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Star Trek: Court Martial 1967

Dr. Ben Sobel: “Oh now you’re going to tell me it was a suicide?”

Paul Vitti: I think he left a note. Jelly,did they find that note?

Jelly: (taking out pen & paper)  Ah No, but they will in a minute.

Dr. Ben Sobel: Oh let me guess what it says: ‘Life is bullshit. I can’t f****** take it no more!  Signed: The dead guy.’

Jelly: Hey, that’s good Doc!.

Analyze This 1999

I’ve pushed pretty hard on the Underage Hooker story with Senator Menendez so when I saw this title at the Daily Caller:

Lawyer behind Menendez prostitution allegations recants, fabricates media conspiracy

I thought I might have to offer an apology, but then I saw this piece of the story…

Figueroa blamed four news outlets — CNN, The Daily Caller, Telemundo and Univision — for allegedly encouraging him to fabricate false accusations about Menendez.

…I almost chocked on my drink.

The MSM has been dragged kicking and screaming to this story. The three networks other than the Daily Caller mentioned in this report all lean left. CNN in fact didn’t touch the story until they could spend twenty minutes attacking it. At the Washington Post the Sunday of CPAC a long story defending Menendez appeared. The very suggestion that these outlets would be part of a conspiracy to frame Menendez when they’ve done their best to ignore the guilty pleas in New Jersey concerning dirty money is so laughable it’s a wonder anyone would make them.

Or rather it would be laughable to anyone who knows how US media is.

Now if you were dealing with someone who wasn’t familiar with how the MSM in the US worked, say, just for conjecture of course, authorities from another country who might be pressured from people who could profit from this story going away. A person like that might name US news organizations they have heard of not realizing these media outlets are as likely to go after a Hispanic democrat senator as Pope Francis is of announcing his conversion to Buddhism at the Easter Vigil mass next week.

However this man has gone on the record claiming these things and all the organizations named (except strangely for CNN) are on the record denying it so it is news and must be reported. So perhaps Stacy McCain’s caution on the story was warranted.

I trust my readers are so I’ll leave it to their best judgement: Which do you think is more likely?

Scenario #1 

2 US left of center Spanish News networks and one flaming liberal international network along with the Daily Caller paid this man $5000 to spread false rumors about Democratic Senator Bob Menendez in order to bring him down so GOP Governor Chris Christe could appoint a replacement

Scenario #2

People with a vested interest in this story going away who are profiting from the money brought to the DR by the Senator & his connections in conjunction with the famously honest Dominican Republic police pressured persuaded this man to make these charges to discredit the story.

Being descended from a Sicilians, a people whose unfamiliarity with any form of official corruption or intrigue is legendary, perhaps I have a different take then the general public.


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Ok I admit it if you are one of the 15 people who hit DaTipJar this week to give me that legendary $300 paycheck you likely won’t get the return that the Doctor who plead guilty with Senator Menendez did on his investment, but you will get solid conservative blogging and reporting on a daily basis

…then maybe they might have managed to find this woman without traveling to the Dominican Republic to get a picture of a reporter knocking on a door:

The escort, who earns money having sex with men in upscale hotel rooms, said during an in-person interview that many of her wealthy and powerful customers use pseudonyms when arranging for her services, and when meeting her in person.

TheDC showed the woman a photo of Menendez, however, and she identified him as a former client.

and while CNN could only knock on doors the Daily Caller people managed to get a bit more:

Beth added that Buchyk’s responsibilities to Melgen have included procuring young women in the Dominican Republic whom he and his friends — including Menendez — can pay for sex.

“There’s so many brothels there,” Beth told TheDC. “Women are nothing. They’re [treated like] trash there, at any age. They have no meaning, no reason for being. So she [Buchyk] would OK it, because that’s her job.”

SB“Buchyk” would be model Svitlana Buchyk who was involved in a dispute concerning her residence in a Condo owned Menendez donor Dr. Salomon Melgen.

Court records also show that Melgen was drawn into a 2009 dispute over whether a Ukrainian actress named Svitlana Buchyk could occupy an oceanfront condominium that Melgen leased at Aquarius on Singer Island in Riviera Beach. The Condominium Association of Aquarius objected because Buchyk did not apply for the association’s approval.

