Today on AM 830 WCRN’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio we give you a show full of bloggy goodness with not one, not two but a full half-dozen bloggers for the day.

We start with Tom Bowler of Libertarian Leanings in the studio who will be providing color commentary and insight throughout the show….

Then Bill Jacobson of Legal Insurrection Joins us for the first half hour to talk about La affare Cain as the MSM would say that has turned out to the story of the invisible women with invisible charges.

At the Bottom of the hour Right Wing Granny joins me in studio to talk a little Jihad, a little murder and a little Ken Timmerman who we covered this week in Massachusetts.

And finally at the top of the house the Owners and operators of that premiere conservative site the Conservatory Dan Collins and Joy (Little Miss Attila) McCann join us for a full rundown of the story’s their covering at one of the finest group blogs on the net.

and of course you have me DaTechGuy bringing it all together.

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Tomorrow at 10 AM EST join us on AM 830 WCRN for DaTechGuy on DaRadio which comes with twice the fun and three times our normal guests.

The first hour belongs to the new Conservative Commune the Conservatory and its proprietors Joy McCain of Little Miss Attila and Dan Collins of POWIP. They will talk about the Conservatory, what it offers and why YOU should be a part of it.

In the second Hour Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinder will be joining us to talk about his new attack ad in CA-36 and the consequences that have come from it.

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Ok that sounds a little off but what it actually means is that a new and cool conservative outlet premieres Monday via the talents of two of the great bloggers, Miss Attila in the west and Dan Collins here in the east.

It is called the Conservatory and it will be a depository for conservative thought and action.

I talked to both Dan and Attila about their new Venture:

DaTechGuy: What exactly is The Conservatory?

Little Miss Attila: It’s a new concept: an online community ( that goes beyond news aggregation and opinion. This is a place for people who believe in free markets and energy development to get together on a social and business level.

Dan Collins: We’re hoping that it will help us find more gainful employment for the starving artists that we call bloggers, too. Almost all of us, I think, would rather be gainfully employed on a freelance basis than have to bleg, though readers and other bloggers such as Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds, Patterico and Bingley at Coalition of the Swilling have been very generous to me. Don’t forget to hit Stacy McCain’s tip jar!

DTG: Why another right-leaning site? What makes you different from the other choices out there?

LMA: We complement the other sites. Let’s face it, Da TechGuy: no one gets his or her news from any single source any more. The online world is like Europe 20 years ago, wherein one has to be a more active reader, and scavenge news from several points of view in order to be informed.

Each citizen has to do his or her own active filtering, and account for the various biases of all the sources out there. But at the end of the day, you want to hang out with people who aren’t going to make you defend your own point of view. And part of the time, you want to do business with those folks, too, when it’s time to find a reliable vendor, employer, contractor, supplier–whatever. We are the last two stops on that train, and we’ll be providing a service that people will rely on more and more.

DC: I don’t know about readers not asking us to defend our point of view, but it’s nice to be able to send one’s money to people and businesses who share some of one’s values. We’ll have some big-name businesses and organizations that want to advertise, I hope, but the focus is really on family businesses, home businesses, mom and pop operations and the like. It’s not quite barter, but with the Great Recession, it’s cutting out a lot of the middle man. It’s about getting value from people who have a similar idea of what “fair” means, and as Joy asks people, wouldn’t you really rather rent your cabin to a conservative?

DTG: The two of you live 3000 miles apart; how did you find each other for this particular project? Why each other? What do you specifically bring to The Conservatory that others might not?

LMA: Well, we’ve known each other for years, though we hadn’t actually talked over the phone until a few weeks ago. Dan’s written for me, and for Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom (, and now he’s proprieter of one of the biggest boutique blogs out there, Piece of Work in Progress ( Yet on the side he has these serious brainstorms–and this was the one I really thought would take off. So with some help from his brother, we got the site up and running in a matter of weeks, and we already sport some heavy-hitting clients as advertisers (the “creatives” are still coming in from most of ’em, so you’ll see those roll out over the next week or two). We’ve got think tanks, D.C.-based ad firms, industry groups, motion pictures–people are pretty excited about this whole idea.

