It’s the most dangerous time of an election year on Capitol Hill. It’s neither rabbit season nor duck season. It’s lame duck season, which means that crazy things may (and probably will) transpire between now and the first session of the new Congress in January.

With a huge spending bill to pass before a government shutdown on December 9th, we will see as much fluff squeezed into it as possible. That’s the problem with lame duck legislation. Many of the people voting on it have no accountability to the voters. On their way out the door, they can do what’s best for them, their cronies, or even their future lobby bosses.

The lame duck session also gives the major parties an out so they don’t have to address controversial items before an election. The punted impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, while not directly attached to the lame duck session, is an example of something that would have happened if this weren’t an election year.

All business should be taken care of before the election. Voters will have a chance of holding Congress accountable with their votes. Important decisions won’t be made by people who won’t even be around in a couple of months. Doing so will help to reduce instances of real or perceived corruption such as the infamous reindeer farmer who swung the vote for a trillion dollar “cromnibus” in 2014.

Should Congress do anything during lame duck sessions? Of course. They should be prepared to handle emergencies. This doesn’t require a pre-established session; unlike the Great Depression and WWII, we should be able to pull Congress together quickly in case of emergency. What they should be doing during lame duck sessions is preparation. Transition of a new Congress is relatively smooth today, but it can be improved. Moreover, the time can be used by politicians who will be part of the next Congress to work towards future legislation that’s voted on during the first session of the next Congress. This will allow Congress to work more efficiently by reducing the learning curve and preparation time.

All of this can be done through Constitutional Amendment, though such a drastic measure hasn’t been necessary since the ratification of the 20th Amendment. Instead, internal rules can be put into place and agreed upon by both chambers and both parties. The rules could be changed in the future, of course, so it wouldn’t be as powerful as an Amendment, but it’s better than nothing. Perhaps if we ever hold a Convention of States, we could include such an Amendment, though it’s unlikely something so small would even hit the radar.

There are bigger issues to address, but we can’t continue to let the smaller issues slide as a result. Lame duck sessions can be easily resolved. We simply need enough people to stand up and say they don’t want the most corrupt seasons of every election year to continue to harm the nation.

by baldilocks

Colorado also says no. Credit:
Colorado also says no. Credit:

At least half of the governors in the United States have refused to take the Syrian refugees and “refugees” or called for a halt to the resettlement which the federal government, meaning President Obama, is intent upon seeding in cities all around the nation. But, it appears that these governors have no legal leg on which to stand, since it is the US Congress that establishes “an uniform Rule of Naturalization” and, back in 1980, the Democratic Party-majority 96th Congress passed the Refugee Act, which, of course, was signed by Democrat President James E. Carter. (I would say something cutting about Democrats here, but I’m sure that the Act seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it is important to know which party did what.)

And of course, President Obama knew this going in, or at least his advisers did. So, in spite of state executive orders, like the one accomplished yesterday by Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA), the die is likely cast.

So what can we expect?

My friend, Everett Powell, says this:

The one thing the Feds can’t do is force the states to provide services and support for Obama’s refugee program – which by all accounts makes it EXTREMELY difficult for them to continue the resettlement.

I suspect what you will see done is vast numbers of people just being dumped at bus stops and train stations in the States resisting for the sake of creating images for a media campaign of people suffering sleeping in the streets. We are entering winter and there will be such a caterwauling out of the White House about cruel uncharitable Christians and GOP barbarians as the world has never seen.

That is certain, but there is something else to expect. If the mean, horrible Red and Reddish states (like Michigan) will not provide services for these people, they will migrate to those which will, like California and other states which are already overloaded with people on various forms of welfare. This will speed up the financial reckoning for these states–and for the country–something which is already in view.baldilocks

And even if there is not one terrorist among the new arrivals, this will bring chaos.

As was planned; as in Europe.

(Thanks to Jeff Bishop)

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel, tentatively titled, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.

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This is the Effect:

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) abandoned his bid for speaker Thursday afternoon just minutes before the election, throwing the House of Representatives into chaos.
Outgoing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced during a meeting of House Republicans that elections were being postponed. Pandemonium broke out in the Longworth Office Building, where Republicans had been expected to nominate McCarthy, as lawmakers and aides reacted to the news with astonishment.

and I have a gut feeling this is the cause:

“With all the voter distrust of Washington felt around the country, I am asking that any candidate for Speaker of the House, majority leader, and majority whip withdraw himself from the leadership election if there are any misdeeds he has committed since joining Congress that will embarrass himself, the Republican Conference and the House of Representatives if they become public,” Jones wrote in a letter to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.).

Feel free to disagree (Yid with Lid does) but I’d like to point out the day started with former Vice president Dick Cheney endorsing him and he’s a smart enough cookie not to spend political capital foolishly. He would have figured the Benghazi remarks wouldn’t sink him but likely wouldn’t have known about anything Walter Jones might have been referring to.

I could be dead wrong here but I don’t think so.

Illinois signBy John Ruberry

On Thursday a federal grand jury indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert for breaking banking laws and lying to FBI agents. Prior to his entry into politics, Hastert was a teacher and a state champion wrestling coach at Yorkville High School 50 miles southwest of Chicago. The charges are rooted in a sexual affair with a male student at that school–the over $1 million the man nicknamed “Coach” in Congress was apparently hush money to keep the man quiet.

Amid the reports of the bombshell Hastert indictment was news that legislation authorizing a $500,000 statue of the former speaker for the grounds of the state capitol was introduced earlier this month by state House Speaker Michael Madigan, a Chicago Democrat who is also chairman of the state party. According to AP, Hastert, citing the ongoing state budget crisis, declined the offer. Or more likely, he saw his indictment on the horizon.

Madigan’s proposed 2016 Illinois budget includes a $4 billion deficit–despite constitutional requirements that the state budget must be balanced. But Madigan, who was arguably the most powerful Democrat in state government even when Illinois had a Democratic governor, somehow found money–or maybe he didn’t–to put the Coach in bronze.

Worse, Illinois’ public worker pensions are unfunded by an astounding $110 billion.

Democrats are not serious about cutting spending in Illinois.

As for Hastert, his speakership was of the Illinois-kind. House Republicans who played Denny’s game were rewarded earmarks–and that reckless spending contributed to the end of the GOP majority in the House in 2006.

The Coach also played footsie with Illinois Democrats–and he was a leader in the bi-partisan graft machine dubbed the Combine by Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass.

So in a way, while Hastert is deserving in a twisted way of the honor of $500,000 statue, preciously scarce taxpayer funds should not be squandered on this monument.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

I’ve always known how to count

Tip O’Neill

Given the educational standards advanced by Democrats in public school one might expect members of the party to have issues with basic skills such as math comprehension & Geography and problem solving.

However the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representative is Nancy Pelosi who having been born in 1940 was educated long before her liberal fellows took over the educational system and under her leadership her caucus  is giving strong evidence that not only are their mathematical skills on par with former Democrat speaker Tip O’Neill but their geographical and problem solving skills are greater than expected.

To wit, they have taken a look at the electoral map and have concluded that there is little or no chance of their party convincing enough voters in increasingly conservative congressional districts nationwide to return control of the house to their party anytime in the decade, let alone in the near future leaving their liberal agenda in doubt.

But having deduced the problem they have also deduced a solution:

liberals don’t want Boehner to be fired as Speaker. He’s their man!  This has caused the liberals to rally around their Speaker.

If you can’t win over the voters just co-opt the leadership of the opposition 

“Personally, I don’t want to waste two years,” Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) said Wednesday. “And I think that the crazy Tea Party type would probably not be willing to work with us on anything. 

“My hope is that, what comes out of this is that Boehner realizes that there are some people in his caucus who are unreasonable, and you can never get them to say ‘yes’ to anything,” McGovern added. “Rather than spending so much time agonizing over how to please them, maybe he just ought to focus on how you build more bipartisan coalitions and actually get some things done.”

McGovern is making perfect sense here, why bother spending millions of dollars in a futile effort to sell your horrible destructive ideas to the American public when you just have to win over already elected republicans in fairly safe districts?  The math is so much easier.

And if there is one thing we know if there is one thing the GOP establishment and leadership have in common with the Democrats, it’s their absolute hatred of the GOP conservative base.

You might want to keep that in mind the next time the GOP asks you for money.


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What is your opinion? A man had two sons. He came to the first and said, ‘Son, go out and work in the vineyard today.’  He said in reply, ‘I will not,’ but afterwards he changed his mind and went.

The man came to the other son and gave the same order. He said in reply, ‘Yes, sir,’ but did not go.  Which of the two did his father’s will?”

Matthew 21:28-31b

We keep hearing how Bibi’s visit and upcoming speech to congress is an insult to Barack Obama.

One might debate if this is a smart diplomatic move or no when dealing with an ally, but perhaps Israel’s prime minister is using a Christian standard to judge who is a ally or no:

“Either declare the tree good and its fruit is good, or declare the tree rotten and its fruit is rotten, for a tree is known by its fruit.