What I find more interesting about Ms. Buchyk (other than the obvious) from the Palm Beach Post Story is this:

In Palm Beach County, Buchyk listed Melgen’s business address when she received a ticket in 2009 for having excessive tinting on the windows of a four-door Chevrolet she was driving. She listed Melgen’s North Palm Beach home address when she received traffic tickets in 2010 and 2011.

and this

Buchyk, 26, could not be reached last week. The Miami Herald reported that it briefly reached Buchyk on Jan. 31 and she said she had worked for Melgen in the past, but would not answer questions about the type of work she did.

While Menendez office expressed “curiosity” over they story there didn’t provide a Statement concerning the question of the Senator paying for sex or no.

Perhaps if CNN has that same level of curiosity they would have been able to find the same people the Daily Caller has been able to. Granted I wouldn’t expect an international organization like CNN to have the reach of such distinguished news organizations as The Daily Caller or the Palm Beach Post but I’d think considering the combination Washington Power, Money and Beautiful women they might have managed a little better than their door knocking stunt.

At the very least Jeannie Most could have done a story on the rewards of an exciting career in Optometry

If only Menendez was a Republican, or at least was seen drinking water somewhere.

Update:  Despite the rule 5 implications Stacy McCain expresses caution

I would be cautious about a source like this, who contacts reporters after reading coverage of a scandal. Not to say that I doubt Senator Menendez patronizes prostitutes, just saying that without some corroborating evidence — a credit card receipt, a hotel bill, etc. — I’d be cautious about the source. Perhaps the Daily Caller has such corroboration and is witholding it.

The question of whether Menendez was in the habit of patronizing prostitutes is, of course, relevant to his relationship with Florida businessman Salomon Melgen and their alleged sex parties in the Dominican Republic, where prostitution is legal, but where at least one Dominican prostitute told reporter Matthew Boyle that she had sex with Menendez when she was 15, which is illegal even there.

I would think an excellent place to start would be Ms. Buchyk and her travel.

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Well yesterday was spent mostly at Church Speaking about WQPH or shoveling and cooking, so my two posts on Doctor Who and Japanese men falling in love with computer programs didn’t get this weeks paycheck a jump start but today is a new day and I’m only 15 people sparing $20 each away from the paycheck for the week.

6 days new week and perhaps Ms.
comment on the Senator

What is the use of being elected or re-elected unless you stand for something?

President Grover Cleveland 1887

One of the most important pieces I’ve read in the last week is Yates Walker’s piece of Christine O’Donnell. He takes on that most cherished of anti-teaparty conventional wisdom,  Christine O’Donnell victory in the GOP primary in Delaware was a disaster for conservatives  and maintains it is just the opposite.   He has much to say but lets lead with a line that every conservative activist should take to heart:

Mike Castle was a leftist’s dream. He was a big-spending, George-Soros-funded, NARAL-approved politician who never met an earmark he didn’t like. Electing him as a Republican weakened the party. In every policy debate that matters, Mike Castle and others like him side with the left. For this, they are rewarded by the media and described as moderate.

This might seem an odd time to bring this up, but it has special relevance today when you consider Chuck Hagel.

Hagel hit the Bush Administration on Iraq. He piled on the president on a regular basis and what was the result?

CBS, ABC, NBC CNN, MSNBC lionized him, he was constantly on the air, for an opinion or a sound bite. When the left (read Media) needed “balance” in their presentation, they could always count on Chuck to provide “bipartisan” opening that began with “some in the president’s own party… like so: (all emphasis mine)

Brokaw: “Iraq has divided this country deeply. Where is the war taking us? What happened to ‘stay the course?'”

George W. Bush: “I know many Americans are not satisfied with the situation in Iraq, I’m not satisfied either and that is why we’re taking new steps to help secure Baghdad.”

Brokaw: “Even longtime Republicans see this election as a vote up or down on those who thought the war was a good idea.”

Sen. Chuck Hagel: “Iraq is the issue. Iraq is the issue everywhere, in every state.”

And not just on Iraq on North Korea:

On NBC’s Today, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman lamented that it’s too late for Bush to salvage peace: “North Korea has concluded that this administration wants their, their head on a wall, basically, and therefore there’s probably nothing the United States can do now, to really reassure the North to give up their nukes, which is really their life insurance policy.” This came just a minute or so after Friedman described Kim as the “Tony Soprano of Pyongyang.”

NBC set up the Friedman interview in which reporter Andrea Mitchell explained that “experts” say this weekend’s tougher steps are insufficient. She quoted Robert Gallucci and Wendy Sherman without telling the audience that the two of them were essential cogs in Bill Clinton’s Kim-coddling regime. For “balance,” they were echoed by Sen. Chuck Hagel.

and Israel:

Mitchell spun the domestic criticism of the Bush administration as bi-partisan but the only Republican critic she could identify was Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel.

Do you see the trick here? It’s not news if Barbara Boxer or Dick Durbin hit the GOP but if you can find a party member to do it, you get to double your attack AND provide the illusion of “balance” after all this critique is from a Republican. Yates Walker again:

In reality, moderates like Mike Castle are guarantors of conservative defeat. Political debate always ends in compromise. If Castle is “moderate,” then why should anyone entertain proposals from the far right? In every debate, the question is not whether conservatives win, but how much we lose.

Chris Coons defeated Christine O’Donnell in 2010.  Since that election have you ever once seen the MSM put Chris Coons on the air? Does on MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, Face the Nation, ABC’s This Week or Meet the Press look for his comment on the news of the day or quote him on air? No. Why? Because if blue state Democrat Chris Coons parrots the Obama/Liberal/MSM line it’s not news.

But lets pretend, just for a moment Christine O’Donnell had not run and Mike Castle won that seat. For the last two years you would have seen him on every network as the face of the GOP. He would be the “sensible” face advocating more taxes and spending, the, the “moderate” face to fund abortion, whenever the MSM needed “balance” his face would be there.

And maybe, just maybe in 2020 or so he could have been the token GOP member in a future Democrat administration.

Instead the MSM has to find “no labels” republicans to put on the air, as opposed to actual serving members. They need to fish for squishes in the house caucus because they don’t dare put a Ted Cruz next to Chuck Schumer on Meet the Press again, or give a Kelly Ayotte face time or promote a Marco Rubio unless to hit him for drinking water.

This is the gift Christine O’Donnell gave the GOP by running so hard to win the GOP primary in Delaware in 2010. It’s the gift Doug Hoffman gave the GOP when he defeated Dede Scozzafava and it’s the gift Marco Rubio gave the National GOP when he went to the Senate and sent Charlie Crist to the Democrat convention.

I don’t vote Republican because I have a love affair with the letter “R” or hope to get a member of my (former) club on the inside to provide patronage.  It’s to advance ideas i believe in for the benefit of the country and my children and some day grandchildren.

If the GOP forgets this lesson it will die and deserve to.  If the nation forgets this lesson it’s the day this republic ends.

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It’s a new week so naturally I’m looking for a new paycheck

15 People at $20 dollars each week pays the bills, on Sunday we found 1 1/4 of them. Now $25 might not seem like much but it’s $25 better than we were this time last week and last week we met our goal by Thursday.

If you think this kind of new media is worth it consider kicking in. Then you can tell your friends you have media working for you instead of against you.

“Because you’ve had ninety years and haven’t done it!”

Sen Pat McNamara (Michigan) 1957 in reply to Senator Richard Russell (Ga) who asked why Michigan could handle its affairs concerning Civil rights but wasn’t prepared to let Georgia do the same

There has been a lot of hand-wringing concerning Neal Munro’s indecorous question to the president during his statement on Amnesty.

Sam Donaldson condemned it playing the race card, showing that his memory and judgement are not what they used to be.

William Jacobson pointed out that a simple statement that had no questions to follow doesn’t need a press corps just a video camera and/or a stenographer

And Joseph Fein asked why there we no Woodwards & Bernsteins in Democrat administrations? He answered his own question but forgot, Newsweek DID have Woodwards & Bernsteins in the sense they had the Monica story, but choose to kill it leaving it for Matt Drudge to break.

