by Linda Szugyi

“Heteronormative patriarchy” is a phrase that would make me chuckle under any circumstance.  That so much pomposity can be crammed into merely two words is a marvel on par with John Cleese‘s talent for parody.

One needn’t be a scholar of feminist theory to notice the attempt to make disapproval sound like academic enlightenment.  It’s a great example of the Marcusean idea that intolerance of the Right is the “real tolerance”–something feminist scholar Robert Stacy McCain recently taught me.

As amusing as heteronormative patriarchy may be on its own, however, said scholar’s use of it is pure comedic genius:

“Roses are red, violets are blue.  The heteronormative patriarchy is raping you.”

I am not even a casual reader of feminist theory.  Was feminism a diverse movement that included conservatives until it was hijacked by Gloria Steinem in the 1970s?  Who led the “Women’s Liberation a/k/a ‘Second Wave’ feminism” movement?”  I haven’t the foggiest.

Even so, growing up in the seventies and eighties meant that I unknowingly absorbed of a great deal of feminism.  So, while the idea of getting married was okay, the vows had to be for “husband and wife,” not the unequal “man and wife.”  The vow to obey my husband was acceptable only because my husband vowed to obey me, too.  I didn’t even have to request that wording.  It must have been standard.

I grew up in a world that said of course men and women are perfectly equal.  Of course you and your husband are equal partners in the marriage, with equal power over household decisions.  Of course you can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan.  (And never let him forget he’s a man!)

1980 Enjoli commercial

That equal life eventually led me to the military, with all its rigid hierarchical glory.  Authority must rest on the shoulders of a single commanding officer.  Otherwise a stalemate can occur, and the mission doesn’t get accomplished.

What an irony: my feminist-minded career ambitions ended up convincing me to assume the role of second-in-command in my own house.  After all, chain-of-command issues apply to marriage, too.  If both spouses have the same level of authority, what happens if they reach an impasse?  The marriage must end.  It can’t be helped; they “just grow apart.”  The marital strife in Die Hard is a good example.

So, that’s my experience with feminism.  I wore the mantle reflexively, then cast it off and forgot all about it.  Feminists haven’t forgotten about me, though, have they?  They keep thinking up new ways to explain what’s wrong with me.  Wikipedia says that “heteronormativity” originates from a 1991 queer theory work, but “became incorporated into both the gender and the transgender debate.”

Just add the term “patriarchy,” and viola: “patriarchal heteronormativity” and “heteronormative patriarchy.”  Either way, it seems pretty well established in the academic realm.  As one might guess, it merges two different perceived injustices.  First, if you hold the opinion that homosexuality is anything less than perfectly normal, then you are part of an oppressive culture that forces people to conform.  Second, if you hold the opinion that a male head of the household is an ideal situation, then you are part of an unjust system that oppresses women.

Additional themes are tied to “heteronormative patriarchy/partriachal heteronormativity:”

The Binary Concept

Heteropatriarchy (a third way to say it) “creates a hierarchy that ‘rests on a gender binary system in which only two genders exist, one (male) dominating the other (female).’ ”

Heteronormativity is the pervasive, hegemonic state that exists because we choose to draw binary conceptions of gender in our society.”

One heteronormative power structure is “[t]he gender binary, that humans are man and woman, that man is one thing and woman is another. . . .”

“Gender is inherently hierarchical and oppressive. . . .  The goal of feminism, then, must not be just the elimination of gender inequality or gender oppression, but that abolition of gender itself.”  Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men, explaining and critiquing Godlessness in Theory.

Very interesting.  The fact that different people engage in different types of sexual activity apparently means that basic biological differences should be thrown straight out the window.  There is no male and female anatomy; there is only a complex tapestry of desires and Thou Shalt Not Judge Any Of Them.

Heterosexuality = Colonialism and Imperialism

Today’s lingering oppression of women stems from colonial history, and the ‘Western-centric/Christian-centric, capitalist world system, and it is also connected to racist regimes.  Can anyone rationally explain these connections?  Other than the fact that Marx Said So, why is the fact that men and women tend to get together, have babies, and raise them together inherently a bad thing?

My Existence = Their Oppression

I oppress the LGBT community.  My lifestyle “goes deeper . . . and it takes many different forms.  Patriarchy affects everyone. . . .  it’s not only about gender – ‘race’, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, age, class, religion, and more all come into it.  Even those in power who have to conform to a specific set of rules are affected by patriarchy.”

Wow, even those in power are oppressed by patriarchy.  They oppress . . . themselves.

I’m told that my personal beliefs and thoughts are a problem that must be cured.  What a crock.  I choose to live my life according to my Christian beliefs, to the best of my ability.  Those choices don’t oppress anyone.  I have no control over what perfect strangers do with their own lives.  Please, go ahead with your own lives, feminists.  Leave me alone.

Illinois BlagoBy John Ruberry

Isaac “Ike” Carothers used to be a Chicago alderman until he pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a developer seeking a zoning change. Ironically, his father, William, was convicted on similar charges three decades earlier  when he served as an alderman in the same part of Chicago.

Carothers is on the ballot again–this time he is running for an open seat on the Cook County Board. As the ex-con enjoys by far the biggest name recognition of the five candidates for that office, Carothers stands a good chance of winning in this month’s Democratic Primary, which will again make the Land of Lincoln a nationwide embarrassment, because in this heavily Democratic district, the general election will serve as a coronation.

In 2012, voters chose to send Derrick Smith, another Chicago Democrat, back to Springfield even though he was under indictment on bribery charges and had been expelled that summer from the state House of Representatives. An independent candidate was chosen by local pols to run against Smith in the heavily Democratic district–but Smith won easily anyway.

Smith, who is still awaiting trial, is on the ballot again this spring, but this time Democratic Party bosses are backing him.illinois lawyers

Not so with Carothers. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle held a joint press conference where they declared their support for Emanuel’s former political director.

Oh, I almost forgot. While state law prevents Carothers from running for a Chicago City Council seat, he can run for other offices, including US Congress.

This ignominy troubles the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn, a liberal, who is calling for what he calls “Ike’s Law,” which would prevent ex-cons running for any public office in Illinois. That’s a great idea.

In a column last week, Zorn wrote of down-ballot offices, “But in races for smaller offices, voters will be less well-informed.”

Zorn moves on from there, but in that sentence he hit at the core of the problem as to why Ike’s Law is needed. What Rush Limbaugh dubs “low-information voters” are a key constituency of the Democratic Party. Generations of party and labor bosses have drummed into their followers these two words: “Vote Democratic.” Added by, “Just listen to us–only listen to us.”

That is why Derrick Smith won his seat back two years ago.Cook County sign

And the problem low-info voters extends beyond Illinois. At an Occupy Milwaukee rally two years ago, I watched in disgust as Gilbert Johnson, an AFSCME local president remark about the Tea Party, “What you have is a bunch of haters, people that tell lies, people that want to go back to the ’50s. White man rule. White man only.”

I’m pretty sure that hate-speech–by Johnson and others–was parroted by other union bosses across the nation during the 2012 campaign. And by precinct captains and even preachers at rallies of all kinds–not just Occupy gatherings.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) said on the floor of the Senate last week to “turn off the Fox News” so people can only hear her version of the truth about ObamaCare.

Also last week, in a speech to political supporters, Obama called on them to reach out to Republicans “who watch the wrong newscast.”

If the low-information in voters  in Illinois start watching “the wrong newscast” or researching issues on their own instead of listening to ward-heelers, community organizers, and demagogues, the presence of Ike Carothers on a ballot would be good for one thing–a plethora of chuckles.

But the Democratic Party needs those low-info voters. And shame on Zorn, a nice fella by the way, for leaving that crucial fact out of his column.

Oh, imagine that–a president making choices about the “right” or “wrong” newscast.

How far we have fallen as a people.

By Steve Eggleston

Even though the calendar says celestial spring doesn’t begin until later this month, meterologists marked the beginning of meteorlogical spring today. Here in southeast Wisconsin, nature didn’t exactly cooperate as snow is falling as I type this, with another round of subzero temperatures behind it.

For much of the country, this winter has been a brutally-cold one. The Climate Prediction Center didn’t exactly expect that outcome, as it predicted warmer than normal temperatures for much of the country, including New England and Wisconsin, between November and January.

Bloomberg’s story says that the Climate Prediction Center expects to be closer on their December-February prediction once all the data is collated. Given temperatures in southern Wisconsin departed even further below normal in February, with Milwaukee 9.5 degrees below normal and Madison 10.9 degrees below normal, unless the climatologists flipped the prediction, I doubt they were any closer to being correct.

Meanwhile, the Farmers’ Almanac was quite a bit closer to reality, even though its prediction came out well before the Climate Prediction Center’s. The Almanac even got within hours of its call for a snowy Super Bowl.

To be fair to the Climate Prediction Center, it did get the warmer-than-normal conditions in the Southwest right, while the Farmers’ Almanac missed that call.

Lest one believes that is merely a 4-month string of bad luck from the global warming crowd, bear in mind that their ever-warming models completely blew the 15-year lack of warming that has been taking place since 1998. The lack of evidence is so astounding that Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, said there is no scientific proof that there is a significant man-made component to a minor case of warming over the last 100 years.

By A.P. Dillon

Today I’m not hitting a political story. In an effort to unwind, I’ve been sucked into another world and frankly, have gotten a little obsessed. So has my oldest son. What am I talking about?


Some of you instantly know what I am talking about, others need to get up to speed. Minecraft, in a nutshell, is Legos for the computer. It’s breaking, placing and building with blocks. There are other neat features about it as well like being able to craft armor, fight zombies and more. You can play solo or with friends. Find out what I mean and check out their video:


How we became obsessed

We had no idea how hugely popular it was and that Minecraft recently passed over 35 million copies sold worldwide. Friends of ours mentioned their son was playing Minecraft and described it to us. A few months later, we finally checked it out as an early birthday present to our oldest.  We immediately liked that our son could play solo and in various modes — his favorite being the creative mode. I admit, that’s my favorite too. As a fan of city building games like Caesar III and Sim City, this was up my alley.

Once we downloaded it and started playing, we were hooked. Anyone with obsessive compulsive disorder will be an instant addict. I even find myself compulsively “tidying” up areas, weeds, lines of blocks and buildings. My son on the other hand likes his worlds messy.

Anyway, what we have seen in this game and what our son has done with it since we first downloaded it has amazed us. Anything he can think of, he can pretty much do. I’ve been impressed with the things he has come up with as a seven-year old. He’s also gleaned ideas from a set of videos my husband and I have approved created by an enthusiastic player named Stampylonghead. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel Trailer. I love this guy.

Only draw back I’ve found with the game itself is that it sometimes crashes randomly. By crashing, I mean it locks up my computer completely and forces me to do a hard reboot. I’ve tried the multitude of tips or tricks listed in forums online that mention this problem, but none of them really seem to make a difference. Making sure my computer wasn’t overheating by cleaning it out seemed to help. Maybe it’s a processor overheating issue that freezes it, not sure. I’ve played way more graphics intense games than this with no issue. Perhaps it could be a game population issue; something is spawning somewhere in the world causing a crash. If anyone out there reading this knows, drop a comment below!

The creativity capacity is incredible. Our son has even created airplanes, detailed traps for monsters, whole towns, and an amusement park. He is now currently exploring the various resource packs that are available. Resource packs are like add-ons that change the look, textures and feel of the images.  There is so much more I could go into detail about, but it would fill several tomes. My suggestion is to check it out for yourself, but be prepared for the obsession that follows!

A.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.


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by Fausta Rodríguez Wertz

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“He who tires, loses.”

Venezuela is at a crossroads.

For over two weeks, the people have been protesting against the government. What started as a students’ protest has spread throughout the country – even the beauty queens are protesting. Why?

The protests accompany inflation officially at 56% (but likely much, much higher); the third-highest murder rate of any country in the world; and, according to an official index, scarce supplies of one out of four staple items needed in every home, such as cooking oil, corn flour, and toilet paper.

Nationalization and expropriation of private businesses, price controls, huge corruption, government printing money to finance itself (including having to pay bond yields higher than all 55 emerging markets tracked by Bloomberg) are all part and parcel of a ruined economy. The scarce benefits that may have accrued under Chavez are being eaten away fast by the crisis.

One of the causes for the rampant criminality is due to the multiple times when, urging his “Bolivarian Revolution,” Hugo Chavez  encouraged the poor to steal while he created a favored class, instead of directing his regime towards the rule of law. Chavez armed gangs that repressed opposition demonstrations (and, make no mistake, they’re on the attack now). He named to his cabinet men who were designated as “Tier II Kingpins”  by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. To worsen things, as part of his “war of all the peoples”, Chavez forged close ties with Iran and Hezbollah.

Add to how socialism has destroyed Venezuela, the regime’s suppression of the media:

  • international networks have been blocked from cable and satellite TV,
  • TV and radio stations had their licenses revoked,
  • newspapers are denied the hard currency they need to buy paper,
  • news websites are taken down,
  • the government blocked Twitter images and digital walkie-talkie apps like Zello.
  • president Maduro calls CNN “fascists”, throws them out of the country, and them changes his mind, allowing them to stay if they toe the line,
  • all while the government continues to assert that Venezuela is a free democracy.

YouTube, Twitter and other social media carry the opposition’s message as the international media has ignored until this week the Venezuela story. Worryingly,

influential news outlets have started describing students protests in the country as the domain of “conservative” kids (here’s looking at you BBC). To those who discovered Venezuela only a couple of weeks ago, and are bent on projecting racial and cultural prejudices on the situation, let me just leave with this little factoid to ponder on: chavismo has never won a general election in Venezuelan universities. Ever. Since 1998. In other words, where the voting is manual (rather than with Smartmatic / official electoral body), chavismo is yet to win one election, of either authorities or students bodies in universities across Venezuela.

Much to their credit, CNN en Español sent correspondent Fernando del Rincón to interview retired Brigadier General Ángel Vivas, who had armed and barricaded himself in his home when the National Guard came to seize him for denouncing that Cuba’s giving the orders to the military.

There’s even a photo claiming to show Cuban General Leopoldo Cinta dictating his orders to the Venezuelan army.

Senator Marco Rubio explained Cuba’s influence on Venezuelan affairs:

Like its Cuban overlords, the Venezuelan regime’s human rights violations are egregious:

the human rights abuses taking place every day with government oversight. In the past 14 days, Venezuelan protesters, comprised mostly of students and the middle class, have been shot; tear-gassed, beaten and arrested by National Police. Fifteen people have died as a result of the protests, seven of them were shot in the head. In addition, two local human rights organizations, Provea and the Venezuelan Penal Forum, have also called for investigations on the ongoing torture of detainees.

Here are two tragic (and very graphic) stories that haven’t made their way into American headlines: Geraldine Moreno, a student, died this past Saturday after troops shot numerous plastic bullets at her eyes. Juan Manuel Carrasco, 21, y Jorge Luis León, 25 – two male students detained in the city of Valencia – were allegedly raped with long guns by military troops and handcuffed for 48 hours. There is has been no word of an official investigation, and the two are only being helped by an NGO, Venezuelan Penal Forum.

Today there’s a women’s demonstration taking place. Tomorrow the Organization of American States will be meeting on Venezuela – I doubt they will denounce the regime’s abuses. Jimmy Carter wants to go to Venezuela, Next week Carnival celebrations are scheduled but the opposition has already said no to the Carnival.

Venezuela’s regime has no ace-in-the-hole monetary allies; there are signs that some of the military may side with the protestors. Yet, things will have to get a lot worse before they get better.

Venezuela’s opposition, in order to be effective, must continue its struggle. Their motto, so far, is “He who tires, loses.” As Jay Nordlinger said,

The Castros and the Chávezes and the Maduros and their apologists never tire — ever. Their opponents must not either, if they can possibly help it.

Let this be their anthem, then:

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes at Fausta’s blog on Latin American and US politics and culture.

by Linda Szugyi

Words have meaning.

That’s precisely the reason why progressives are always finding new words and phrases to describe the same old things.  The meaning of a word has a pesky little way of conveying truth, and when your goals run contrary to public opinion about said truth, then you had better run to the drawing board and find some other way to sell your snake oil, because the words “snake oil” aren’t going to sell many bottles.

“Rebranding” is the term used nowadays, and when it means that an old marketing ploy no longer connects to the consumer, it is not necessarily a bad thing.  After all, how many women today would be sold on a soap product that promises to preserve her daintiness?

When it means that an ideology no longer connects to voters, however, “rebranding” is a Very Bad Thing.  After all, we are talking about putting a social and governmental plan into operation, not choosing between different soaps.

When ideology is the subject at hand, then “rebranding” is another word for lyingGeorge Orwell knew that a long time ago.  Alas, rebranding often works.  So, the Florida legislature does not repeal the laws implementing Common Core, but it does strike the words “Common Core” from state law, and replace it with “Florida Standards.”

Apparently, Iowa and Arizona are also undergoing the “rebranding” procedure for Common Core implementation.  That which we call a rose by another name would not be as sweet, it seems.

In other words, if it smelled good wouldn’t we be satisfied by calling it Common Core?

Yes we would.  Common Core, however, stinks.  In fact, my rudimentary research for this post reaffirmed the fact that Common Core is educational snake oil.  Shoot, the item at the top of one Google search was an ad for “,” which explains that:

“This website will seek to bring some clarity to this debate by using a common sense approach to the Common Core, based on facts and reasoned arguments. . . . CICERO Systems provides this source for Common Core information as a service to the educational community.  We invite feedback on all aspects of Common Core, without a political agenda and grounded in factual evidence.”

They are a source of Common Core information . . . as a service.  It’s got nothing to do with the fact that their eTextbook software bundle will “revolutionize the way you teach!”  Hmm.  It seems that the very act of selling a product is being rebranded as a public service.

Speaking of rebranding, we need a new language in order to discuss the Common Core standards, don’t you think?  I know the standards themselves already sound like a new language.  For example, check out the silly way Standard 9-10 LS.6 explains high schoolers should learn enough words to communicate like an adult, and should be able to learn new words on their own.  While you are at it, notice the lesson that meets this standard.  It features nursery rhymes and Kanye West.  Nursery rhymes.  And Kanye West.

Anyhoo, some of us foil hat wearers and cottoning on to the real meaning of words and phrases like “rigor,” “assessments,” and “college and career ready.”  So perhaps educators need to come up with a new layer of impenetrable verbiage.  Thinking Maps has a template ready:  A Common Language for the Common Core.

In only two short pages, this “common language” manages to be “peculiarly riddled with such stunning Orwellian-inspired ditties like change agent, change maker, education pioneer, thought leader, thought merchant, groupwork, groupthink and mindshift.”

I can understand that businesses want to use the education overhaul as an opportunity to make money.  But the fact that many teachers are actually sold on this profoundly silly doublespeaking fluff talk really boggles the mind.

Calvin would be proud.

academia here I come

Here is my auto-biographical epilogue.  I should tell you more about myself, but if you enjoyed my writing then really you should be thanking Da Tech Guy by subscribing.

California Orchard
Central Valley orchard in 2009

By John Ruberry

Al Gore brought his multi-media global warming circus to Kansas City last night. With photos and videos, Gore showed the folks of the City of Fountains downpours, dust storms, wildfires, drought, and rising sea levels that the so-called “settled science” of anthropogenic global warming will bring.

You’ve heard–or heard about it–again and again.

But in a Kansas City Star article about Gore’s speech, this Gore-acle about California’s drought-stricken Central Valley pounced at me like a wounded polar bear: “Think about that, the Dust Bowl is coming back, quickly, unless we act.”

The original Dust Bowl, which devastated the Great Plains from southern Canada to the Texas panhandle in the 1930s, was brought about by drought conditions that humans made worse by a few decades of reckless agricultural practices on marginal land.

Californians, on the other hand, have been farming the fertile soil of the Central Valley since the end of the Mexican War. The region is blessed by warm, but not hot, summers and cool winters–it has everything but steady rain. But irrigation from the reservoirs of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta remedied that problem–until 2007, when environmentalist Luddites won a court ruling that diverts water to the ocean to protect the tiny Delta Smelt. The ruling decreed that no more than 305 of them can be killed by water diversion. In National Review last month, Charles C.W. Cooke wrote that there are anywhere from 35,000 to 100,000 of the “little buggers.”

Central Valley strawberry field in 2009
Central Valley strawberry field in 2009

What Gore surely omitted from his KC speech, that unlike global warming, the Central Valley drought is truly man-caused.

All kinds of food is produced in the Valley–grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, nuts, and corn are just some. In fact, about 12 percent of the food we grow comes from there.

If the Central Valley does become a Dust Bowl, we can blame environmentalists like Gore and fellow global-warming believer President Obama.

But the disaster can be prevented if we quickly act: Open the gates and let the water in.


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By A.P. Dillon

What happens if you throw a social justice movement and no one comes? More specifically, what happens when the citizens of the state in which you’re pushing this movement have tuned you out?

You get the normal sized, lackluster Moral Monday crowd like this one in Fayetteville:

It sounded like part revival, and part rally. Barber used the occasion to give state lawmakers a tongue lashing. “We are not dealing with Republicans,” said Barber. “It’s not about Republicans or Democrats. It’s about extremist trying to hijack this state.”

The crowd of 200 to 300 may have been small, but spirits were high. There were a lot of teachers and educators in the crowd, who are angry at state legislators.  Via Abc11

200-300 was generous. I saw the report on television by ABC 11 and Time Warner news was likely more accurate with ‘more than a hundred’.  You see, this is what a Moral Monday really looks like when you aren’t busing in people from other states or astroturfing it with Unions.   Regarding the line about teachers and educators – how dare Governor McCrory actually fulfill one of their main requests?

This is what Moral Monday looks like in Florida — mostly unions:

Here comes the out of state astroturf RT @ProgressFlorida: RT @AwakeTheState: Flyer for Moral Monday rally in Tally — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) February 18, 2014

 Reminder: Organize the South Or Die!

There is a related piece in the FayObserver with a picture from this particular Moral Monday who is holding a sign that says ‘Get Big Money Out Of Politics’.  That sign probably only means get money out of Republican politics, since the top donors over the last twenty years have given overwhelmingly to Democrats.


The Crowd Estimate Lie And Media Repetition

I’m surprised they even estimated given the “logistics expert” debacle that came out of the Moral March held on February 8th; see my article, Moral March Recap. USA Today was forced to correct the ludicrous estimate from the NAACP’s “logistics expert” that touted 80-100k had shown up when fellow blogger SisterToldjah made an inquiry. As it turns out, the USA Today writer simply plucked that number from a tweet made by the Moral March leader, Reverend Barber, then put it in their article without attribution.

Just for fun, let’s try a comparison.  Here’s a crowd shot from the march. Below is a shot of the on campus basketball record-breaking crowd in the Carrier Dome at over 34K during the recent SU vs Duke game. The crowd estimate NC NAACP wants you to believe is around three times that? Bullpucky.

The official attendance was 35,446. For even more perspective, there’s another shot of that crowd here. GO ORANGE!


So The Media Repeated Big Lie? What Was The Real Number?

Yes. None of them vetted that number the day of and instead, repeated the claim. That includes the national outlet, USA Today. Sister Toldjah had question them to get USA Today to correct it. That’s your media, folks. The real number was probably about 14-15k according to Stephen Doig and Butch Street, who were brought in to check out the 80-100k claim.  In other words, no bigger than one of the larger HK on J marches — only they had to bus them in from other states. One could read more about that debunking if it weren’t conveniently still behind the News and Observer pay wall.

“Logistics Expert”

So who is the “logistics expert”? Peter Anlyan, the founder of Anlyan Consulting.  Was he using Common Core math to get that ridiculous estimate? One has to wonder. Anlyan, as it turns out has strong ties to Jim Goodmon, whose charity organization funneled money to the ‘attack memo’ distributor BlueprintNC which was spawned by NC Justice Center. Convenient!

So why does this crowd size matter?  It should matter to everyone that the 2014 HK on J/Moral March was mostly people imported from other states – yet the media present chose not to show that aspect. It shows this ‘movement’ lacks the enthusiasm from the majority of North Carolinians and that who is showing up are the far Left groups and their union friends. They do not represent North Carolina. They are a well-funded, small but loud minority attempting to make themselves seem larger and broader than they really are– and failing.