One could take a look at the condition of the Middle East to see how good his policies have been, but rather than rehash the last few years let’s take a peek at two events of this week

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will represent the United States at the 70th anniversary ceremony for the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp on Tuesday—rather than President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden—while other countries are slated to send their heads of state.

well it’s not like other heads of state are showing up…oh wait:

“Heads of state from France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, and Denmark will be present,” Wiser adds.

Well things are pretty busy for the President, that’s why he couldn’t go to the big Charlie Hebdo event, it’s not like he can, for example drop everything and go somewhere if a 90 year old who doesn’t allow women to drive in his country dies or something.

President Barack Obama will cut short his three-day trip to India to travel to Saudi Arabia to pay respects following the death of King Abdullah, U.S. and Indian officials said today, hours before the U.S. president was to depart for New Delhi.

The schedule change means Obama will skip plans to visit the Taj Mahal, the white marble monument of love. Pradeep Bhatnagar, a top state official based in the city of Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located, said U.S. security officials informed him of the cancellation today.

So let’s get this straight, the head of a Regime that doesn’t allow women to vote, or drive & restricts Christians & Jews (if they were allowed) is worth this Administration time.

Remembering murdered jews by either the Nazi’s or Islamic Terrorists is not.

Frankly given those facts when I hear people complain that Bibi has symbolically spat in Barack Obama’s face my response is, it’s a wonder he hasn’t done the real thing.

Update:  Now I know why Obama took the bust of Churchill out of the Oval Office

When in November 1932, shortly before Hitler came to power, and Churchill was in Munich doing some historical research about the First Duke of Marlborough,…an intermediary [Putzi Hanfstaengl] tried to get him to meet Hitler, who was in Munich at the time and had high hopes of coming to power within months. Churchill agreed to meet Hitler, who was going to come to see him in his hotel in Munich, and said to the intermediary: “There are a few questions you might like to put to him, which can be the basis of our discussion when we meet.” Among them was the following question: “What is the sense of being against a man simply because of his birth? How can any man help how he is born?”

Gilbert comments:

This may seem a simple sentiment to us now, but how many people, distinguished people from Britain, the United States and other countries, who met or might have met Hitler, raised that question with him? So surprised, and possibly angered, was Hitler by this question that he declined to come to the hotel and see Churchill.



We’ve been getting a lot of advice from our media betters about how the GOP should act, about how they should reverse Harry Reid’s rules and how they should now respect the sentiments of the new Democrat minority, that same minority that was willing to back the Reid rules when it worked to their advantage.

Now that they have been defeated there are plenty of bills still sitting on Harry Reid desk waiting to see the light of day.

I want to see how many of those bills Harry Reid allows to make to the floor. I want to see how many are sent to the floor, I want to see if the old rules are returned, I want to see if the last months of this congress will be the same as the previous 23.

Until we see this, nobody on the GOP side should even give lip service to anything our friends on the left want.because there is absolutely no reason for them to believe that if Democrat fortunes rise again they would treat the GOP any differently

Let me introduce you to Ann Wofford she is the GOP candidate running in the Massachusetts 3rd District for congress

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching her debate incumbent Niki Tsongas in Devens Ma. and if you following my livetweet of the debate you would realize she is something special.

Tsongas is a practiced debater and a well spoken woman but Wofford not only answered questions directly but her plain-spoken opponent was not only more than a match for her but bluntly spoke truths that would make any Conservatives’ heart go pitter patter on comprehensive healthcare

On Obama

and Big government

Those three quotes: The Federal government is not here to save us, Nobody believes this president anymore and “Congress has shown it can’t to comprehensive anything” would all be best sellers at any GOP event nationwide and are sentiments that a majority of the country might support.

And when Niki Tsongas pushed a minimum wage increase as a panacea for women in distress & the middle class in distress Wofford bluntly answered “We live in two different worlds.” that pretty much sums up conservatives vs liberals on real life. I summed up the debate here

And livetweeted throughout the event. I didn’t shoot much video other than the closing statements

but the Lowell Sun site has video available. but that not what struck me about this debate.

as I mentioned when summing up this is the first time I’ve gone to a Tsongas debate and didn’t see a line of Niki Tsongas yard signs lining the road that you take to the debate, in fact if I didn’t know which road to take or have printed directions a person driving through the main road through Devens who have absolutely no idea this event was going on.

I submit and suggest this was deliberate, Tsongas is a good candidate but Wofford is an impressive woman and the last thing you want if you are an incumbent of the Gilligan party in one of the most depressed districts in a state is to highlight an opponent that simply radiates competence.

But that point raises another. It’s one week before election day. Why am I only now discovering this about Ann Wofford?

The district is considered relatively competitive, and Tsongas has several times barely cleared 50 percent against relatively unknown and outspent GOP opponents. There have even been competitive primaries for the chance to face her.

But this time, nobody stepped up—which is why, Wofford tells me, she decided to do it herself. “I just feel that is outrageous,” for the incumbent to go unchallenged, she says. “I do not feel that I am represented by my current congressperson, and I refuse to be told you have no choice.”

In a year when competence is the #1 issue, in an era where the left is constantly pushing the “anti-woman gop” lie don’t you think that a highly competent, poised woman who can go toe to toe with a long-term incumbent might be someone you want to push?  Particularly when you’ve only got three contested congressional seats in the state:

Wofford, a chemical engineer with 17 years in the private sector, was raised in Western Massachusetts and now lives in Haverhill with her husband and two daughters. She emphasizes fiscal responsibility, concerns about the Affordable Care Act (her husband works in New Hampshire, where just one provider participates in the health insurance exchange), and securing the borders against illegal immigrants. Her rhetoric, while not rabid by any means, is a bit too Tea Party-tinged for most of the state, but will resonate with a lot of people in that district.

So will her demands for more transparency in the federal government, and her charge of “dysfunction” in Washington politics. “It’s a separate world, where they help each other,” while the middle class stagnates, she says.

So you’ve got an intelligent, well educated and successful woman running in a competitive district and the party is doing squat to push her?  Excuse me?

If I was the in charge of pushing the GOP in the state neither I nor any of my surrogates would be making a media appearance without mentioning Ann Wofford. If I had a visiting out-of-state party member visiting I’d have Ann on stage to meet them. The moment any person from either the left or the press (but I repeat myself) breathed the words “War on Woman” I’d be throwing Ann Wofford in their faces.

At the very least, Wofford stands as a welcome female face for a Massachusetts Republican Party sorely lacking them. Good luck trying to remember the last Republican woman nominee, let alone winner, for Congress or U.S. Senate in the Bay State.

On the national level I understand the party not putting a lot of resources into Massachusetts because, well it’s Massachusetts one of only 4 states that Obama is not upside down but that doesn’t excuse people at the state level not getting the word out. Other than Mary Lotz, Frank Ardinger and Richard Shufford I haven’t even heard a person mention her name. let alone tweet it.

After all how are you going to get the national party to kick in to turn things around if you don’t even let them see when you have a diamond in the rough?

I admit that this is my first piece on Wofford this cycle & I should have gotten to her sooner but despite what some might think I’m not paid to promote the GOP (although hits to DaTipJar are happily accepted) and there are people in the party who are, hell I’m not even a republican.

Anyway her web site is here. She deserves your support and attention because this is a woman to watch even if you have to figure out to watch her on your own.

Update: Via the Lowell Sun & Fitchburg Sentinel the full debate video

I’d be tweeting this out all over if I was the GOP

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Via Stacy McCain who met the man and said this:

Having met the man, I need no more persuading.

That’s good enough for me.


The left continues to go all in on the minimum wage nationally

The Republicans blocked a bill on Wednesday that could have increased the minimum wage. President Barack Obama and Democrats are furious, but Republicans are holding firm.
The current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour; with an increase over three years, the wage would have been $10.10 an hour.


The rhetoric from democrats looking for $10.10 has been pretty steady including yesterday on Morning Joe.

We even see a few people calling for an even higher increase

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., said that she supports raising minimum wage in the state of California to $26 an hour, adding that she doesn’t think such a hike would hurt small business owners.
Speaking on CNN’s “Crossfire,” the California Democrat disagreed with Republican congressmen looking to keep minimum wage the same, or in one case, to be abolished as a whole.

While the left continues to use this issue to play the class war card this actually sets up the right for the perfect counter which was, ironically provided by by Democrat Governors in Maryland:

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) touted his state’s move to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and knocked Republicans for blocking a similar measure this week in the U.S. Senate during a speech to Nevada Democrats on Friday night.


and Connecticut

HARTFORD — Connecticut lawmakers on Wednesday became the first in the country to pass legislation that would increase a state’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2017, the same rate President Obama wants for the federal minimum wage.

