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Olimometer 2.52

You might be surprised to see my weekly paycheck Thermometer at the top of a post instead of at the end of it but it occurred to me that my whole 60 x 20 x 12 plan is a great example of why the immigration bill will if passed fail miserably to solve problems.

Consider, Last year was an incredible time for this blog. In addition to CPAC and the tax rallies there was the New Hampshire border just 45 minutes away and an exciting GOP primary going on. When the primary was done there were still 4 electoral votes up for grabs the Governor’s race in NH and the Brown/Warren in Mass. I covered an awful lot of ground and did a lot of original reporting…

…yet I still wasn’t able to pay myself

Why, because unlike Stacy McCain I wasn’t constantly reminding the readers of what pays for all that coverage.

You dear readers are busy people. You have a lot of other demands on your time, your lives and your pocketbooks. I’ve had DaTipJar up on the side all last year and while the election drove traffic to the blog it didn’t get me the $300 a week I needed to pay the bills of the house.

The 60 x $20 x 12 or more specifically the 15 @ $20 system changes things. Each morning my first post of the day includes the Thermometer, the Tip Jar button and a reminder of how far I am along the way to my cherished $300 paycheck. When the goal is reached the appeals go away for the rest of the week and it’s no coincidence that once that happens DaTipJar tends to go silent. That’s not because it isn’t there on the sidelines, but because it’s not put before you in your busy day.

The same thing is going to happen with this immigration bill.

Monday I asked why anyone expects these laws to be enforced when the old ones weren’t. The most common answer given is Public pressure, but where will that pressure come from?

Not from the media: once the bill is passed they will move onto the next thing.

Not from the Administration: they’d just as soon have no enforcement provisions.

Not from the open borders lobbyists: they will continue to paint the enforcement provisions as draconian, unjust and urge their rejection.

The forces pushing for “immigration reform” will keep this front and center as long as they are trying to get the bill passed.  They’ll be more persistent than I am on a Friday & Saturday when I’m still short of my $300 paycheck.

But when they’ve gotten what they wanted the media will take it off the front page, the pols, the activists and the people will an agenda will move onto their next vital cause.  The heat will be off and any incentive to enforce the rules they don’t like will disappear like my tip jar spiel after I’ve made the weeks goal.

Then after 4 or 5 or 10 years if even they will be back to scream for a new Amnesty and a new bill to take care of all the new people who violate the new law in the hopes of reaping the same reward.

It’s a trick and a trap for people on the right, it won’t solve the problem, it won’t make us friends in the Latino Community, the “credit” will go to President Obama and in the end it will simply be a new source of democrat votes to make up for the failing demographic supply.

Personally I think you get better value for the dollar here.  You know who and what you get for your dollar, you get direct feedback and because of the nature of this business if I don’t produce a product that does the job worth paying for, your support goes away.

What could be fairer than that?

So if you buy the Rubio/Norquist line go ahead and support the immigration bill, if you want a better value for your dollar, then hit DaTipJar below.

Ok first guy in the blogger room here is DaPlan:

1. Upload videos AM that I started with

2. Give away last two cannoli

3. Allen West 9:15 catch that speech along with Pat Toomey

4. Movie The Gift of life at 10 AM

5. Panel of the day:

6. The Must see hour 1:15 Marco Rubio followed by Rand Paul followed by an event with Ted Cruz at 1:45. talk about big guns!

and the best name for an event is : “Should we shoot all the consultants now?” With a name like that how can a Sicilian resist? 3 PM

and of course during the day interviews, chats and several butchers aprons.

Update: Videos we got VIDEOS pre-spac start

and the main stage

and the people setting up

Olimometer 2.52

Thanks to all who hit DaTipJar Yesterday after a slow start this week we have already made my paycheck so till Sunday morning posts will be Sans thermometer.

the excess will go straight to CPAC expenses.

Thanks to you all for making this possible. What would i do without you?

