Some kind of mask at the Chicago Moons the Trump Tower rally two months ago

By John Ruberry

On Saturday, three days before the deadline to file 2016 federal income tax returns, there were a couple of dozen rallies across the nation that called for President Donald J. Trump to release his returns to the public.

The republic somehow managed to survive nearly 200 years before Richard M. Nixon, under pressure by the way, became the first president to release his federal tax returns.

Yesterday I worked. I was building my income for next year’s tax deadline date, so I cannot pass on my eyewitness observations on any of yesterday’s anti-Trump rallies. But as with another tax-related anti-Trump gathering, one that I did see in person, Chicago Moons the Trump Tower, according to media reports, there were many colorful costumes, including masks, as well as meticulously designed signs. Leftist rallies are part protest and part Mardi Gras. For the progs these festivals are nothing more than a way to blow off steam, and a less expensive method than a session at a shrink’s office, unless, of course, you spent a lot of money on your Trump mask with devil horns, bright orange hair, and a Hitler mustache.

The mainstream media, that is the anti-Trump media, fawned over this springtime Festivus, unlike the dismissive tone they took with the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party rallies, which were arguably the halcyon moment of the Tea Party movement, that is, until Trump’s election last year.

Blogger running the Boston Marathon in 2004

“Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over,” Trump tweeted this morning. And yes the election is indeed over. Despite last year’s haranguing by the Democrats and their media allies, Trump still won the presidency even though he didn’t make his returns public. That bus left the station. Very few Americans passionately care about Trump’s tax returns, unlike such concerns as keeping more of their income.

But there is an upside to Saturday’s frivolities. At least those leftists who designed those striking Trump masks already have their Halloween costume in hand. Make Halloween Great Again.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.


Van Jones has always worried me.

Not because he is a radical marxist leftist, there are plenty of radical marxist leftists out there.

Not because he is a bigot and liar who signed a petition suggesting Bush had known about 9/11 , the left is full of bigots and liars, one more doesn’t make any difference.

Not even because he can put on a nice face, nice enough to get a CNN gig, that’s a tad bit of a worry, because he can put on the nice face and carry himself as something other than what he isn’t he has a better chance of selling his BS, but that’s something we can handle.

No what worries me about Van Jones is that he’s smart enough to recognize that the attempt to “other” Trump has now failed and a new line of attack is going to have to be found stat.

the details:

Van Jones praised President Trump for honoring the widow of a Navy SEAL killed during a raid in Yemen, saying “he became president of the United States in that moment, period.”

“There are a lot of people who have a lot of reason to be frustrated with him, to be fearful of him, to be mad of him, but that was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics, period,” Jones said on CNN.

Jones, a liberal commentator who frequently criticizes Trump, said the president did something “extraordinary.”

This is very important because once the left figures out that Trump is playing them like a bullfighter then they might actually figure out an effective counter to him.

However the left being the left not only have their most public members taken exactly the opposite tack:

But they decided to go after Van Jones for daring to warn them of the bear trap they are walking into:

Now we can’t count the left to keep this level of stupidity forever but if President Trump send out a single tweet they don’t like and the MSM jumps all over it, then we can be sure that the left won’t bother to learn their lesson.

Chicago’s Northwest Side
The proliferation of fake hate crimes propagated by the left should be a warning sign to places like the MSM and Facebook that claim to be weeding out fake news but seem incapable of questioning anything that affirms their biases.

So I suggest a simple rule driven by the fact that with the exception of myself most of the world seems to carry smart phones many of them with direct links to the net so they can upload video & audio in a heartbeat, therefore:

If there is no video, there is no hate crime.

If there is only a video of graffiti and no video of who put it up or, as in the black church case in Greenville, a fire but no video of who set the fire

Last month, someone burned down a black church (Greenville’s Hopewell Missionary Baptist) and wrote “vote Trump” on the side of the structure. Obviously, it was a racist, white Trump supporter! This individual wanted to intimidate black people! CNN even wondered if it was an attack directed specifically at the black community.

Just one problem. It wasn’t a white dude. Or a stranger to the church. And I have my doubts that this guy even supported Trump. As it turns out, it was a black member of the church!

Andrew McClinton, 45, has been charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship. The church’s bishop confirmed that he is, indeed, a member of the congregation.

State officials don’t believe it was politically motivated either. Rather, it was made to look politically motivated. As in, it was another lame attempt to make Trump supporters look like intolerant, racist bigots.

then there is no hate crime.

If the press is really interested in the truth they will follow these simple rules, which leads me to conclude they will not.