The bill passed the General Assembly, which Democrats control, largely along party lines. It was approved 21 to 14 in the Senate and 87 to 54 in the House.

I think these are both incredibly foolish moves for their states but consistent with the right of individual states to go their own ways. In terms of the midterm elections and beyond I think the Republicans should highlight, promote and applaud these moves by the bluest of blue states.

In fact we should point to those states where the left has overwhelming unstoppable control like Rhode Island, Vermont and even Massachusetts to do the same saying: “Go ahead blue states, raise that minimum wage to $10.10, in fast raise it more.” If I was the GOP I’d even challenge California dems to follow Barbara Lee’s advice & push their minimum wage all the way to $26 an hour.

At the same time I’d encourage Red States like North & South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas to stand pat & let free market forces dictate wages.

And then lets watch the fruit of these moves.

If the left is right then these moves will create booms in their states, The whole New England region will have a renaissance! Maryland economy, already fueled by federal dollars and K-Street, will become even stronger. As for California, if they raise that wage to $26 and hour will become the new promised land.

We can watch business flock to all of these blue states to operate and bring prosperity, tax revenues and population will come with it. By the time of the 2020 census the left will reap the greatest of political rewards of increased population and representation putting them in the driver’s seat in the house for a decade.

The left will have cause to celebrate their good fortune.

But if they’re wrong, their states will further entropy. Small business will continue to flee along with tax revenues and population and only the need to feed and clothe those who remain and to support the bureaucracy will keep business there at all and the Red States will have a lock on the House that will begin to resemble the Democrat dominance that wasn’t broken till 1994.

If the left truly believes in what they are pushing, they’ll make that bet in every state they currently control. and if the right is smart they’ll prompt and goad them into it until they do.


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by baldilocks

Two recent “public outrage” issues in this year’s news have demonstrated that many people—even baldilocksconservatives—have the notion that no one may abridge “free speech.”

The only law related to free speech is in the U.S. Constitution, specifically, Article I of the Bill of Rights. Stated therein:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech. Therefore, if you are not or I am not Congress, we are unable make any law abridging free speech. If a private corporation or a private association is not Congress, it is unable to make any law abridging freedom. Therefore, the 1st Amendment does not address what any parties which are not Congress may or may not do with respect to freedom of speech. Again, none of the parties mentioned in the cases above are Congress, nor are they any other branch of government.  Each case involved something called a contract between private parties.

A contract is a written promise. Contracts can have all kinds of terms, some of which may involve what parties say in public. Other terms can stipulate how a party can react when the other contracting party violates any of the terms. Things like termination and fines are examples of such penalties, and you can bet that both A&E and the NBA listed these things on the contracts they offered to the Robertsons and to Sterling.

Observers are free to give their opinions on what they think and how they feel about these public controversies and their outcomes, but, in the end, it comes down to what was promised contractually and whether any of those promises were broken. If Duck Dynasty fans or A&E fans or NBA fans or even Donald Sterling fans don’t like how these private parties have resolved their contract problems, fans are free to no longer be fans. But, not being Congress, neither A&E nor the NBA have violated Phil Robertson’s or Donald Sterling’s 1st Amendment rights, respectively.

Each entity is free to act according to the terms of their respective contracts. And, you and I are free not to give them our money if we don’t like what they do.

At least for now…

(More on the Donald Sterling topic here.)

AFTERTHOUGHT: A&E fired Phil Robertson for his comments, then re-instated him; the NBA banned Donald Sterling for life. Both A&E and the NBA reacted to the sentiments of their respect core consumers. Business is business.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!

The last Pol I interviewed at CPAC 2014 was Mike Steinberg who is running in the GOP primary against Congressman Robert Pittenger

His web site is here.

No Democrat has filed for the 9th district so baring something totally unexpected The May 6th primary will determine who will representing the 9th district in November.

Monday I interviewed GOP candidate for the 2nd Massachusetts district Dan Dubrule after his speech at the Twin City Tea Party monthly meeting

It’s not every GOP candidate who is a union leader and he is passionate about the misconceptions about Union Workers as I write in my Examiner piece:

I’ve been a union rep and a shop steward for 18 years…so I know what it means to be a union member to be an advocate. Not all unions are what they have been portrayed to you. The members are just like yourselves and your neighbors they work … but they’re forced to pay into a system that in itself is potentially needed that’s questionable but their leadership they’re in a bad spot, they’re in a no win situation. What they’re looking for and what they know is what we all want, we want representation we want a good district & we want a good America for us and their kids and to get back to those union guys they’ve been lied to and stolen from for a long time they’re very upset”

The new Mass 2nd district voted for both Charlie Baker & Scott Brown nevertheless he still has an uphill fight to unseat longtime incumbent James McGovern but I can tell you one thing for sure. Dan Dubrule has a better shot at being a member of the majority party of the US House of Representatives that McGovern does…

Just two months ago, Democratic National Committee chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz insistedrepeatedly — that House Democrats would run on ObamaCare and win back control of the chamber. Just a day after Barack Obama himself defended ObamaCare in the State of the Union speech, they’re singing a different tune. Donors and strategists will move resources away from House races and instead focus on trying to salvage control of the Senate:

That must be why Henry Waxman is calling it quits

Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), one of the most prolific and successful lawmakers of the modern era, has decided to retire at the end of this congressional session.

You can see the full range of videos including Q & A below the jump,
Continue reading “Interview Dan Dubrule GOP Candidate Ma-2”

What’s the use of being elected or re-elected if you don’t stand for something?

Grover Cleveland

I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.

G.K. Chesteron, 1923

Yesterday in the Washtington post Chris Cillzza lamented that the political middle had disappeared.

In 1982, there were 344 Members whose voting records fell somewhere between the most conservative voting Democrat and the most liberal voting Republican in the House. Thirty years later, there were 11. That means that in 1982 the centrists — or at least those who by voting record were somewhere near the middle of their respective parties — comprised 79 percent of the House. In 2012 they made up 2.5 percent of the House. So, yeah.

I find it interesting that apparently the left has become just as liberal as the right has conservative yet is never called “extreme” but I think Cillizza is his lament and chart seems to miss something about politics.

It’s not a fraternal order.  It’s not the Elks, the Eagles or the Lions club.  All are decent clubs that do good things but there really isn’t much of a difference between one or the other,

A political party isn’t supposed to be like that.  A party has a platform and a particular beliefs.  In theory a person joins and supports a political party because of those common beliefs and values and votes for one party over another because he or she wants to advance those ideas or values.

If people are however in a party because it happens to be the club they joined then belief and principles becomes “flexible” because the purpose is to serve the “club” rather than the people.

For example, consider this quote from Tip O’Neill’s autobiography:

Sam Rayburn:  Now I don’t give a rat’s ass whether or not you like the legislation.  If it’s a party issue, your obligation is to get it on the floor.  Once it gets there, of course, you’re on your own and you’re fee to vote your conscience—or your district.  But on the Rules Committee, if we need your vote, you’ll give it to us–even if you hate the bill , and even if it goes against the economy of your Area.

Now to a Chris Cizilla and to those who miss the good old days when things got done there is absolutely nothing wrong with he concept.  This is simply how things were done and it’s  same they aren’t done that way again.  It’s  no big deal.

Think about what that actually means.

It says that to get power and advance what the bosses want you are expected to ignore the voter who you work for,  the principles you believe in and the region you represent to serve what others want, you are not a public servant, you are the servant of the bosses.

It doesn’t bode well for the people but it’s perfect for special interest, you don’t have to buy dozens or hundreds of members of congress, you just have to buy a few leaders and you’ve got whatever your client wants.

Now if you have a leader like Sam Rayburn whose primary thought was the good of the people that enormous power to make or break will usually be advanced for his interpretation of the common good.

But how often do you actually end up with such people in leadership, how much more often does such power go to those who wish wealth for themselves and the hell with the people along as they and theirs get it, remember even Tip O’Neill another man of the people was famous for these words to Democrats when he needed a vote and believed he was wrong:  “I don’t need you when I’m right.”

Me I’d much rather a person who works for me, stands with me and fights for the best possible deal for me, government of the people rather than government of the interests.  Look at the large Unions and you’ll see where that leads.

If that’s the type of government that the left pines for it says something about them, and it isn’t good.






Yesterday while I was giving my wife her belated mothers day gift of a Drive to Maine to visit fabric stores Lois Lerner went before the House committee investigating the IRS scandal.

The Video is not a good image for the White House and will surely be part of many a GOP ad as 2014 closes. Even worse the topic is one almost impossible to defend without looking the fool and too many on the left are not willing to be that foolish in public.

If the Goal is to defend the administration and to rally their supporters the subject HAS to be changed, but how?

