg plays the Luthor/Joker well but whoever that was, it wasn't Lex Luthor Thought #2 Ben … Continue reading Five Superman / Batman Movie Thoughts

“…in our century equality is a given so we can hit anyone”

I remember this line from an old justice League comic with a hero from the future called Booster Gold (pretty lame character actually) who while fighting a group of villains encounters a shapely enemy that strikes a pose asking: "You wouldn't hit a girl would you?" he answers "Well..." you see a panel with the … Continue reading “…in our century equality is a given so we can hit anyone”

A clue for the press corps and Ted Rall

Reading this story via Glenn I have one thing to say to our press corps: If you treat someone as your feudal Lord then you have no business complaining if you are treated like a petitioning serf. And amazingly, you know who agrees with me on this? None other than Ted Rall: The Nation and … Continue reading A clue for the press corps and Ted Rall

A New Doctor Who adventure at Rich’s Comic Blog!

Yeah I'm upset about the Arizona ruling, the Massachusetts electoral college law and the Keeton case but there is joy in DaTechGuy ville today: For Rich has started his newest Doctor Who saga Outrage today staring the 6th Doctor and Mel! So get yourself over there and start enjoying yet another exciting and well drawn … Continue reading A New Doctor Who adventure at Rich’s Comic Blog!

The Big news of today is of course…

the final chapter of the original 3rd Doctor adventure The Stalker of Norfolk at Rich's Comic Blog. If you didn't get a chance to check out the story set in 1588 and don't want to come in at the end the Title page is here. Simply go on through the 63 pages. The Archive page … Continue reading The Big news of today is of course…

Frank Frazetta is dead

He is clearly one of the greatest comic book/poster artists that has ever lived. The quality of his work is simply astounding. How iconic is he? If you say "Rockwell" a particular type of image particularly goes into your head. If you say "Frazetta" the same thing happens to any comic book person. It is … Continue reading Frank Frazetta is dead

If I had to pick one DC hero to get a movie

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been Green Lantern instead of Hawkman I’m gonna try real hard to muster up some give-a-shit for this news item, which comes from our winsome and witty super-duper secret inside source, The Hollywood Cog, who tells me that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are developing a big-screen version of … Continue reading If I had to pick one DC hero to get a movie

Blue Harvest: Amazon Review

My review of Family Guy's Blue Harvest, it's peon to the original Star Wars movie is available at Amazon.com here. The sound track is first rate, the adaption is as true as it can get while giving each Star Wars character a specific twist particular to the family guy character that plays it. A sequel … Continue reading Blue Harvest: Amazon Review

Obama, Birthers and Batman

I started collecting comics around 1975 when I was 12. Unlike the "cool" comic collectors I was a DC guy and one of the things I enjoyed was a lot was Batman. One story always stuck with me and that was in Batman 283. The story "Omega Bomb Target: Gotham City" was a neat story … Continue reading Obama, Birthers and Batman

A Dr. Who Black Adder Crossover…

...is exactly what the world needs more of these days, but I see that commentator Ayla was way ahead of me on this. I hadn't plugged Rich's Comic blog for a bit. If you like good drawn art, fun stories and Dr. Who it is the place to be. He is only 18 pages into … Continue reading A Dr. Who Black Adder Crossover…

C’mon guys it MAD Magazine!

I think the world of Sarah Palin but Mad Magazine has been making fun of Pols, actors, and everybody else for half a century. Sarah Palin is certainly not above parody or ridicule and Newsbusters should certainly know better. Anyone who going all ape over a Mad magazine article really has to get things in … Continue reading C’mon guys it MAD Magazine!

I was just thinking…

It's an interesting contrast between events in the NY-23 and in Rome concerning the Anglicans. The first is happening quickly while the other has been happening over decades and centuries. Yet in the end it is the second that will be more important over the next century. A lot of people on the left are … Continue reading I was just thinking…

A New 3rd Doctor Adventure!

The Stalker of Norfolk begins on Rich's comics blog today. So if your life is more than political stuff hop on over there and enjoy one from the start. Update Welcome Rich readers. If you haven't already be sure to take our Doctor Who poll. William Hartnell and Sylvester McCoy are desperate for some respect … Continue reading A New 3rd Doctor Adventure!