But the real question is why have we reached the point where it is necessary for bloggers to shout a question during a presidential statement. The answer comes oddly from this Video from MSNBC:

Lean Forward: Chuck Todd from Joe Gabriel on Vimeo.

Here is the text of the video, all emphasis mine

“My job is to bring up issues that Americans care about. It’s my responsibility to ask the tough questions. No matter whose leading the country they need to be held accountable. I have unique access to the president, his advisers, the candidates and members of congress. I’d better use that access for a greater good, use it for people who can’t get through the White House Gates, for people who can’t be heard. The American People deserve answers”

If this video actually meant something other than a cheap advertising line it wouldn’t have been necessary for Neal Munro to do what he did on Friday, but the truth is when it comes to asking the tough questions of this president they have been like Richard Russell and the Southern Caucus defending their prerogatives rather than doing their jobs.

So when they question the Daily Caller and Neal Munro for challenging the president in that setting, or for asking the tough question at an inappropriate time the answer for Munro should be almost identical as Senator Pat McNamara famous answer to Russell on the Senate floor.

“Because you’ve had four years to challenge this president and haven’t done it?”

Update: I’m sure our embarrassed members of the press will meet us half way, once January 2013 rolls around they will again adopt the credos from the video above to ask pointed questions of the Romney administration.

In the movie the Verdict in a scene just before the case goes to trial where Ed Concannon (James Mason) lawyer for two doctors in the malpractice case meets with his legal team.

He talks about making sure they had press they want before the trial. His people arrange for stories in the papers & WGBH lionizing the hospital and the doctors. I thought of this when I saw Stacy’s piece Santorum yesterday.

Like Stacy, yesterday I ignored the “Santorum Porn” nonsense on the net, not thinking the idea that a person declaring they would enforce federal law if chosen to head the executive branch was all that newsworthy, but Stacy McCain’s article on the subject struck me as an interesting commentary on what a campaign that is scared does:

“If you find a turtle on top of a fence post, you know it didn’t crawl up there by itself,” and this particular turtle seems mighty damned suspicious to me.

Let me speculate a bit on this particular turtle.

Mitt Romney’s campaign made fools of themselves earlier this week when in the space of under 24 hours built up and had to tear down their expectations of taking a state in the south. The MSM that despises Rick Santorum and considered Mitt their best chance to keep Obama in the White House happily went along and were crushed when Santorum took both Alabama & Mississippi forcing a narrative on the virtues of Hawaii and American Samoa.

The only thing that has driven Romney’s campaign since day one was the inevitability argument. We heard it after Iowa, we heard it after NH, we heard it after Florida how there was no chance of stopping Mitt.

Unfortunately for Romney and the GOP establishment that likes the base only in even-numbered years, they can’t put Rick Santorum away. He keeps on winning or forcing Mitt to spend inordinate amounts of money for close shaves in States like Michigan and Ohio.

The Romney campaign has apparently decided that if they can’t restore their own argument of inevitability though not from lack of trying, they can try to create an aura of unelectability over Santorum to a GOP desperate to win.

Today on Morning Joe we saw them pushing a poll saying 1-5 Romney voters would not vote for Santorum in November but such a pitch on MSNBC isn’t about to move the GOP.

And that brings us to both my fundraiser and the Daily caller piece and some more speculation on my part.

You might recall that the Caller started up with millions of seed money, you might also recall Stacy’s piece just a few days ago concerning the relative price of writing

The phrase “dining in indirectly lit luxury” in combination with “Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism” might suggest that Mr. MacArthur is a snob who enjoys the finer things in life, and if you suspect that he’s basically whining about how New Media makes it hard for snobs to make money, you’re right.

Nobody has to tell a guy like Stacy, who makes his money off the net and a few independent freelance pieces or me, a fellow who is asking his readers to help pony up for a replacement laptop & washer along with some basic bills just to keep things going.

I’ve now spent nearly a week trying to raise $2200 dollars and it’s taken up a fair amount of time and effort. (I’m still $1515 dollars shy, feel free to kick in here.) When Stacy wants to go and cover an event it is necessary to give his tip jar a mighty shake.

