By John Ruberry

Now that we have entered the first full day of President Donald Trump’s second year in office it’s a good time to ask this question.

Is Trump a conservative?

“Yes,” is my firm answer.

Fascinatingly, Trump doesn’t talk about conservatism much, nor did he as a candidate. Contrast the president with the dozens of Republicans elected to Congress since the Tea Party wave of 2010 who talked a tough game on issues such as ObamaCare, illegal immigration, and shrinking the government. But once in power, many of these GOPers backed away from strong conservative stances on those issues.

But here we have a president in Trump who didn’t campaign as a conservative but who is governing as one.

Trump’s first major move in office was to nominate Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. So far Gorsuch has been a solid conservative voice on the nation’s highest court. While there have been some qualification issues on a few district court nominees, the president has nominated a solid group of conservative jurists on the district and appellate levels. As for the latter, Trump set a record for the most appellate nominees confirmed in a first year of office.

Our military, with the aid of allies, has had great success against the Islamic State, to the point where we can say that it’s likely that ISIS has been defeated. A strong national defense is the backbone of any conservative playbook.

After six months in office Barack Obama added 60,000 employees to the federal payroll. Under Trump the size of the federal workforce is shrinking.

Amazingly, Trump is exceeding even Ronald Reagan’s pace in slashing regulations.

And last month the Republican tax cut bill was signed into law–which has already fattened the wallets of Americans. Included in that bill was the elimination of the unpopular ObamaCare individual mandate, which may lead to the unraveling of the signature law of Trump’s predecessor.

The cut in regulations and taxes have spurred an unprecedented rally in the stock market since Trump’s election.

Yesterday, although by video hook-up, Trump became the first president to address the annual March for Life rally.

On his radio show last year Mark Levin called Trump “the most conservative president since Reagan.”

As he is on so many things, Levin is correct.

America has a conservative president again—one who didn’t campaign as one.

It’s an inconsistency I can live with happily.

Today there is a government shutdown–why? Because Trump is standing up for conservative policies.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Update: Instalance, welcome all, take a peek round find out why Trump & the GOP will do fine in november as evidenced by a single chart here

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“Activism” has become a word and a concept co-opted by the left to represent their various missions. Environmental activists, LGBT activists, and pro-choice activists feel that they are the true activists in America while conservatives are often given different titles such as “Tea Party patriots” or “religious freedom defenders.” Yesterday, true conservative activism won a victory despite three major obstacles: time, momentum, and California.

Liberal politicians have attempted to push their sense of fairness onto religious schools in California in an effort to make them choose between betraying their beliefs or facing financial penalties. Senate Bill 1146, the Equity in Higher Education Act, had passed the state Senate in May and would have exposed faith-based schools to lawsuits if they didn’t comply with the state’s anti-discrimination laws. Housing for same-sex married couples and transgender bathroom choices were the biggest anti-faith requirements made by the state.

To fight this, the Association of Faith-Based Institutions was formed. They had very little time to act after forming in the middle of last month. They were fighting against the nationwide momentum of the LGBT community that is being pushed by the left and accepted by many on the right, including the GOP and Libertarian candidates for President. Most surprisingly, they were trying to do all of this in the liberal bastion of California.

With everything stacked against them, they won.

State Senator Ricardo Lara retreated to a position that was acceptable to the activists and the schools they represented. Essentially, SB1146 will require these schools to post their exemption status from the anti-discrimination laws and report on students who are expelled for violating the school’s moral code of conduct. Both of these provisions are acceptable; none of the schools are interested in hiding their positions from prospective students. Still, the left will play this as a minor victory.

What’s important to understand from all of this is that conservative activism is alive and well. It’s what gives hope to those of us who see the expansion of leftist ideas into the mainstream. It stands as a beacon for those who are losing hope in a system that is lurching to the left. It’s even encouraging to those of us who are worried that the Republican Party is becoming more liberal for the sake of populism while conservative politicians are shafted. This is another example of the need for a new conservative party that works with portions of the GOP, but that stands alone as a tangible entity in the same vein as the Tea Party without the limitations of being strictly a movement.

