Even after the Lonely Conservative joined the ridiculously long list of bloggers encouraging people to send money to a total stranger to send him to CPAC (thanks oh lonely one btw) I had already resigned myself to staying home. I knew exactly how I was going to say it.

I was going to explain how being a conservative means knowing that if you don’t have enough money to do something you don’t fudge it, you don’t charge the extra and hope for the best you, You say, OK I can’t afford it I can’t afford it and do without as Sharpe told Col Hogan:

Major Hogan: What do you do when you’re short of Cash Sharpe?

Lt. Sharpe: Do Without sir.

You can see the quote at 7:53

I wasn’t concerned, after all I was still very flattered by what WAS given 72% of it from people who have never met me. If that wasn’t enough of a shock several people who gave significant contributions by check told me to keep the money no matter what happened with CPAC.

Those funds were enough to pick up the necessary replacement laptop (grabbed it tonight before I got home). It is without question the best computer I ever purchased, not because of the quality (it is bottom of the line) but because it was a gift from people trying to help. How can anything ever top that?

So I was making plans for the week, first a thank you post to those who gave and paid for my laptop. Then, the youngest was figuring on a trip to Funspot on the weekend, Tuesday is the City Counsel meeting, Wednesday would be Ash Wednesday and the wife figured we’d go to Boston one day during vacation. I’d get my CPAC info the way I did every year by reading other blogs.

Stacy had inquired how much I had left to go, I let him know. I got an e-mail from a reader of his who wanted to ask a question I answered it but didn’t get my hopes up, after all there was quite a ways to go and there are a lot more worthy causes out there than me.

Then just before midnight, 11:13 p.m. to be exact, came the paypal notice and I got the shock of my life.

Once again it was a total stranger, never met, never talked yet suddenly the balance was taken care of. I arranged a phone call to talk and express my surprise and gratitude. It’s one thing to have someone like your writing, it’s quite another for them to express that feeling in this fashion.

So it appears that I will be on my way to CPAC, tomorrow in between my errands I’ll register pack and make final arrangements to leave.

To all of you who helped make this possible, from the $5 spot to the final gift, I will never forget it…

…and yes the look on my wife’s face was something to see.

Apparently American Glob & I will be sharing a credential, a desk and an internet connection with the American Freedom blog under it’s name at CPAC.

I’m an old fashioned computer guy so I don’t need a desk, the floor is good enough for me if the desk is occupied as long as I can blog.

I haven’t talked to Alister so I need to find out his status and what he is going to do if I end up going.

Still 42% away so it might be a moot point but we will see.

#1 If I don’t make it to CPAC it won’t be because No Sheeples didn’t try to help:

Having said all that, what the CPAC needs that it doesn’t yet have is a Sicilian blogger from Fitchburg, MA. The trademark Sicilian hand gestures. The ubiquitous fedoras. Trust me, says Robert Stacy McCain, we need Da Tech Guy at CPAC.

Aleister at American Glob and Dan Collins at Piece Of Work In Progress wholeheartedly agree that the man who played a role in covering the “Massachusetts Miracle” should be with other conservative bloggers. If my opinion counts for anything with my readers, I want the man to go and help stand guard over liberty.

…Not only has she never met me but I actually neglected to answer an e-mail she sent me on the subject just last week. Talk about owing a debt of gratitude!

#2 I’ve learned is that being one of the first on the Patrick Kennedy story doesn’t guarantee a Memeorandum link.

On the Subject the “moderate voice” says this:

His district in Rhode Island is heavily Democratic so it is unlikely to switch parties.

Yeah it’s not like there has been anything that might indicate otherwise, the Confederate Yankee reminds him:

His desire to do something else was no doubt due in part to the fact that polls indicated that the possibility of him being reelected was very slim, especially in a climate that saw his famous father replaced by Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Oh yeah, Scott Brown, the guy Kennedy called a Joke.

Who’s laughing now?

…telling me I would be hearing from him this morning concerning CPAC blogger credentials.

That however is quickly becoming a moot point. I am $800 shy with now 4 days to go and the only reason why I’m that close is that a guest room has been offered to me.

In the last 7 days the “CPAC” fund has been as successful as Eric Idle’s attempts at Camel spotting.