`I’ll give you Mr Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast.’

`The Founder of the Feast indeed.’ cried Mrs Cratchit, reddening. `I wish I had him here. I’d give him a piece of my mind to feast upon, and I hope he’d have a good appetite for it.’

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol 1843

When you think of conservative media there are three names that instantly come to mind. Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Fox News

Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Fox News are all at the top of their fields. The left constantly hits all three but Rush has been the #1 talk radio show for decades, Matt Drudge’s web site is in the top 100 nationwide and top 500 worldwide (think of how many porn sites outdrawn) and Fox News has been on top so long a post-election dip in ratings was news all over the web and on their rival station that conveniently neglect to mention their own pathetic ratings in their stories.

Granted all three deserve credit for their own success but it’s not possible without decades of help from the MSM.

Years of bland biased radio gave Rush Limbaugh his opening, Fox took up a mantle that nobody else on TV was willing to carry and rode it to #1 spot in cable news, and Newsweek might still be a national magazine if they didn’t forfeit their scoop on Monica Lewinsky & Bill Clinton to Matt Drudge who beats the now online only Newsweek by a factor of 10.

Put simply the media created the conditions for all of these conservative platforms to thrive.

Here on the web the left is no less prolific. With Soros money and bloggers on salary the left is able to create instant public opinion or at least its illusion. In response the independent bloggers working on a shoestring have become a force in response.

As longtime readers of this blog and listeners to the radio show know I lost my Computer Job 5 years ago. During my failed pursuit of a job in my field, I started my old blog. My breakout moment came when I hosted Robert Stacy McCain to cover the improbable Scott Brown, however even that came about because of another event even more improbable

Stacy McCain while still at his old blog was attacked by Charles Johnson of LGF during his final er “change”  I had been a fan of both blogs at the time and covered the clash noting people who knew Stacy personally defended him and had a problem with Johnson’s tactics:

I saw Charles accusations concerning Robert, they were serious not only in terms of his career as a reporter and someone supporting a family of 6 but in terms of honor. The next day after reacting with righteous anger over the statements Robert answered and provided explanations as well. They more than satisfied me and I take him at his word…However there is another factor here, Robert Stacy McCain is the father of six. Those six carry his name and to some degree his reputation. He is fighting for their honor, his father honor and his great grandfather’s honor. He also as a father has to set the example for his children to stand up for themselves. If he lets this go without satisfaction he the example he will be setting will be terrible. As a father I see it and nod.

Eventually I found my self Banned from LGF along with a friend then called by Stacy McCain for the first time.  a conversation that ended in friendship.

That friendship that led to the Scott Brown team-up, my first CPAC visit, a place on the Tea Party Express bus, eventually to the Mitt Romney “victory” party and to this day where the blog has been ranked 101 on the list of top 150 conservative web sites and to you dear readers over the last two weeks providing me with the first two semi regular paychecks I’ve received since George Bush was president.

But none of this happens without Johnson attacking Stacy McCain.

Now based on a 40 hour work  (in reality is a 7 day a week job regularly working 80 hours) reading, writing, researching, or calling people concerning stories or covering them myself for the show or the blog the following formula…

Sixty Readers Giving $20 Dollars for Twelve Months = My Weekly $300 Paycheck

…works out to $7.50 an hour before taxes but I suspect the idea of an independent conservative blog able to support itself by reader contributions would still annoy Charles Johnson to no end.

The eventual goal is to make the radio pay enough to double that figure and get me back at least to the level I was drawing when I collected unemployment and if I work even harder someday to the weekly $800 paycheck that allowed me to build the savings our family exhausted over the Obama years.  That would annoy Charles Johnson even more

But if 60 people  x $20 x 12 to fund a single conservative blogger annually how much angrier can we make the entire left with just a little tweak, but that is a post for tomorrow morning.