All that it takes for conservative activism to succeed is for enough people to suspend disbelief. We’re being hammered all the time with leftist propaganda that tells us leaning further to the left is the only way to achieve victory. That’s simply not the case. We can defend the Constitution and expand our reach with young people because our values and ideas are right. If we stay true to those values and ideas, nothing the left does can stop us.

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If you are spending any time on twitter you will find that the vitriol between conservatives/republicans on the “Never Trump” side and supports of the victorious Donald has if possible gotten worse with an almost religious fervor.

In one sense I understand the problem, it comes down to this:

Strong fiscal/social conservatives like myself had literally our dream conservative in Ted Cruz. Young, God fearing, intelligent, a person who had fought for us. He would also have also been the first Hispanic American to lead a national ticket putting our liberal friends on the defensive. He got to the very brink of the nomination outlasting more than a dozen other strong accomplished competitors…

…and yet in the end the votes choose a reality show star with very um…flexible positions and beliefs who is actually OLDER than Hillary Clinton who was complementing both her and Obama as late as 2008.

Meanwhile on the other side you have people, perhaps not as ideological as myself, who saw the GOP nominate equivocating losers over and over again while watching the gop submit again and again to Obama in congress. Then they see a man come up, challenge both the GOP & the MSM very publicly on both Radical Islam and Illegal Immigration, not back down despite constant attacks, go forward and rally GOP votes with a promise that he will make America Great again. They back them man, watch him win state after state in a crowded field…

…and then when he finally reaches the point when the nomination is his thanks to overwhelming support of the votes, they see a large amount of both the GOP establishment and conservatives that they supported in the past, decide they would rather see Hillary in the White House than support the man they voted for.

Let me remind everyone of a few things.

1. Christianity is a religion, CONSERVATISM IS NOT:

If you start worshiping Conservatism or consider Christianity as good because it helps lead to conservatism, you’re worshipping a different God than me. Let our secular liberal friends treat their politics as a religion I’m not doing it.

2. Elections are all about marketing:

The voter is the customer base and the candidate is the product, if your favored candidate failed to sell themself to the voters. Rather than blaming the voters who preferred someone else you had better start getting to work to either
A: Find a candidate you support who can OR
B: Help your previous candidate improve their pitch for the next time around.

3. Voting is a proactive action:

In order to win an election you have to get people to proactively go out and vote for you. This means that you need to convince them to turn out rather than stay home. If you treat the voter as someone who owes you support rather than a customer you have to make the sale to, you will lose and deserve to do so.

3a. You don’t win voters over with threats or smug declarations:

If you want your candidate to win an election, particularly after a bruising primary, you need to give those voters who had gone elsewhere a reason to vote for you. You need to assure them that you have their best interests at heart. As a general rule this can not be accomplished by threats and Insults.

Both sides need to decide what their goals are and act accordingly:

Doctrine conservatives had better remember that this is not going to be the last election or political fight in America and this election cycle has unfortunately proven we are not even the majority of GOP primary voters. So if your goal is to advance our agenda and beliefs for the good of America on everything from religious freedom, to guns to Obamacare to radical Islam we are going to need allies. I suspect none of those allies are going to be found in the ranks of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders voters.

Donald Trump supporters while legitimately celebrating their victory had better remember that while the top 4 GOP candidates who managed to win states have outpolled the Democrats (25 Million to 21.7 Million) as of right now Donald Trump has received 1.8 Million LESS votes than Hillary Clinton  (10.6 Million to 12.4 Million). So while it might be fun to tweak a Paul Ryan, a Mitt Romney or a Lindsey Graham, if your goal is to elect Donald Trump president, you are going to need most of those Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich voters to turn up and vote for your man.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and do it soon.


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Gen.Patton: I know I’m a prima donna. I admit it. What I can’t stand about Monty is, he won’t admit it.

