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Hornblower Retribution 2001

Today I gave a call to GoDaddy and after a week of contradictory messages, conflicting statements and customer service where it was not clear who was the paying customer and who was providing the service I was finally informed that my suspension was over and my web site was back up.

Much to my shock true to their word within a few minutes I was able to see the last post that made it up exactly a week ago today but in a final twist of the knife these actions delayed me long enough so I was unable to join my son, his girl and my wife for a Valentine’s breakfast at Parker’s Marple barn in NH (Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the required fasting overrides the secular version of Valentine’s day.

I’m not going to recount the whole story here, but suffice to say that if you go into my archives you will notice that all the graphics from all my posts from 2011-2014 are gone along with a fair amount of graphics from 2017 as well. It’s going to take some effort to restore these without risking a return to exile.

The thing that really pissed me off were the attempts to up sell me as a solution to exile. My ancestry is Sicilian, I know a protection racket when I see one.

My short term plan is to strip the site to bare bones and migrate it to a smaller hosting company where I can talk to the boss who will speak to me as a customer rather than crippling my business and then telling me how high to jump if I want it back or as the congress once said at the time of the Barbary Pirates: “Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute.”

I don’t have millions and the extra money I will be spending to get myself moved, in addition to the increased monthly costs will not be pleasant, but the knowledge that this will not happen again combined with the fact that none of those additional funds will end up in GoDaddy’s Hands will more than make up for things.

Meanwhile I’d like to thank my Magnificent Seven writers who posted at the backup site, for those of you who don’t know we kept plugging right along over there. Here are the posts in case you missed them:

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I didn’t move everyone over to the old site as I didn’t expect to be down as long as I was but bottom line we are back and we intend to stay back

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Finally might I suggest my book  Hail Mary the Perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer makes an excellent Gift.

Then some itinerant Jewish exorcists tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those with evil spirits, saying, “I adjure you by the Jesus whom Paul preaches.” When the seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish high priest, tried to do this, the evil spirit said to them in reply, “Jesus I recognize, Paul I know, but who are you?”

The person with the evil spirit then sprang at them and subdued them all. He so overpowered them that they fled naked and wounded from that house.

Acts of the Apostles 19:13-16

As you might have heard Simon & Schuster gave a big book deal to Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos has parlayed his ban from Twitter  — and some controversial appearances on college campuses and cable TV shows — into a $250,000 book deal with Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, The Hollywood Reporter learned on Thursday.

“They said banning me from Twitter would finish me off. Just as I predicted, the opposite has happened,” Yiannopoulos told THR, confirming the upcoming book without commenting on financial details.

Liberals aren’t happy and the virtuous folks at the Chicago Review of Books aren’t taking it lying down.

If you are a person who only casually follows the news, this might sound like a big deal, but folks who deal in the world of reality like Milo and Simon Schuster realize that this Twitchy post notwithstanding their courageous stand isn’t about shutting down Milo or punishing Simon & Schuster, it’s a desperate attempt to be noticed.

Let’s put it this way. Here is the Twitter page of he Chicago Review of Books at 12:07 AM EST on Dec 30th 2016 10 hours or so after their courageous tweet

Now there are two things that jump out at me here that any experienced twitter user will notice right off the top.

1. They follow more people than they have followers meaning they aren’t very popular.

2. They only have 4200 twitter followers and that’s 10 hours after their most famous tweet drew over 8000 likes.

Now let’s contrast that with Instapundit a site whose twitter feed is almost certainly going to promote Milo’s book

As you can see Glenn has over 74,000 followers and follows less people than the review of books has followers.  Clearly that statement in Professor Reynolds pinned tweet about not needing twitter applies to him but can’t apply to the Chicago Review of books.

“But DaTechguy”, you ask.  Isn’t that a tad unfair, Glenn is a big name, why don’t you compare it with someone smaller, OK let’s compare them to my own Twitter numbers.

The Chicago Review of books can take comfort in the fact that they have nearly but not quite 200 more followers on twitter than me, and that even if you add my followers on Gab which I joined last month

they still edge me.  However given that I have made absolutely no effort to solicit followers on twitter  other than one button on my web site since I joined (nor have I on Gab in the month or so I’ve been there) that feat seems much less impressive.

But that’s just twitter, and Milo’s banned from that.  Surely both Milo and Simon & Schuster must be worried about the drop in web traffic from the Chicago Review of Books web site if they boycott them in 2017?  That is they would if they didn’t bother to go to Alexa and check their rankings like I did.

Apparently not only has their traffic dropped like a rock over the last few months but they’ve only recently broken into the top 2,000,000 sites worldwide.  Now compare that again to Instapundit which is the biggest part of PJ media which Alexa measures.

You’re talking a top 7500 worldwide and top 2000 US site vs a top 2 mil site worldwide.  And remember multiple PJ media writers are almost certainly going to be reviewing milo’s book.

I’ll wager Simon & Schuster is shaking in their boots, but if you’re griping that it’s not a fair graphic because PJ media has multiple web pages, fine, let’s compare them to this site right here.

While we are no instapundit those figures aren’t bad for a blog based in Fitchburg Massachusetts a city of 45,000 whose only international notoriety is for being the home of the fictional Fitchburg Finches from the Harry Potter books particularly when compared to a site based in Chicago Illinois home of the World Champion Chicago Cubs and one of the most famous cities in the entire world.

In other words if I hired a blogger to review one Simon & Schuster book a month it would likely send them more traffic than a year’s worth of plugs from the Chicago Review of Books.

That’s why Simon & Schuster isn’t going to worry about this “boycott” because, while it’s likely true that the folks at the Chicago Review of Books hate Milo and are both outraged and jealous of his big book deal, they know this “boycott” of them is more about trying to make The Chicago Review of Books relevant than to take a stand against Simon & Schuster.  Or let’s put it another way:

Given our relative traffic ratings The Chicago Review of Books web site is likely to get more traffic from this blog post than from anything they will write themselves next year.

It’s not virtue signaling, it’s just signaling desperately.

Closing thought:  Anyone want to make book at which MSM will pick up this story, see the words “Chicago Review of Books” and  breathlessly reporting this “boycott” without bothering to check the stats?

Update: Bazinga!

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As you might have guessed 2013 was not as busy around here as the 2012 election year (as of the close of business yesterday traffic was 96.1% of 2012 levels) but there were plenty of posts that got a lot of attention.  Here are the five that you found the most interesting:

5.  From Oct 4:  Miriam Carey Shatters Media Dreams

Do you remember Miriam Carey, no?  Well that’s because she didn’t fit the template

The possibilities were endless!    and then came the facts:

The driver wasn’t a Tea Party member

Wasn’t a person involved in politics,

Wasn’t armed

Wasn’t a man

Wasn’t even white!

The driver was a black woman with  mental health issues and a young child violating every stereotype the media held dear, given she lived in Ct. they couldn’t even blame her postpartum depression on lack of access to abortion.

And a two-week story about the violence of the tea party with heavy face time dominating the landscape faded toward the bottom of Memeorandum and the hour-long segments with just a little news tossed on it became a small opening before going back to hitting the GOP on the government shutdown.

It’s sad to see a dream fade so quickly

If she had been a white Republican every end of the year story would have featured her.

Continue reading “5 Posts That you liked most in 2013… (and one oddity)”