Sherlock Holmes: People have died.

Jim Moriarty: [shouting] That’s what people do!

Sherlock The Great Game 2010

Jim Moriarty: STAYING ALIVE!!! SO BORING, ISN’T IT??!! Just staying…all my life I’ve been looking for distraction. You were the best of distraction and now I don’t even have you. Because I’ve beaten you. And you know what? In the end, it was easy. Yeah…t’was easy…now I have to go back to play with the ordinary people.

Sherlock The Reichenbach Fall 2012

A few days ago I got an e-mail from Joy McCann about a new blog she had called Tea Cozy Mysteries and the current post is on the plethora of new Sherlock Holmes series/movies out there, the best of which is the BBC’s Sherlock that I quote above.

Today Cynthia Yockey argues against gun free zones and their danger and makes a point that needs making

Most mass murderers include suicide in their attack plan. This fact is extremely useful in preventing mass murders and reducing the death toll of those that occur. Why? Because we need to accelerate the killer’s scenario for the circumstances in which he has planned to kill himself. Isn’t that always when the armed responders have arrived and he’s cornered? That’s why we need plenty of civilians in schools, universities, churches, theaters and shopping malls who have concealed carry permits, weapons and the skill to use them. The sooner there’s return fire, the sooner the suicide is triggered and the killing stops. In addition, I predict that there will be a tipping point when there are enough people with guns and concealed carry permits that would-be mass murderers won’t like their odds and will give up on their plans.

This is a powerful argument for my school protection plan but it raises an important point.

People have talked a lot about the various psychological roots of killers such as the one in Ct. When these events occur the question is asked over and over again: What was in their mind? What drove them? What did they have inside them that took them over the edge? What made them so bored, so in need of distraction so void of purpose that they see no point in “Saying Alive” or any moral imperative in not ending the lives of others?

Strangely enough I find the answer to this question in…MeTV

About two years ago MeTV. Memorable Entertainment Television joined the ranks of the hundreds of TV networks out there. Locally there is a Boston and a New Hampshire version in my cable package and they show a vast collection of shows from the 50 thru the 80.

I’ve been looking at the shows from the 50’s and early 60’s such as Daniel Boone, Donna Reed, Gunsmoke, the Big Valley, The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, The Rifleman, Star Trek and Hogan’s Heroes.

Television was still fairly young and these programs influenced the culture if you don’t believe it ask Russell Johnson how many time he was told by people their move toward science started with the Professor, how many people thought of space sciences after seeing Mr. Scott or how many young people today see NCIS and think Law enforcement & forensics or the Big Bang Theory and think Physics & science.

But there were other values reinforced, honor, the virtue of hard work, perseverance, respect particularly for women and the role of faith in life.

In short they reinforced a moral base, the Judeo-Christian Cultural moral base and the values it advanced.

Now two generations later after that most narcissistic generation, the baby boomers banished the values of their parents from schools and TV and our popular culture by people like the Metal Group Lamb Of God, whose lyrical themes are described in Wikipedia: They frequently use biblical references, but often convey anti-religious sentiment was shocked SHOCKED by their absense:

a disturbing number of concertgoers made noise, talked and generally disrupted the otherwise peaceful moment.

That moment being a requested moment of silence for the dead in Newtown

I am so disgusted right now- if you were one of those who wouldn’t shut up for SIXTY LOUSY SECONDS to honor twenty MURDERED CHILDREN- go look in the mirror. You are looking at a piece of sh**.

Your parents are obviously pieces of sh** too, because they raised you to behave with no dignity.

Dignity? Dignity is defined by culture, the culture of dignity has been rejected by many like yourself and replaced by the one where mainline online magazines defend sex with Donkeys.

The truth is very simple, one of the things that Christianity and the Judeo Christian Culture provides is a society that has positive values. That individuals and institutions haven’t always lived up to those values doesn’t make the values any less valid than a corrupt cop means the police should be disbanded.

For the last 50 years our media, our pop culture and those celebrated by both have told us over and over again how the Judeo-Christian culture that was once the norm has led to oppression and held people back. Those who have for generations urged and promoted its abandonment for the sake of narcissism now are shocked that young people with no center, no faith and no culture that reinforced those positive values are so anxious to kill themselves either on their own or via suicide by notoriety?