[thermometer raised=25 target=300 height =200 ]

Yesterday was a National Holiday although not for the blog but it was a holiday for DaTipJar

Sunday’s tip jar hit still puts us $25 ahead of last week at this time but far behind the goal of the weekly paycheck.

It takes only 14 people kicking in $20 to pay the bills in a week. Consider being one of them, it will annoy the left to no end.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Sir. Winston Churchill

Herod the Great: Like a newborn Scorpion (pressing and crunching his foot on floor) Underfoot!

Jesus of Nazareth 1977

One of the things conservative’s face once they break into anything resembling prominence is the totalitarian nature of the left.

Our friends on the left have never forgotten the rise of Rush Limbaugh, Fox news and the small media organs that compete in the kingdom of redundant noise they have created. The greatest fear is a charasmatic leader that may arise, thus the daily attacks on Sen Ted Cruz the attempted destruction of Gov Sarah Palin & the media blackout on Sen Kelly Ayotte.

On the media side it’s pretty much the same, When an Andrew Breitbart, Erick Erickson or a Dana Loesch arises they will do all they can to keep them off the MSM at best or silence them at worst.

I knew Andrew, I know Erick & Dana and I’m not anywhere near their league (yet) but yesterday my piece on Ted Cruz’s “evil Empire” moment brought the blog a lot of views. Combined with the Radio Syndication and the reach of the site getting longer it’s drawn some attention so the time has come to slow me down.

One favorite method is by the use of “Sock Puppets” Basically you create a pseudo identity to attack and engage on say Twitter in the hopes of filling one’s timeline with a lot of attacks. Such accounts usually have few followers and a bunch of tweets who’s only purpose is attack, but while that can be annoying it doesn’t have the knockout punch that a person might want, for that you have to have the person you want to go after take a proactive step that can be attacked.

Such a move took place this morning. Meet Bill E Bobb


Now Bill E. Bobb is the quintessential type of sock puppet account. You have no picture (unlike say spam accounts which invariably has the image of a hot woman) very few followers and tweets that a few and far between and only a single follower. Take a look at the tweets in the time line. It is so over the top racist that it’s virtually a John Stewart parody of what the left beliefs the right is.

I would have no idea who “Bill E. Bobb” even existed if it wasn’t for a comment waiting for approval when I woke up with morning.

The first clue was the comment was on a post from a few days ago concerning a post that deserved more attention on Dorner’s first victims: Monica Quan & Keith Lawrence who are likely going to be forgotten now that Dorner is dead. It included this picture of the two victims

Monica Quan & Keith Lawrence via Facebook & OC Weekly
Monica Quan & Keith Lawrence via Facebook & OC Weekly

The comment that was waiting for moderation was as follows:

blazzing saddles

and unlike the Honorable William J. LePetomaine

the sentence above was completed in full.

Now there are two possibilities here. The first is that this is a Sock Puppet account of a person who holds a deep hatred of Blacks, wants to express it, but doesn’t want to be associated with it.

The problem with that conclusion is as the photo indicates Monica Quan is of mixed race which makes the statement above nonsensical in addition to racist unless Bill E Bobb is looking at Miss Quan though the media’s George Zimmerman glasses that adjusts a persons race to suit their argument.

The second is that this comment is left as a trap.

One of the oldest tricks in the blog book, so old that people often forget it is to associate a comment with the author of a blog. Such comments are generally left in older posts that might escape notice by the blog’s proprietor and if the author is sloppy enough to automatically allow approval such a comment can sit for days until brought up at an appropriate time when to bring it up and proclaim the author of the blog a racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe/islamophobe who is the type of person who would put puppies in a blender.

While that kind of tactic has little effect on regular readers it can be used to discourage future ones and with a living based on tip jar hits and advertisers it can have a very damaging effect on long term growth.

It’s hopefully not a conceit for me to conclude this was the latter, but you dear reader can make up your own mind, but to Bill E Bobb of twitter fame I say: Better Luck next time.

[thermometer raised=708 target=1200 height=200 align=left]
My thanks to everyone who kicked in yesterday assuring me of a full paycheck this week. Not only does it gives me a jump on my monthly goal but because the weekly goal has been reached the morning shaking of the jar shall be skipped Friday & Saturday to resume at the start of the next workweek.

Of course, once my subscriber bases reaches $1200 monthly then the jar will shake only for a trip or an emergency.

I was preparing a long term bleg/budget bill to figure out exactly how much the blog needs to generate to keep me in pixels and in my house for next year when I looked at the bills and saw that with the latest oil bill there simply isn’t the money to pay it and the reserves just aren’t there. Continue reading “Quick Emergency Bleg Update: $230 down $370 to go”

The DaTechGuy Summer Fundraiser is officially over and I would like to thank everyone who kicked in.

We had small donations as low as $2 and larger ones (including one VERY large one). Some from people who have helped out before and others from people brand new.

We had a set of goals that I had set up and we met the first one. There is enough in reserve in case the show has a reverse.

The Radio show and the blog are my business, the ads on the show and the tip jar hits on the blog finance the show, the hosting, the gasoline and all the incidentals that allow the coverage to continue.

None of this works without readers, listeners and people willing to pay. Thank you all for being a part of it.

Question: Why is your investment in ads on DaTechGuy on DaRadio and DaTechGuy Blog and DaTipJar a better deal than investing in Tina Brown and Newsweek?

Newsweek’s staff is in a tizzy because word is the Golden Suckers Goose has decided to stop laying:

IAC Chairman Barry Diller made the announcement during a quarterly conference call, saying the New York-based company aims to curb investments in the business. Newsweek is projected to lose as much as $22 million this year, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter. Still, Diller stopped short of saying the magazine would undergo a “total” shift online.

This decision to not lose 22 million a year seems to make a lot of sense. Meanwhile this news has sent Newsweek and Daily Beast folks into a panic forcing a reaction from Tina Brown:

Oops sorry, Her statements thus:

In an internal memo republished in The New York Times, and with the subject line “Scaremongering,” Brown wrote:

Barry Diller would like to make it clear that he did not say on the earnings call as reported that Newsweek is going digital in September.

She then laided out several points to support her statement. Robert Stacy McCain saw these points commenting:

How is a brand “strong,” in a business sense, when it is synonymous with catastrophic financial losses?

And this is a situation that he commented on two years ago when it all started:

The investors can expect to lose a crapload of cash in the process. The New Yorker reportedly lost $42 million in three years (1995-97) under Ms. Brown’s editorship. Talk lost an impressive $80 million during its two-year existence. Whatever else you might say about Tina Brown, she’s undeniably brilliant at convincing investors to lose money on her projects.

So the investors are talking a wash, and the employees?

What that will likely mean — if you read between the lines – is a hiring freeze, at the very minimum, and the possibility of significant layoffs.

In other words, the gravy-train years at the Daily Beast are coming to an end

Now that’s what it means for the Magazine and the employees, but what does it mean for the advertisers? Forbes drops a hint:

Frankly, it’s not her own employees Brown needs to worry about so much as advertisers. I’m told that the publisher of at least one other weekly title has instructed salespeople to use the fresh uncertainty over Newsweek’s continued existence as leverage to lure business away. If Diller was undecided about Newsweek’s viability before he spoke up on today’s call, he may have settled the matter with his remarks.

So Newsweek’s advertisers are looking for an alternative. Might I suggest DaTechGuy on DaRadio and DaTechGuy blog.

Let’s consider.

Newsweek has a large group of writers both regular and guest and a huge staff to back them up.

I do it myself with the odd post by RoxeAnne DeLuca and John Weston in the studio with me.

Newsweek last year lost $35 Million dollars while drawing approximately 200 times the traffic I do on the web side.

