It’s a Bot World We’re Living In

by baldilocks A few years back, I was trolling Chelsea Handler on Twitter and was semi-shocked when one of her fans -- some leftist (chick?) -- claimed that I was a white man using a black woman's photo for my profile. Leftist delusion aside, now I understand it. In late November, the Justice Department unsealed … Continue reading It’s a Bot World We’re Living In


A Tale of Three Fathers by baldilocks Months back, I was talking with my American dad about Jesus the Christ. In reality, the conversation was an episode of a years-long series which had been on hiatus for a time, mostly due to the instability in my living arrangements in the last three years. I am happy to have it … Continue reading Begotten

My Saturday

Exciting! by baldilocks It’s one of those days when the time got away from me. I woke up a little later than usual but full of energy. One of the conundrums in my life is that I’m not a neat freak but I think, process and write better in orderly surroundings. So, after my daily … Continue reading My Saturday

Family Conversation

by baldilocks Here's the response from my cousin, Dyllan J. Griffin, to my post, Freedom from Religion. Like he says, we don't disagree on much.  I happen to follow an organization called The Freedom From Religion Foundation that champions the right of non-religious citizens. I thoroughly support their practice of fighting to remove religious iconography … Continue reading Family Conversation

Last Days of the European Christmas Markets

by baldilocks Mark Steyn on the terror attack at the Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France: [I]t is now taken for granted that Christmas markets across Europe have to be held behind the ugly throttling barriers of "security" - which as we saw yesterday are, ultimately, never secure. Because we [sic] won't put up security barriers … Continue reading Last Days of the European Christmas Markets

What wasn’t said about vaccines

I didn't know who Senator Mark Green was until I saw a news article saying he thought vaccines caused autism. So I started looking into his background. Low and behold, he's an actual doctor, and he inserted into Iraq with some of the initial SEAL teams as their medic. He talked about it in a … Continue reading What wasn’t said about vaccines

Secret Weapon

by baldilocks Keeping a secret, that is, keeping one's mouth shut about what you are doing and accomplishing -- especially when there are people who would love nothing better than to see you fail -- is nearly a lost art, and there are many who don't understand the value of it, especially in the age … Continue reading Secret Weapon

Questioning NATO

Over this past week, I had the pleasure of participating in the BALTOPS planning conference. I say pleasure literally, because the interactions with all of the participating BALTOPS nations was great. That may come as a surprise to readers, since I've been fairly critical of NATO in the past. Those that know me better know … Continue reading Questioning NATO

But Will They Listen?

by baldilocks Public Tells House Dems — Don't Waste Time Investigating Trump: IBD/TIPP Poll The public wants the new Congress to focus on three areas when it convenes next year: health care costs, immigration, and jobs. Few, however, want the Democratically controlled House to make investigating the Trump White House a priority. That's the finding … Continue reading But Will They Listen?

General Locusts

by baldilocks It's the first of the month in the last month of the year and I've got nothing. However, I plan to do some reading on the shutdown of the Government General Motors plants and I will start here. A taste: General Motor’s announcement that it’s cutting thousands of jobs and closing several plants … Continue reading General Locusts

The coming schism in the Church

It appears that a no-kidding schism is coming to the Church... Wait, nope, wrong church Probably the most under-reported story right now is the massive spat between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Archbishop of Constantinople, Bartholomew I. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church was originally aligned under the Russian Orthodox Church, which had originally established a … Continue reading The coming schism in the Church

Sea Change: CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill

Happy 10th Anniversary to DaTechGuy Blog! by baldilocks I'm old enough to remember when Marc Lamont Hill -- formerly of CNN -- used what I've termed as Rapist Logic after Mitt Romney posted a family photo on Twitter back in 2013. On Christmas Eve, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered a photo of himself, his … Continue reading Sea Change: CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill

Make Them Push You Off the Battlefield (UPDATED)

by baldilocks Julie Kelly at American Greatness: If you are someone on the political Right who might quit Twitter because it just banned Jesse Kelly, here’s my plea: Don’t. After the shocking news spread Sunday night that Twitter had deplatormed the conservative influencer for unknown reasons, some conservatives are threatening to leave the social media site. Glenn … Continue reading Make Them Push You Off the Battlefield (UPDATED)

A Tad Rant-ish About Affirmative Action

by baldilocks This morning on Facebook, one of my friends shared a status about Wangari Maathai (1940-2011), who was the first African woman to receive a Nobel (Peace) Prize. I know of her primarily because, along with my father and hundreds of other Kenyans, Tanzanians and Ugandans, she came to American via the Mboya Airlift … Continue reading A Tad Rant-ish About Affirmative Action

Why the Navy needs sleep

For the three years I worked on a submarine, I never averaged 6 hours of sleep a night. Most nights underway, it was 3-4, occasionally 5. In port, I might make it to 6 hours, depending on how much maintenance my division was performing. At the time, I simply felt like a zombie, but I … Continue reading Why the Navy needs sleep