We are just two individuals trying to make a living, now imagine for a moment a site like the Daily Caller with actual staff to pay and support, real overhead to deal with. I might be able to get by in a pinch with a couple of grand of tip jar hits every quarter until the radio show pans out financially but picture having to do that on a regular basis on internet ads with staff and expenses behind you?

It can’t be easy, that millions in seed money starts to go quickly and internet ads aren’t all that lucrative.

What’s really needed is a customer with nearly unlimited amounts of money to spend or invest, a customer with friends to whom $10,000 is like a trip to McDonalds with an urgency to spend money on the message such a site can provide.

Near the end of the movie Ed Concannon meets with a person he has paid for some work of questionable ethics on the case and gives this speech:

I know how you feel. You don’t believe me, but I do know. I’m going to tell you something that I learned when I was your age. I’d prepared a case and old man White said to me, “How did you do?” And, uh, I said, “Did my best.” And he said, “You’re not paid to do your best. You’re paid to win.” And that’s what pays for this office… pays for the pro bono work that we do for the poor… pays for the type of law that you want to practice… pays for my whiskey… pays for your clothes… pays for the leisure we have to sit back and discuss philosophy as we’re doing tonight. We’re paid to win the case.

Stacy asks the question:

Exactly why the Daily Caller saw fit to assign its associate editor to write a 700-word “news” article, soliciting opinions from Eugene Volokh and Jonathan Turley, I don’t know. Why this cheap political “gotcha” hit-job deserved headline treatment at the Drudge Report, I don’t know.

I don’t claim to know the answer to that question, but I sure don’t wonder one bit hoow that Turtle got on that fence.

Update: For some reason the end of the last sentence was cut off when posting. Fixed

There have been a lot of significant moments concerning the occupy movement nationwide, but Robert Stacy McCain interview with Michelle Fields is potentially the turning point in the relationship between the Occupy Movement and the MSM.

Yesterday the Occupy movement charged the doors of the American Dream Summit in Washington DC.

In the middle of the rush was Reporter Michelle Fields of the Daily Caller:

Today Stacy McCain interviewed her, it was Amazing. (all emphasis mine)

Robert Stacy McCain: You won’t be going back?

Michelle Fields, Daily Caller: I won’t be going back to cover it. I actually don’t feel safe going back to those protests, because they singled me out, they singled out the Daily Caller. I just don’t think it’s safe for me to be back around those people.

They actually had a person covering me all night, for about three hours, with someone walking around with a camera, screaming things out to me like, “You’re worse than Fox,” and attacking me, attacking what I’m wearing. So I won’t be returning.

It gets better (or actually worse):

McCAIN: Wow. Wow. And so they had somebody whose job was apparently to monitor you?

FIELDS: Exactly, yes. So for about three hours, I had someone following me around, harassing me, screaming things out to me. And I actually did not feel comfortable, because at one point there were a whole group of men surrounding me saying, ‘F—Michelle Fields.’ And I went to a police officer and I told him that I felt these people were harassing me. And the police officer said he’d take care of it, but it never ended. These people were harassing me for the entire evening.

In my opinion this is the turning point for the MSM. For one week we have seen the media go into a frenzy over anonymous accusers making unnamed accusations against the GOP frontrunner. Now we have a female reporter directly harassed by the occupy movement to the point where she is afraid to report on them.

This is the time where the media decides if they want to occupy responsibility or not. If the media chooses to ignore it, I think the game is over. If Politico chooses not to run it, if Morning Joe decides that it’s not newsworthy, then they can forget the fiction of being media, they are simply propagandists with expensive equipment wearing a nice toupee.

Decide MSM are you reporters or are you stenographers? Which will it be?

The needs of a web site like mine that would absolutely love to have someone kick in $60k a year to support me and the radio show are apparently highly different that one that has millions of dollars invested at the start.

For example for such a site like Tucker Carlson’s it is vital to stay relevant to the MSM so if things were rough and I needed a kick-start I would know that the easiest way to get MSM attention is to hit a conservative and there is no conservative the MSM lives to hit more than Sarah Palin.