DC: She’s the only boss I’ve ever had who didn’t think I was crazy. It was such a novel experience that I thought I’d like to relive it.

DTG: Have you planned out a development path to survive and thrive where others have not?

LMA: The difference here is that we’re willing to make the case to clients about why they need a presence on our site, but we’re not out there seeking “venture capital” from corporate sugar daddies. We are willing to walk that balance beam wherein we stay monetized, deliver value to the reader and the client, and spend money where it counts–without getting beholden to any one source of funding.

I’ve been in publishing–both print and online–for 30 years, so I know where most of the pitfalls are–believe me!

DC: Well, the business model is mostly provide the space and maintenance and get out of the way, I think. Most conservatives reckon they’re intelligent enough to do for themselves, and I’m pretty sure they’re right.

DTG: To what degree will your existing blogs be affected?

LMA: I anticipate that the folks at Little Miss Attila ( will muddle along with a few one-liners a day; they mostly go there to socialize with each other and do battle with my trolls. There are always a few things that are just so wild, or so personal, that they aren’t appropriate for a corporate site, and that’s why we have personal blogs. I, for one, am unlikely to shut mine down. Though until we’re up and running, it’ll get neglected, I suspect.

DC: I don’t really know what the time commitment is, yet. But I can say that in most cases I think that other people in the right-blogging community have done a good job covering the stories I think are important. I’ll probably write about news and issues that I think are being neglected more, and reacting less to what other people are saying, though honestly that’s one of the really fun thing about this ongoing Rhinoceros dialogue that we call blogging.

I think that Joy and I will be greater service to the online community doing this than we would–or at least that I would–do carrying on. Also, I’m past 50 and my family thinks that it’s time that I earn some money, and I can’t argue with that. I’m tired of being poor, even though I’ve gotten rather good at it.

DTG: Do you have any specific plans for coverage of election 2012?

LMA: We’ll go where the stories are, and we’re pretty excited about the whole thing. It’s been a late-bloomer of a primary, but I feel pretty confident at this point that Barack Obama will be a one-term President.

DC: I’m glad that Joy’s excited about it, because election campaigns can never bloom too late for me. There’s been a lot of speculation and incipient panic online about the field, especially the early announcers. It’s going to be an interesting horse race, and I’m hoping we can get a candidate who’s actually conservative. I share Jeff Goldstein’s feelings about the Establishment Republicans. The TEA Party movement will only have been worthwhile if we continue to get rid of the deadwood, and there’s a lot of that.

DTG: What kind of advertising are you offering, and why should a prospective candidate or blogger consider the conservatory as an ad platform?

LMA: Because we’re the central clearinghouse for ideas, services, and media. We’ll be reaching the widest mix of conservative opinion-makers–most of the other online magazines serve a niche of some sort. We’re not restricted in the way that the other guys are, because we have no litmus test at all.

Plus, through June we are very cheap: I’m offering an ad that’s twice the size of a blog-sidebar ad, and through the last day in the month you can lock it in at $150 for three months–starting in July, that same ad is $225 for a quarter of a year. We’re having a ridiculous sale right now during the buildup phase, so it’s a great time to come in as a client.

DC: As I say, I think we’d rather spend the money with each other than patronize outfits that might turn around and give some to candidates whose views we find pernicious. Also, a lot of advertising through outfits like AdSense are scattershot, as much as they cookie up people’s browsers. Some of the juxtapositions at right-leaning sites, especially during campaign seasons, are hilarious, but I don’t think they reach the target audience.

DTG: Other than me, what writers have you lined up?

LMA: We’re in talks with Ace of Spades (, who may make some contributions, and we’ve got Darleen from Protein Wisdom. Serr8ted might be coming aboard (, and I bagged Ling Carter, who does the parody news at Interesting News Items ( We’ve got Stacy McCain in the mix (, and Gerard Vanderleun from American Digest (–people like that. It’s going to be a really fun mix, and we’re still bringing people on board. There will definitely be some surprises!

