Dr. Peter Venkman: If I’m wrong, nothing happens! We go to jail – peacefully, quietly. We’ll enjoy it! But if I’m *right*, and we *can* stop this thing… Lenny, you will have saved the lives of millions of registered voters.

Ghostbusters 1984

Van Helsing:   Gentlemen, we are fortunate! 
Dr. Seward:   Why? 
Van Helsing:   He’s an imbecile!

Dracula Dead and Loving it 1995


Yesterday after my initial visit to my local Market Basket I went back at about Noon.  By that time the two registers that had been open when I left became 4 and gallons of bottled water that were not there at 8 AM were present as were deliveries of fresh bread and rolls.  After leaving there I visited the Market Basket on John Fitch Highway in Fitchburg where they were well stocked on cereal, juices and actually had some wraps in stock but little or no meat,  However 5 registers were ringing away and an associate told me she was never so happy bagging groceries in her life.

That sense of pure joy came from the timing.  A year ago that same young lady might have been tried or bored or upset she didn’t’ have a bagger handy but with the return of Arthur T Demoulas in command and the victory of the Market Basket Workers suddenly this was no longer an issue.  Timing made all the difference.

And while nobody is talking about it timing was a big factor in the workers Market Basket win.

By all logic the workers had no business winning this fight.  Arthur S. being as rich as he is could have held out for months and sustained losses, the customers  honoring of the boycott would slowly get tired of it or allow themselves to rationalize violating it, and the individual workers needing to support families likely couldn’t have managed a work action that extended into the New England heating season.

But there was another season that played into this fight, election season.

For weeks Deval Patrick made it a point to stay out of this fight, even when people at the rallies were hitting him over it Deval Patrick stayed away.

Then the part timers lost their jobs, 20,000 workers out of work, and double that number or more of their families affected by that change.

Suddenly the prospect of 20,000 to 40,000 voters in two states controlled by Democrats going to the polls angry with an election less than 90 days away was a reality.

And so Governor Patrick and Gov Hassan of New Hampshire decided to get involved.

We don’t know how much pressure they applied or sway they had (although if a movie about this is made you can count on left leaning hollywood making it decisive) but in the end a deal was reached and now those tens of thousands of voters going to the polls in those two democrat controlled states owe a debt of gratitude to two Democrat governors.

Arthur S. and his side of the family must be  are kicking themselves because for not waiting until December to make their move, I suspect with heating bills to pay for the workers and no voters to face by the pols the outcome might have been very different.

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Don Fanucci: This is my neighborhood. You and your friends should show me some respect. You should let me wet my beak a little.

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I spotted this update at the Save Market Basket Fasebook page:

1. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Deval Patrick have both declined to take a stand in our fight against corporate greed despite the fact that dozens of lawmakers and mayors in MA and NH have signed our boycott and our standing with us, the middle class and lower class that they claim to fight so hard for.

Say What?

These two politicians claim to be on the side of the worker and against corporate greed yet refuse to put their money where their mouth is, lets flood them with calls and emails.

How can this be? We have been hearing for years about how Deval Patrick is all about the little guy, in addition Elizabeth Warren’s entire meme is about populism the whole “you didn’t build that” business. What on earth could cause the Democrat Governor and a Potential Democrat Presidential nominee to hang back?

Doesn’t it seem odd that these liberal lions are silent? It seems even more odd that Blue Mass Group appears to be on the side of current management.

Question 1: Since the new Market Basket management has not announced or indicated plans to change the current method of operation isn’t it wiser and in the better interest of the employees and their families to wait until something more concrete other than a change of the guard?Question 2: How much money has Arthur T. DeMoulas spent on his effort to re-gain his job?

Question 3: How many p.r. people, media specialists, and political organizers are working on his behalf?

It’s THAT 3rd question that is the real clue to both Patrick’s & ‘Warren’s silence & Blue Mass Groups seeming indifference to these workers.

You see the Demoulas workers have done this in a generic way. Any person talking directly to the workers and the managers in the stores could tell you this. Any person who has covered these rallies would note that rather than being filled with paid protesters, or people who can’t read their own signs, being managed by handlers they are filled with actual Market Basket Employees doing all of his on a shoestring via social media and networking.