People are talking about how first person shooters may have an influence on people, violent lyrics, suicide wishes, misogynistic rap, and more has on the culture today. Obviously if these things alone were the root cause of this type of stuff we would have more shootings then we do, but for some who are weak or disturbed or in despair Judeo-christian values provided a cultural firewall that can help restrain those who need restraining, even if you don’t buy the underlying religion behind it.

Marx once said that religion was the opiate of the masses, even if you don’t believe in religion in general or Christianity in particular I think a stronger dose of this opiate might have done some real good here.

I think Cynthia Yockey’s point above is very valid, but wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t? Wouldn’t it be better if we had a culture where the very thought of suicide among youth, let alone suicide coupled with mass murder wasn’t even on the table?

I submit and suggest that the return of those values represent a greater horror to those baby boomers leading our culture, crying for the disarmament of all but their bodyguards, than the shootings in Newtown ever will.

They will accept gladly inflict a new generation of Moriarty wannabes than admit their parents were right.

Aukon: Then die. That is the purpose of guards.

Doctor Who State of Decay 1980

Here is how the sheep and the sheepdog think differently. The sheep pretend the wolf will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day. After the attacks on September 11, 2001, most of the sheep, that is, most citizens in America said, “Thank God I wasn’t on one of those planes.” The sheepdogs, the warriors, said, “Dear God, I wish I could have been on one of those planes. Maybe I could have made a difference.” When you are truly transformed into a warrior and have truly invested yourself into warriorhood, you want to be there. You want to be able to make a difference.

LTC Dave Grossman On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

There are a lot of words signifying nothing yesterday that had a political agenda. Today on Morning Joe they are celebrating Joe Manchen the Democrat Senator who decided to become a democrat now that his seat is safe.

Before we get too deep into looking at the culture etc and beating our breasts (and I have a few of those posts coming up in the next few days) the first job as Michael Graham mentioned yesterday is to come up with a practical solution to this before we go anywhere else.

The question becomes what is the actual solution. Yesterday has a suggestion:

What if we had the equivalent of air marshals in schools?

What if willing teachers were trained and armed in schools?

What if we treated schools like we do airplanes and advertised the hell out of the fact that there’s a very good chance someone’s in the building who is trained and armed?

Not a bad but expensive and not really practical in the sense of insurance and training plus you never know if a teacher has issues, but Nolte is close.

Here is a simple solution that in less that 3 months in every school in the country:

Let’s say a school has 100-1000 students, odds are you can find plenty of students who have grandfathers who are retired ex police, ex military, ex law enforcement etc etc etc. These are people who have used weapons, have been trained with weapons and know how to use them with responsibility.

While retirement can be pleasant one of the thing that can be hard is no longer having responsibility. Going from a position of respect to a position where people just see you as old.

So here is my solution:

What if in each school you had 5 of those grandfathers volunteering for a day to be in the school to patrol the school either armed, or with a weapon or two in a safe in the principal’s office that only they and one other have the combination to?

That would totally change the equation in several ways:

1. Instead of a an unarmed teacher or an untrained teacher you would have an armed person who knows how to use guns between a shooter and the kids.

2. Before going after the kids the shooter would have to eliminate the armed guardian. That would at the very least complicate the plans of an attacker and at best decide it’s not worth it

3. There is a huge difference in accuracy when someone is shooting back. A shooter who has to worry about being shot can’t kill 15 people with say 12 shots because he is going to have to worry about the guy shooting at him.

4. Even if the guard is killed in defense that purpose is served because the goal is time. Time for the kids to evacuate and time for the police to get there. When seconds count police are minutes away, at worst he would die buying those minutes, at best he would hold off one or more shooters so police would be there and suddenly the shooters are flanked.

5. It would give an actual sense of security to the kids and give them all someone to look up to, an adult that is willing to lay his life on the line to protect them with no reward other than their safety, the cultural implications of such a role model would be incredible.

This idea could be implemented very quickly, with almost no cost.   You would not have to train teachers in a skill that scares them.

As for the men to do the job, I suspect the problem wouldn’t be finding these people, I suspect the problem would be too many people for the slots available because it is an honorable task, a manly task and I suspect the retired sheepdogs would jump at the change to defend those they love once more.

The expense? the only thing that would take the time would be screening these men and then the cost of the safe.