Closing thought: For myself I don’t believe in “hate” crimes any more than I believe in “thought” crimes, if we simply treated crime and “crime” this wouldn’t be an issue.

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Well the Great Electoral College broo ha ha has ended as it was always going to with Donald Trump winning the presidency of the United States.

While this outcome is no surprise it did accomplish several goals of varying degrees of value.

For the Media it not only gave them content vital to keep from covering both the continued failures of the administration both domestically and abroad and the continued success of Trump to both please conservatives. It also gave them an excuse to continue to push the Russia Hack Meme that for some reason the administration doesn’t seem to want to brief congress on.

For the left it was also effective, it accomplished similar things, distracting the voters of the left from their massive electoral failures outside of the State of California, allowing them to push the Russia Hack meme distracting both voters in general and their own people that not only that the Wikileaks folks claim disgusted Dems gave them the info but that said hack, if it took place at all, publicly displayed not only the cyber security ineptitude of the party (and it’s nominee) and the fact that it put the mendacity and deceit of their leaders on full display, but most important it was a fundraising tool to get one last but of cash from gullible donors that they had failed under the guise of doing something.

But for us on the right and conservatives we had the best of all worlds.

  • It demonstrated that all the pronouncements of prominent leftists and pundits in media concerning faithless electors as the smoke and mirrors that it was.
  • It drew vital time and funds from the left that might have been used to actually combat our agenda.
  • It demonstrated the ineffectiveness of leftist professors, leftists pundits in print, digital media and on TV, and celebrities who loudly urged electors to defect.
  • It demonstrated the violent and undemocratic tendencies of the left by the bullying and intimidation attempts on electors which serves to further alienate voters from the radial left.
  • For all their rage they only managed to move two Trump electors and ironically cost Hillary 100% more votes than Trump.
  • Its failure further demoralized a left already demoralized and will likely drive more ultra radical to the greens which will pay dividends in future elections.

And of course the best part….

  • It gives us one more reason to laugh at them.

As Rush Limbaugh often said, when liberals are in power, they’re scary, when their out of power, they’re crazy.

More please.

There are two measures by which the future Trump Administration will be measured.

One of them is the standard of conservative wonks like me who are looking for specific things, the wall, a proper vetting of legal immigration, the war on Islamic terror, pro-life justices on the supreme court. A person like me is going to judge the success or failure of a Trump by his ability to achieve, or failure to do these tangible concrete things.

However there is a 2nd standard, a standard that is the one generally used by those who do not follow politics every single day. The standard of expectations. Will a Trump administration be as good or as bad as they expect?

This standard rather than objective is subjective and thanks to our friends on the left, Trump is well on his way to winning this expectations game even before being sworn in.

Right now the most ignorant and crazy of leftists are carrying the message, in bought and paid for protests all over the nation that a Trump administration is going to bring internment camps, midnight raids on innocent civilians, the end of contraception in America and the re enslavement of blacks etc etc etc. True to form the MSM in print, online and on TV are repeating and amplifying this message convincing many on the left that it’s the gospel truth.

But what happens when after four years of Trump as president and the GOP in control of the house and senate:

Black America not only finds themselves unenslaved but with their voting rights intact
Gay Americans still find the LOGO network on the air, gay bars not closed & themselves not closeted?
Muslim Americans find themselves still living in their homes and operating their businesses?
Latinos Americans (as opposed to illegal immigrants) completely unexpelled?
American women find that contraception is not outlawed and regularly available anyone?

I’ll tell you what, both the Average citizen and the college leftists who has been assured that all these things were inevitable will find themselves thinking that Donald Trump isn’t bad, particularly if all this is accompanied by economic growth here and the containment of terror abroad.

That’s why Trump isn’t giving all that much attention to the protestors and their media allies, if they insist on setting the bar as low as humanly possible Donald Trump will go along

After all it’s easy to hurdle a bar that’s buried underground.

forwardBy John Ruberry

There are thousands–maybe hundreds of thousands–of explanations about why Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton last week that you can find online and in print, as well as why the Republicans maintained control of Congress and gained governorships.

Here’s another one, although this discussion confronts one angle, what I call “inevitable leftism.” Barack Obama was the “Hope and Change” candidate for president in 2008; four years later, “Forward” was his rallying cry. Some conservative pundits noticed that “Forward” has a long history as a communist and socialist slogan.

Leftists, Obama is one, firmly believe that their cause is one of inevitable success, that humanity is headed towards–choose your term–a collectivist, socialist, or communist utopia. They view popular leaders such as Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan, as atavistic aberrations, mere potholes that can be paved over when the time is right, sooner, as opposed to later.