Meanwhile for $30,000 an advertiser can purchase twelve minutes per week of advertising on DaTechGuy on DaRadio (the remaining unsold inventory) broadcast on a 50,000 watt station reaching all New England while getting placement on DaTechGuy Blog for an entire year.

Or if your advertising needs are less ambitious you can purchase a years time on both the radio show and the blog for as little as $1100 for a full year!

As for Tip Jar hitters who want to advance conservatism I will grant that Newsweek’s Alexa Rank as of this morning is #1142 worldwide and my rank is 338,424 (still in the top #150 of conservative blogs) and Tina Brown gets a lot more TV time than me but your $10, $20 $100 or more will be supporting journalism and opinion on the local, state, congressional and presidential level without paying for all the extravagance of a media diva.

I don’t claim to be Newsweek I’m one man, if I had that $60k a year in hand it would still be road trips to cover events, maybe the odd flight to DC and beyond to cover bigger things and perhaps a road trip rented car to cover congressional campaigns others have missed. It will be only what one guy can do in a day while still living a normal life. You won’t get a glossy mag. Just blog posts, Youtube Videos augmented by 50,000 watts of AM Radio every week.

Bottom line, I submit and maintain you will get value for your money without having to lose a fortune.

3/30 Update: Yeah the fund raiser is still on but I wanted to update you with thanks for Sue and Kathy 42% down $1265 to go.

3/26 Worse News Mechanic says $700 will get me 7 months tops, will look for cheap replacement when back from DC still $1305 to go with 40% of base goal down.
Continue reading “Update Day 13 40% down $1305 to go”

As of this writing my CPAC fundraiser is at 44% with $390 dollars to go. Thanks to the 10 tip jar hitters giving an average of $31 each been able to purchase a new portable external HD & made up my Gas money from the NH primary.

One of the people who have kicked in Mike from Virginia is a Ravens fan and has sent me the following e-mail:

I’m sure there must be 16 Patriots fans out there who can spare $25 each to take me over the top to cover those CPAC expenses.

C’mon guys are you going to let a Raven’s fan outdo you?

Well our NH primary coverage has finally concluded with the exception of an Under the Fedora wrap-up and this week’s radio show.
Continue reading “Hate to do it but time for a post primary Bleg: Update: Thank you! 103%”

Three days ago at a McDonalds in Pelham NH I found myself putting up a post that I found rather embarrassing, detailing a rather tight financial situation and asking for help. I detailed the bills that came up, the bills totaled about $1950 but I set my goal at $1800 as I had enough to cover small emergencies.

71 hours into the fund drive the following comment was left by blogger Dr. Weevel saying in part:

Why don’t you just get a free blog on WordPress, no hosting costs at all, then get a real job and blog in your spare time. If you aren’t making enough money without this really pathetic spectacle, you aren’t talented enough a writer to make a living.

The folks at Monty Python had a different opinion on the fundraising method used

Mr. Ford: I just go up to them in the street and ask

Merchant Banker of Slater-Nazi: My God! That’s the most exciting new idea I’ve heard in years. It’s…it’s so simple it’s brilliant! Well if that Idea of your’s isn’t worth a pound I’d like to know what is?

The irony is that the Doc’s comment came into my queue just as I was updating my post to announce the exceeding of my goal by a full 2% in only 71 hours and 41 minutes and writing my 76th thank you note.

For those interested in raw numbers a total of 76 donations came in from 75 different people (Stacy McCain kicked in twice). The smallest amount given was $2 the largest $100. The total was $1833.26 with an average gift of $24.12 after paypal’s take.

Every single one of those gifts from the smallest to the largest was most welcome and very appreciated.

Also appreciated are the links, Stacy McCain has beaten the drum for me for days, Glenn Reynolds instalanched me twice, Joy McCann and Dan Collins liked via both the conservatory and their blogs, Cyntha Yockey, and the Lonely Conservative both linked, Susan Ducos of Wake up America did as well.

Zilla of the Resistance linked even though she is in dire straights herself (Please consider jumping over there and giving her a hand).

My fellow bloggers have treated me very well, they have shared their links and their potential tip jar hitters, they are the best friends a man can have.

For those still interested in raw numbers this year between the two blogs the sites have drawn 333,000 hits the 75 donors represent. I had 9 tip jar hitters (not counting ad purchasers who paid via paypal) during the year before this fundraiser, making a total of 84 tip jar hits generated in 333,000 hits averaging about one tip jar hit for every 4000 visits. The vast majority of tip jar hits have been since Thursday evening. I’ve had 3865 hits as since the day the bleg started averaging a tip jar hit for every fifty visitors, an incredible number but understandable since many people came from links promoting the blog.

As I typed this post 3 new donors gave an additional 42.79 raising the grand total to 1876.05 a full 104% of my goal!

For those who do not know I started this blog in Nov of 2008 at the free wordpress site ( just after the company I worked & blogged for folded. After two years of failure to find work I fell into the DaTechGuy on DaRadio gig on WCRN AM 830 a 50,000 Watt station out of Worcester. I buy my time for the show, sell ads online and on air and live off the difference for 8 months the show has managed to stay in the black as we’ve brought in some the best bloggers in the nation, from Stacy McCain to Glenn Reynolds to Little Miss Attila to Yid with Lid who appeared this week.

The plan is to eventually syndicate as we talk to national bloggers on national issues along with some local writers but for now the vast majority of my advertisers are local and New England business’ that I sell door to door on the show.

Until this month’s multiple disasters I had managed to to all right, expenses were covered enough sat in the bank to pay for a extra couple of months, but the particular disasters of the month combined with a very slow July/August have added up to a lot of trouble until you came by to help.

With the funds to alleviate the Car, computer and medical disasters of July I should be able to manager the regular expenses of August and keep the ball rolling as I get into the much more fruitful advertising fields of September as my show’s audience and reach continues to grow.

But none of this would have been possible without all of your help, so for me and mine I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am in your debt and I will do my best to insure both the blog and the radio show are worthy of your support.

To say I’ve had a bit of a run of bad luck is kind of mild. In the space of 10 days 2 of three cars have needed vital repairs at a total cost of over $1,000 (and the repair shop treated me well). I had physical issues with the laptop that cost me a further $150 and a property Tax bill due for another $500 and some doctor bills not covered by DaWife’s new insurance for another $300 bucks.

Put simply I find myself $1800 in the hole with very few reserves left to tap and 10 days to come up with the money without spending the mortgage money also due at the end of the month.

Update 2: re-arranged the post so you can get to the actual posts on da blog. Goal reached in 71 hours and 41 minutes after the initial post.. Running totals under the jump.

Continue reading “Car/Tax/PC/Medical = A big bleg Update 102% of the Goal in 71 hrs and 41 min!”

In doing the Math (ok the books) I see that I’m a couple of hundred short, likely due to car repairs and the increased price of gas as I venture from town to town to sell my ads door to door.

I haven’t done a lot of tip Jar shaking lately, mostly because I’m trying to make it via the show alone, but if you think this blog is worth the time and effort and you can spare a $20 or two this month, it would be quite appreciated.

DaTechGuy back at CPAC
I am once again going to be a credentialed blogger at CPAC. it will be an opportunity to catch up with all the folks I met last year, interview a bunch more people, touch base with potential guests and hopefully suggest to potential advertisers that Glenn Reynolds evaluation of my radio show is spot on:

Given that it’s a 50,000 watt station that blankets New England — including New Hampshire — I would have expected that a show reaching so many bloggers and Tea Party types would be running national political ads, but either (1) it’s too early for those yet, or (2) those advertisers just haven’t caught on yet. If not, they’re missing out, I think.

And of course if anyone is in a position to kick in and give a hand to defray the costs this year DaTipJar is right here.