Patton 1970

Brett Maverick: Jimson hadn’t been in the game 10 minutes before I when I knew why he was there. He was the real expert making his two brace men look like a pair of amateurs He was there to get his money back and he had already slipped a couple of smooth tricks might past me. But I had him spotted now and he had all the money back he was going to get.

Maverick Relic of Fort TeJon 1957

Casey Stengel: Can’t anyone play this game?

Today will be quite a day at CPAC the annual gathering of true believers in the conservative movement. and a lot of the people there are angry about two things:

The lack of Cannoli due to my absence

Donald Trump speaking on Saturday

Also today Mitt Romney is going to get up before the crowd and give a speech explaining why Donald trump is not a true conservative and why he must be stopped.

Now let me begin this post by saying without equivocation that I believe Ted Cruz is the best choice for the GOP nomination and that questioning if Donald Trump means it when he says he’s conservative is legitimate.

But the idea of Mitt Romney giving a speech about how Donald Trump being a danger to future of the country and to conservatism can have only one reaction …

Are you kidding me?

Is there a single conservative at CPAC who remembers Romney as the governor of Massachusetts? Of Romney willing to see us out on Obamacare, on Gay Marriage,  on Global Warming, on Border security?  Has anyone forgot that it was the Mitt Romney team that tried to suppress the Ron Paul people when he already had the game won?

Yet as I listen to this Mitt Romney speech I see conservative after conservative retweeting and cheering his words.

Mitt Romney says Trump is playing us for suckers.  That is certainly possible and it’s a legitimate question.

But there is absolutely no question the GOP establishment have played us all for suckers for years and worst of all, all of us in the conservative movement know this.

Yeah Trump is an ego driven candidate, yes in many ways Trump is all about himself, yes he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, but everybody knows this.  It’s obvious he thinks this stuff, he doesn’t try to hide it.

But for God’s sake, isn’t that a perfect description of the GOP Establishment?  Isn’t that a great description of Mitt Romney?

The GOP establishment is ego driven, they are all about themselves, they think they’re smarter than everyone else, the difference is they do their best not to telegraph it.

Romney warning conservatives that Trump is not one of is us like Lucy going to Charlie Brown saying:  “I don’t trust that girl holding the football for you to kick.”

All Mitt Romney has done today is record a commercial for Hillary Clinton to be used if Trump wins the nomination, which by this absolutely positively stupid move he has enabled and if you doubt that ask yourself why do you think the MSM which just a few years ago were attacking Mitt as a heartless soulless out of touch fool who is full of hate for the common people are practically standing to line to compliment him?

An even better question is: Can anyone remember Mitt Romney being this forceful against Barack Obama?

Bottom line Mitt Romney & the GOP are gamblers running a crooked game in town warning us rubes that the newcomer is a crook, not because he might be, but because they don’t want him cutting in on their action.

And if we conservative don’t recognize this then we deserve to continue to be taken for suckers as we have been.


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Missy (The Master): He’s trapped at the heart of the Dalek empire. He’s a prisoner of the creatures who hate him most in the universe. Between us and him is everything the deadliest race in all of history can throw at us. We, on the other hand, have a pointy stick. How do we start?
Clara: We assume we’re going to win.

Doctor Who: The Witches’ Familiar 2015

There are few thing I enjoy more than re-watching the 2004 ALCS series starting with the 9th inning of game 4.

Even twelve years later and with three world series in the bag. The 2004 ALCS is special. It brings a smile to the face and a tear to the eye and it all began with the greatest stolen base in Red Sox History:

and ended with Big Papi knocking it out.

Now for Red Sox fans like myself the great comeback of 2004 is particularly special because it was our first world series win. That first championship is always the greatest.

I’m sure this isn’t unique to Red Sox fans. 1969 was the first championship for the Met and the 1969 Miracle Mets as some might have forgotten came back from behind to take the East from the Chicago Cubs and then swept Atlanta to win their first pennant.

Yes that’s a young Nolan Ryan who was to win his only World Series Ring of his incredible career with those Miracle Mets.

