Technically Ted Cruz gave back to back speeches at CPAC, he gave the final speech last year and the first speech this year.

Here is a pair of clips from the 1st Day Ted Cruz Speech. First there standing on principle:

With a mid-term election coming up that’s the kind of language that make people go to polls.

Then he spoke positively of the crowd at CPAC

Words like this encourages the crowd as does the whole Ted Cruz speaking without a Teleprompter and constantly moving business. Of course if like me you’re filming from a distance it’s murder because he is constantly moving and that throws off the focus of my camera something fierce.

Eventually I was rotated in closer and got a bit of a shot…

…but it was the very first day and with a new layout & system everyone’s time was limited as the overworked volunteers and the teams tried to figure out the best way to pull things off. That’s why half way into the last clip you saw the camera filming as I backed up and grabbing a shot or two.

Ted Cruz stills Wednesday 017

…but even my limited time was a better situation than some in media who didn’t even make it in the door….

by the time the Cruz Speech took place that line was even longer and some good reporters didn’t make it in.

Several reporters were locked out of the Potomac Ballroom during Cruz’s speech, because of the long line at the media registration booth. Jon Ward of Huffington Post and Robert Costa of the Washington Post were among the journalists who stood helplessly at the entrance, the way barred by a college-age volunteer staffer who was under orders to admit no one without credentials. “Trust me — these are good guys,” I said to the gangly young volunteer. But he had his orders, my two friends were S.O.L., and they weren’t alone. As I exited the ballroom after Cruz’s speech, I noticed Byron York of the Washington Examiner was also stuck on the wrong side of the barricade, Fox News celebrity status notwithstanding.

Byron’s a great reporter and he deserved to be in this shot at the podium

Ted Cruz stills Wednesday 015

Rather than this one at the door

Ted Cruz stills Wednesday 020


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My final interview of CPAC was with Cantrell Gore of the NY Conservative Party

This completes my videos from CPAC 2013 There were over 100 of them, I hope you found them interesting and informative.

At CPAC 2013 I spoke to a group called Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty.

While the Church has not declared the death penalty a sin & I have to admit while I find nothing unconstitutional about the death penalty, these guys made an excellent argument that simply never occurred to me.

You can find their site here

While we talked about the controversy concerning the People’s Choice awards there were other award won by worthy bloggers that were no less worth attention nor any less deserved.

The highlight for the crowd was Michelle Bachmann’s speech to the bloggers.

She then presented the award for blogger of the year (this is separate from ACU’s award)

Julie’s blog is here.

No person deserved the lifetime achievement award more than Glenn Reynolds most of us wouldn’t exist without him.

But the highlight for me was the best kept secret award. Yid with lid was the runner-up but when they announced the winner as my friend Karen the Lonely Conservative I was so busy clapping with joy I forgot to film.

I made up for it with an interview directly after.

That was simply wonderful Karen deserves more credit than she gets

Mitch McConnell the Senate Minority Leader spoke at CPAC next to a copy of Obamacare

up cpac day 2 011

I did not record his entire speech but there were two pieces that caught my eye. First there was this clip about Punching back.

The second moved me more.

Politics is one thing but when you go after a guy’s wife, that crosses a line.