Lois Lerner provided the solution by making a speech rather than just simply invoking her Fifth Amendment rights prompting this from Rep Trey Gowdy:

Mr. Issa, Mr. Cummings just said we should run this like a courtroom, and I agree with him. She just testified. She just waived her Fifth Amendment right to privilege. You don’t get to tell your side of the story and then not be subjected to cross examination. That’s not the way it works. She waived her Fifth Amendment privilege by issuing an open statement. She ought to stand here and answer our questions.

And Rep Issa seems to agree:

“House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said embattled IRS official Lois Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment rights and will be hauled back to appear before his panel again. The California Republican said Lerner’s Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination was voided when she gave an opening statement this morning denying any wrongdoing and professing pride in her government service.”

and that has started a whole new debate:

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the Oversight committee, also said he didn’t think Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment protections.

“I don’t think her counsel would have allowed her to give a statement knowing that the very purpose of him being here — for her to assert her fifth amendment rights — would be damaged if she made a statement,” he told reporters.

But Paul Rothstein, a law professor at Georgetown University, disagreed saying she “has run a very grave risk of having waived her right to refuse to testify on the details of things she has already generally talked about.”

I drove back from Maine Wednesday I heard lawyer after lawyer today marvel at the supposed legal mistake of Lerner’s team, suggesting this was first year law school stuff. If this was simply about a criminal case they would have a point, but they’re misreading the situation. They assume this was a mistake.

I don’t

Mrs. Lerner is not a fool, nor is her legal team, it is inconceivable they would allow her to put herself in legal jeopardy without foreknowledge, unless they had something else in mind like perhaps changing the subject

What happens when Issa brings her back and the questions begin? Could be that she’ll cave and start answering, but I assume her lawyer will tell her to take the Fifth again, in which case it’s Issa’s move. He could try to hold her in contempt, which would probably ignite a court battle and would certainly ignite lots of media concern-trolling about the GOP crushing Lerner’s rights as a way to change the subject from the underlying scandal. The court battle would slow down the investigation and might spark a bit of public sympathy for Lerner and the IRS

Suddenly the the video that the MSM had little time for above will be replaced. Instead of a Lois Lerner the woman who helped Target the Tea Party with the IRS to rob them of their Constitutional rights, we will have the image of woman defending hers in front of congress. Instead of both parties talking about the IRS disgrace the vote on compelling testimony will be along party lines.

The left will have a whole new narrative that they can discuss for months. Millions of pixels and barrels of ink will be devoted to the court case and on MSNBC, CNN and and the Sunday Shows on all the networks will have person after person saying “of course what the IRS did was wrong but there is no more sacred right than the 5th Amendment and no matter what Ms. Lerner might have done the GOP has no business trying to deprive her of her rights”. In fact the Obama Administration need never be mentioned.

Which is, in my opinion, exactly what was intended when she took the stand Wednesday morning.

The congress however doesn’t have to fall for the trap. If Issa is smart, he will delay re-calling Lerner. He will instead continue the investigation beginning with the lowest level person in Cincinnati and building the case from the bottom up, then, and only then, when the case has been made before both the congress, the courts and the public and then, and only then, should she be called back to play legal games and maintain her silence of facts already in evidence.

Update: Hogewash notes the actual words of Miranda:

If You Give Up Your Right to Remain Silent anything you say may be used in court against you.

and says

That’s the way a Miranda warning goes. Didn’t Lois Lerner’s lawyer tell her?

That’s exactly why I think it’s a setup


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You can solve that problem, if 14 of you can find $20 to spare before Saturday this week’s $300 paycheck can be achieved and this month’s mortgage will be paid.

As always it’s up to you.

Following up on yesterday’s post concerning how to go forward on the IRS investigation there question is going to be asked, do you have a special committee or do you just give this to the standard committee’s that would handle such and investigation.

While there are some advantages to a special committee there is a better case for using the existing committees.

The biggest problem with a select committee is both sides will be appointing members to it. In Man of the House Tip O’Neill talked about the issue both in terms of the Democrat Caucus:

John Moss, a California Democrat who came to Congress the same year I did, wrote up a petition calling for a special impeachment committee. More often than not the member who initiates a particular piece of legislation end up as the chairman of the special committee appointed by the speaker to deal with it and that’s probably what John had in mind –a select committee on impeachment with him as chairman.

The GOP doesn’t need someone specifically trying to advance themselves that way. Meanwhile on the side playing defense on the idea of a select committee…

.had plenty of allies on the Republican side . And there’s certainly no question the White House preferred a special impeachment committee as well. Ont only could they control the appointment of the Republican members, but they also hoped to influence Carl Albert to appoint enough conservative Democrats to protect the president. With the Republicans already in the bag it wouldn’t take many

and the GOP has a smaller majority then the Democrats had in O’Neill’s time and no majority in the senate (yet).

Additionally the committee’s that are in charge of oversight of the IRS and the members in those committees are going to be more familiar with their workings. Even better presumably such members are MUCH more likely to be outraged by any IRS excess.

The left, media, and White house’s is going to be all about making any investigation a “political” one, that will be the game plan and we’re already seeing signs of this card being floated. If we want this process to be and be perceived as a search for the truth this is the best way to go about it.

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The Sanford Bostic race in SC 1 is starting to generate some interest.

The Washington Post gave some background.

Sanford won 37 percent of the vote in last week’s primary; Bostic barely edged into the runoff with 13 percent support. Sanford had more than $270,000 to spend as of the mid-March; Bostic had only about $57,000 in his campaign account. Bostic, notably lives just outside the 1st district boundary.

Those fact standing alone would mean this primary is over, except for this:

Sanford’s portrayed himself as a strong fiscal conservative and implicitly asked voters for forgiveness in his TV ads. While he doesn’t explicitly mention it, Sanford’s disappearance from the state in 2009 and admission to an extramarital affair is what he’s implicitly asking voters to forgive.

and this:

“I don’t know the other guy at all,” said Mulvaney, of Bostic. “Here’s what I do know about it. His support base is with the homeschoolers and the Christian right. And those folks are extraordinarily dedicated, and they will show up on April 2.”

Normally when you have a candidate with this big of a lead and money difference you would ignore the other guy and plow forward but we’ve seen elbows thrown at Bostic, one over signing a fairly unknown pledge, another  over funding and even some elbows aimed at Ali Akbar grazing the candidate.

While the entire strange bedfellows business is amusing what really matters is:  How does it affect the race locally and nationally?  On that line there is significant news that dwarfs all this shadowboxing:

Republican Curtis Bostic, fighting a David-and-Goliath battle against former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford in a GOP congressional primary runoff, landed his first major national endorsement today from Rick Santorum.

“I am pleased to announce our endorsement of Curtis Bostic in South Carolina’s first congressional district,” said Santorum, who waged his own against-the-odds campaign against Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. ”Curtis’ groundswell finish to a runoff spot signals a win for the strength of his grassroots supporters and his robust conservative values.”

Santorum, who co-founded the 501(c)4 advocacy group Patriot Voices with his wife, Karen, is expected to campaign for Bostic in the 1st District later this week. “We must continue that momentum for Curtis into the runoff election, and I look forward to joining conservatives across South Carolina in helping to elect Curtis Bostic to the U.S. House of Representatives,” Santorum said.

Unlike the various flea bites this news drew both local and national attention: and the involvement of Santorum’s pac will lesson Sanford’s 15-1 funding edge.

This highlights the truism of this race, Sanford for all his money, is worried. He’s right to be. Under normal circumstances you would never see a headline like this

Opinions split on whether Bostic can topple Sanford in GOP runoff

…Nor a poll in SC saying this:

With a week to go before ex-Gov. Mark Sanford and ex-County Councilman Curtis Bostic face off in the 1st District Republican primary runoff, a hypothetical head-to-head general election poll shows Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch keeping pace with both of her prospective GOP opponents.

A new survey conducted over the weekend by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Colbert Busch leading Sanford by a margin of 47% to 45%, and tying Curtis Bostic with 43%.

And those numbers showing Mr. Colbert’s sister ahead of Sanford are as Real Clear Politics put it:

Before the late-night comedians and political press are handed an off-year election gift in the form of this high-profile contest

and for those who don’t understand why this is a gift for comics…

Alas, name recognition is a two-edged sword for Sanford, who is perhaps best known for an embarrassment that made the phrase “hiking the Appalachian Trail” a smutty double-entendre in 2009. One late-June weekend that year — the weekend of Father’s Day, to be exact — the governor’s whereabouts became a national mystery. Neither his family nor his staff nor South Carolina law enforcement could find Sanford, whose name had been bandied about as a possible 2012 Republican presidential contender. Before search parties could be sent to find the allegedly missing hiker, however, Sanford flew back from Argentina to South Carolina and held one of the most surreal press conferences in political history. He told how a “remarkable friendship” with a woman he met in Argentina a year earlier had “sparked into something more than that.” He spoke of “trying to get my heart right” and said he had “spent the past five days of my life crying in Argentina.” Sanford’s description of Maria Belen Chapur as his “soul mate” was, as Daily Caller columnist Yates Walker said, “possibly the most sociopathic moment ever captured on live television.”

Anyone with eyes knows a Sanford win in the primaries would be a disaster for the GOP leading to a classic, Heads I win tails you lose moment for Republicans, consider:

1. If Sanford wins in the general election whenever there is an issue involving social issues or morality he will be the person ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCCURRENTNPR highlights. The MSM will make sure Sanford becomes the face of the GOP for the next two years at least.

2. If Colbert Bush wins the narrative will be totally different, it will be all about how the president and the liberal agenda is spreading and powerful because it was able to win in South Carolina. Over and over the left will reference it as a reason why the GOP is losing the argument and how popular President Obama and the liberal agenda is. As far as ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCCURRENTNPR “Mark Sanford” will not have ever existed.

Conservatives and members of the GOP are (hopefully) not stupid enough to let them happen, thus a small primary for an open seat have become a race of significance.

As of course because of this  Robert Stacy McCain is prepared to head on down to cover it:

OK, I never heard the name “Curtis Bostic” until last week, when he finished second to Mark Sanford in the South Carolina 1st District primary. Now, Bostic has been endorsed by Rick Santorum and polls show Bostic doing better than Sanford against Stephen Colbert’s sister.

So it’s obviously time for a road trip and, with the GOP runoff next Tuesday, it looks like I’ll spend Easter weekend in South Carolina.

Whether he reports David beating Goliath or a disaster for Conservatism will be up to the people of South Carolina’s 1st district.

No matter what decision the voters make,  it won’t be boring.


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If you can spare a few dollars to them, I’d certainly encourage it. As for myself thanks to your support we’ve moved more than half way toward my weekly $300 paycheck. 7 readers hitting DaTipJar below for $20 will finish the job for the week.

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Expanding on my post of yesterday morning about the Democrat party not being what it was. I thought of another theme we regularly see from the MSM.

We are constantly told stories of the good old days when the Democrats and the Republicans got along so well, the days when members of congress really cared and worked together to get things done.

If you don’t know better, you might actually buy that claptrap.

What they really nostalgic are the good old days when democrats had power in congress that was almost totally unchallenged and Republicans Presidents had to come hat in hand to do anything.

For those too young to remember let’s put it in perspective:

For the 17 years of my life I never saw a day when either house of the congress was controlled by the GOP. For 10 of those years the Democrats had sixty votes or more in the Senate and never had less than 54.

(BTW during the first six years of Reagan’s presidency the GOP majority in the senate was never higher than 54)

For the first 31 years of my life I never saw the House controlled by the GOP. During that entire time the Democrats never had a majority smaller than 50 seats.

To put that in perspective, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and George Bush didn’t have a GOP house for a single day during their presidency.

It wasn’t until I was 37 years old that the GOP had both houses and the White house and that only lasted 4 months until Jim Jeffries flipped. I had to wait till age 40 for the GOP to have a 51-49 majority in the senate at the same time they had the house.

Put simply liberal reporters who were starting out in the 60’s 70’s cut their teeth it was a joyous time. An era where liberalism ruled supreme and the GOP was powerless.

Congressmen could get along, it’s easy to be nice and condescending to people who are no threat to your the power you crave, you can even throw them a bone now and again to show just how magnanimous you are.

Conversely for establishment republicans, it was an easy time. Other than the odd pork project (which made big government stronger) you never were expected to stand up and be counted. You never had to make a tough vote, you could tell the folks back home how upset you were at the direction the country was going and then go back to Washington and still be invited to all the best parties and get the respect due to a member of congress because it was clearly understood that you knew your place. It’s why people like Newt Gingrich, elected in 1978 were so hated.

Frankly I think the media and the Democrat never got over Gingrich taking the house in 1994. They consider power a divine right and resent having to appeal to the mere voters in order to maintain it.

That’s why I often compare them to feudal lords. For all their supposed French revolutionary zeal they really see themselves as the nobles of the Ancien Régime unjustly deposed of the authority that is their birthright, dreaming of the day when they will take their rightful place at the seat of power where they will as in the old days look out for those unwashed masses who really don’t know what’s best for them.

One you understand that, it all makes sense.

Back when I thought Romney was going to win I wrote this about one of my fears if he did in fact win:

The thing I fear the most about Mitt is that he will form a team with Establishment GOP and liberals in the House. The Establishment gets it’s spending, liberals get a piece of the action and Romney is hailed as “Bipartisan”.

Looking at the final fiscal cliff vote in the House where passage was secured by an overwhelming number of democrats teaming up with establishment republicans to get the 257 votes the Bill ended up with.

Dems split 172-16, Republicans split 85-151. Boehner didn’t come close to satisfying the “majority of the majority” rule, which leaves him on thin ice for Thursday’s Speaker vote. At least he didn’t hide, though: He voted yes tonight, as did Paul Ryan, much to Team Rubio’s delight. Meanwhile, the rest of the leadership team — i.e. Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy — voted no, although Cantor waited until the bill had 218 votes to register his meaningless disapproval.

With that heaven sent 41-1 ratio of tax increases to spending cuts no wonder over 90% of democrats would go for it, but I”m slightly disappointed that they managed almost 40 percent of the GOP going along.

I expect a lot more of the same, establishment GOP members making deals and the speaking marginalizing his own party for the next two years. I go back to what Mike Rogers said after election day:

The time to take over the GOP (state by state) or set up a real third party (let’s call it the conservative party, like NY state), is NOW, after a historic election that demonstrated the ineptness of the “Wizards of Smart”…

,,,If we successfully set up a conservative party, and win some seats, we can choose to align with Republicans or even endorse their candidate as a tactical matter on a vote by vote basis.

What say you?

I say anyone who is even thinking about giving to the NRCC after this fiasco needs to if not turn them down flat, last least hold off till the debt ceiling business comes up, “better than nothing” argument not withstanding.

In fact I’d put them on notice, if we see a repeat of this in March then that dough will go to support either primary opponents for GOP house members or a new conservative party that can choose to stand with the GOP or no.

If we continue to let ourselves be played we deserve all we get.

Starting the year with a deficit myself, still $370 in the hole. If you’re looking to invest in conservatism this debacle proves I’ve got to be a better investment than these house guys

Update: Stacy McCain has the best line:

Just don’t say they were “spending like drunken sailors.” At least sailors spend their own money.

Update 2:

Via Insty, Conn Carroll asks the question:

Remember, Obama’s first offer was for a $1.6 trillion tax hike and an infinite debt limit hike. Boehner countered with $800 billion. The final deal was for only $600 billion.

How is that not a “win” for Republicans?

Easy, let me quote a certain Ex-Leper:

All right cut the haggling, say you open at once shekel I start at 2000 we end up about 1800

Brion in the end gives as the Ex-Leper puts it: “Half a dinari for me bloody life story?” when he had nothing coming. Obama won as soon as Boehner countered with the tax hike that became bipartisan.

Even worse The “Bush Tax Cuts” are gone replaced by the “Obama Tax Cuts” that actually raise taxes, yet the media will be calling them tax cuts forever while giving Democrats credit.


Here is the whole Brian bit

Update 2: Bob Krumm gets it.

Update 3:
Joe Weisenthal gets it

Thanks to last night’s Fiscal Cliff deal, we an now put to bed the term “The Bush Tax Cuts.”

As of now, they’re the Obama Tax Cuts.

Told ya.

This Morning the Senate passed a compromise bill two hours after the deadline for the “fiscal cliff” bipartisan bill was to take effect.

The vote was 89-8 an even wider margin bipartisan margin than the bill it replaces. Only 3 Democrats and 5 Republicans voted against the measure that will now go to the house.

With such an overwhelming imprimatur from both sides of the aisle in the Senate, it is impossible that this bill will fail in the house. Every member of the tea party caucus may oppose it, speak against it, and can argue the case for responsibility to no avail.  There will be plenty of votes on both sides of the aisle to pass this deal.

That we are passing 100+ page bills that nobody has read at 2 AM on New Years day is bad.

That we are raising more taxes on small business at a $41 in tax increases not counting all the Obamacare taxes that are now kicking in, for each dollar of spending cuts, is worse.

But the thing that really bothers me beyond both is this:  We have problems, problems that requires courage to solve. It took a lot of pain and effort to achieve what had previously been done and as Veronique de Rugy tells us it wasn’t much:

The alleged brutality of the cuts is one of the biggest myth of 2012. For the most part, the sequestration “cuts” aren’t really cuts at all. According to the Congressional Budget Office, discretionary spending would grow from $1.047 trillion to $1.234 trillion without sequestration. With the sequestration cuts in place, it will instead grow from $1.047 to $1.147 trillion. Medicare, which also faces cuts in the sequestration process, follows a similar trend. That means that going through with sequestration is just the beginning. It won’t make a dent in the size of our debt, and more cuts will be needed in the future.Yet both sides oppose fulfilling the deal they agreed upon.

and now even that has been undone.

