One of the things about CPAC that you figure out pretty quickly is that there is just too much going on to do everything.

There are events going on all over the place, people shuffle into the bloggers row (however for some reason a lot of names see to pass when I wander.)

The noise level gets pretty high but as the evenings hit you get a little quiet.

The speakers are constantly rotating and different events are showing up all over and when the big names come by the crowd swarms.

The real trick is to try to plan things out, once you do then you can manage.

The day is going to come when Cuba is free. When that day comes a lot of the liberal elite in Hollywood and congress will have a lot to answer for.

Beginning on that day however the Cuban people will remember that in America at least one man with the frame of a linebacker of old but the heart and soul of a poet never gave up on them and fearlessly spoke the truth.

Two generations from now the Hollywood crowd will be a bad nightmare that has faded away, but those generations will remember Val, because their parents will remind them that when the rich and connected forget them, he didn’t.

40 years God willing I’ll have the pleasure of sharing a toast with Val to Celebrate that day.