Except when they are wrong.

The French Revolution, still idealized by the Left, deposed a king and disestablished the Roman Catholic church, and replaced the Ancien Régime with an atheist republic that executed thousands, which was quickly transformed into a dictatorship led by an Italian. Along the way the days and months were renamed in a new decimal calendar–hours and minutes were divided by ten too, as were weights and measures. A couple of decades later there was a king again in France, the Catholic church was the state religion–but the metric system survived, yet strangely enough, it still hasn’t completely caught on in the United States.

Maximilien Robespierre, the guiding force of the French Revolution, and his inner circle were certain they were guiding the world on the right path. He may have even held on to that belief as he walked up to the guillotine, two years after Louis XVI after made the same, final stroll.

The Russian Revolution’s state, the Soviet Union, was similarly hailed by the Left as a societal inevitably, it also led to regicide, and tens of millions were killed. Because the USSR survived much longer than the French Republic, it succeeded in shattering Russian culture. But the surviving Russian nation is a South American-style sham democracy run by a thug, not a nation consisting of a populace that lives “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Barack Obama is not a psychopath or a murderer. But he’s a leftist, albeit one along the lines of French President François Hollande. Obama decided that America needs government-run health care in 2009 but he knew that what the Democrats euphemistically call single-payer would be unpopular, so a hybrid program, quickly dubbed ObamaCare, was developed as a bridge to that health care utopia. ObamaCare is deeply unpopular, and it was one reason for Trump’s win. The president-elect says he will repeal most of ObamaCare. The Democrats’ push for gay marriage is another page from the book of Dem inevitability, but only 21 nations allow same-sex marriages, none of them are in Asia, and South Africa is the only country in Africa that allows it.

It was the Democrats who, through their many friends in the judiciary, that created the so-called crisis surrounding the minuscule segment of the population who feel compelled to use the washrooms and the locker rooms–even in high school–of the opposite gender. They view choose-your-own-bathroom as their next social inevitability. The Democrats are the party of the confused horny teenage boy who wants to shower with girls.

Next year France will hold a presidential election. Marine Le Pen, a far-right politician with a fierce anti-immigrant stance, whose election as president last year ago seemed as likely as Trump moving in to the White House was, is confident of her chances. Hollande hasn’t declared himself as a candidate. Is Le Pen, another atavistic aberration, the inevitability of France?

France is ten percent Muslim. With the higher birth rates of its Muslim citizens a majority Muslim France could be possible by the end of the century. Gay marriage has been legal in France since 2013. Will it be in 2113?

John "Lee" Ruberry of the Magnificent Seven
John “Lee” Ruberry of the Magnificent Seven

The policy of open borders is also viewed as the next level of human achievement by the Left. It has worked well for the European Union, but there’s a big difference between thousands Germans buying homes in Italy and thousands of Middle Eastern migrants arriving in ramshackle boats there. Democrats, and even some Republicans, have been ignoring calls from ordinary citizens, now dubbed “the Forgotten Man,” to secure the southern border for decades. Opposition to open borders was the main reason why British voters voted to leave the EU.

Of course no one can predict the future. Not even leftists, even though they never tire in telling you how smart they are.

In the United States the hubris of inevitability led to the defeat of the Left last week.

Forward was the wrong way.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Mary Cooper: [To Leonard] When your mom gets back, I’m gonna need to apologize for the way I spoke to her.
Penny: Well, come on now, she did kind of start it.
Mary: Doesn’t matter, a good Christian would’ve turned the other cheek. On the other hand, a good Texan would’ve shot her, so, I just kind of split the difference.

The Big Bang Theory The Maternal Combustion 2015

Tessio:  I understand thirty thousand men enlisted this morning.
Sonny Corleone:  A bunch of saps.
Michael Corleone:  Why are they saps?
Connie Corleone:  Sonny come on we don’t have to talk about the war.
Sonny Corleone:  Hey beat it — you go talk to Carlo alright. They’re saps because they risk their lives for strangers.
Michael Corleone:  Now that’s Pop talking.
Sonny Corleone:  You’re goddamn right that’s Pop talking.

The Godfather Part 2  1974

Saturday night I got myself playing Civ five and ended up staying up all night so I was hearing about the Pulse shooting almost from the start and was able to follow the reactions on social media between turns and watched the news, only pausing long enough to do my podcast before finally hitting the sack just after 2:30 pm (finally got 4+ hours around 2 pm).