Without controlling spending we are heading toward disaster. As de Rugy points out above, the sequestration cuts….were not cuts and a whole lot more was needed beyond sequestration to get us out of the hole we’re in and now we aren’t event going to do that.

Amazingly despite the date this was done by a cold sober senate and will be passed by a cold sober house to the cheers of the media that will celebrate the cowardice of a nation and its elected leaders.

Marco Rubio, one of the few votes against said it well:

“I ran, just two years ago, on the idea that I wanted to be part of solving the long-term problems this country faces. Time and again, we’re given choices here that don’t involve that.”

“The real fiscal cliff is still there,” he said. “We’ll be back here again. In March, we’ll have a showdown like this all over again.”

And what will happen then?  Will the GOP grow a spine?  Will the democrats learn to count?  I wouldn’t bet on it.  If we can’t make the tough calls when left & right have the fear of God, or at least the voters in them how will we do it otherwise?

As I’ve said many times we always get the government we deserve, but I really thought we deserved better.

There are two things that really don’t make any sense to me in the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” debate.

The first is the considered opinion of everyone involved that “sequestration” is a bad thing when it was a bipartisan law passed by a GOP House with broad democrat support and through a democrat senate with over half of the GOP signing on then signed by the president.

But there is a second question that I found odd that isn’t getting a lot of play.

We are told by both sides that we have to do X because of the election. The left says the GOP has to give into the president because he won re-election, the right says the president has to give some because the members of the House won re-election and the senate says nothing because they don’t want to remind people that Democrats have control (and responsibility) for half of congress.

This makes no sense since the congress that WAS elected won’t be sworn in until Jan 3rd.

If we as a nation are going to make decisions, one way or the other, based on the election, why not simply let the congress that is coming make these decisions? Let sequestration come, and then let the new congress do what they were hired to do when they were hired to do it.

And if we don’t like the job they do, well their contracts come up in two, four and six years.

I want you to be famous for those exact words. I want people to call you Colonel Runaway. I want children laughing outside your door, ’cause they’ve found the house of Colonel Runaway.

The 11th Doctor A Good Man goes to War 2011

While Dan “Colonel Runaway” Maffei continues to dodge open Forums Ann Marie Buerkle and the Green Party Opponent answered questions from the assembled Crowd.

There was some press before the event that took a few shots before

But were not there at the end.

I’ve already posted on the comments of the audience (the voters comments always take priority) now lets look at the event itself

The candidates made their opening cases first Miss Rozum

And then Congresswoman Buerkle:

I particularly liked the format it maximized the influence of the votes while minimizing the impact of the moderator. The questions were submitted in writing from the audience, put into a basket and drawn randomly by the moderator to be asked, Audience members were offered the chance to read their own questions if they declined the moderator would read them. The first question was on Benghazi.

At the time I hadn’t heard about them men going in against orders (more on that tomorrow). The questions continued Social Security:

The Economy:

And High Speed Rail which has been an issue of discussion in NY as well as California

The question on Fracking was one of only three where an audience member choose to ask their question themselves

I wasn’t aware that Fracking was a big issue in NY. the Next question was on Re-Licensing Nuclear Plants

and Privatizing Social Security

The Obamacare question was very significant as layoffs had just been announced at a local hospital over it

and another question on jobs

I thought the congresswoman make a good point on the nature of what a member of congress can do.

Both candidates then made closing statements, first Miss Rozum

I thought she was a rather good representative for the far left Green Party. She made a positive case for positions that many democrats would agree with and at the end of the event there were not many of her signs still in the hall to be taken. As her opponent Congresswoman Buerkle put it:

Ursula is a woman who has the courage of her convictions and I think whether agree or disagree on one issue or ten issues the only way our society and our government and our civilization is going to come, is going to reach any solutions is if people are willing to sit down and have a robust debate and discussion on issues and I think her courage as a Green Party candidate to do what she has done is to be commended and should be appreciated by this community because what she has done has not been an easy task by any stretch.

That’s pretty high praise from an opponent.

Congresswoman Buerkle closed the event with her closing statement

Throughout the event she made a positive and rational case both for her re-election and on the issues, what was really impressive was how she didn’t over promise and talked sensibly taking the voters seriously.

The real winners of the event were the voters who were present

Not only did they ask great substantive questions

But they had direct access to the candidates who spent a few minutes afterwards talking to them

And the biggest loser that would be Dan “Colonel Runaway” Maffei who after spending 2010 running away from his record has decided a winning strategy is to run away from the voters. What can you say about a grown man, a former congressman who has less courage than a girl in her 20’s as Congresswoman Put it.

Dan Maffei’s absence has been, I think an insult to the voters of this district I think if he wants the voters to know where he stands on the issues he has a responsibility as a candidate to come forth and the (record?) and you all know where he stands.

There were four town halls, one in each county in NY-24 and Dan “Col Runaway” Maffei ducked every one of them for fear they might ask him something that he would have to answer.

There is a clear choice in this race a Congresswoman who gives access or a Congressman who runs away.

Re-Elect Ann Marie Buerkle to Congress in NY 24

Because NY-24 deserves a representative who listens to the people in the district instead of running away from them

You can kick into her campaign here.

Update via the Lonely Conservative I suspect this video was not shot at the event:

Remember all of this coverage is made possible by you. My road trip came to just under $500 not counting the time put in during the three days. So far We’ve had tip jar hits covering $180 of those expenses. If you’d like to help support this kind of coverage please consider hitting DaTipJar to ensure this will not be the last of these trips to support GOP candidates that need your help.

The last stop of my Road trip was to the Campaign office of Congressman Chris Gibson in Kingston NY

Kingston could not be more different from the small town of Kinderhook where he grew up and maintains an office, it was sprawling full of nationally known names you would see at any mall which really threw off my navigation. It was late at night and I had made several wrong turns on the way but finally made it there near 8 p.m. or so.

Gibson like Ann Marie Buerkle and Nan Hayworth were both elected in the freshman class of 2010. While both Hayworth and Buerkle have a medical background Chris Gibson’s background is Military serving 24 years rising to the rank of Colonel and in the process earning the Purple Heart 2 Legions of Merrit and 4 Bronze Stars over the course of 7 deployments and 4 combat tours of duty.

Like most of the upstate (north of NY) congress members his district has been drastically redrawn from this:

To this

I talked to his campaign spokeswomen Stephanie Valle and while polls are looking good with such a drastically redrawn district they are taking nothing for granted.

While his opponent has decided to play the war on women card so like practically every Democrat Congressman Gibson instead runs on and toward rather than away from his record, but one would not expect a decorated soldier to do anything less.

Optimistic polls not withstanding with only a +2.3 point registration advantage for the GOP it would be a good idea for national republicans to give a hand in this race to make sure the Colonel is returned to congress.

Re-Elect Chris Gibson to Congress in NY 19

Congress needs people who will lead from the front

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One fact of the Race for the Senate in CT that has been overlooked is the seat that was held by the Democrat Candidate for senate Chris Murphy is now open.

and that district in the Northwest corner of the state CT-5 has a candidate named Andrew Roraback who might be in a position to be the 2012 of Scott Brown in CT.

Although I didn’t have a lot of time to speak with Andrew, I spent a considerable amount of time with his staff, he is a long serving member of the CT state House and Senate, and he was the only member of the GOP delegation to vote for death penalty repeal giving him some crossover appeal.

Most importantly the new district includes the towns he represented for many many years so he has a strong base of voters on both sides of the aisle who are familiar with and respect him.

So we have a GOP candidate with a long record and some crossover appeal running in an open seat. Unlike Scott Brown in 2010 he doesn’t have the advantage of an opponent making critical mistakes on the trail but also unlike Brown he is not running statewide so his familiarity with the district and the voters could make all the difference.

With Mitt Romney and the GOP poised to control all three branches of the Government in January perhaps CT like Mass before them might decide they want to have at least one voice in the majority when the time comes to make decisions. Andrew Roraback can be that voice and with the GOP with such an advantage in fundraising over the Dems the party is in a potion to help make it happen.

Vote Andrew Roraback for Congress

Even the bluest of states deserve at least one seat in the Majority.

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Update: Extra brown in the title, Hey I’ve been driving all day, a tad tired you know.

Arrived in Fishkill and gave a call to Zilla of the Resistance to say I was somewhere in the area, talked to her husband and found out she is in the hospital, called her there and she sounded awful. I’ll stop by in the morning as visiting hours are done, I’m sure Nan Hayworth’s HQ in the area will still be there afterwards. (I wonder what the people who say Zilla isn’t real or isn’t sick will say about that?)

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As for the trip I’ve got a pretty decent wi-fi so I was Finally able to upload this very good interview with a MaMahon Supporter from my first stop

After I stopped at the McDonalds The Ray Kroc Memorial Media Center where I I took this picture…

…of a lady of the left who hoped my prediction for the election was incorrect I headed to another McMahon Office in Torrington CT where I found one other McMahon Satellite office.