You want a solution there it is.  Practical, simple and low-cost to implement, without a new bureaucracy or the surrender of anyone’s rights.  An actual solution without anything being a political football.

That’s why the left & media will never go for it.

Update: Roxeanne DeLuca comments:

Men will line up to protect their grandkids. The sissified version of males that the Left creates will not.

As people all over the nation reel from the murders or more accurately suicide by mass murder I wish I could say I was shocked by it.  I’m not and neither should you be.   Given the cultural changes of the last 50 years and the spate of young and teenage suicides that simply weren’t going on when I was young one can’t be surprised by this unless they haven’t been paying attention.

But this, THIS surprised me:

It was meant to be a day of mourning, but parishioners inside a Catholic Church here had their fears renewed Sunday when a bomb threat forced a mid-morning evacuation and a SWAT team converged and surrounded a rectory.

The threat, which came during morning services, was “a menacing call that threatened to disrupt the Mass in a violent way,” said Brian Wallace, a spokesman for the local diocese.

That another young man with nothing in his heart and little in his head has decided to commit suicide by mass murder is no shock, that while the bodies of the kids are still unburied somebody actually called in a bomb threat to the church where people are trying to cope and grieve, that’s simply incredible.

I can almost understand the concept of a non-entity either embracing or trying to purge his demons by making himself permanently are part of the lives of the families he has destroyed but I simply can’t wrap my head around the subsequent bomb threat.

My fear when hearing about this was an accomplice hoping to drive people into a killing zone, hearing that the killer made a point of trying to disable his PC made me wonder.

What kind of person does this? What do they gain in satisfaction I think they simply like watching people already grieving dance?

Every time I think our culture has gone as low as it can go, it’s manages to surprise and disgust me just a little more.

“And that one?” I pointed to a man up to his chin in boiling blood. He was screaming in agony so his face was distorted, but he looked Oriental.

“New one,” Billy said. “Seung, something like that. Went out and shot a bunch of people in the college he was at. Allen, it puzzles me that a man can shoot thirty-two full-grown men and women before the sheriff’s men gun him down. You’re more his time, maybe you can tell me. Why didn’t someone just shoot the son of a bitch?”

I scratched my head. Billy’s viewpoint seemed skewed, alien.

“Five of ‘em where teachers,” Billy said. “They had to protect their kids. How could they now be armed? It’s as if someone has been taking away their guns.”

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Escape From Hell

Don’t go to parties with metal detectors Sure it feels safe inside; but what about all those niggaz waitin outside with guns? They know you ain’t got one..

Chris Rock No Sex in the Champagne Room from the Album Bigger & Blacker

I’ve been out of circulation for a little while so I didn’t hear about the shooting in CT until I came home around 7 PM yesterday evening. It’s a horrible thing. It’s hard to lose a parent but that is the natural order of things in life, it is quite another to lose a child and I can only offer my prayers and condolences to the people going through this horror.

If we were one nation and had the culture we once had, this post would now end, but unfortunately we no longer live in that culture, nor will I recycle my post from July despite the temptation provided by an auto save glitch that erased most of this post that I am now re-entering.

One can no longer cede the floor, after all if George Washington choose propriety he would have stayed home on Christmas Eve 1776 and the people of America would be even more obsessed with the former Kate Middleton. (Is that possible?)

So let address what I’m thinking point by point to the groups of people those thoughts are directed toward;

1. To our Atheistic Secular Humanistic friends in full: “If there is a God why does he allow this” mode:

I’m laughing at you. Because that argument much like phony “The Bible endorses slavery” one is in effect a statement of the existence of God.

It’s classic misdirection, rather than blame man, in this case a particular man for an act of evil, you blame God in effect crying: “God let this happen God sucks.” Strange the need to blame one who “doesn’t exist” or are you just trying to convince yourselves?

BTW no matter how much you think God Sucks he still loves you.

2. To the “Blame the Gun Crowd” asking “Why do we need so many guns?”

I find you aren’t much different from the “It’s God’s fault” people above. I’m not surprised at you, simply bemused.  While you ask ‘why there are so many guns out there‘ strangely enough you forget 50 or 60 years ago we were just as heavily armed yet such events were so rare we actually knew the names of all the people who did stuff like this.

I think a better question is:   How did we get to a society where such acts are common when we once they were not?

