Technically Ted Cruz gave back to back speeches at CPAC, he gave the final speech last year and the first speech this year.

Here is a pair of clips from the 1st Day Ted Cruz Speech. First there standing on principle:

With a mid-term election coming up that’s the kind of language that make people go to polls.

Then he spoke positively of the crowd at CPAC

Words like this encourages the crowd as does the whole Ted Cruz speaking without a Teleprompter and constantly moving business. Of course if like me you’re filming from a distance it’s murder because he is constantly moving and that throws off the focus of my camera something fierce.

Eventually I was rotated in closer and got a bit of a shot…

…but it was the very first day and with a new layout & system everyone’s time was limited as the overworked volunteers and the teams tried to figure out the best way to pull things off. That’s why half way into the last clip you saw the camera filming as I backed up and grabbing a shot or two.

Ted Cruz stills Wednesday 017

…but even my limited time was a better situation than some in media who didn’t even make it in the door….

by the time the Cruz Speech took place that line was even longer and some good reporters didn’t make it in.

Several reporters were locked out of the Potomac Ballroom during Cruz’s speech, because of the long line at the media registration booth. Jon Ward of Huffington Post and Robert Costa of the Washington Post were among the journalists who stood helplessly at the entrance, the way barred by a college-age volunteer staffer who was under orders to admit no one without credentials. “Trust me — these are good guys,” I said to the gangly young volunteer. But he had his orders, my two friends were S.O.L., and they weren’t alone. As I exited the ballroom after Cruz’s speech, I noticed Byron York of the Washington Examiner was also stuck on the wrong side of the barricade, Fox News celebrity status notwithstanding.

Byron’s a great reporter and he deserved to be in this shot at the podium

Ted Cruz stills Wednesday 015

Rather than this one at the door

Ted Cruz stills Wednesday 020


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My final interview of CPAC was with Cantrell Gore of the NY Conservative Party

This completes my videos from CPAC 2013 There were over 100 of them, I hope you found them interesting and informative.

At CPAC 2013 I spoke to a group called Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty.

While the Church has not declared the death penalty a sin & I have to admit while I find nothing unconstitutional about the death penalty, these guys made an excellent argument that simply never occurred to me.

You can find their site here

While we talked about the controversy concerning the People’s Choice awards there were other award won by worthy bloggers that were no less worth attention nor any less deserved.

The highlight for the crowd was Michelle Bachmann’s speech to the bloggers.

She then presented the award for blogger of the year (this is separate from ACU’s award)

Julie’s blog is here.

No person deserved the lifetime achievement award more than Glenn Reynolds most of us wouldn’t exist without him.

But the highlight for me was the best kept secret award. Yid with lid was the runner-up but when they announced the winner as my friend Karen the Lonely Conservative I was so busy clapping with joy I forgot to film.

I made up for it with an interview directly after.

That was simply wonderful Karen deserves more credit than she gets

Mitch McConnell the Senate Minority Leader spoke at CPAC next to a copy of Obamacare

up cpac day 2 011

I did not record his entire speech but there were two pieces that caught my eye. First there was this clip about Punching back.

The second moved me more.

Politics is one thing but when you go after a guy’s wife, that crosses a line.

Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire gave an incredible Speech at CPAC 2013

As a sitting senator and the only conservative in the senate north of NJ you would think this speech would have gotten some attention.

up cpac day 2 024

However it can’t be allowed, they are unable to ridicule or attack her without acknowledging her and they will not acknowledge her if it can be avoided. She is too smart, too capable and too attractive for the left to dare give the country any such clue that the GOP has such a woman in its caucus

I spoke to Patsy & her Daughter on Day 2 of CPAC

These are the moments when I wish my sons were with me. This young lady is EXACTLY the type of person I want my sons to take home.


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This week Barbara Espinosa of Hair on Fire and American Freedom by Barbara.

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I spoke to former congressman J.D. Hayworth of the Tea Party News Network

It was very nice of them to provide internet for all of us. It has some problems but a lot less problems than paying $250 each. You can find them here.

One might question if the National Organization for Marriage belongs in the field guide to bloggers as opposed to a straight “voice of cpac” post.

That’s a fair point but there is no question at all that Thomas Peters does.

The full field guide is here.

BTW the March for Marriage took place this week, the MSM did it’s best not to notice.

In my last non-CPAC post I talked about a trap involving the Pope and the media but in order to even consider that statement there is a story from CPAC that must be told.

Big events like CPAC have a lot of big moments, speeches from former candidates for president, authors, groups, A list reporters. There is nowhere you could look and not see a significant story, but sometimes the story is right in front of you and nobody sees it.

One of the things I’ve noticed about many in the media is they seem not to notice the staff at locations. Maybe they’re too busy doing their jobs, maybe they run in such elite crowds that the guy who brings them tea or a can of diet mountain dew just doesn’t matter.

Since I’m invariably one of the first guys up and in the room while staff is setting up I always talk to staff, introduce myself and generally become friendly. It not only is the right thing to do but the people working at a hotel or a venue are the one who are best able to take care of you in a crisis or if you just want that can of diet Mountain Dew.

