The origin of Philosophy began on January 1, 465 B.C.

This is not true, but it reflects a truism that goes back more than 2 millennium.

The word philosophy is a combination of two words which are rich in meaning. The word “Philos” means beloved and loving and the word “Sophia” means wisdom. Therefore, a person who pursues an interest in philosophical subject matter is literally a “lover of wisdom, or a lover of the truth.”

The ancient Greeks are known in antiquity as the founders of philosophy as an academic discipline.

The Greeks of the ancient world gave rise to rational inquiry or what became known as “the examined life” (Socrates); the Greek thinkers of yesteryear asked themselves  questions such as: (1.) Who am I am? (2.) Where did I come from? (3.) Where am I going? (4.) Why is there life as opposed to no life? (5.) How can I get there?

Across the last 2 millennium, the discipline of philosophy has been manifested by three dominant schools of thought.

There is the classical school which is known as the “foundational discipline of inquiry” (Socrates, Plato and Aristotle). Secondly, there is the branch of philosophy known as “Analytic inquiry,” (Bertrand Russell) and finally, of somewhat recent vintage – in the middle of the 20th Century – there arose what was known as the “Existentialist school” (Albert Camus and Jean Paul-Sartre).

One might ask why knowledge of philosophy is so vitally important.

Glad that you asked… Smile!

The reason is somewhat self-evident. Our ability to exist as a nation or civilization depends upon our ability to nourish both our “minds” and our “spirits”; we must remain thinking people.

The discipline of philosophy or rational inquiry enables one to step back from his or her immediate surroundings and practice what psychologists call “self-awareness.”

Mankind unlike the animal kingdom has the ability to create separation or distance from his or her environment and evaluate his or her actions by “asking why” he or she does what she or he is doing.

We are not slaves to our appetites.

In the past, leisure time was a great asset to our cultural well-being because it afforded people a space to pause, reflect, and read classical literature that probed the nature of man in the nature of the human condition.

Do we still as a people believe in the efficacy of the great classical books?  Do we still make time to read and re-read them?

Or, are we so absorbed with social media and entertainment that we are not refreshing our minds as well as our bodies?

Today, both Socrates – and on a Spiritual plane Moses and Jesus Christ – would be profoundly disappointed that we produce scores of successful businessmen, businesswoman and scientists, yet very few people know how to truly think and apply what they learn?

The genius of Western Civilization is that it recognized over the past 2 millennium that 5 historical cities were responsible for its birth, nurture, growth, development, and cultivation.

The contributions from each one of those cities enabled people to grow and live an examined life

The ancient city of Jerusalem (1440 B.C. and 4 B.C.) gave birth to what we call our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Athens, Greece gave birth to philosophy.

Rome, Italy of the first century gave rise to Republican forms of government;

London, England of the Middle Ages was the genesis of modern democracy (Magna Carta 1215 A.D.).

And Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1776) gave birth to a unique experiment in “ordered liberty” (The Declaration of Independence).

Each one of those cities sparked interest and creativity in the hearts and minds of people. Each one of these cities made an invaluable contribution to the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical development of the world as we know it today.

Ancient Jerusalem is responsible for both the Hebrew Scriptures (Genesis through Malachi) and the development of the Christian New Testament (Matthew through Revelation).

Our ancestors of the past spent countless hours reading the Bible and imbibing its truths.’

(Even deists such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson believed that an accurate reading of the truths of The Holy Bible along with classical study was indispensable for the maintenance of a healthy culture).

In the next few weeks, this journalist wishes to share a list of books to read and meditate upon from the “ancient canon” of literature from those 5 cities that can assist us with recapturing our wonderful heritage that we call Western Civilization.

Classical literature can assist with infusing our souls with mental resiliency and setting our hearts ablaze with a positive moral imagination (C.S. Lewis ?).

The problems that we face today in what some have dubbed “the Cultural War” are not so much a matter of political party identification, but a failure on our part to remember the roots of our heritage and to fight to preserve the things in life that sustain our culture and matter the most.

Bon Appetit!

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning and found a link to Roger Kimball’s post, Deunionize the IRS.