I doubt you will ask that question because it might lead to the odd coincidence of a particular cultural meme removed from the classroom two generations ago.  Even worse it might lead to the conclusion the values suggested by said cultural meme gave people, particularly the young who are so willing to kill both themselves and others these days, purpose and control in a way modern culture doesn’t.

We can’t have that can we?

3. To our media and elite betters:

You really miss the days of the feudal lords don’t you? You are so anxious to disarm the citizenry for the “common good” as long as your own bodyguards remain heavily armed aren’t you.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  This has always been the way of elites the world over, restrictions for the common good on everything from food to travel to light bulbs, but exceptions for the right people. Perhaps that’s why Rupert Murdock is so willing to block Glenn Reynolds who today in USA today quoted author William Burroughs:

“After a shooting spree,” author William Burroughs once said, “they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.”

Glenn asks: Hey, Rupert: Why is your life more deserving of protection than a battered woman’s or a 7-11 clerk’s?

Because he, like Bloomberg is the Lord of the manor and we are just the Hoi Polloi THAT’s why!

4. To our ultra liberal friends who still think they are rebels 30-40 years after they declared “never trust anyone over 30” and never stop talking about their beloved 60’s:

Tell me, why on earth are you willing to support a society where only THE MAN has access to guns? Haven’t you spent the last several years telling us about how many innocents our government killed in Iraq, in Afghanistan? Haven’t you told us how we are targeting Americans and making the disappear on terror grounds?

How can you trust such a government to be the sole holder of weapons? After if one killer can slaughter 20 how much more can a government do? Particularly if someday there is an evil racist sexist bigoted homophobic republican in the White House ready to come after your lady parts? I speak especially to the Black Americans in the liberal cities who are ready to march on the police whenever Mr. Jackson or Sharpton tell them to. If the police and government are so racist do you really want to be disarmed and at their mercy?

5. To those who speak in the language of political correctness.

I doubt that I could do as well as Stacy McCain who coincidentally also invokes Chris Rock.

Our culture has lost all sense of perspective, of reasonable balance, so that we are unable to make common-sense judgments about risks. Which is the greater danger: That a schizophrenic might have his feelings hurt, or that a schizophrenic might go off his meds and kill people?

Common sense is quite nearly illegal nowadays and it’s certainly unfashionable in the Obama Age. So the usual liberal dingbats — including the ACLU types who assured us it was “a fearless, independent life style” for a crazy woman to defecate in public on the streets of Manahattan — are telling us we need more gun control.

And I say, no, what we need is more kook control. But no member of Congress in either party would have the guts to introduce “The Dangerous Lunatic Incarceration Act of 2013,” which would put wackjobs like Adam Lanza some place where they couldn’t kill people.

Chris Rock was right: “Whatever happened to ‘crazy’?

I think that whole philosophy is about making oneself feel good.  After all from that philosophy do we even have the right to question the motives of this shooter?  Doesn’t he have the right to define his own morality and if in fact man is just another animal that needs to be understood is this just not the natural act of such an animal at this stage of development?  We certainly can’t judge him, that would be the ultimate sin.

6.  Finally to those who insist the media is not biased,

Imagine just for a moment how this story would have been approached if this shooter had been named “Nidal” or “Mohammad”,  had said the words “Allah Akbar” before firing and belonged to a religion that rhymed with “fizlam”.

I Imagine who the story would be written about how we should understand what drove this killer to do his deeds, likely the horrible acts of the west, the same thing that must be the source of this story:

An elderly Swedish charity worker who was seriously injured in an attack by unidentified gunmen in Lahore was on Monday flown home in an air ambulance for “medical and security” reasons, officials said.

Birgitta Almeby, a 70-year-old worker of the NGO Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan, was attacked near her residence in Model Town of Lahore on December 3.

FGA spokesman Liaquat Qaiser had described the incident as a “targeted attack”.

Birgitta has since died, her murder will never be newsworthy to some people.

As I said in a different time It would have been enough to write what Sarah Palin did:

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy in Connecticut today. Words can’t express the horror everyone feels in seeing such evil manifested against innocent children. Nothing could be worse than the murder of innocent children. Let’s all pray for the victims, their families, and the whole nation.

but she will in fact be attacked even for this, so I might as well vent and be attacked for a wolf rather than a sheep.