Twitter and Instagram have been flooded with messages and images, some in support of efforts and some simply documenting the effects of employee action. The #MarketBasket, #MarketBasketStrong, and #SaveMarketBasket hashtags (among others) have gained traction from both workers and customers alike.

That’s the problem, the workers have rejected the unions very publicly, they’re not paying community activists to organize, they dare to think they can do this themselves without the aid of the professional protest crowd that the left fund nationally & keep employed for shock troops when they need a rent a crowd.

In other words this is actual grass roots. no Unions, no activists, no Pols like Patrick & Warren are getting their beaks wet and for the left  that simply won’t do.

In fact it might be a danger, if other people see these workers get a successful result without unions, without paid activists without the Democrat machine it could bring down their whole facade.

To top it off these people are protesting for common sense, for smart business decisions, for not building up debt, in short for capitalism

and we can’t have that can we?

So expect Blue Mass Group to keep attacking Arthur T & expect Patrick & Warren will stay silent until whatever happens is a fait accompli .

Oh and as for PR Firms & dirty tricks:

6. The Board and the new co-CEOs have engaged a new PR firm Oneill & Assoc out of Boston. Apparently KEKST was finally fired for doing such a stellar job, more money wasted. Anyway this PR firm has decided that the best way to boost their image is to drag up information that is decades old and try to rehash it. They have also planted trolls on our site to make negative comments etc…so if you think there is a troll jump on them then PM us so we can take care of it. They have found a PR firm with as much character as the BOD has.

Hmmm I wonder if we’ll see paid counter protesters anytime soon?

I must confess even two days later I’m still angry about Governor Patrick’s press conference concerning dealing with making facilities available in the state for the influx of children crossing illegally that the administration is dealing with.

You might have missed this story with so much news out there lately.  I talked about this yesterday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio but if you didn’t catch my rather angry harangue, I found myself very upset at Governor Patrick’s press conference for several reasons, but two of them are primarily religious.

First of all I was upset at the hypocrisy. Governor Patrick made a great fuss about saying how his religion requires his to feed the hungry and take care of the poor and bluntly said that at the end of his life he will be called to account for our actions.

I find this odd but the same Christianity that he claims requires him to help the poor and the wanderer (which it does) also condemns Sodomy as a sin and yet his administration has not only promoted it in schools but has condemned those who would object to it and not embrace it as right.

That same Christianity tells him not to kill the innocent but he has steadfastly supported abortion and has been a great friend to planned parenthood.

Funny how his Christianity compels him to obey some rules and not others.

But what really jars my gears was the sight of Cardinal O’Malley at the podium behind him.

Now I of course do not object to Cardinal O’Malley offering to help in this crisis as I’ve already written while it’s the government’s function to enforce our laws and protect our borders the Christian duty to our fellow-man is independent of this. Given the chance to feed the hungry, clothe the naked o shelter the homeless the Church is compelled to be of service in this regard, even if it is an unpopular thing to do and the Cardinal is correct in offering the aid of the Catholic church in this crisis.

Yet he could have done this without providing the Governor whose administration has declared the Catholic Church unfit to provide adoption services in Massachusetts a visual for his news conference.

That same governor who was so happy to have the Cardinal lend him his moral authority has forced the church to abandon adoptions unless they are willing to commit mortal sin by placing children for adoption with gay couples.

Mind you the church was expert at placing the toughest to place kids as it had been doing adoptions long before the state did but that didn’t matter to Deval Patrick, the LGBT lobby spoke and he obeyed.

The Irony is not lost on me, and the question should be asked of the Governor:  How is it that the Church is unworthy to place children for adoption in the state of Massachusetts but is completely worthy to take care of illegal immigrant children at the request of the state?

The answer of course is that one serves the political purposes of both the Patrick & Obama administration and the other does not.

Knowing this and further knowing that Gov Patrick also vehemently opposes the protections for the church in terms of conscience objections under obamacare I find it obscene that this Governor would use a prince of the Church as a prop in a photo-op.

I further object to Cardinal O’Malley allowing himself to be so used. There is no reason why he could have expressed his support in writing or even sent a parish priest to express the church’s support for this measure.

Frankly I don’t expect better from this governor who spends plenty of time putting a false face on things but I expect better from a Cardinal familiar with Christ’s admonition in Matthew Chapter 10 verse 16 when he sent his disciples out:

“Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.”

