This flashback post stands up well because there is a reason why warranties are the length they are.

What a difference a year makes

When mentioning my Inspirion 1150 in the past I’ve said it never gave me any trouble. My warranty ran out three weeks ago.

On Saturday I installed a friends copy of CIV IV to see if the graphics card of my laptop could handle it and sad to say the wife will NOT be getting me it for Christmas (and as we’ve established I’m too cheap to buy a new pc just for a game).

This morning I was coming into work early to cover for a friend, booted up my laptop and rushed to do something that was going to take 10 minutes. I figured no problem, by the time I was back it would be booted and ready to log in. Instead I found a highly interesting blue screen of death.

If the problem persists I might reinstall the system files from the cd or run a sfc scannow

I restarted the system and it came up but the timing reminded me of this Day-by-Daycartoon below.

day by day 10-23-2005.gif

Eric always buys extended warranties with laptops, I didn’t. We will soon see if he is right and I am toast.

Posted by Peter at November 14, 2005 09:18 AM


The Chris Muir Comment on that post is worth reprinting as well:


Peter, as a product designer who is well-versed with production methods, I can tell you for a fact that products today are very carefully engineered for a certain amount of time and no more.

I can recall the good ol’ MaBell phones that would take a tank round before they’d break. No more, it’s all crap from China.

I thought I’d type this out quick like as the warranty on this Mac I’m using sta

Posted by: chris Muir at November 14, 2005 12:22 PM


ah memories

There are all kind of Premiums people get for memberships.

Tote bags, t-shirts, mugs etc etc etc if you are a fan of Public TV or Radio (which I suspect not too many of our readers are) you likely have an incredible collection of junk around your house from gifts.

That’s true at all kinds of meet ups as well, if you have gone to CPAC or Blogcon you likely have a bunch of books, t-shirts and assorted nicks & nacks that people have given you for showing up.

Here at DaTechGuy Blog we’ve done a few things like that, I briefly had some magnets made and I considered doing mugs but the question becomes what is something that I could give that would both be a celebration of the site, honor my magnificent seven writers and be something that would not be the source of clutter.

Chris Muir of Day by Day has provided the solution.

Chris has created a series of Wanted posters of myself and the seven original Magnificent Seven writers here at DaTechGuy blog all featuring images of your favorite writers from Baldilocks to Steve Eggleston all in that distinctive Muir style

He has also done a full color set with all either of our head shots on a white field.

I’ve put up the low res 100×114 versions in some posts but if you want the full hi res one it’s simple.

Click on Subscribe below

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DaGuy low rez copy-psdIt’s perfect for a screen saver, wallpaper or a background and an fun way to support conservative journalism plus get a Chris Muir item available nowhere else.

The wanted posters are also quite appropriate these days. As a gang of people taking on liberalism in general & the Obama administration in particular in the age of the IRS scandal it might not be too long before you see those posters in post offices all over the country.

So subscribe today and save yourself the trip.