There was a big development in the NFL/Protest story today out of CBS Boston:

Just one week after many members of the Patriots kneeled during the national anthem, a new report indicates that they will all stand together as a team next time out.

A league source told CSNNE’s Gary Tanguay on Tuesday that all Patriots players will stand during the national anthem before next Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers at Gillette Stadium. Many stood and interlocked their arms during the anthem last Sunday before the game against the Texans, while a large portion kneeled.

Given the fact that even WNBA fans (not known for their conservatism) booed when the LA Sparks decided to protest the anthem and poll results like this…

national survey by Kansas City-based Remington Research Group of about 2,000 voters claims that America is on Trump’s side. Nearly two-thirds of respondents in the public opinion survey indicated that NFL players should stand while the national anthem is being played as part of pre-game ceremonies. Against the backdrop of a two-year decline in NFL television ratings, about half of the respondents revealed that they are less likely to watch their favorite NFL team moving forward because of the anthem protests.

Of the 51 percent of the respondents who said they are watching less football, about 70 percent noted that it was because players are using the games “as a stage for their political views.” Some 80 percent want less politics during sporting events, and 60 percent suggest that players should use a more appropriate space to protest other than NFL games.

The same data showed a 46 percent/47 percent favorable-unfavorable opinion of President Trump.

…such a decision would make an awful lot of sense.

However since the initial report was based on a “league source” I decided to check with the patriots and give their media department a call.

The man who answered was very polite.  He acknowledged the existence of the CBS report and was aware of what it said but when asked if it was correct he had no comment on it.  For clarity I asked him directly:

“So you can not confirm or deny that the CBS report is accurate?”

“That is correct.”

So there you have it, the Patriots can’t or won’t confirm that their players will be standing for the National Anthem this week.

Closing thought:   I read dawife the initial report, she said that if true she is obliged as a Christian to give the Patriots a 2nd chance, I suspect that if players are kneeling this week they will not get a 3rd from her.

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Two weeks ago my wife’s birthday came up and my planned gift was to drive DaWife to various quilt shops where she could pick up and check out fabric for her quilting our 96 Corolla decided otherwise so we spend a lovely hour at a rest area waiting for AAA with a lovely view of discarded syringes and empty booze bottles but yesterday we tried again this time taking along her sister and her 2014 Jeep Cherokee.

Our first belated stop due to bad directions) was Merri’s Stitches in Portsmouth NH

maine nh 001

I spoke to the owner, you will find at quilt shops that the owners are invariably there.

This would be the first place that I would see a Tuffet. It would not be the last.

From there we went down the road to Seacoast Sewing and quilting also in Portsmouth.

maine nh 004

Again we talked to the owner

She told us about their 2nd location in Maine but while we were heading in that direction it would be too far off our path to make it.

maine nh 006At this point we made the one detour for me. St. Joseph was not open that morning so I could not go through the holy doors to earn the daily indulgence available in the Year of Mercy but my wife checked online and discovered the Immaculate Conception Parish in Portsmouth was named as a place of pilgrimage so the Holy Doors were available there so off we went.

It was dark inside but I immediately noticed the altar

maine nh 011

Even with the altar table in front of it, the Holy of Holies with the blessed sacrament dominated as it should

maine nh 007

I filmed a bit but the lighting was bad

Our next stop planned stop was out of Business so we headed to Maine towards Knight’s quilt shop but on the way we stopped at
York Village Marketplace where my wife’s sister had heard they sold cribbage boards made by inmates that her husband had expressed an interest in getting.

It’s an interesting place, half wood items and half model train/slot racing store, the person there didn’t want to go on camera so I did it myself

The Next Stop was down Rte 1 a bit to Cape Neddick, to Knight’s Quilt Shop where there were more tuffets

maine nh 018

More interviews (the owner didn’t want to go on camera but Debbie did.

and a front porch for Husbands to sit where I took the liberty of recording part of my podcast.

maine nh 020

By then everyone was hungry, the folks at Knights suggested Mike’s Clam Shack in Wells.

maine nh 026

Nobody would be interviewed but the food spoke for itself.

maine nh 024

maine nh 025

The next stop was Kathie’s Quilt Shoppe in Sanford Maine.

maine nh 028

We made it just before they closed but Kathie gave me an interview anyway

and of course more Tuffets which are apparently all the rage

maine nh 029

Our last stop was Marden’s Department store in Sanford Plaza which has a huge fabric department.

What we didn’t know is they actually close early on weekends so by 5 pm we were heading south, but not before I let DaWife and her sister walk the beach in Ogunquit Maine, Hampton New Hampshire and Salisbury Massachusetts so they could say they walked the beach in three states in one day before finishing with Supper at Happy Jacks back home

Now let this be a lesson in two respect. One might argue that it’s rather cunning to give DaWife a gift that involves no cash layout other than what she would spend anyways, but the real lesson is that the investment that your spouse appreciates the most is time.

That’s how you get to year 28 of a marriage


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