Although I was pleased to find the office of congressional candidate Andrew Roraback next door and the office of the local GOP there in the same block

I found the Much cooler Jeff’s records and collectible with an incredible selection of classic vinyl

but more on that later. At the McMahon HQ I noticed an inordinate amount of young people working in the office on the phone, a good sign for the campaign.

However I still couldn’t get permission to talk to anyone officially.

At the Roraback office they were tied up in a meeting so I shot some swag

and waited, when one of the ladies from the GOP office came by, she consented to an interview so I went down to her office and talked to her

She is exactly the type of person you need to make a campaign succeed a person deep into the grass-roots who gives a ton of her time.

I returned briefly to the Roraback office and managed to meet the candidate.

He deserves more attention that I can give him in this post from there I headed off to NY finally stopping in Fishkill just south of Poughkeepsie where I met Rob.

Rob In college majoring in Social Work going for master, he’s working full-time ( I won’t say where) while studying, so he’s definitely in touch with how to get ahead.

He’s a social liberal supporting Gay marriage and “equal pay” (I put that in quotes because that has been the law for two generations how the left managed to sell it otherwise is beyond me). Although he has not been shy about working hard to get his education he doesn’t think students should have to do all they do to acquire it. As he put it:

“Why should I have to go bankrupt to get an education?”

Yet Rob has been sensible, he put in two years in a community college to cut costs and transferring over.

He thinks the mess we’ve been in was not fixable in four years but looks at the economy figuring things could be worse, no matter who wins eventually the economy will turn around. He has faith in the he put it:

“The United States has a history of achieving the impossible.”

Although we didn’t agree on a lot I certainly agree with that.

So now it’s 11:26 and I’m about to crash, tomorrow we’ll visit Zilla then it’s off to check out NY congressional races. Will Romney take the GOP freshmen over the line with him, lets find out in the morning and beyond.

If you missed my 100th Anniversary show and party at Largo Ristorante in Worcester, you REALLY missed out, but you can hear the show here.

Strangely enough I didn’t get a chance take any pictures but Granite Grok covered it:

and interviewed me near the end of the event:

Out with Joe has a gallery

It was a lot of fun, but now it’s time to earn the “Have Fedora will Travel” label.

I’m going to be going on the road for a Mini Trip to hit congressional districts in NY (and hopefully the senate race in CT as well) The plan is to leave sometime on Wednesday and to get back either late Friday night or just in time to get to the Studio on Saturday for the show.

The map is not solid yet but I’m definitely hitting a Ann Marie Buerkle event on Friday in NY-24 I hope to hit districts from NY 18-22 as well depending on candidate schedules and perhaps even the Connecticut Senate race.

For the first time every I will be taking such a trip without Robert Stacy McCain in the car (My wife says that will mean the trip will take longer as the car will go slower.

My expenses will be as follows

A rented car (About $150)
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I think the Presidential race is done, the congressional races are what matter now so lets see where they are going.

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Today at Concord Carlisle HS Jon Golnik and Nikki Tsongas had the first of four debates on a cold rainy day while the NE Patriots were destroying the Buffalo Bills:

I arrived in the rain

People signed in up front with an area for press I was one of only three people were listed.

There was not a big crowd to start

With the combo of a football game and a rainy sunday a large crowd was unlikely. I stated interviewing people

The debate was only scheduled for an hour, after opening statements from Niki Tsongas

and Jon Golnik

The debate started with an odd format, the moderator posed a general subject with several questions and the candidates picked and choose and then answered

I found it weird way of doing this, it made for less direct contrast

Basically allowing each candidate to go where they wanted

regardless of what the other said

When the final question of that segment was completed

Questions from the audience were asked

They were selected by the moderators

I thought this was also a bad choice

It left the decision of what was acceptable to the people running the debate

I found this was to the advantage of the incumbent both in the choice of questions and the format

When the questions were done closing statements were given, both my Rep Tsongas

And Mr. Golnik

and I spoke to both of them after the debate, only briefly to Rep Tsongas

and slightly longer for Mr. Golnik

While not agreeing with the political sentiment of Mary Ann

I do think Rep Tsongas came out ahead, the format helped her a bit, the one question where Mr. Golnik was delayed due to notes looked poor, he landed a few shots but not effectively enough as a person who is behind in a district that favors the left. Of course there are three more debates and this one was lightly covered so there is plenty of time to change the path. Meanwhile both sides held signs outside

and awaited the next clash, you can see the full gallery below the jump
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“You’ll give us victories then, you think?”

“We do” said [Captain Charles] Stewart, “and not upon irrational premises”

“Which victories,” [President James] Madison mused aloud, “Will give us ships; for with victories Congress will supply them faster than they can be lost”

Fletcher Pratt: Preble’s Boys Commodore Preble and the Birth of American Sea Power 1950

Master, you gave me five talents. See, I have made five more.

Matthew 25:20b

On of the basic truths of Capitalism, the thing that makes it successful is the act of investing capital for a return.

Some investments are in established companies, others are in startups. Like any investments some of will fail but if one invests wisely, looking at facts and not at hype, investments particularly in startups will bring a strong return.

Political Capital works the same way as Sarah Palin is demonstrating.

Politicians tend to be very careful, they don’t like to risk offending one side or the other. In particularly they don’t want to risk taking on the powers that be over something as quixotic as principle.

Sarah Palin is not of that kind.

During the 2008 Race Sarah Palin earned political capital with the voters. She spoke plainly and honestly and won her base over. After the campaign she wrote her best selling book and she and her family found themselves comfortable.

She could have sat back, after all her books and TV series were popular and profitable, she could have held court and been courted by pols all over the country and been a standard visit on the “Pay homage to get elected” tours.

Instead she took her political capital and invested it.

When the rest of the right (with the notable exception of Rush Limbaugh) were in dead panic over the popularity of Obama, she spoke out hitting Obama.

When the Media was hitting the tea party and some in the GOP were gun-shy she embraced them.

When the entire media (and many Republicans) were in a dead panic over events in Wisconsin she went to Madison and spoke in his defense.

And she stuck her neck out both supporting candidates like (Deb Fischer, Ann Marie Buerkle and Renee Ellmers and Kelly Ayotte

She even on occasion supported establishment candidates that the tea party did not (John McCain & Orin Hatch) taking the risk of a backlash.

And now we see Texas. There was a time that Ted Cruz was a longshot. Gov Perry and the establishment were behind his opponent. As late as Monday the MSM described the primary as “tight”…

…and the rest is history.

The most significant piece of that history? Sarah Palin endorsed Ted Cruz back in MAY.

Now THAT’s a return on an investment.

Sarah Palin is the perfect political capitalist, she has taken her political capital, invested it in the candidates of her choice and come out with even more. No amount of political snark or clever Conan skits will change that. The MSM can pretend her capital doesn’t exist, but you’d better believe Ted Cruz, Kelly Ayotte and dozens of members of the congress who received that capital when they needed it know it is there and when and if she needs to draw on that capital, I suspect they will remember it.

If that’s not Capitalism I’d like to know what is?


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that is being reported at

Maffei has opened up a four-point lead over Buerkle, 44 percent to 40 percent, according to the poll of likely voters conducted by the Democratic polling firm Normington, Petts and Associates of Washington, D.C…The poll, conducted July 16 through July 18, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points, suggesting the race is essentially a tossup.

This poll comes to you courtesy of the SEIU and a Democrat Pac

The House Majority PAC/SEIU poll of 400 likely voters in the 24th District found Maffei leading Buerkle 44 percent to 40 percent, with Green Party candidate Ursula Rozum supported by five percent of voters. Eleven percent of voters are undecided.

I seem to recall the Syracuse paper pushing a poll showing Buerkle down 12 points. And when all was said and done Buerkle won by several hundred votes.

So if I’m Ann Marie Buerkle and the post is reporting me trailing within the margin of error, I’m feeling pretty good about my chances this time around. If the polling pushed is as accurate as last time she must be up at least 5.

But that shouldn’t be a surprise, she has three advantages she didn’t have before.

1. She is an incumbent instead of being an unknown.

2. Obama will be voted on next congress

and most important of all, the single thing that will drive more votes to the GOP than anything else:

Obama is on the ballot!

That more than anything else is going to be a godsend for Republicans nationwide.


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Tom Weaver spoke and took questions at yesterday’s GOP committee meeting:

I asked him about Obamacare and Nikki Tsongas support of it but the best point he made was about getting Romney fired up:

“I don’t think there is anything we can say that not going to be classified as racist”

Once Republicans in General and the Romney campaign in particular figure this out, then they will be able to handle anything the MSM throw at him. And believe me considering how bad it’s going to be for these guys, they are going it’s going to get a lot worse.


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In my coverage of the Fitchburg July 4th Parade I had the chance to interview Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas as she marched.