DC: Trevor Loudon, formerly of New Zeal and now at, has done a lot of important research into the socialist and communist networks that Barack and a lot of his pals surfaced out of. He’s going to be cross-posting, and I think that’s great, because his work deserves a wider audience.

I’ve asked all of the people, past and present, who’ve posted at POWIP to come along for the ride, and others, too. I imagine that we’ll start out with more columns than we actually need, and see who really wants to stick with it.

I’m hoping that Joy and I are going to be too busy to babysit the site much, so we’ve added means for readers and commenters to share links or post for moderation, and some of the breaking-type material will be automated feeds, but then I’ve spent a lot more time compiling my RSS and Atom sources than most people do, so I think it will be a little different. Also, though we agree perfectly on a lot of issues, the things we find most compelling to blog about are somewhat different, and I think that goes for the other contributors as well.

I guess another way of saying that is that differences in our aesthetics matter a lot less than they usually do for liberals. We’re a lot more open that way, because we don’t mistake our “tastes” for reasoned positions.

I may be biased but the first ingredient for a quality site is quality people, and with Joy and Dan, you’ve got it.

At Piece of work in progress Dan Collins talks about the “consequences of the Multicult

The liberals who comprise the MSM majority have in essence adopted the stance that insistence on religious tolerance in Muslim majority nations is an undue imposition of Western standards of human rights on foreign states and cultures, which is an expression of lingering imperialism, and thus bad, while millions of Muslims and non-Muslims suffer under the yoke of Islamist fundamentalism in all of its forms. One of the most egregious examples is the media’s treatment of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there are many more.

In consequence, the United States stands by as ethnic cleansing is accomplished versus Copts and other Christian minorities in Muslim majority nations.

Not two minutes ago on Morning Joe (I’m writing this at 8:37 a.m.) Mika mentioned the killing of two soldiers at the Frankfurt airport. They stressed “Germany” and the “last time there was a shooting in Germany” but they were unwilling to talk about what was brought up on MSNBC Europe’s own web page:

Family members in Kosovo described the suspect as a devout Muslim, who was born and raised in Germany and worked at the airport.

Nope, nothing to see here, not a thing going on. The Catholic minister in Pakistan murdered? No comment, nothing to see here. Copts killed in Egypt, none of our business.

Our unwillingness to defend our cultural values is dooming millions to oppression. Consider this story from history:

General Charles Napier held the offices of Governor of Bombay and Commander-in-Chief of India for the British Empire,was confronted with the tradition of Sati (or Suttee) where the new widow of a deceased man would be thrown alive on his funeral pyre. Napier forbade it, and when leaders of the community objected saying it was their custom. Napier with all the confidence of an 1850’s Brit with this classic answer (via Mark Steyn’s book America Alone)

“You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.”

Sati or Suttee has been gone from India for 160 years. How many widows did not die in excruciating pain because of this example of “cultural imperialism”?

And what is the situation now? Now we’ve reached the point that the same British who stopped Suttee in India now have unofficial “gay free zones” in their capital imposed by unassimilated Muslims who are imposing their own “cultural imperialism” right back at em.

I think Steyn nailed it with this sentence:

Multiculturalism was conceived by the Western elites not to celebrate all cultures but to deny their own.

Until we look this straight in the eye we will be seeing more headlines like this:

German prosecutors said on Thursday that Islamic radicalism may have motivated a Kosovar to open fire on an American military bus at the Frankfurt airport, killing two United States airmen and wounding two others.

And it will be our own fault.

If you missed our first 2 hour show, live from the 2011 Republican Growing Grassroots Convention, it is now available here

We had a great lineup. Dan Collins of POWIP was kind enough to sub for Lorie Byrd who took ill, Roxeanne DeLuca was late (as usual) but make it though wet and icy roads to co-host. Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R) NC-2 new chairwoman of the subcommittee on health and technology graciously joined us for two segments in the first hour, former congressional candidate Mike Stopa was with us in the first hour and for part of our blogger issues panel. And Tom Bowler of Libertarian Leanings and Justin Brooks of the Twin City Tea Party rounded out our 2nd hour panel dealing with the issues of the week, and Brownies.