And if you go back even further in 1951 the then NY Giants were 12 1/2 back in August and 4 1/2 games back with ten to play and managed to come back and take the Pennant.

Now All of these teams and comebacks are legendary and every baseball fan knows them. Do you know the reason why?

Because they are exceptions.

Nobody talks about the seasons when the Yankees dominated in the 90’s or the Reds in 1976 or the 1973 Oakland A’s not because they weren’t great teams but because thing happened as expected.

And that brings us to the election results tonight.

As of this writing Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia and Alabama and Tennessee have all gone for Donald Trump and when CNN reported that GOP donors are getting together to get money together to stop him Jake Tapper just said “Why don’t they wait till after the inauguration?”

At the same time as the GOP Establishment is doing this many of my fellow conservative activists are talking about the same thing stopping Trump or suggesting that he’s in trouble to wit

Now as I’ve said over and Over I’m a Ted Cruz guy. I voted for him today and I urge all voters to vote for Ted as the best candidate to secure the border, stop Obamacare, I’m glad he’s leading in Texas and exit polls look good in Oklahoma which would be one more state than the MSM was projecting and I’d be delighted for him to come back and win the nomination.

But I understand that such a comeback would be in the same class as the 2004 Red Sox , the 1969 Mets and the 1951 Giants and have no intention of pretending otherwise and I hope the Ted Cruz campaign does the same because you can’t get to where you want to go unless you understand where you are.

Now I don’t expect the Establishment GOP to tell the truth but I’m really bothered to see my fellow conservative activists retreat to their safe spaces

Cue south Park


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by Steve Eggleston

Last week, I presented the case against a divorce between conservatives and the Republican Party. This week, it’s time to present the case for said divorce.

It boils down to two “not likes” – the GOP is not like us in philosophy, and the GOP does not like us. I could easily go back to the Goldwater days on both fronts, but I don’t want to do a 50,000-word missive.

The lack of conservative principles in the budget deal is merely the latest manifestation of Republicanism not equaling conservatism. Earlier this year, House Speaker John Boehner and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan kicked several fiscal conservatives off the Budget Committee for being too fiscally conservative. Every penny the Democrats demanded of discretionary funds for ObamaCare the last 3 years was given by the House. Even with the now-crippled sequester and a series of tax hikes, itself not exactly a conservative idea, total spending and deficit spending are still greater than anytime before 2009.

A lot of people, including the GOP leadership, say that all they need is a return to power, and then they will be conservative. The last time that happened, we got budget-busting programs like Medicare Part D, the largest expansion of federal spending on health care between the creation of Medicare/Medicaid and the creation of ObamaCare, and No Child Left Behind, the largest expansion of federal meddling in education since the creation of the Department of Education.

The current Congressional leadership, which is the de facto party leadership, doesn’t much like conservatives either. I already mentioned the booting of fiscal conservatives from the House Budget Committee. Both Boehner and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell had disparaging things to say about conservatives in the last couple months, while the National Republican Senatorial Committee is spearheading a boycott of groups that do business with the Senate Conservatives Fund.

As I said, the battle is not a new one. The problem is, even though the Democrats have done their best to maintain a difference between the two parties as the Republican Party is appearing to transform itself into the Democrat Party circa 1978, the country has decayed beyond the point where those remaining differences matter. There simply isn’t enough money in the world, much less in the US, to keep the welfare state afloat for much more than another decade, yet the one Congressman who had put forth a plan to mitigate it abandoned that plan in order to increase spending on both a 2-year and a 10-year basis.

The divorce has, arguably, already happened. In 2010, the Karl Rove types determined it was more important to bury Sharron Angle than bury Harry Reid. In 2012, they determined it was more important to bury Richard Mourdock than get a seat closer to kicking the Democrats out of the majority. On the flip side, in Wisconsin, supporters of Mark Neumann decided to repay a 14-year-old grudge against Tommy Thompson for his abandonment of Neumann in a quest to get re-elected as governor with 60% of the vote by staying home and denying Thompson the same thing Neumann wanted in 1998, a Senate seat.

