This tweet via Instapundit is the understatement of the century:

The sudden about face of the GOP on this is yet another betrayal of their base that has the potential to blow everything wide open and put every single GOP member who votes on a collision course with tea party activists who will be running away from him as fast as their legs can carry them.

However there is a simple but I have a simple solution to this problem.

Simply attach the Obamacare repeal law to any DACA bill.

Suddenly instead of DACA becoming a massive betrayal of the GOP voter, it becomes the means to finally keep their promise to the American people.

Personally I’d attach defunding Planned Parenthood as well but while it’s a big issue for me I’m not greedy I’ll settle for the Obamacare repeal. I’d even allow a line to keep the coverage for children up to age 25 to make things easier for people transitioning off of it.

If I was the freedom caucus or Ted Cruz or any other strong conservative I would make including the Obamacare repeal a sine non qua of even letting such a bill reach the floor. Hell If I’m Trump I’d make the passage of the failed Obamacare repeal bill the minimum price for even considering signing any DACA law.

It’s very clear the GOP won’t keep their promises to their voters without an incentive, let’s give them one.

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