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by Linda Szugyi

Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking is not as insulting towards extroverts as it sounds.  Her point is not that one personality trait is better than the other.

She does, however, make a strong case that our culture has a bias against introversion.  She gives a synopsis in a charming TED Talk.

It certainly rings true to me.  I grew up knowing full well that I was a shy, anxious sort, and that I should be less so.  Warning: shyness and anxiousness are not the same thing as introversion.  Just ask any introvert and they’ll tell you in short order.

The thing is, I didn’t know there was a difference between social anxiety and introversion until taking the good-old Myers-Briggs in my late twenties.  What a revelation.  My whole life, I had lumped them together in the Big Bag of Stuff I Need To Overcome.

Given that I’m so introverted a month in solitary confinement sounds like the perfect holiday, I really shouldn’t be throwing the baby out with the bath water.  So it felt good to accept some natural tendencies.

Still, my career forced me to continue trying to fit in an ill-fitting mold.  It’s a stressful way to live.  Thanks to that personality test, at least somewhere in the back of my mind I patted myself on the back for trying so hard, rather than berating myself for failing an impossible task.

Motherhood gave me a reason to walk away from that stressful career.  Since then, I’ve considered the matter resolved:  it’s okay to be an introvert, and introverts can learn to behave in an extroverted manner whenever a situation calls for it.

Quiet has offered another eye-opening idea, though:  it’s not necessarily a good idea to don the extroverted mantle all the time.  If you do it too much you’ll burn out.  Individuals should seek a lifestyle that compliments natural tendencies, not one that is constantly at odds with it.

And there lies my brand new revelation:  I may have walked away from the impossible task of Becoming Extroverted, but I never did change my daily habit of acting more extroverted than I really am.

The funny thing is, I thought that pulling the boys out of brick-and-mortar school would provide a unique opportunity to indulge in my introverted tendencies.  Ha!

If I kept the boys alone with me all day, every day, I’m not sure if they would kill me or I would kill them.  Being an engaged member of a larger community is a must.

And in the homeschool community, nothing gets done without a considerable amount of initiative, discussion, planning, and cooperation from every parent.  So here I am, constantly meeting new people, having email discussions, signing up to be a “craft leader” (don’t ask), coordinating and chaperoning field trips, arranging car pools, collecting money for coach gifts, and just generally pitching in and chatting away far more than I ever did at the brick-and-mortar schools.

It’s turning into a stressful way to live.  I might have to break my habit of acting extroverted, at least some of the time.

Whew, too much navel-gazing.  If you’ve read this far, thanks for indulging me.  Since most people are probably closer to the middle of the “introversion/extraversion” spectrum, this post may sound a lot like a hand-wringer trying to rationalize her own anxieties.  There might be some truth to that.

But I can still pull some takeaway points out of my nethers for those of you who didn’t fail to score at least one point on the extraversion side of the Myers-Briggs test.

First, if you can’t decide whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, and frankly suspect the whole thing is a crock:  count your lucky stars.  You are a well-balanced ambivert–able to enjoy a quiet, solitary day every bit as much as you enjoy a spontaneous day in the midst of a bustling crowd.  I am jealous of you.

Second, if you are considering homeschooling, but are afraid that you will “go crazy” if you are stuck in your house all day, don’t let that misconception stop you.  It is so easy to rarely be home while homeschooling.  Assuming you have a vehicle and you don’t live in the absolute middle of nowhere, there is enough excitement out there for even the most extreme stimuli-seeking extrovert among us.

Actually, we homeschooling introverts need you extroverts desperately.  We need the moms who revel in leading vibrant new groups.

If you are an extrovert who would like to homeschool, but can’t find enough activities in your area, start a group of your own.  I remember a fellow military mom who was worried about the lack of organized homeschool groups at her next duty station.  She solved that problem by founding the Home School Association for Military Families.

If you build it, we introverts will come out from under our rocks.  We promise.

This is the epilogue where I tell you something about myself.  But I just got thru talking about myself at length.  So let’s skip it.  I write more stuff, often about myself, here.


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