Voices of the activists: Catherine Engelbrecht of “True the Vote”

We are getting near the end of our CPAC videos that are going up, this one is Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote I found this video particularly apt considering this story from Shelia Jackson Lee's district in Texas and the Holder justice department's challenging of that law: the group visited addresses and scoured property … Continue reading Voices of the activists: Catherine Engelbrecht of “True the Vote”

DaTechguy’s field guide to bloggers: Daniel Hannan MP of the European Parliment

One of the greatest people I've ever talked to at CPAC was Daniel Hannan of the European Parliament who also blogs for the Telegraph. He is what you might call: A voice of sanity crying out in the wilderness." The full field guide is here.

Voices of the Candidates Daniel Bongino (r) for US Senate Maryland

Still catching up on some CPAC interviews this one is with candidate Daniel Bongino who is running for the GOP nomination Maryland for US Senate His web site is here.

“Must be the Hat”

I was at an event hosted by Granite Grok's Mike Rogers at CPAC when Robert Stacy McCain (one of the 5 non-pols that Politico says you have to watch) came up to me and thanked me for "forgetting" my hat at CPAC 2010 (Stacy partied till 5 a.m. and I flew out a 7 but … Continue reading “Must be the Hat”

Grover Norquist and some CPAC behind the scenes

An advantage of being in the bloggers lounge early is you get to see people come in. Grover Norquist was passing through the Bloggers lounge early in the morning and not only consented to an interview but he and his escort allowed me to follow them to see where the guests on stage entered: Early … Continue reading Grover Norquist and some CPAC behind the scenes

My two cents on “thigh-gate”

Skipper: "...We even missed the mini skirts!" Gillian: "What are mini-skirts?" Skipper: "You remember when we left women's skirts were clear down to here, (indicates the knee) while we were gone they came up to here (indicates WAY up the leg), now they're back down to here again. Gilligan, we missed from here to here!" … Continue reading My two cents on “thigh-gate”

Voices from CPAC Foster Friess

Foster Friess talks to me just before Catching a plane after his CPAC introduction of Rick Santorum The joke I referred to is here: