A few weeks ago the Daily Mail ran an incorrect story concerning Mike Huckabee as the new ambassador to Israel and concluded that like the annual four year cycle of presidential candidates promising to move the US embassy to Jerusalem then backing out is about to end permanently:

Huckabee, an ordained Baptist preacher and electric bass player, will become the tip of Trump’s spear as he seeks to shake up U.S. foreign relations in the Middle East, beginning with relocating America’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

‘That’s going to happen,’ the transition official said. ‘Governor Huckabee is going to see it through.’

Well several weeks later we now know Trump’s ambassador to Israel is going to be David Friedman and it looks like while the Mail got the name wrong the end result might be the same:

Donald Trump’s choice for ambassador to Israel said he recognizes Jerusalem as the nation’s capital, breaking with longstanding U.S. foreign policy.

David Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer, said in a statement that as ambassador he would work to “strengthen the unbreakable bond between our two countries and advance the cause of peace within the region, and look forward to doing this from the U.S. embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem,”

And the left (particularly J-Street which in my opinion seems to have the same relationship with the arabs as the rebels and deputy governor Quinn did with the Daleks in Power of the Daleks) is melting down big over it:

David Friedman is a prominent and successful attorney in New York who has spent 20 years representing Donald Trump, among other clients. He is also a proud Jew who holds unapologetic pro-Israel views that are heretical in Times-world, and he has also expressed acid disdain for the kind of Jewish anti-Israel activism regularly glorified in the pages of the Times.

So he must be destroyed—and to destroy him he must be lied about. Which is what the Times did.

The report, by Matthew Rosenberg, is a caricature of political frustration and resentment masquerading as news. The headline, of course, is “Trump Chooses Hard-Liner As Ambassador to Israel,” the phrase “hard-liner” being an all-purpose Times denigration of anyone who holds political views anathema to liberals, but never as a description of liberals who hold views anathema to conservatives.

While the left would disagree the likelihood that “Next Year in Jerusalem” is actually going to be true as far as the embassy goes is brilliant for several reasons,

  1. It puts all those crying “Trump anti-Semitism” into a bad box trying to explain to voters how this reconciles with their false meme of Trump the anti-Semite with this move.  And while the MSM will likely endorse the spin given to explain it, it won’t fly with voters.
  2. It takes advantage of the protests against Trump.  Any such move would likely be greeted by loud objections by the press, muslims and arab nations, but when everyone is already protesting and yelling about your very existence, such voices are likely to not be heard over the already existing din.  Perhaps Trump will thank these fools for ironically making the move easier for his administration.
  3. While the MSM has not talked about it.  The Democrat left and college campuses have become hotbeds of antisemitism on the left.  This move will undoubtedly produce angry proclamations about Jews that will be most embarrassing to the left and easily thrown in the face of both the MSM and the Democrat party.
  4. Before the election we saw businesses and nations which said things contrary to Trump’s positions suddenly change direction and embrace them.  Once the US puts the embassy in Jerusalem it’s not only going to stay there but I suspect a lot of other nations are suddenly going to think that idea might have merit.

In short, it’s drives all the right people absolutely batshit crazy and apparently Trump is not going to play the old game:

With Obama and Kerry gone, Israel can respond with closure and ignore the U.N. Trump is not a gradualist who will insist on a ceasefire so the besieged bad guys can regroup. Finally, several Arab nations have lost patience with Palestinian intransigence.

It’s time for something new. Nearly a half-century of the “peace process” has failed. Give back Gaza, and you get infiltration tunnels and rocket attacks. Stop settlements, and it makes no difference. The Palestinians still teach school children hatred and violence. Their leaders diverted economic aid to Swiss bank accounts or making rockets and building infiltration tunnels. The Islamists don’t care about real estate; they want to kill the Jews, all of them.

What’s in Trump’s head? He sees Israel as an ally that Obama undercut. He believes peace is more probable if the U.S. supports Israel. He is sending a message, with this ambassador and with moving the embassy, that the proverbial train is leaving the station. Time is running out for the Palestinians to come to the table.With Obama and Kerry gone, Israel can respond with closure and ignore the U.N. Trump is not a gradualist who will insist on a ceasefire so the besieged bad guys can regroup. Finally, several Arab nations have lost patience with Palestinian intransigence. 

This keeps getting better and better.

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