Because when you do this Cardinal you are acting less like a prince of the Church and a teacher of its people than as  an abused spouse standing by the man who beats and berates her in the hope of gaining his approval.

Closing thought, every person who applauded the governor at the end of his press conference when he said this decision was not political, is either a liar or an idiot or both..  If this was not a political move it could have been done without the photo-op, to suggest otherwise insults my intelligence.

September 14, 2013 was the last day 5 year old Jeremiah Oliver was seen alive. He and his siblings were “supposed” to be under the watch of (DCF) due to reports of abuse and neglect, they were to have monthly visits by workers from DCF yet three months went by without a visit and now 5 year old Jeremiah is presumed dead.

This triggered an outcry not just within the community but across the country. People wanted answers, how could a 5 year old boy go missing for three months without the state knowing?

The negative publicity sent shockwaves throughout government officials and the chief of DCF “Olga Roche” had to act. She did so by firing thee employees related to the case yet this wouldn’t stop the fury.

Further investigation revealed that over THIRTY percent of social workers for the DCF are not CERTIFIED for employment!

Over 90 PERCENT of children are allowed to live in homes with CONVICTS!

Although many requests have been made Olga Roche will not release the information relating to the convictions.

Governor Patrick not only continues to support her he wants to give Olga Roche a 10,500 dollar raise bringing her salary to $137,000.00 a year!

Update DTG: If this doesn’t make the Deval for President case I’d like to know what does.

Diz:  Not one word of what he’s saying is being printed in that state
Saunders:   Oh no Diz!
Diz:  Taylor has practically every paper in the state lined up and he’s feeding them doctored up junk

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939

Lorenzo: Your mother said she caught ya down by the bar today.
Colegero: I wasn’t at the bar.
Mrs. Anello: Tell your father the truth
Colegero: I was by the bar.
Lorenzo: So why’d you lie?
Colegero: (shrugs) I took a shot..

A Bronx Tale  1993

One of the things I take issue with concerning Protestant theology is the concept of “once saved always saved” whereby one can commit any sin with impunity because Christ automatically forgives them. Something similar seems to take place with the Democrat party in Massachusetts.

Last week Michael Graham wrote about some pushback state Rep Shawna O’Connell (R-Taunton) got from the Patrick administration over EBT benefits for the Boston Bombers

Earlier today, Rep. Shaunna O’Connell got a phone call from a very senior member of the governor’s staff with a warning: Watch how you criticize Deval Patrick on the issue of welfare benefits for the Tsarnaev family.

Well that prompted Michal Graham calling repeatedly for details until the governors office denied the call took place

Asked about the dust-up Wednesday, Patrick told reporters O’Connell is simply spouting nonsense.

“Well, she makes a lot of things up, and it sounds like she’s on her old tear

So it’s: “he said, she said” or at least it would be if Rep O’Connell hadn’t made the call from her cell where records are available.

If Gov. Patrick is right and Rep. O’Connell is lying, then she’ll be forced to play the Tim Murray “This is my personal cell” card and keep the records private. (A move supported, ironically, by Deval Patrick)

But if she’s telling the truth, there will be a record of the call and Gov, Patrick is the one who’s lying.

Hey–what’s this? Why, it’s a screen capture of Rep. O’Connell’s cellphone showing incoming calls on Tuesday morning…

and that’s game set and match.

That the Patrick Administration which comes from the David Axelrod school of politics would be fast and loose with facts should be no surprise to anyone who follows the game of politics.  What MIGHT surprise some folks is they would bother to BS on something so easily proved false. Why would anyone, risk embarrassment on such a thing.

Because you, the voters told him he CAN!

It has been amply demonstrated to Democrats in Massachusetts that you can be as unqualified as a Joe Kennedy III, that you can play fast and loose with tax rules like Suzanne Bump or even let Americans be killed in successful attacks on the anniversary of 9/11 and still win the presidency by over 23 points.

If the electorate is willing to ignore things like that and the press is willing to back the administration up, there’s absolutely no reason they’re going to be worried about lying to your face, particularly if you are a Governor who won’t be facing the votes of Massachusetts ever again.

The question isn’t: “Why would the Patrick Administration life?”, it’s, “Why on earth would you expect better of them?”