When Robert Stacy stayed here my wife referred to it as “my summer camp”, there was a fair amount of work that it entailed and a lot less sleep than I’m used to, but it was an awful lot of fun. Continue reading “I heard from Eric Erickson from RedState concerning CPAC credentials”

Since we are in the home stretch basically 3 days to raise the money to go to CPAC per Stacy’s suggestion I’m going to pin this to the top and update the title daily unless the numbers move more than 10% before a day is finished.

I’m still a ways away from the goal. It is doable but not definite. If you want to see me blog from CPAC and wish to kick in just click here and follow the links on the page..

Update: 2 days left I put up a new long post on the subject yesterday morning. Thanks very much to two contributors who accounted for an additional 7% of the goal. I suppose $350 a day is possible and even better than the money would be the look on the wife’s face if it comes.

UPDATE: Yup my wife’s face is a sight to see.

Well today has been an interesting day in that regard. Yesterday I found myself at just under 9% of the goal set to get me there.

Since then three people have kicked in, including to my surprise a local businessman who I had just told the story to in passing. That has boosted me to just under 28% of the goal with 11 days to go.

Is there any chance of making up the other 72% by then? I have no idea, but to those who have kicked in a little and to those who have kicked in a lot, I am very humbled by your support. This is your hard earned cash and the fact that you are sharing it with me really is something. I won’t forget it.

If you would like to help drop that remaining percentage click here and follow the relevant links. Please specify CPAC on the comment line in PAYPAL if you are specifically giving to that end. I’ll be keeping you informed on how the progress goes as the days go by.

As always to those who kick in and to those who do not thanks for reading and spending a portion of your day with me.

First the readings at mass this week and now this:

“Holy mackerel!” Adam Andrzejewski said when I called him just now after learning that he’d been endorsed by Rush Limbaugh this afternoon on the nation’s No. 1 radio program.

Tea Parties, Lech Walesa, Scott Brown, The tribune not reporting on him all coincidences, doesn’t mean anything after all.

Would that Rush would endorse the CPAC/I’ll do it myself tucker fund, i’d be farther along than 8%.

…I think i’d notice it, but apparently my Oldest got a .25 cent raise a month and a half ago and never noticed it until this evening.

Hey even having a job is an accomplishment these days. Getting a raise of any size certainly doesn’t hurt.

Meanwhile I continue to get my own “raise” as several people have kicked into the CPAC/I’ll do it myself Tucker fund. To all who have gotten me over 8% of the way there already, my shock is only exceeded by my gratitude.

Meanwhile my shock continues as Dan Collins of POWIP also bangs the drum for more Fedoras at CPAC while Ruby slippers links to my Planned Parenthood in Fitchburg post.

Update: The shock continues as this blog is a featured blog on Pundit & Pundette.

…when they saw American Glob’s post in response to Stacy McCain’s and Smitty’s pleas to send me to CPAC. If they were anywhere near my laptop it would be shorted out and finally give up the ghost as it’s been threatening to do for months.

I’m flattered by the attention, but Made of Awesomeness? It’s almost as big a complement as being called a terrific gentlemen by the charming Roxeanne.

When I put up the “I’ll do it myself Tucker fund” it was an experiment to see if I could support myself though readership, basically a card to play as the countdown continues. CPAC was not on my mind When Stacy suggested it while I was here I confess I didn’t take it very seriously.

But a few people have already hit the jar with the express purpose of sending me to CPAC so what can I say?

I don’t do much traveling, Stacy does. He says $1600 will do the trick. If that can happen (and my wife is rolling her eyes at the possibility) then I will certainly go and do my best to be worthy of your support.

If enough is not raised I will of course refund any person who gave with the intent of sending me.

Either way I thank all of you for your support of the blog, financial or otherwise.

Update: American Gobs’ link to the “I’ll do it myself Tucker Fund” produces an error as did the link above which I have pulled.

However the links from the “Tucker” Page continues to work. I have tested it with the following browsers and versions:

Firefox 3.0.17, Internet Explorer 7.0.6000 16945, Safari 4.0.4 531.21.10,
Netscape Navigator, Maxthon 1.5.07 (build 82) and Mozilla 1.7.3

Until I can resolve the issue go here and follow the links there.

This is a good time to mention that you should ALWAYS have a least two different browsers on your system as a simple control. Is a web site failing? Is your connection failing? A secondary browser helps determine these things. I’m also a big fan of the idea that you can assign different functions to different browsers to make things easier.