Update: (DTG) This should be read in conjunction with the NH 2nd Amendment protest.


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I have wrestled with the dichotomy of the distain at least some Republicans have for conservatives versus the need of an existing, viable politcal party vehicle for conservatism for longer than I’ve been blogging. Back in my days at Free Republic, there was a debate of whether conservatives still had a home in the GOP in the wake of No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D shepherded through a Republican Congress and signed by a Republican President. At the time, and since, I had always ultimately come back to the necessity of changing the GOP to become conservative versus trying to start anew.

In the wake of the entirety of the Washington Republican power base, from K Street to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to House Speaker John Boehner, turning against fiscal conservatives the way they turned against social conservatives last year, it is past time to revisit the question.

I’ll give away what I will close with next week – it is time for conservatives to find another national party. Lest one thinks I’m not going into that with my eyes wide open, I will first give the reasons why it shouldn’t be happening.

In practical terms, it is far harder to create a new second party when one already exists, even if only on paper, than when there is officially only one-party rule. The Whig Party came along only well after the Federalist Party allowed itself to be absorbed into the Democratic-Republican Party, and the Republican Party came along only after the Whig Party had for all intents and purposes ceased to exist. Meanwhile, the political landscape is filled with the wreckage of “alternate second” parties, from the Know-Nothings to the Bull Moose Party, from the Libertarians to the Reform Party.

There are still some decent, conservative people in the GOP, even in the federal branch, but mostly in the state-level and local-level part of the party. A full-on divorce will, depending on how far the two sides want to take it, have disastrous consequences at the state and local level. For instance, the only hope the Democrat Party of Wisconsin has of seizing control again is if the federal-level divorce between conservatives and the GOP unfairly extends to Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans in the Legislature. Unlike their federal counterparts in the same situation the prior decade, they governed in a consistently conservative manner.

Going back to the formation of the Whigs and the Republicans, that necessitated, respectively, 20 years and 8 years of unchallenged Democrat rule before the opposition party got power. As much as the national GOP has caved on social and fiscal issues, and is likely to cave on immigration, once the Democrats officially have no opposition, we won’t so much as hear about the details of the next Fast and Furious, or the next NSA and IRS scandals, though we will still feel the effects much as the citizens of the former Soviet Union did.

Yesterday (although I did my best) you couldn’t miss the Todd Akin story, high low and in between. It dominated twitter, it was highly played on talk radio it was everywhere as people speculated what Rep Akin would do.

While Claire McCaskill is celebrating (I think slightly prematurely) I think there were several traps that the Akin case creates and both left and right may be primed to fall into them.

For the right: We have already seen a couple of these trap evident, and they have actually fallen for some of them.

1. Speak softly and carry a big stick…:

If you want this guy out of the race you don’t plan so many cards publicly, you play them privately. The worst thing you can do is scream and shout out loud and fail.

1a…Particularly if you’re the boss:

Mitt Romney’s statements in the morning was a good idea they were strong but not a demand.  It was the right public tone.  I’m not so sure about second statement near the deadline.  Like a president who doesn’t go to a conference until the deal is already made I think urging Akin to leave at the last minute when you didn’t know he was going looked weak.

Perhaps they considered this a “Sister Souljah” moment for him if so they might have fallen into trap #2.

2.  You can’t appease the MSM:

Both Dana Loesch & I talked about being uncomfortable with reversing a primary over a gaffe but as a whole the GOP has condemned Todd Akin’s remarks and asked him to leave, from Mitt Romney and Scott Brown Reince Priebus and the entire Missouri delegation urged him to go.  Commentators from Ann Coulter to Charles Krauthammer asked him to leave.  Sean Hannity practically begged him to go…

… yet today on Morning Joe and the MSM it’s as if none of this happened.  As far as they are concerned the GOP is labeled by Todd Akin.  All GOP members are stuck to him like Brer rabbit to the  tar baby and the media is saying that everywhere.