Not long ago when NY decided to impose one of the stiffest Gun Laws in the nation upon it’s people Texas Decided to say to New Yorkers to come on down.

Now Governor Patrick of Massachusetts has decided to run his own ad for the Lone Star State in the form of his budget:

Gov. Deval Patrick has asked for $1.9 billion in new and increased taxes, and on Wednesday he reportedly advanced a plan that would expand the state’s budget by $2.6 billion – an 8.1 percent increase that would bring state spending to $34.8 billion.

This includes tax increases on soda, candy & gas, along with increased fees.

He is also talking about eliminating several tax deductions, counting on people in a bad economy willing to be played for suckers gamble their money away and in the one sop in a pile of manure he proposes dropping the sales tax (from 6.25). The once sensible move in the entire stack.

Hey we re-elected this government and we deserve what we get but I’d think the Governor might allow Texas and other states to produce their own ads rather than creating a ready-made one for them with this budget.

Before the Governor’s budget a fellow on Twitter gave me this advice.

even with this new budget I’m unlikely to leave, but I have two sons in college and I can’t see either one staying, meaning unless I follow them Chris Christie’s prediction about airplane grandparents will come true.

and I suspect I won’t be alone.

“It’s like Evergreen solar on a cosmic level”

Nate Little, executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party Jan 2011, on President Obama’s SOTU Speech

“They’re two leaders who have a similar long-term vision’’

Greg Bialecki Massachusetts secretary of housing and economic development on Deval Patrick & Barack Obama. Jan 2011

It’s a shock and a boondoggle for taxpayers. A green energy company touted by environmentalists and used as a photo-op by the chief executive is given millions of dollars of government support to “create jobs” now files for Bankruptcy leaving taxpayers paying the bill, workers out of work and pols scrambling for explanations.

Ah but it’s not what you think, this movie is not about Solyndra it’s the story of Evergreen Solar, touted by Deval Patrick, showered with Massachusetts taxpayer funds which filed for Bankruptcy in August 2011.

Evergreen Solar Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday, completing a stunning reversal of fortune for a high-flying alternative-energy company that once seemed to herald a new era for the Massachusetts economy.

It was just a few years ago when Deval Patrick made his big move to court the money losing Evergreen Solar to the state:

In 2007 Governor Deval Patrick decided to “lure” a company called Evergreen Solar to the state. In one of the largest investments the state has ever made in a private company, Massachusetts taxpayers paid Evergreen some $58 million dollars to locate a plant there. Curiously, Evergreen wasn’t even remotely profitable at the time.

Strange, the Globe story last month called it a “reversal”, yet the company was awash with red ink at the time of the deal (over 340 million+ according to the WSJ). That didn’t keep the Boston Globe from showcasing the deal as an example of Deval Patrick creating jobs:

Evergreen Solar’s CEO, Richard M. Feldt (right), says Governor Deval Patrick’s commitment to solar power played a key role in the company’s decision to expand in Massachusetts

Alas, the happy times didn’t last, it was only 19 months later that Evergreen announced that they were creating new jobs…In China:

Evergreen Solar is shifting some of its production, currently done at a plant in Devens, to China next year, after posting an $82 million loss in the third quarter.

But Gov. Deval Patrick looked at the bright side:

“I’m disappointed about the manufacturing,” Patrick said, “but I’m delighted that they will continue to grow jobs in Massachusetts and they will be a part of our emerging clean tech sector.”

The exact number of jobs to be lost wasn’t specified at the time, but 14 months later the Globe discovered the number… …all of them:

Evergreen Solar Inc., which received $58 million in state aid to open a factory in 2008 at the former military base in Devens, announced today it would shut the plant and let go 800 workers by the end of this quarter.

Naturally conservatives were not surprised and asked questions:

Who did the analysis? Who gave the go-ahead to give the company $58MM?

And even environmental economics blogs asked questions:

All economists know that you have to tell a powerful externality (positive spillover) story to justify strategic subsidies of industries. Did the Governor commission such a study? For the “researchers” who did the study, what evidence did they provide?

but those questions weren’t quickly answered:

The Patrick administration yesterday dragged its feet on releasing public records of its ill-fated, $58 million taxpayer investment in Evergreen Solar even as energy experts questioned why officials ignored early warnings that the firm’s new Devens plant stood little chance against cutthroat overseas competition.

