That Time When Capitalism Beat Racism’s Butt

R.I.P. Sears by baldilocks A great epitaph for an old friend. Monday’s announcement that Sears would file for bankruptcy and close 142 stores came as little surprise to anyone who has followed the retail giant’s collapse in recent years. Still, the news inspired a wave of nostalgia for a company that sold an ideal of … Continue reading That Time When Capitalism Beat Racism’s Butt

Leadership swagger

Have you ever done a team building outing before? If you have, you might have done something like a trust fall, where you fall backwards into the waiting arms of your team mates, trusting that they won't drop you like a hot rock. When I was still in college I went to a team building … Continue reading Leadership swagger

Gates Dreams of an African-less Africa

by baldilocks Every now and then, the Left tells you what its ultimate goal is. I've said for some time that Leftism's success requires the earth's rapid depopulation and that nearly all the Left's advocacy is geared toward that end: radical feminism -- which tends to alienate men and women from each other; homosexual and … Continue reading Gates Dreams of an African-less Africa

That Prepper Mentality

When I was still a teenager, I remember the Year 2000 bug. Everyone was worried that the world's economy would come to a screeching halt, satellites would fall out of the sky, and the world would descend into Purge-like violence. On a Saturday evening, one of my hunting friends invited me over to his place. … Continue reading That Prepper Mentality

Hysterical Females Are Deadly

by baldilocks Chicks on the Right blog documents one of the most pathetic public displays within memory. As new Justice Brett Kavanaugh was being sworn into the Supreme Court, there were protesters outside, pounding on the Supreme Court doors. MSM media covered that they were pounding on the doors. But they didn’t actually cover how … Continue reading Hysterical Females Are Deadly

Resistance and Futility

by baldilocks For fans of the Star Trek franchise, the Borg collective was one of the most terrifying villains: a machine collective that forcibly assimilated individuals and civilizations with the goal of achieving perfection -- with perfection being the full integration of all knowledge, culture, etc., everything that is contained within individuals and within singular … Continue reading Resistance and Futility

Screw your blue wave…a Chinese Red Tsunami is coming!

China will own your data and use it to manipulate you. They plan to do that for the whole world. The latest Bloomberg article showing Chinese insertion of spy chips into SuperMicro is just another step in their attempts to do this. Plenty of people think this is a pipe dream and conspiracy theory, so … Continue reading Screw your blue wave…a Chinese Red Tsunami is coming!

The Leftism or The Lunacy?

Which Came First? by baldilocks Basically, I've got nothing. I'm still feeling a little wistful and reflective after my road trip, so I'm simply going to share an excerpt from article I found interesting. (You may notice that we do that around here sometimes. The boss is lenient.) I'm looking for something to write about … Continue reading The Leftism or The Lunacy?

A Novena for China

Chinese Catholics are in a terrible situation. They can't practice their faith openly, and they don't have the support of the Vatican, who recently sold out and allowed the Chinese government to pull all the strings and appoint bishops. Even though the Vatican will ultimately have the last word, in reality, if you pick the … Continue reading A Novena for China


by baldilocks Well the danger on the rocks is surely past  Still I remain tied to the mast  Could it be that I have found my home at last  Home at last -- Steely Dan, "Home at Last." Aja, W. Becker, D. Fagan. 1977. Only hours ago, I returned to Los Angeles from my truncated Road Trip. … Continue reading Tripped

Apartment living and people

I've been living in an apartment with my family as my house is being constructed. The last couple of months have reminded me why I'm not fan of apartments in the first place. We moved in on a Friday morning, and that evening around 9 pm I saw a group gathering outside to smoke. They … Continue reading Apartment living and people

Proper Saladry

by baldilocks A special repost in honor of a loved one whose early death was helped along by poor eating habits. Yes, I can occasionally be caught live in the kitchen. Look quick. When growing up, my dinner task was making the salad. My mom bought the goods and I prepared them to her exacting … Continue reading Proper Saladry

Secretary Mattis, the UCMJ, and the power of the ISIC

Secretary Mattis recently released a memo directing commanders to make better use of the military justice system, likely in response to the plummeting number of court martial cases across all services. For the non-military person, this might sound absurd: why are we unhappy when we have less crime among the ranks? A bit of explanation … Continue reading Secretary Mattis, the UCMJ, and the power of the ISIC

Taking It to the Street

by baldilocks At the Weekly Standard, Matt Labash interviews Sabo, "America's Preeminent Right-Wing Street Artist." In this most liberal of cities (where even unaffiliated voters outnumber registered Republicans) and out of these modest digs, Sabo runs a one-man torture emporium. His victims include everyone from lefty politicians and Big Tech overlords to smug celebrities who … Continue reading Taking It to the Street

Advice About Natural Cure Advice

by baldilocks A repost Here's something many don't know about me: I am a big fan of natural cures. It's recent development--last five years--and it was born of my aversion to prescription medications, of a theory that God has provided all the things in nature needed to maintain good health, and of the desire to … Continue reading Advice About Natural Cure Advice

Removing the Reasons

by baldilocks From the Daily Wire: Illegal immigrants are opting out of government welfare programs out of fear of Trump Administration crackdowns coming done the pike, reported POLITICO on Monday. Due to a proposed Trump Administration rule to deny legal status to illegals on welfare, both legal and illegal immigrants have been inundating health care providers with … Continue reading Removing the Reasons

Easy Yoke, Light Burden

by baldilocks Today was one of those days when I didn't know what I was going to write about until the last second. Then, "out of the blue," God gave me something. My deadline is always 400PM PST and I was a little panicky in my search for a topic, though the boss is very … Continue reading Easy Yoke, Light Burden

A tale of two negotiators

President Trump and Pope Francis are about as far apart on the spectrum as you can get. Both men lead large organizations and have tried to implement big change. Most importantly, both are renegotiating deals. Let's compare those results. Pope Francis has been working to reunite a breakaway faction, called SSPX, most of his time … Continue reading A tale of two negotiators

Breaking Free

by baldilocks Andrew Klavan: One of my theories about the classic gangster television series The Sopranos is that creator David Chase recognized an important truth about the structure of TV storytelling. In normal stories, a protagonist is placed in a situation that uniquely challenges his character so that in traveling through the arc of the story he … Continue reading Breaking Free

Unwanted Eyeballs

by baldilocks I think we already knew this. How else to you think those ads are able to show you what you've just been shopping for? While the public has been focused on the ongoing Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, Google has largely avoided public scrutiny about its data collection practices despite having the ability to … Continue reading Unwanted Eyeballs