Now one would not be surprised by the Democrat party pouncing on this.  That’s their job and it beats talking Obama’s record, but the MSM’s decision to grab this and hold on like a dog to a bone should make it clear to the GOP a point they should already know.  No matter what you say, no matter what you do, it will never be enough for the MSM or the left.  Trying to appease the MSM is a fool’s errand and attempt to do so are useless and counter productive.


3.  Don’t Panic in large friendly letters:

Of all the things I saw yesterday the thing that annoyed me most was the sheer unadulterated panic by some on the right over this whole business.

All of the weaknesses that existed for the Democrats three days ago still exist, all the weaknesses for Claire McCaskill still exist.  All of the advantages that we hold we still hold and if you look at voters like Cheryl you will see this race spells disaster all over for the left.  

The left has two huge problems their record and their morale.  Nothing at all can be done about the record but panic on the right can only embolden the left’s volunteers and more importantly their money people.

Campaigns are long things and day to day and week to week you are going to have these things happen (Remember when etch-a-sketch was going to sink Mitt Romney?). 

If the GOP faithful let themselves get played over this they only have themselves to blame.

The GOP can’t undo Trap #1.  Mistake #1 has already been made,  Mistake #2 is a continuing problems for the right but mistake #3 can be avoided and the GOP faithful would be well advised to take it.

As for the left well that’s my next post… 


In 1863 after Robert E Lee’s defeat and retreat from Pennsylvania The Confederate Government detached James Longstreet and his troops from the Army of Northern Virginia and sent them to reinforce General Braxton Bragg in an attempt to go on the offense in the Western Theatre of operations.

Reincorced, Bragg attacked union general William Rosecrans at Chickamauga. During the 2nd day of the battle Rosecrans, reacting to incorrect information, pulled a unit out of the battle line to plug a nonexistent hole just as a Confederate Attack exploded at that very spot they vacated. The resulting rout was only slowed by the heroic efforts of General George Thomas “The Rock of Chickamauga” whose spirited defense held a good chunk of the Confederate army in check.

Nevertheless the ensuing retreat toward Chattanooga was dogged by Nathan Bedford Forest cavalry. Forrest reporting on the state of the retreating federals suggested to Bragg: “I think we ought to press forward as rapidly as possible”. When Bragg (who at first refused to believe the enemy was retreating) replied that supplies were critically short Forest said: “General Bragg, we can get all the supplies our army needs in Chattanooga.” and continued to urge immediate pursuit to keep the pressure on and take Chattanooga before the enemy could fortify.

Bragg however was not only was slow to follow-up, when he eventually reached Chattanooga he settled down for a siege. “What does he fight battles for?” was Forest’s disgusted reaction.

Eventually U.S. Grant was dispatched to reinforce and take over the Union forces from Rosecrans. Grant after noting some excellent suggestions made by his predecessor wondering “why he had not carried them out”, got to work, first re-establishing a supply line (the cracker line) and then, going on the offensive, drove Bragg and his army off of the high ground he so confidently occupied and sent them reeling back into Georgia.

The Union Army were able to do this because of the inaction and hesitation of Bragg who, after what should have been a decisive victory gave his foes breathing space to rethink and reconsider their plans …

…which brings us to the aftermath of the great GOP victory in Wisconsin.

On the left reactions swings from fear:

the people that are behind Walker outside of the state, they don’t ever want to see a Democratic President again. I mean, their mission is to get a supermajority in the Senate, keep the majority in the House, win the White House and change this country to their ideology no matter what any poll says. And so, what is the message to Americans tonight if this is a template on how the rest of the country is gonna go. I believe it’s some pretty damn scary stuff.

To outright denial:

Lawrence O’Donnell declared President Obama the “big winner” of Tuesday night’s Wisconsin recall election.

O’Donnell hosted the network’s breaking news coverage of the Wisconsin recall election results, along with MSNBC political analyst John Heilemann. O’Donnell called Obama the “big winner” after exit polls indicated that the president fared better among Wisconsin voters than GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

The Obama administration doesn’t seem to feel that way:

In an email to supporters, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina called Tuesday’s outcome — and, more specifically, the super-PAC money spent on Walker — a “terrifying experiment.”