Next week I will be at CPAC, we will have live reports from there and a few taped interviews with CPAC folks mixed in. Remember we will be at our NEW TIME 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday. And don’t forget till the end of the month our show will be replayed at our old time of 9-11 p.m. Saturday nights.

So don’t miss us on AM 830 WCRN 50,000 Watts of True Talk for all of New England every saturday and remember starting Feb 12th we have a whole morning lineup of conservative talk starting with the Wesley and Weston Review at 6 a.m. conservatively speaking at 7, a new conservative show at 9 p.m. and then me from 10-noon.

Oh and if you want to advertise on a blogger show that gets sitting congressional subcommittee chairwoman as guests, our rates are here.

Tonight DaTechGuy on DaRadio goes to two hours for the first time!

Unfortunately our primary guest Lorie Byrd has taken ill and will not be able to appear tonight but Dan Collins of POWIP author of Was it something I said? has graciously agreed to fill in for her and the lovely and talented Roxeanne DeLuca will be joining us as well.

We will also be having our first ever panel at 10 p.m. during our 2nd hour. It will feature, Dan, Roxeanne, Libertarian Leanings and Justin Brooks of the Twin city Tea Party.

We also have a special guest in our 1st hour from the great state of North Carolina.

We will be talking about Reagan’s 100th birthday, the Grass Roots Conference, the situation in Egypt and the abortive attempt to repeal Obamacare

As always you can listen live at the WCRN web site and don’t forget that tonight Tom Wesley’s & John Weston’s show premiere at 6 p.m. followed by conservatively speaking at 7.

Even bigger Starting next Saturday Feb 12th week the show will be at its new morning spot. 10 a.m. EST till noon. For the month of February it will also be replayed at 9 p.m. that evening. I will be the final show in a series of Saturday Morning conservative talk starting at 6 a.m.

So keep it right at WCRN all night and all morning next week for the best locally produced conservative talk out there.

UPDATE: BTW we are live at the Double Tree Hotel in Milford Mass. Feel free to come down and visit.

Of course he is a member of the Axis of Fedora (in fact a charter member and he wore the Same Fedora at the Scott Brown victory party that got Smitty into GQ. So he knows the power of the Fedora:

You know that lazy SOB in your newsroom? No, not him . . . the other one. Okay, the other other one. Why not replace him and save your paper some dough in the process.

I knew there was a reason why I bought his book on Friday.

You haven’t bought his book yet? You should, he is nice guy. A scholar who can both quote Dante in Italian and write as blunt as a sailor in a tavern after his ship pays off. The man who can produce this reaction from my wife, and this reaction from his Co-blogger that I met at CPAC:

thinking of Dan, and really hope he’s going to be okay. Cannot really have fun until he is better.

When a young woman enjoying her first CPAC final thought is for the health of her friend and co-blogger that co-blogger must be special.

If a guy like that isn’t worth the price of a book I’d like to know what is?

Then don’t forget to get yourself a copy of Dan Collins book Was it something I said?

Don’t forget he was at the Brown Party too and did yeoman service.

College professors on our side of the aisle are rare enough, when they turn up we need to support them.

Plus he wore a Fedora, what more needs to be said?

Q: What were the first words out of my wife mouth this morning to my son when she saw Dan Collins (who she has never met or heard of) sleeping on the recliner when she came downstairs this morning?

I was dead asleep upstairs and Stacy on the couch, she and I thought I would be crashing in Boston and was at work when Dan arrived and left.

I hope to have Dan (now on his way home) over again. I hope you checked out his coverage last night as he gave much more color of the place itself than I did.

Oh and buy his book!

Update: Fisherville Mike links (thanks) but doesn’t know the end of the story. When my wife got home she mentioned that Dan had his feet on the chair in front of the computer so she couldn’t get online either.

I will have several post of round up on things over the next few days but I have to take Stacy to Boston for a 6 a.m. train so I have one more short sleep night left.

Update: Fishersville Mike has a better title for this post.