Thus the Daily Caller decided to go quote Mike Tyson’s vile sexually charged attack on Palin inspired by Joe McGinnis’ book.

Alas poor Tucker, he hasn’t apparently been paying attention. McGinnis’ book has so little credibility and is so discredited even Keith Olbermann and the NYT are dissing it.

That misjudgment is bad enough but the decision to try to go after Dan Riehl, for pointing out this tactic was not so bright:

What is it with these sad little Beltway bois? Are they simply misogynistic and unable to pass up an opportunity to attempt to humiliate a successful woman with more clout and influence than the petulant little bow-tie boy, Carlson, has or will ever have? Or is it their inadequacy in the face of an attractive, accomplished woman like Palin that causes them to lash out so despicably?

Riehl’s base post contained, shall we say, more colorful language. Well Carlson and company took exception and led to a whole series of further posts by Riehl demonstrating several things:

1..Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller have much too thin a skin for this business

2..Sarah Palin is a lot tougher than anyone at the Daily Caller

3..The people at the Caller have no idea of how new media works.

Simple suggestion if you are a million dollar site trying to impress investors you don’t go after individual bloggers who hurt your feelings, particularly not Dan Riehl.

Also if you are going to object to Ladd Ehlinger attack ads, you have no business publishing what they did.

And do you really want to attract the attention of a film director who is known for making funny biting videos that skewer his opponents and tend to go viral? I think not.

This is a full You Fool moment!

God help the Caller if Ladd decides to parody them.

Update: Oh and #4 Sissy Willis has it all over him too.

Update 2: Stacy McCain discovers this can comments in calm and measured tones:


I talked to Dan Riehl about this and hope to have him on the show next week to discuss it further. I talked to Ladd Ehlinger who remembers well the statements of the Daily Caller against his over ca-36 and had these things to say:

“I wonder if the Concerned Blue Hairs of America will call for Matt Lewis to be blacklisted due to his association with the sexist and misogynistic Tucker Carlson and Daily Caller?”

“I find it utterly outrageous and shocking that Tucker Carlson despises women.”

“Perhaps if Tucker Carlson fired fake-conservative writers like Matt Lewis, he wouldn’t be in the money troubles he’s in today.”

None of this of course addresses the radio station itself that ran the base interview and a station actually broadcasting this kind of stuff, Stacy McCain again:

Does FCC know about this? How about AttackWatch? Now that I think of it, have we heard from Jill Filipovic, Jessica Valenti, Melissa McEwan or any of the other feminists? Because if Sarah Palin weren’t a Republican, I think they’d probably be outraged by this.

The moral of the story? I don’t know who is backing the radio station who allowed this stupidity, but if I had 3 million in backing and was looking for more I think I’d be smart enough not to repeat it.

Update 2: Stacy McCain reports Politico has noticed.

…which didn’t have much to say to Byron York now has something to say:

But there is no getting around the fact that some of these messages, culled from the members-only discussion group Journolist, are embarrassing. They show liberal commentators appearing to cooperate in an effort to hammer out the shrewdest talking points against the Republicans — including, in one case, a suggestion for accusing random conservatives of being racist.

This is in contrast to Tuesday where they said:

The Post’s response was brief. “We do not discuss personnel matters,” Coratti responded. “The Post has standards for its employees and we expect all personnel to follow them.”

I asked whether the Post could add anything to that short answer. After all, this is a serious issue involving at least one high-profile Post journalist, and it is unlikely to go away in the near future. Does the Post really have nothing to say on the matter?

“I’m sorry,” Coratti wrote. “That is all I have to offer.”

It’s looks like the story has progressed to the point where it can’t be ignored, but the wait until friday plan worked, but since Howard Kurtz covered it then it will be on Reliable Sources on Sunday.

Meanwhile here is the memeorandum thread

…could have had first hand reports from a Massachusetts vote of the various Brown/Coakley events without the expense of sending Roger Leo here.

Mind you his report was pretty good, but hey Tucker still available. $800 a week that’s all I ask for 40 hours+ work.