By A.P. Dillon

Question: On what planet do people complain about a $400 million surplus and paying off $2.8 billion in unemployment insurance debt that was racked up by a former governor?

Answer: On Planet NC Democrat.

One state legislator compared North Carolina’s budget to ‘state sponsored eugenics‘. The same legislator just couldn’t be happy until they played the class warfare card, while another used Senior citizens as a battering ram.

It leaves one scratching their head and asking, what kind of math do these Democrats use?

On Wednesday, the news broke that some of the budget and tax policies put into place by the Republican held legislature and Governor Pat McCrory have yielded a $400 million dollar surplus.

A lot of heads, like that of the ‘Moral Monday’ crowd, must be exploding.

‘Moral Monday’s’ main shtick has been to whose mission has been to call the Republican held Legislature “regressive”. That same crowd, along with Democrat legislators warned of gloom and doom befalling North Carolina. Gloom and doom like a predicted shortfall of $270 million did not come to pass.

Republicans say the swing to a surplus shows that GOP tax changes are working. The $400 million figure equates to about 2 percent of the state budget, putting it within a long-term 2.5 percent margin of error for each year’s revenue forecast.

A memo from legislative and administration officials said there was a “significant upswing” in April tax collections. The new, projected surplus is “predominately due to higher income tax payments and lower refunds from the 2014 tax year,” according to the report. – Charlotte Observer

The lion’s share of that surplus seems to be coming from “strong growth in business income“. Yes, there seem to be many complaints from the NC Democrats, but I think this is the unsaid complaint that rings true:


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It would be pretty hard to do better than this video to explain Sequestration and the US debt

The sad thing about this video, it is over 15 months old.

If you are a young person remember, while the Baby boomer generation has put us in this situation (the most narcissistic generation ever to live) by voting for this administration and giving it the power of your support, you’ve done this to yourself.

Chief Wild Eagle: This funny country, once only buffalo live here, Indian come, then paleface come, now paleface give $300 for land Indian take away from buffalo…could only happen in America.

F Troop Iron Horse Go Home 1965

I’ve been very busy with the new Syndicated Radio show so I haven’t had a lot of time to finish the excellent book my son gave me for Christmas Ships of Oak Guns of Iron on the War of 1812. The book jumps from land to see (the land war is often ignored In the 275 pages that I’ve finished as the chapters jump from land to sea there was a note concerning the Creek Indian Wars that leaped off the page 261:

The southern tribes were incurring burdensome trade debts with the United States in exchange for manufactured goods and foods and land concessions had become a common mechanism to extinguish the debt.

And that’s when it hit

Every day the Federal government, states and cities seize land from individuals and corporations for unpaid taxes, illegal activities etc etc etc.

All we have to do is, at fair market value, cede said land on the federal, state and city level to the recognized tribe whose lands at the time of the foundation of the nation were closest to the said land while the tribes assume a portion of the city, state or federal debt equal to the value of the land ceded.

In every public school our liberal friends inform our children how HORRIBLE we are, how America is built on land stolen from the American Indian, well under this plan the American Indian can get their land back piece by piece while retiring debts that our government can’t hope to repay otherwise.

Here’s the big chance for Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, Pat Quinn, Jerry Brown and Martin O’Malley to not only get their fiscal houses in order but to strike a blow for justice for the American Indian.

And for American Indians, here is a chance to get back the land of your ancestors and prove that you can certainly do better with it than a bunch of Europeans or even better to eschew all that nasty non-stone age technology and mechanics those interlopers brought with them and get back get back to nature with no carbon footprint for the eye to see.

Environmentalists, and Animals lovers will adore you as will the bear, wolf, and the bobcat who can return to those areas without worrying about those nasty evil guns used to drive them out in the first place.

It will be wonderful, Unless of course today’s American Indian has picked up certain bad habits:

Chief Wild Eagle:We can not lose business or my people will starve!

Corporal Agarn:What are you talking about chief? The woods are full of game, fish in the streams, nuts berries…

Roaring Chicken:Hekawis never learn to live off land

Chief Wild Eagle:Last time we have hunting party have to send out search party to find them

Roaring Chicken:Still waiting for search party to come back

F-Troop The Girl from Philadelphia 1965

Now I know what some of you are thinking:  Such a deal gives an unfair advantages to tribes like the Narraganset, Delaware, Paiute, Mohave, the Winnebago, Miami, Shawnee, Chickasaw, Susquehannock, Powhatan and the Iroquois, whose ancestral lands are in blue states where budgets are doing poorly as opposed to tribes like the Apache, Comanche, Wichita and Kiowa, Dakota Sioux, Menominee, Creek and the united Seminoles as their states governed by people like Scott Walker and Rick Perry.

Have no fear thanks to the Urban areas run into the ground by Democrats who have an iron grip upon them those Red State Tribes can make deals with large democrat cities like Detroit to get prime spots in cities that were once Indian settlements in days past.

After all I’m sure the UN would approve.

And because it is a “deal” that means there is good news and bad news.

Good news:

Cuts of 39 bil

Military will be paid

No Abortion Money in DC

Bad news:

Cuts of only 39 Bil

Planned Parenthood keeps money

NPR Keeps money

In terms of right and wrong, of course the planned parenthood money is evil, but it has been evil for years, the fact that it is now on the table and more importantly will be on the table again is very important. Democrats control the senate, they control the White House and the media and the Dems had to go all out to preserve it.

As Col Allen West put it this morning: “It takes 5 miles to turn an Aircraft Carrier around but it’s heading in the right direction.”

In terms of the Tea Party Agenda this is an important change; culturally the “idea” of these cuts is huge and it’s just the beginning, particularly when we see so many democrats forced to give lip service to them, Stacy’s opinion not withstanding.

I would liken today’s results to the beginning of Chickamauga campaign. It began with General Rosecrans almost bloodless advance into Georgia flanking Braxton Bragg out of one position after another. Like that situation in Democrats have talked big but been forced to retreat again and again.

When the debt ceiling bill comes up and the budget fight comes I suspect we will also see democrats flanked out of their positions again and forced to retreat.

Bottom line? Everything we got we got with 1/3 of the power, what do you think will happen next year when we have the senate and perhaps the White House? Do you think a democratic minority in the senate will want to shut down the government in, say 2013 with a filibuster over PP and NPR? Lets remember that one of the reasons arch liberal Ted Kennedy was so successful is he repeatedly took a part of the loaf until he not only had all the bread but people were using his recipe to bake it. There is no reason why we can’t do the same.

As long as we don’t make the critical mistake Rosecrans made in the final battle we’ll be fine, but we have to keep them on the defensive or to put it another way:

Ride Right through them, they’re demoralized as hell!

…here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. Now instead of mailing the treasury a check I did (via the Surber Challenge) you can go here online and give the US government as much of your money as you want.

So Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, George Soros etc al, instead of giving to your homemade “foundations” that may serve your political opinions (but count as a charity come tax-time and employ friends on the left) here is your chance to actually reduce the public debt. I’m sure that your faith in the government to use your money wiser than you can will be rewarded.