Well in theory, I’m actually worse off than last year. The show, even sold out, pays less than unemployment and the wife is currently not working.

However with the show sold out I am arranging for a second hour and I already have enough interested advertisers to pay for it. If the 2nd hour sells anywhere near as good as the first (and given the response to the show I see no reason why it won’t if I work hard at it) then I will be back to my old pay before the initial layoff. That means that I think I can swing CPAC on my own (but feel free to hit the tip jar if so inclined).

I’m hoping to do the show live from CPAC (or from the end of CPAC since things end around 6 or 7 and the show starts at 9 but I’m sure there will be bloggers a plenty to snarf for the show), There are logistical hurdles to be taken care of but I hope to get through them.

…but I’d like to thank everyone who has hit the tip jar this weekend, that managed to pay for the rental and Stacy has been hitting the Gas so that has covered the trip.

Not to mention a huge thank you to the Lonely conservative and her husband who are slightly less lonely since they are allowing Stacy and I not only Crash but allowing us to snarf their internet to allow us to post.

Finally as I was writing this post I found out that my wife’s Aunt Shirley just died today. She single-handedly saved out honeymoon when Citi Travel didn’t take care of our booking. She and Uncle Bob gave us the use of their guest house and their spare car and the money we saved became the down payment for our house.

We can never repay her for that kindness and we will never forget.

The datipjar has been very silent since the new blog look. In fact totally silent.

Although Freedomworks kindly covered the plane and hotel for me at blogcon between The taxis , the metro, meals, and cell phone cards and the drive to the airport and batteries I spent $200 over the 6 days.

If anyone is in a position to kick in any bit of that it would be very helpful. Week 99 comes on Nov 7 and $2800 of cobra payments are due this week, so every little bit helps.

the DaTipJar is to the left, If you are in a position to give it a hit it would be most welcome.

Some good news. I will be attending Freedom Works Blogcon running Thursday Sept 9th through Sunday September 12th. This means I will be covering the rallies at the capital that weekend.

Freedom works is graciously taking care of the airline and the room. I am hoping to raise a little bit of dough to pay for the metro, grub and spare batteries etc. I’m figuring about $150 should cover me for the days of the conference $200 if you want to help pay for the Cannoli I am bringing with me.

So if you would like to give a hand click on DaTipJar to the left and I hope to see you in Washington.

With the redesign I figured I’d fiddle with DaTipJar. Under the old setup I couldn’t get the old button to work, with the new setup it seems to be working but I haven’t tested it from outside my pc.

So tonight at game night I’ll try it from a friend’s computer, but if you want to give a hand to a blogger & wife who are both looking for work feel free to hit the Da Button to Da Left.

Of course if you want to hire someone to write a column or a daily blog for your site or organization, or if you are looking for a conservative blogger to ballence your site/show (cough! Morning Joe cough!) you won’t find a better time to make a deal.

Update: Thanks to the guys who kicked in after the update today. I should have improved DaTipJar BEFORE the fundraiser.

The Andrew Sullivan fundraiser flops, the unemployment runs out and the wife’s hasn’t kicked in so of course it is a perfect time for the fridge to decide to die.

If you were looking for a good time to hit DaTipJar, this is it.

Oh speaking of timing I have to pick up a couch that a friend is getting rid of and a Doctor’s appointment right afterf so blogging will be a tad lighter today.

The first in a series of posts of fundraising post over the next two months to try to support myself as a blogger.

Why should you support bloggers in general and myself in particular. Reason 1: Personal accountability

I talked to several people during my trip to Georgia, those I talked to know exactly who is writing about what they said. As a solo blogger I am responsible for what I write and stand behind it. Both the reader and the subject of the writing know that the buck stops here so as my personal honor is at stake It matters to me that I get it right.