Say what? Deunionize? As Roger asks, “The government’s tax collecting agency is unionized?” What union?

The union in question is The National Treasury Employees Union. According to the web site of the NTEU, the mission of the union is “To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.” That’s a tall order, in part because there are so very many federal employees. The NTEU’s web site includes a nifty interactive graphic that shows you just how many there are in each state: 279,622 in Texas, for example, 350,544 in California, 165,943 in New York, etc., etc. There are, in short, millions of them.

What followed was not a surprise, since, of course, the NTEU donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to political candidates who of course are Democrats, and of course, “The agency’s employees are heavily engaged in politics and lean considerably to the left.”

Just the kind of news one doesn’t like to hear first thing in the morning.

While most of us Da Tech readers know that public-sector unions are a prescription for political corruption, the politicians-the-unions-help-elect-who-in-turn-help-the-unions consider that a feature, not a bug, which only adds to our outrage.

The latest new word I learned is “spoliation of evidence“,

Spoliation “is the destruction or the significant and meaningful alteration of evidence.”

The IRS version of spoliation comes in the form of destroyed hard drives and cancelled e-mail backups for two years’ worth of records.

Allow me to remind you that the IRS insists you keep your records for seven years. It can seize your assets, garnish your wages, and throw you in jail if you don’t.

The IRS and its officials are intent on dragging on the hearings long enough, to use Roger’s words, the outrage will falter and the disgust will die down.

It is, then with great pleasure that one gets to watch Trey Gowdy explain to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, in March,

And in June,

faustaBut the bottom line is, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s scrutiny of Tea Party groups, that is, the political weaponizing of the most powerful government bureaucracy, that, is the real scandal.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin America politics and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

by baldilocks

A couple of weeks ago, I meant to comment on Roger L. Simon’s piece on Moral Narcissism.  In it, he expounded on a phenomenon which I’ve seen and been irritated by all my life, but had no name for.baldilocks

Moral Narcissism is an evocative term for the almost schizophrenic divide between intentions and results now common in our culture.  It doesn’t matter how anything turns out as long as your intentions are good.  And, just as importantly, the only determinant of those intentions, the only one who defines them, is you.

In other words, if you propose or do something, it only matters that you feel good or righteous about what you did or are proposing, that it makes you feel better personally.  The results are irrelevant, as are how the actual activity affects others.

Roger points to egregious examples of our society’s Invasion of the Moral Narcissists.

The Obama administration is loaded with moral narcissists, including, obviously, the president himself — Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton etc.  The media and Hollywood are also clearly stuffed to the gills with moral narcissists.

Obamacare is a perfect example of moral narcissism in action.  Never mind that the public didn’t want it. Never mind it was an atrociously planned bureaucratic mess (in fact that comes with the territory).  It was what Barack Obama wanted — for himself.

Moral narcissism creates an atmosphere of dishonesty bizarrely similar to Islamic taqqiya.  In Islam, the believer is permitted to lie to the non-believer because the believer has the greater truth.  For the moral narcissist, lies becomes truth in almost the same manner. Some like Dan Rather (a moral narcissist par excellence) could thus pronounce the Bush National Guard papers real when anyone with an IQ in triple digits could see that they were fake.  They felt real to Dan. And, crucially, that made him feel good about himself.

Roger goes further in claiming that the Bergdahl affair was another example of moral narcissism in action: that President Obama fancies himself “The Great Emacipator, Part II.” It is here that I disagree with Roger.

Barack Obama had it within his power to help six of his fellow Muslims get back to their respective homes, so that’s what he did. It was simply an act of Islamic loyalty; nothing more complicated than that.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!


Bougainvilleaby baldilocks

In my backyard, there is a bougainvillea bush at the northwest corner of the property. My neighbor’s garage sits on the west border and, a couple of years ago, I attached a wooden trellis to the wall of it, in order to feed the vines of the bush through so that it would grow along the wall.

To facilitate this, I’ve had to guide some of the vines into the trellis, and cut away other vines which grew along the back wall or in a direction which they could not be guided where I wanted them to go.