In addition to her answer on the Swatting letter (she knew nothing about it) there was some news made concerning Obamacare

DaTechGuy: The president’s healthcare plan has been upheld as constitutional will you be campaigning on support for that plan?

Congresswoman Tsongas: Absolutely, I’ve been a strong supporter for it from the outset. We need to provide adequate healthcare for the millions of Americans who do not have it and we need to work very hard at bringing down the cost so that we can all afford to buy the insurance we need.

In an election where the result is going to decide if Obamacare remains the law of the land, this position, and props to her for not equivocating on it, could make a big difference come November.

Just to remind you Scott Brown won Fitchburg with 58.9% of the vote vs Coakley’s 39.9%. That 19 POINTS out of 9461 votes cast.

If I’m Nikki Tsongas, I’d be spending an awful lot of time here over the next 4 months.


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…proves that unlike our friends of the left he understands that Communism is not a system to emulate

If Grayson is not reason enough to donate to Marx Oxner I’d like to know what is

One more thing about Grayson. He’s one of my favorite leftists in the sense that he doesn’t pretend to be what he isn’t. You get the full unabashed left that the rest of the crowd hides.

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This morning I was on a conference call concerning the Domestic Energy & Job Act which molds together a large collection of energy legislation including:

  • Strategic Energy Production Act of 2012, H.R. 4480 (Rep. Cory Gardner, CO-4)
  • Gasoline Regulations Act of 2012, H.R. 4471 (Rep. Ed Whitfield, KY-1)
  • Planning for American Energy Act of 2012, H.R.4381 (Rep. Scott Tipton, CO-3)
  • Providing Leasing Certainty for American Energy Act of 2012, H.R 4382 (Rep. Mike Coffman, CO-6)
  • Streamlining Permitting of American Energy Act of 2012, H.R. 4383 (Rep. Doug Lamborn, CO-5)
  • The Streamlining Permitting of American Energy Act (H.R. 4383)
  • The National Petroleum Reserve Alaska Access Act, H.R. 2150 (Rep. “Doc” Hastings, WA-4)
  • The BLM Live Internet Auctions Act, H.R. 2752 (Rep. Bill Johnson, OH-6)

The call was Hosted by Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (ca-22), he was joined by Doc Hastings (WA-4) Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee & Freshman Rep. Cory Gardner (CO-4).

They made a passionate case for their bill and during the Q & A stressing that gas although lower than a few months ago is still double the price it was when the administration came to office. Chairman Hastings noted that President Obama actions on energy: “His actions are 180 from his rhetoric” and that producers constantly inform him: ”Just tell me what the rules are and don’t change them, give me some certainty” and noted states like North Dakota & Texas experienced growth saying “…by having a policy that protects environment but allows extraction it has fundamentally changed the situation.

Majority Whip McCarthy suggested folks from the EPA put “personal beliefs and philosophical beliefs” before their actual tasks and during hearings when it comes to the actual effects of regulations on Jobs: “One thing we’ve found in the hearings is they don’t evaluate this …and what it actually means.”

All valid points but it was Freshman Cory Gardner of Colorado that made the most significant point when it comes to freeing energy producers when answering a question from Politico concerning North Dakota as an example. Rather than sticking to North Dakota he noted an example from his own state of Colorado.

In Weld County, CO. there are 31 operators producing energy. Of those 31 companies 2 of them paid a combined $209 million dollars in property taxes.

To put this in perspective the total budget of the county is $200 million.

Run those number through your head a second. This is revenue not produced by raising taxes higher but simply by letting companies operate and pay the taxes already on the books.

Picture every state where the Government has blocked this kind of action. Think of what this kind of thing would do for the budget bottom line. And that doesn’t even count the employment taxes, social security taxes, income taxes, excise taxes and even fuel taxes that these businesses and every single employee they hire will be paying to local, state and federal governments simply for the privilege of working hard and making a money.

As Rep Cory Gardner said: “If we are going to unleash American Energy this is the best way to flip the switch

Maybe I’m old fashioned being the son of parents born in the 20’s but this makes sense to me.

Update: A related video

I’d have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids

Scooby Doo Where are you (1969-1972)

Right, well I’ll go and have a lie down then. No I won’t; I’ll go and hit some guests.

Basil Faulty  Faulty Towers (1975)

A Congressman’s first duty is to get re-elected

Sam Rayburn

Just 24 hours after MSNBC viewers where shocked to learn that John McCain’s gaffe’s concerning the economy and NOT the selection of Sarah Palin had everything to do with his defeat in 2008 Joe Scarborough and company slipped back into standard MSNBC mode.

Citing Jeb Bush’s remarks he talks about how closed the Republican Party has become, Mike Barnicle brought up the 10-1 ratio business and Joe took a swipe at bloggers and tweeters in the process with the panel all backing him up as they sit in that most honest city in the nation Chicago.

Let’s forget for one moment that the Bush wing of the GOP didn’t care for the Reagan wing until Until George Bush Sr. became Vice President and the deals he made as president that led to 8 years of Bill Clinton (as well argued by Bryan Preston.) Let’s forget that Morning Joe had nothing but scorn for Pat Toomey right up until he actually won and lets forget, like all MSNBC shows their favorite Republicans are always those who bash other republicans: (Hi Gov Huntsman how ya doing?) only seem to love republicans who bash the GOP. Let’s even forget if the GOP took their advice the house would still be controlled by Democrats who still wouldn’t have passed a budget.

Let’s instead look at their critique of congress being unwilling to “compromise” with democrats.

The first point is of course that these deals invariably result in real spending increases but phony “cuts” I’ve been hearing about budget cuts for 20+ years yet federal spending has gone up every year. For some reason this fact doesn’t seem to play with this crowd, but that the minor point.

The 2nd point is the real question: These GOP candidates who didn’t choose not to give in to the Democrats are doing what the voters who elected them want.

These are the voters who stayed home in 2006 when they had enough of GOP spending. These are the voters who stayed home when the “Maverick Moderate” John McCain won the nomination, and they are the same voters who made the difference in 2010 for Scott Brown in January and who drove the big red wave nationwide on the federal and state level. These are also the voters who elected Scott Walker and who after he refused to compromise with the Democrats in deep blue Wisconsin convincingly re-elected him.

Maybe Joe never did his show in his pajamas, but he also has never done the show from a Major National Tea Party event, if he had back in September of 2010 he would have heard this:

“Why are you active now?” The answers were more direct, the actions of this congress and president, Obamacare, cap & tax, the bank bill, the bailouts, small business owners in particular were adamant about what this was doing. They talked of the pain of laying people off to survive.

“Who here trusts the GOP?” Not a single hand went up, but people over and over promised me that if the GOP spent like the democrats they would be back to throw them out too. No wonder the GOP is scared of the tea party.

These are the votes who successfully voted for tea party republicans in Utah, Indiana and elsewhere. These are the voters who melted Olympia Snowe and have kept the rest of the National GOP honest, a GOP they have explicitly said they do not trust. When he insists the future of the GOP is with him he sound like Basil Faulty, his hotel would be a wonderful place if it wasn’t for those foolish guests.

Joe Scarborough argument isn’t with the GOP it’s with the voters who elected them. He advises the GOP in congress to ignore these votes. An older hand had other advice:

He would never ask a man to do anything against his own interests. “A Congressman’s first duty is to get re-elected” he would say and he would advice young Congressmen: “Always vote your district.”

Robert A. Caro:  The Years of Lyndon Johnson The Path to Power 1982 pp 329

That man was Sam Rayburn, one of the greatest members of congress who ever lived.  I like Joe Scarbrough and if he thinks Rayburn was wrong that’s his privilege and he’s welcome to make his case to any person who will listen.

As for the members of congress, the choice is theirs, Sam Rayburn’s way or Joe Scarborough & Co’s way. If they want to take Joe’s advice over Mr. Sam’s well, the more fool them.

Update: Mediaite trumpets Scarborough. Sam Rayburn not mentioned

…by rewarding those who were loyal to the family during the 2008 election.

President Bill Clinton’s recent endorsements in a handful of House primaries have conjured up memories of the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, as he has sought to reward his wife’s supporters and candidates with loyalties to the couple.

Hey I’m sure Obama is going to help his supporters too, when the general election comes around he will stay as far away as possible

On Thursday the Fitchburg Republican Committee had its monthly meeting

and in addition to picking a new Chairman:

They entertained the two GOP candidates for congress in Ma-3 Jon Golnik:

and Tom Weaver:

Mr. Golnick spoke first

Followed by Mr. Weaver:

Both answered questions, Mr. Golnik on Hilary Rosen:

Mr. Weaver on Polls

Mr Golnik on the War on Religion:

and Mr. Weaver on the EPA

Both gave time to voters who wanted to ask question and it is by engaging with voters in this way that portends the best chance for either candidate to make the new Massachusetts 3rd district republican.