Before I went to bed I noticed both the coverage on the networks and the meme on twitter and it was all about protecting Islam and pushing guns as the cause for the mass murder in Orlando, the only exception was the several hours that Jake Tapper was on CNN where he played it straight.

When I woke up CNN was in full, “hatecrime not Islam mode” and on twitter the attacks on conservatives and defenses of islam was unrelenting.

Again this was less than 24 hours after 50+ were slaughtered and blood was still on the floor in Orlando.
And of course conservatives, supporters of the 2nd Amendment and Christians on twitter were under attack by the left for daring to warn them about the people who are trying to kill them.

This leads to two questions, both which are extremely disturbing:

How would the reaction currently being directed toward Conservatives & Christians by the left online be any different if a conservative 2nd Amendment Christian had actually done the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando rather than an Islamist?

The answer: In my opinion it wouldn’t be

Given the first question why should, when Islamic Terrorists target and murder those on the left, any Conservative Christian show any sympathy or expend any effort to protect these folks who hate us so from such attacks?

The answer to the 2nd question is rather easy, it’s a non-optional doctrine of Christianity directly ordered by Christ here:

You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your heavenly Father, for he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust.

For if you love those who love you, what recompense will you have? Do not the tax collectors do the same?

And if you greet your brothers only, what is unusual about that? Do not the pagans do the same?

Matthew 5:43-47

And that, along with the American in me outraged over an Islamic attack targeting my countrymen, will continue to trump the Sicilian in me, no matter how much the left attempts to convince me otherwise.

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Voiceover: Already Neutron – who, you will remember, is infinitely the most dangerous man in the world, he really is – was gathering allies together.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus Mr. Neutron 1974

Monday I talked about the idiocy that is the Bundy Militia in Oregon, Tuesday I talked about the stupidity and weakness of this administration in dealing with them, today it’s time to talk about the reaction of the left to all of this.

The Bundy’s have been stupid giving a pretext for Obama’s acts on guns, the administration has been stupider trying to cede control of the situation, but the far left has been the most stupid of all, trying to pretend that Oregon is the 2nd coming of ISIS.

We have seen stuff like this:

And even dumber things like the #vanallaisis hashtag and calls for extreme force to be used to put them down. On Radio I’ve heard reliable liberals call for the bombing of the Federal compound where these guys are and of course there is CNN:

Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom gave a platform to left-wing commentator David Love, who asserted in a Monday column for that “if Black Lives Matter protesters were to take over a federal building armed to the teeth with firepower — and they certainly would not do this — they would wind up dead or in prison for life on terrorism charges.” Love criticized the handling of an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon: “It seems that this country has a double standard. I would say it’s a color-coded system when it comes to defining terrorism.

All of this of course brings one thing to mind. The Monty Python episode Mr. Neutron

The Humor of the episode comes from constant build up of Mr. Neutron as the greatest threat in the history of history even though he spends his entire time in the episode having afternoon tea with friends or pruning pants in the garden or wallpapering a room and contemplating ice cream.

Mr. Neutron: I have just won a Kellogg’s Corn Flake Competition.
Mrs. Scum: Oh Mr. N! That’s wonderful!
Mr. Neutron: I got the ball in exactly the right place· The prize is £5,000 in cash, or as much ice cream as you can eat.
Mrs. Scum: £5,000!
Mr. Neutron: I was thinking of taking the ice cream.
Mrs. Scum: Oh no!
Mr. Neutron: It’s been so hot recently.

Mrs. Scum: You couldn’t eat that much ice cream Mr. N.
Mr. Neutron:
Mrs. S, I can eat enormous quantities of ice cream without being sick.

In the end he is a threat so dangerous that a top secret US agency decides to bomb the entire world from the Gobi Desert to the Yukon to stop him.

This is the left on the self exiled Bundy Brood.  The attempts to build them up as a terror threat might be credible if it wasn’t for the fact that their big aggressive move is to park themselves in the middle of nowhere where they can’t hurt anybody and threaten to stay there for years.

Contrast that with the liberals who occupied the Wisconsin capital disrupting the people business.

or the  occupods who disrupted cities and whose camps became centers for the rape of women.

or the Black Lives Matter Crowd and the riots and arson they brought with them.

or radical jihadists who have bombed public events like the Boston Marathon or shot up San Bernardino

and of course ISIS which enslaves and rapes women and throws gays off buildings has a body count that makes Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit combined look like Utopia.

All of these things have happened in our cities or on our TV sets in front of our faces yet the left wants us to be afraid of the Bundys.