One year, I made the mistake of cutting off too many branches at one time and the bush went into shock. I thought it might die, but my ministrations nursed it back to health. I had learned my lesson: only a couple of clips every few days.

This morning, as I was sitting in my backyard drinking coffee and praying, my eyes lit upon the plant and it occurred to me that this is what God does with us when we accept Jesus the Christ as Lord and Savior and when we allow Him to order our steps. He leads us in the way He wants us to go and cuts off the paths that are not of His will. Sometimes the sundering of these paths will be painful but He knows how much pruning we can handle. And, He will always be there to get us through the pain.

Through this train of thought—of meditation on the nature of God—I was also reminded that the Enemy is an imitator of God and that his imitation is always a parody–and also, that the Enemy’s servants behave like their father.

We can take this and apply it to what we see happening to our country. Every institution of our government and society is being hollowed out by these servants and used as a weapon against the people of the United States. We used to be able to rely on these institutions, but we can no longer. Doing the will of their father, the servants cut off old avenues of redress and destroy previously solid foundations in order to push us in the direction they want us to go.

But, where our Father acts with love, they are imitators of their father in that they act without love. They are lopping off every branch as fast as possible, pushing us in the direction which will garner their ultimate objective: not love, but power ovbaldilockser all things and all people.

However, something always happens each time the Enemy thinks he has God’s people cornered; God rides to the rescue providing an out—under two conditions.

1)      God’s people have to ask Him to be delivered.

2)      God’s people have to be obedient.

Trust of and faith in God is implicit in both.

So what are you going to do about the many-pronged attack? I know what I’m going to do. Trust, have faith, listen, and then…act based on that.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!

Be it resolved in the Affirmative that Comic book reading represents an escape from reality.

(One could argue that reading and delighting in poetry, fiction, and romance novels are also unique diversions in themselves as well…Smile!)

For the sake of full disclosure, this writer admits that he grew up as a “comic book aficionado.” My two brothers and I collected comic books in what would be labeled the “superhero genre.”

The word “genre” is a French word meaning “type” or “kind.” Therefore, there are different type of comic book genres as there are separate literary genres.

There is the famed “Archie” humorous line of comics; there is the “Dick Tracy” action detective. Furthermore, there are the “Romance Comic characters” (Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys?).

Why do we as people engage in these types of reading diversions?

Perhaps what was written nearly 80 years ago by the late historian Will Durant holds true as he stated that “civilization brings with it a cultivation of both the pursuit of knowledge and the arts.”

One of the benefits of a civilized society is that people have leisure time to pursue the things of the heart that they enjoy the most. In the home in which this writer was raised, his parents encouraged him along with his siblings to indulge in a wide variety of reading.

Alas, this is a digression!

This writer enjoyed the series of Action Heroes that represented in his mind a “world order” of a more perfect ideal.

This journalist loved Spiderman, Daredevil, and Ironman as they each represented different facets of the human mind and the inner psyche.

First, and foremost there was the Amazing Spiderman. Behind Superman and Batman, Spiderman may be the world’s 3rd most recognizable superhero.

What makes Spiderman so unique is that he has a hyper developed sense of ethics or what makes for a just society.

When he was a teenager, Peter Parker fails to act by stopping a criminal assailant and that one moral failure leads to the death of his beloved dear Uncle Ben (his surrogate father). Peter learns from this moment on that “with great power must also come great responsibility” (Nobles Oblige or nobility obligates).

From this moment on, Peter uses his tremendous gifts to “defend those who cannot defend themselves.”

Secondly, this writer craved reading Daredevil and Ironman.

If Spiderman is similar to Superman in his commitment to “truth, justice, and the American Way” (oops can you say “American Way” today or for the sake of “political correctness” must another term be employed?), then both Daredevil and Ironman would designate what is termed the classic “anti-hero” description.

Daredevil (his alter-ego is Matt Murdock) is similar to Batman (alter-ego Bruce Wayne) in the sense that Daredevil like Batman loses his dad to a vicious assassination.

Matt Murdock’s father was a boxer who was on the payroll of an underworld syndicate.

Matt’s father was instructed to lose a prefixed fight, but at the last moment he refused as he did not wish for his son to see this side of his corrupt character. The syndicate thus orders the death of Matt’s father.

As a result of Matt’s loss, he vows to ruthlessly pursue the criminal element in the “Hell’s Kitchen” vicinity of the town where he lives and make them pay for their crimes by making the criminals experience maximum pain – and at times even death!

Ironman (Tony Stark, billionaire inventor, entrepreneur and playboy) is also an anti-hero, but time and space will mean that his fascinating origin must await a future column. However, Ironman like Daredevil is a classic anti-hero.

The reason that Spiderman remains this writer’s favorite superhero after nearly 45 years of comic book enjoyment is that Spiderman – like Superman – displays characteristics that speak to the better nature of the heart.

Spiderman / Peter Parker does not always make the right decisions.

In his daily guise as Peter Parker, Spiderman wrestles with all of the problems that we mere non-powered mortals experience every day: Sour relationships, financial setbacks, educational hardships, and family difficulties.

Spiderman’s amazing powers do not rescue him from the vicissitudes of life’s unexpected twists and turns; however, he usually fights against all odds do the right thing! His ethical & moral compass is nearly always pointed in the right direction.

As this writer ages, he comes to realize that the defining marks of a culture cannot be congressionally legislated or politically mandated.

The “habits of the heart” (Alexis de Tocqueville and the Sociologist Robert Bellah) find expression in Faith, Music, the Arts, and Entertainment – and in acts of human Charity.

As long as our culture still believes in the efficacy of character as witnessed in the lives of superheroes and superheroines such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Captain America and the Falcon, then there still is hope!

America’s social / spiritual descent need not be a foregone conclusion as deep within our hearts and psyche we still believe in better ideals and values than what are commonly manifested all around us.


by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

CNN reports that “U.S. authorities estimate that between 60,000 and 80,000 children without parents will cross the border this year.”

The logistics of moving 60,000+ children across several countries and through the U.S. border and cities such as New York and Miami takes planning, coordination, and funding.

I don’t know who is behind this. However, the Mexican cartels control all the smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border: drugs, weapons, people.

Every parent who puts their child in the care of smugglers is, at best, allowing that child to be a human shield for drug gangs, and in effect allowing that child to be used as a prostitute, a drug mule, and/or a kidnap victim. This is, plain and simple, child abuse in a very grand scale. Which, by the way, nearly ensures the child will get a special immigration juvenile status visa (emphasis added):

“The fact that they get up here, and that they’re fleeing violence, doesn’t give them any grounds for relief at all. So the only way they get to stay here in the U.S. legally, is through this special immigration juvenile status visa.”
To get that visa, the children have to first establish that the parent they left behind abused them.

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the immorality of The New Children’s Crusade:

This latest cruel episode — What sort of parent sends his children across the desert unaccompanied? What sort of country allows its youth just to walk away en masse? What sort of country facilitates their transfer across its own territory into the U.S.? And what sort of American administration tolerates this human tragedy as a way of building a future political constituency? — reminds us that almost everything we are told about illegal immigration is both a lie and amoral.

Neo-neocon explains

Now, we don’t know how families are getting the money to come here, and your conspiracy theory is probably as good as mine—and I do have some. But even if the majority of families/kids are coming for their own reasons (because they think they will be allowed to stay and get services, and/or to flee the violence in their home countries) rather than purposely as decoys for the cartels, they are serving as de facto decoys for them nonetheless. So if fleeing the danger posed by murderous drug cartels in their countries of origin is one of their motivations, then it’s highly ironic that escaping in this manner will serve to facilitate the entry of those very same dangerous people into the US, while the border guards are busy being babysitters.