On Tuesday night MSNBC’s hosts spent the entire evening practically heartbroken while the one constant that we have heard from everyone was the effect of money on this race, while people like Barney Frank who were notably silent before are now suddenly saying how foolish it was to get in this fight to begin with.

In other words the left is demoralized, broken and convinced that we can outspend them everywhere.

What do I say to this, GOOD! lets keep them thinking this way!

Consider unlike Braxton Bragg the GOP is not coming off of a single win but repeated victories on the Wisconsin River and these wins don’t even take into consideration repeated signs of the weakness of the left and their allies for two full years.

Moreover the left didn’t lose because the people didn’t see their point due to money, they lost because the people saw their agenda unmasked by their actions:

The left’s problem in Wisconsin wasn’t that the right had too much money. The left’s problem is that the left’s agenda didn’t have enough support from the public. Poll after poll after poll showed that the public didn’t share the left’s estimation of the Walker reforms. Many thought they were a pretty good idea; many others didn’t much like the reforms but didn’t think they were bad enough or important enough to justify a year of turmoil and a recall election.

Some on the right see what is happening at Chicago Boyz they are calling this: The Stalingrad of the Left, while Sarah Palin is bluntly saying: “Obama’s goose is cooked.” While Vodka Pundit agrees with my get Cocky not lazy statement.

That is precisely the right attitude. We see the vile progs get cocky after every single election they win, while winners on the right usually try to maintain a stately decorum.

I say: Screw that. We knocked their dicks in the dirt last night, and we ought to act like it. Yes, Walker should keep the attitude low-key. But those of us on the blogs, in the trenches, on the news — we should be rubbing their noses in their own filth and swat them on their asses. Bad proggies, bad.

So don’t let up the pressure. Don’t let up the mocking. We’ve got five months until November, and a lot of hard work to do. And the absolute best thing you, personally, can do, is convince a prog that all is already lost. Convince him that his best course of action is to stay in the basement on election day and spare himself the pain and humiliation of having voted for this SCoaMF a second time.

Keep up the ‘tude. Don’t knuckle under to the progs’ bully-boy tactics. Taunt these losers for being the losers they are. And work your bottom off from now until November, and we’ll get that 57-state sweep.

I know that the Romney campaign is by nature conservative but this is a time to act and act nationally. It’s not just a question of Wisconsin now being in play. We of the GOP need to make OTHER states and districts in play.

First of all we need to get behind freshmen republicans like Tom Marino in Pennsylvania, Renee Ellmers in North Carolina and Ann Marie Buerkle in NY in the house and Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the man who started it all.

It is these freshmen that the left sees as their best opportunity let them know we are going to go all in to keep the where they are.

Second of all we need to contest open seats, in FL-7 backing guys like Mark Oxner against the Hero of the far Left icon Alan Grayson, we need to back Sean Bielat over Joe Kennedy in Ma-4 and keep the pressure on.

And in races that others might not have considered we need to advance, in Ma-3 we need to challenge Niki Tsongas (Both Jon Golnik & Tom Weaver are excellent candidates), in ma-5 we have to back Jeff Semon over Ed Markey in Maryland we need to back Anthony O’Donnell in the 5th & Patrick Murray in the 8th.

We need every congressional and state democrat around the country worrying not how they can help their national ticket, but about holding their own re-election chances, and more importantly we need to make sure their donor base believes that dollars invested in supporting these candidates are quixotic at best and idiocy at worst.

The left has created the narrative of the invincible Republican Money machines, I say chase them and hound them with that narrative so they are more worried about saving their own skin than turning around to fight. Or as I’ve been saying for more than a year…

Ride Right Through Them They’re Demoralized as Hell

If instead we like Braxton Bragg give them time to rest and reorganize and perhaps find a new field general while we sit on our high mountain waiting for them to give up we set ourselves up for the same kind of reversal.

And it will be our own fault.