To conflate these fools with ISIS is an insult to the intelligence of even low information Obama voters,

not to mention the memory of the people who have actually been slaughtered by real terrorists.  As I’ve already put it:


What would the world in general and the American public in particular give to persuade ISIS en masse to park themselves in the middle of nowhere and stay?   A threat to nobody but trees and birds.

In fact if I was the federal government I’d put a cordon around this area, declare it a minimum security federal prison and leave these idiots there.

and yet our friends on the left are actually trying to make the case that these fools are the greatest terror threat in the history of history.  Furthermore rather than calling us to reflect on root causes, asking us to understand them or wondering how we offended them they demand that we slaughter them without mercy.

Yes they really think people will fall for this.

Now granted the public can be gullible on occasion, after all they elected Barack Obama twice but it’s amazing how, when it’s a matter of one’s personal safety how well people can figure things out.  I’ll give the last word to CS Lewis

The characteristic of Pains and Pleasures is that they are unmistakably real, and therefore, as far as they go, give the man who feels them a touchstone of reality. Thus if you had been trying to damn your man by the Romantic method…you would try to protect him at all costs from any real pain; because, of course, five minutes’ genuine toothache would reveal the romantic sorrows for the nonsense they were and unmask your whole stratagem.


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Dr Who bigger on the inside
The Doctor’s TARDIS

By John Ruberry

My daughter, Little Marathon Pundit, started college the day after Labor Day. She’s attending an arts school in downtown Chicago. LMP has already joined three clubs at Columbia–an improv group, a Harry Potter club, and a Doctor Who collective.

What could possibly go wrong?

During the introductory roundtable at each club meeting, members were instructed to state their names and their preferred gender pronoun. I would say, “My name is John and my preferred pronoun is ‘He.'” Eric Idle’s Stan character in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, who wants to be a woman named Loretta, would pick “she.”

There’s a term for this nuttiness–preferred gender programs, or PGP.

Children know their own gender and that of others before they can say “boy” or “girl.” Leave it to so-called higher-education to attack reason.

PGP-talk isn’t limited to my LMP’s college. The same protocol takes place at Chicago’s DePaul, which is nominally a Catholic university, a co-worker told me yesterday. A quick internet search confirmed my fears–PGPs are nationwide and they’ve entered the classroom too.

Let’s say you are not sure if you are a man or a woman? What pronoun do you use for yourself? You use “ze.” Of if he pronoun is the object of a preposition, it’s “hir,” which is pronounced the same as “here.”

The virus has escaped the lecture halls. At last year’s left-wing NetRoots conference, the “Hello my name is” badges included space for a PGP. 

Will delegates at next year’s Democratic National Convention be asked what their preferred gender pronoun is?

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

By John Ruberry

Later today a committee will reveal the 68 teams that will participate NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, which is commonly known as the Big Dance or March Madness. All of the games will be televised–and during halftime, public-service ads about the participating teams will air–they will be milquetoast pieces–focusing how each school contributes to the community and if applicable, how many Nobel prizes the colleges have collected.

What will be left out of those PSAs is that there are many hard-core leftists on the faculty of every college participating in March Madness.

For instance…

Duke is in the tournament almost every year. miriam cooke (she does not capitalize her first or last name) is a professor of Arabic in the African & Asian Languages & Literature Department. She blames the first Gulf War and the establishment of Israel for the 9/11 attacks. cooke was one of the Group of 88 who signed a hateful letter that appeared in Duke’s student newspaper condemning the since-exonerated Duke lacrosse players who were accused of raping a black stripper.

The University of Kentucky is a favorite to win the tournament. Ihsan Bagby is a professor in the UK’s College of Arts and Sciences. He once wrote, “Ultimately we [Muslims] can never be full citizens of this country [the U.S.] because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country.”

Temple University is a tournament bubble team. While their Big Dance status is in doubt as of this writing–what is absolutely clear is that the Philadelphia university forces its students to take its two-year Intellectual Heritage course series that is heavy on Marxism but light on the damage caused by this failed philosophy. The professors who teach those classes certainly aren’t Ronald Reagan conservatives.

John "Lee" Ruberry
John “Lee” Ruberry

The teams not among the field of 68 can be invited to three other post-season tournaments. One of those is the NIT, my alma mater, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is expected to be an NIT team. The U of I counts a convicted murderer and former Symbionese Liberation Army terrorist, James Kilgore, as one of its instructors.

You’ll find a lot of hot air and any many air balls in higher education. That is the real madness.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.