As Neo points out, “their entry is flooding the border and distracting the guards’ time and energy while the drug cartels climb aboard.” The National Border Patrol Council Statement on Influx of Juveniles in Rio Grande Valley Sector confirms (emphasis added):

Cartels are forcing juveniles and illegal aliens to cross the border in between the ports of entries because it further ties up Border Patrol agents in the field. In effect, cartels are using these immigrants as a human shield to divert resources that would otherwise be spent interrupting their trafficking operations. Once the agents are taken out of the equation, the cartels are smuggling drugs, weapons, and special interest aliens across the border unfettered. At a time when agents are most needed to deal with the cartel threat, they are unavailable because they are either dealing with a tidal wave of humanity by either arresting juveniles and families in the field or by processing them in the stations.

That is why Texas’ top three leaders, Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and House Speaker Joe Straus have directed the Department of Public Safety to immediately begin law enforcement surge operations along the Texas-Mexico border.

It’s a start.

faustaFausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin America politics and culture at Fausta’s blog.

by baldilocks

With scandal, after scandal, after scandal, after scandal being perpetrated by the Obama Administration—wording intentional–I thought that I would finally take the time to address an issue regarding the reaction to Obama’s acknowledged Kenyan Luo heritage—a heritage which I share.

For the last six years, it seems that everything that Barack Obama has touched or touted fails and that has included the institutions of this country. One might conclude that President Obama’s touch on the very country itself is causing it to fail.

But, the widespread demonization of the Luo tribe of Kenya—that it is an Arab Muslim tribe of slavers– cannot be blamed on the president. (The tribe exists in significant numbers in Uganda and Tanzania as well.)

It seems like a long time ago but I most certainly remember the origin of the notion that Barack Hussein Obama is 50% white, 6.25% black African and 43.75% Arab. It came from a man named Kenneth E. Lamb. Lamb laid out a meandering blog post, sans references, on how he allegedly found this information. I recall sending him an email and commenting on his post. Both my responses refuted his findings and I found it interesting that he had no linked sources to back up his claims. So when I was contemplating this post, I went looking for Mr. Lamb’s post and, lo and behold, the post has been deleted. Perhaps Mr. Lamb had an attack of conscience—though deletion smacks more of cover-up.  But, the damage—the Blood Libeling of the Luo Tribe—had been set in motion. There is always the Web Archive, however, and thank God for it.

From February 2008: Continue reading “The Blood Libeling of the Luo Tribe of Kenya”

by baldilocks

So the IRS lost two years worth of Lois Lerner’s emails? Huh.

And they are saying that it’s a hard disc error? Hmm.

And there are no servers with these emails on them? Imagine that.

And the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman has asked the…wait for it…the Department of Justice to investigate these “missing” emails? I’m sure that Attorney General Eric Holder will get right on that.

I remember when Former President Clinton’s National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, absent-mindedly walked out o the National Archives with classified documents which had fallen into his socks. Then, one day, as he was walking around the house with the documents in hand, he tripped and dropped the documents. They, unfortunately fell into the blades of the scissors which were lying on the floor and they were turned into ribbons.

For his “unfortunate mishap,” Berger received a misdemeanor verdict of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material, was fined $50,000, placed on probation for two years and stripped of his security clearance for three years—and received no jail time. That was in 2005.

Sarcasm off.

I’m guessing that one of the Clintons wrote a check to Mr. Berger. Services rendered and all that.

There was some outcry online for a bit, but it died down and the Left took note. So did I.

Back then, it seemed to me that this brazen incident of theft and destruction of classified documents—and its outcome–was some sort of test. The Left wanted to see what it would be able to get away with, and it did indeed see. Berger basically got away with his heist and it was the proverbially harbinger of things to come.

As a result, and with the inauguration of President Obama in 2009, the Left and its primary host, the Democrat Party, have upped the ante: more theft, more egregious law-breaking and each time, the stakes become larger. The secondary host—mainstream media outlets like the New York Times–does its part by failing to report these crimes.

The perennial question remains: what are you, the People, going to do about it?

UPDATED: The harbinger may have happened a bit earlier than I thought.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!


by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

Granted, low-information voters live in a state of permanent blissful ignorance. My friend Denny even has a weekly joke dedicated to them (it used to be a Saturday blonde joke, but then I made a suggestion, and the rest is history).