The Gaylord Hotel has a huge stall and the non-security people have one interesting feature that I’ve seen on cruse ships. Every single member of the staff at the Gaylord had their country or state if they were American on their name badges. While I was there I noticed that an overwhelming majority of particularly the waitstaff seemed to come from south of the border.

Now I normally ask waitstaff their opinions on issues. At the Scott Brown victory party in 2010 I interviewed the bartenders before the vote came in, at the old Windham there was a fellow in Egypt there taking care of the bloggers lounge and he game me excellent info on what was going on , but at CPAC 2013 there was a ready-made issue to ask a largely Hispanic staff.

The day before CPAC began Pope Francis I formerly a cardinal in Argentina became the first pope from the Americas and more importantly the first pope from Latin America, this provided a ready-made reason for conversation.

I asked every single staff member from the Western Hemisphere who came from south of Florida or Texas what they thought of the new Pope. To a man and woman they answered the same. It didn’t matter that he was the son of Italian immigrants, it didn’t matter that he was from a different country than them, it didn’t even matter if the person I was talking to was Catholic or not. They LOVED the Pope, was proud of the pope and considered him one of them. Nothing else mattered. Pope Francis was their Pope, PERIOD end of story!

There are a fair amount of devout mass going Roman Catholics at CPAC every year. Politically they likely have very little in common with the waitstaff at the Gaylord particularly in a state as blue as Maryland , but every Catholic I talked to who was familiar with the Pope’s record as Cardinal felt the same way.

“But DaTechGuy”, you might ask, “what’s the big deal, so they like this Pope, that’s not a big story.” Ah but it is and I’ll explain a little deeper in Holy Week.

The latest in our entry to the field guide to bloggers from CPAC is Jackie Wellfounder’s Raging against the Rhetoric

The full field guide is here.

The latest in our entry to the field guide to bloggers from CPAC is Voice of a Moderate

The full field guide is here.

BTW, on a personal level this young lady paid me a high compliment at CPAC. I won’t quickly forget it.

At CPAC the National Bloggers Club did more than simply hold a party. They had a few events where people had a chance to mix with folks. One of them was Rick Santorum:

He answered a question on Pope Francis I

and others after he was thanked for attending

In addition to Rick Santorum Author Evan Sayet was there and spoke to me after Sen Santorum

Buy his book Kindergarten of Eden here

Mitt Romney gave a speech that was well received at CPAC

Mitt could have given a “well I wasn’t conservative enough for you eh? How’s that working out, but that’s simply not his nature.

It hasn’t taken long for the country to figure out it’s made a huge mistake, by 2014 I suspect the people will have no doubt.

Marco’s Rubio’s CPAC Speech was well received here was the crowd

And here is the speech itself.

He was back to back with Rand Paul, what a double feature!

It was a strong speech. He will be tough in 2016


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The latest in our entry to the field guide to bloggers from CPAC is Monobloge

The full field guide is here.

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I talked to these two young men on the first day of CPAC

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One of the great controversies of CPAC was Robert Spencer and the people’s choice award. If you have forgotten Robert overwhelmingly won the award by the votes of the people, but was asked (or told depending on who tells the story) not to mention conflicts with Grover Norquist et/al at CPAC. He refused as was not scheduled to speak at CPAC

Likewise Pam Geller was not allowed to hold an event at CPAC as she had for years. Al Cardenas took a different view than David Keene who while critiquing and being critiqued by Geller nevertheless gave her room for an event.

All of this changed when the Breitbart Crowd created their “Uninvited” panel and invited both Robert & Pam to speak on it.

I got there a tad late because of my live radio show . When I walked in the place the double sized room was pretty full.

I came in during Frank Gaffney’s talk

He was followed by Nina Shea

and then Robert Spencer

and finally Pam Geller

There were plenty of camera there, including a reporter from Media Matters who interviewed me earlier in the week.

Since I got to the Panel late I spoke to Rosemary Jenks after the fact

I confess I had never heard of her (and boy is she tall)

There was Q & A and the first question came from someone who was upset at being uninvited to the uninvited panel:

this was Orly Taitz refered by the media as the “birther queen”. I confess for the first half of the time I was there I was right next to her and didn’t recognize her.

She made her case during her question and was clearly upset at not being given a spot on the panel but I suspect the left was more so.

Then came questions on other subjects

What we are about

Arab Christians:

I asked one on the Anti-antis

That was very nice of Pam BTW got a complement from my Media Matters friend on the subject too.

On Nuclear Stockpiles

On the Muslim Brotherhood & keeping people out

On using these issues politically

On the legality of Burning the Koran and the closing

The answer: ” I don’t burn books, Nazi’s burn books” is classic

Ms. Taitz not withstanding it was a celebration of free speech and Breitbart should be proud to be holding it, and frankly CPAC should be ashamed that it had to be held.

A cunning person wanting to marginalize the people on the panel would have given them space day one at say 9 or 10 am and got it over and done with. These guys are not only wrong, they’re not even smart.

If you want more on the panel you can find it here and here at Jihad Watch Breitbart, Pam’s site here, here and here , Buzzfeed, frontpage mag and yes even the Daily kos

At CPAC there were people giving out Stand With Rand T-Shirts. I talked to them

Here is the speech itself in two parts (the 2nd is really short)

My memory card was about to run out of space so I used my emergency backup camera (yes I carry one now)

Update: Resized bad video