But not to worry said the state at the time:

Massachusetts officials noted the state may have the opportunity to recover some of the funds Evergreen received.

and as late as March the Governor insisted that it wasn’t a loss for the state

The governor also disputed that the state was a net loser in the deal brokered by his administration. El-Hillow has said he may pay back some of the state assistance but not all, saying his company’s intention is to “honor” the agreement.

“I would say that the actual math of it suggests that the commonwealth just about broke even, when you consider the income taxes on the payroll, but it’s still a blow, and it’s not the commitment that they made,” said Patrick.

And I’m sure he believed it…right up ’til the end.

Michael Graham noted it could have been a lot worse if Patrick got his way:

Patrick originally wanted to give them $100 million, and in 2009 “offered Evergreen more than $76 million in grants, land, loans, tax incentives and other aid,” according to The Boston Globe-Democrat.

He’s right. It could have been worse, it could have been as bad as the remake Debra Saunders watched:

Solyndra had not turned a profit since it was founded in 2005. The plant in which Obama stood was bankrolled with a $535 million federal loan guarantee. Two months before, PricewaterhouseCoopers questioned Solyndra’s “ability to continue as a going concern.”

If the president wants to send a positive message on the U.S. economy, I wondered, then couldn’t his people have found a California company that doesn’t rely on a federal loan and actually makes money?

Bad advance work, I figured.

A month later, Solyndra canceled a planned $300 million public offering. In November, Solyndra closed its older plant and cut its workforce. Today Solyndra’s lights are out.

None of this explains the why. Perhaps it’s because neither Deval Patrick nor Barack Obama asked Reason online to explain the facts of life:

Politicians are not venture capitalists, they aren’t marketers, and they certainly are not innovators. Whether or not a company succeeds or fails, is green or brown, or employs workers in America or China doesn’t matter. What matters is that this all be determined by private investors who know the risks going in and have a stake in the capital, location, and technology needed to either fail or succeed.

What this Solyndra story adds up to is just another Hollywood squeal that’s worse than the original. It does have one advantage for American viewing public:

Solyndra unlike Evergreen didn’t implode two months after it’s patron won re-election.

…that might have made a difference if it was reported in October:

A jobs commission ordered almost two years ago by Gov. Deval Patrick and the Legislature to find ways to create and maintain jobs in Massachusetts has never met, causing some to view the panel as a missed opportunity during a period of high unemployment.

In interviews, stakeholders said it had taken them two years to name commission members and said they hoped to meet for the first time in January, more than 18 months after their initial reporting date. But loose ends remain. For instance, those involved in the panel could not provide a full list of its members

Remember Massachusetts you asked for this, you’ve got it.

If you looked at Deval Patrick’s ads, they were all about Jobs, however did the message have some help:

U.S. defense contractor Raytheon announced a series of layoffs Tuesday just days after Gov. Deval Patrick denied asking it to delay terminations until after the state elections.

The announcement follows three other rounds of layoffs announced by Massachusetts employers in the immediate aftermath of last week’s elections.

Lab services company Charles River Laboratories and biotechnology firms Biogen Idec and Genzyme have made work force reductions totaling more than 1,000 jobs since Nov. 3, the day after Patrick was re-elected. Raytheon wouldn’t divulge the size of its work force reduction.

Well its not as if the Governor denied stuff like this was coming; oh wait:

“No, no. That’s just a rumor,” the governor said after one of his final campaign rallies in Newburyport.

When he was asked if he requested the company delay any terminations, he bristled and responded: “Come on. They’ve been adding jobs.”

Well I’m sure Raytheon can categorically deny that the governor made such a request can’t they?

On Oct. 29, Raytheon Co. spokesman Jon Kasle refused to answer whether Patrick had requested a delay in layoffs, saying, “I would not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Guess not.

Massachusetts just remember we had an election this week, we did this to ourselves and as always are getting the government we deserve…or are we?

Update: We blew it in congress too. Instalanche, thanks Glenn, and remember DaTechGuy on DaRadio premieres on AM 830 WCRN November 20th at 9 p.m with Robert Stacy McCain and Roxeanne De Luca as our first guests. If you are interested in some ad space the rates are here.