To contrast:

NBC responded to thank us for our statements and again promised that they would “make sure” that the Today Show aired both of our statements “as a fullscreen graphic during the segment tomorrow.” We were grateful because we knew that our statements would counter any accusation of “inciting hatred.” And boy was it necessary because in his interview on NBC this morning McGinniss doubled down on his accusation to actually compare us to the Nazis!

But there was just one problem: NBC broke their promise and didn’t run our statements after all. So, the “journalist’s” sensational claims about us being Nazis went unchallenged. We emailed NBC this morning to ask why our statement wasn’t aired. We were given a lame excuse and told that they would run it tomorrow (after the damage had been done) and that they would be happy to interview me about it (which was their aim all along because journalism today is all about ratings and not about truth).

When nobody’s personal honor is at stake there is no incentive to worry about the truth. As Palin concludes:

I’d like to believe that it’s not too late to demand integrity from our media. Thank goodness for social networking sites like this and new media sites which have allowed us to get around the “lamestream” media and present the facts.

Couldn’t have put it better myself. If you want to help support this new media site all it takes is a hit of DaTipJar to be one of those 800 people that I’m hoping to raise $50 from.

as Robert Stacy Reports:

On Saturday, May 15th, buses will depart from the Capitol Hill Club at 8:00 am for a day trip to Pennsylvania. Transportation and meals will be provided. We will spend the afternoon in the district knocking on doors reminding voters to come out and vote for Tim Burns in this pivotal PA-12 special election.

DaCar was just dropped off at the garage to be checked. I’m still $390 away from affording to go and as a conservative if I don’t have the funds I just can’t justify the trip. Maybe If I do raise the funds I’ll go on Friday to check out the Saturday event. If you are interested in getting me there DaTipJar is right here.

If you are not all that interested in Pa-12 there is still my proposed GA-4 trip, ($880 shy there).

In the end you decide if the Fedora Travels or not. If neither trip is to your liking then we can talk more during during June’s Andrew Sullivan days.

Pa-12 still hasn’t seemed to capture the imagination of the readership but things seems to be happening there:

The polling shows a very close race — with Burns in the lead. That has Democrats worried about how other normally-safe districts might turn out in November. That fear has come out in Critz’ campaigning, where he has tried walking a tightrope between opposition to ObamaCare and refusing to commit to overturning it. In a debate yesterday, Burns hammered Critz as to whether his opposition means anything at all if he refuses to take action once elected, a hypocrisy that will not have gone unnoticed by voters watching the debate.

Both national parties have spent plenty of money on this race, with the NRCC outpacing the DCCC by almost $100,000. The DCCC has split its advertising between positive ads on Critz and negative ads against Burns. That’s a bit of a surprise, considering a Democrat shouldn’t feel the need to sell himself in a district with a 2-1 registration advantage. It shows the big problem Democrats face, which is a decided lack of enthusiasm among their own base in the face of overwhelming enthusiasm among Republicans and independents. That’s exactly what has them panicked.

This sounds an awful lot like the Scott Brown election. I think I have a little bit of experience in that regard. It there is news there I’d like to cover it.

I’m scheduled my car to be looked at Tuesday Morning. Once I confirm it can handle it I’d like to head down there. As Robert Stacy said I’m going to need at least $440 to cover the drive down, a Hotel for at least one day and maybe a meal or two. With something left over to show DaWife (who still haven’t forgiven me for Jumping on the Tea Party Express to cover the Washington Events with nothing but my Fedora and Laptop.) that I can actually cover bills doing this. I’ve been married 22 years but I can only survive so many trips to the dog house in a short period in time.

If I can get up to $600 I can manage perhaps 3 days down there. If I can do better then that I can stay through the election and risk the family’s wrath for spending my birthday (election day) down there.
So it’s up to you guys. I haven’t had a nibble on the DaTipJar since before Stacy suggested I head down there. I’m a conservative, I can’t justify a trip if I can’t pay for it so if you want me down there I have to ask you to hit…


It’s your call and I’ll abide by your decision.