Many years ago Ft. Devens was one of the victims of downsizing of the Military.

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Not quite closed the Ft. was reduced in size and a vast amount of its grounds converted to a business zone where tax incentives drew business to the location from Johnson Matthey to the failed Evergreen Solar

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But today locals who might not be aware that any part of the fort was
still active got a lesson as Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was transferred from Beth Israel Hospital to the Devens Federal medical center and prison.

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The fort and area around it, while active, was not a destination of choice for local media but today Satellite dishes ruled the landscape as local and national media outlets prepare to get the first pictures of the facility where the Marathon Bomber will be housed at least for now.

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Questions remain: Will this be a temporary stop as he recovers from his injuries? Will any of the facilities on the base that were once
considered a potential viewing location for 9/11 families for trials of defendants be utilized? How much of an additional security presence will be on location now that the most infamous criminal in the nation is now on the grounds?

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Police on the scene were not away of any kind of press conference the
media on the move, at least not here, but local citizens expressed
surprise at the relocation of the prisoner one commenting unfavorably on the security at the location.

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If there are any concerns over the relocation I suspect security is not among them. The eyes of the entire nation are going to be on this
facility for the foreseeable future and I suspect more cameras will be on that building then Gweneth Paltrow in her new see through dress.

…expect updates

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While the rest of the known world was following the Scott Brown/Elizabeth Warren debate in Springfield Niki Tsongas and Jon Golnik were at Devens for the 2nd of 3 debates in the 3rd district race.

Just like last time there were plenty of signs

for both sides

I spoke to a Golnik supporter

a Tsongas Supporter

And took a peek outside

At a little after 8 PM the candidates were ready

The Panel from the Sentinel & Enterprise, The Sun and the AP was ready

And the Q & A began:

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