Da Tech Guy Blog’s readers are definitely not low-information voters, so right now we are dismayed by the headlines. Paul Mirengoff looks at Three Crises,

Islamic extremists are overrunning major cities in Iraq that U.S. forces liberated at the cost of American lives. Children from Central America are pouring illegally into America in numbers that far exceed our capacity to deal with them. Veterans are dying because they can’t get medical treatment.

Three crises that are ongoing, with long-term consequences, and all have a direct connection to Obama administration policy.

And that’s just for starters. Benghazi, the IRS, Obamacare, Iran’s expansion in Latin America, the 5 Talibanis traded for Bergdahl, Fast and Furious, the pervasive patterns of fictions as truths, together with the media’s mythologizing, go on and on.

It’s enough to bring a blogger down.

So at times like this, what does a blogger do? Take a break by, of course, checking out other blogs. The other day I found Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs via Emily Zanotti of Naked DC. If you thought you have seen dumps (and in my years as active real estate agent I visited places to which I should have worn a flea collar), “you ain’t thing nothing yet”. A great blog for a good laugh.

I’m sure you can name others equally amusing.

But my point is this: Take a break, relax, recharge. The struggle for conservative values continues, and we each do our part. We’re in this to stand for what we believe best for ourselves and for our great country.

And get involved in the upcoming mid-term elections.
Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin America politics and culture at Fausta’s blog.

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

The latest invasion of thousands of unaccompanied children at the border raises some very important questions, not all on immigration:

Who paid for their transport?
Coyotes (who are agents of the drug cartels controlling illegal border traffic) charge thousands of dollars – from what I have heard, US$5,000 per person. Did all of a sudden poor families manage to all at the same time find the funds to send these children? Or did the coyotes start giving group discounts?

Why now?
The current immigration reform law is vastly unpopular, to the point where a wave of anti-amnesty sentiment defeated Eric Cantor yesterday.

The Obama administration’s push for a comprehensive immigration bill pushes aside any other alternatives – such as the Red Card Solution – eventually granting citizenship to all who want it, regardless, for the sake of social justice.

Former Congressman John Linden writes on how The Cloward-Piven Strategy is Alive and Well at the Border

Children are crossing the border in astonishing numbers and an additional 230,000 children are expected over the next 24 months. Border officials fear that this is just the tip of the iceberg.
. . .
President Obama has called it “an urgent humanitarian situation.” Attorney General Holder said that amnesty is a civil right and has initiated a program to hire an additional 100 attorneys to represent these children in the immigration process.

Richard Cloward has died. His partner and wife, Francis Fox Piven, serves as the honorary chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America. The Cloward-Piven Strategy is alive and well in the care of President Obama who is superintending the chaos on the border.

He took office promising to transform America. This will do it.

Victor Davis Hanson agrees,

For Obama, open borders with Mexico are revolutionary ends that require the necessary means to achieve them. New influxes of illegal aliens represent a fundamental transformation of America. Many of them look to government for help; they will in time become proper Democratic households; and they are a club to hit conservatives with, as being insensitive to Latino needs. The law, in other words, is a small bump on the highway to social justice. Who cares if some are rattled a bit by speeding over it?

I have written in the past about how border security is national security; Iran‘s increasing presence in Latin America with its use of Hezbollah to establish
intelligence, terrorism and crime networks is only one aspect of the problem. All that is ignored for the sake of an open border and social justice.

The Obama administration’s foreign policy failures, combined with its purpose to “fundamentally transform America” (into what, I asked myself years ago when I first heard Obama declare it) is a pattern of behavior that weakens the U.S. for a purpose of “social justice” here and abroad.

Expect more, Prof. Hanson believes,

The more such scandals occur in the next two years, the more they will not be seen as scandals, but as mere bothersome hurdles to fundamentally changing America. In the age of Obama, you win the race not by playing by the fossilized rules of jumping over the track’s hurdles — but instead by running right through them to reach the finish line first.

And a parting question:
The Obama administration wants to end the so-called embargo with Cuba. How unlikely is it that they would yield to Cuba’s demand, “End the embargo now, or you’ll get another Mariel?”

faustaFausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin America n politics and culture at Fausta’s Blog.