When Lisa Murkowski lost her primary and decided to go write in the GOP decided to play it with kid gloves, after all they all knew her, it’s not like she was going to go and caucus with democrats…oh wait:

Dana Bash of CNN reports on Twitter that Murkowski said republicans should not count on her to be with them

Bottom line is this. If Murkowski won’t declare she will caucus with republicans we must assume a vote for Murkowski is a vote for Obama. If she is elected she will become the media darling, the “reasonable” republican that will be on every show talking “compromise”, in other words, she will be Dede.

Alaska it’s your state not mine, but this tells you the compromise candidates the GOP establishment backs are not worth a damn. Their only principle is the retention of their own power. If you choose to empower the administration by voting for Murkowski then you deserve all you get from her.

Your vote, your call and as always whatever your call on Tuesday, you will get the government you deserve.

…you come for all of us faculty at the University of Illinois:

In a proposed resolution, highly-regarded professor Elliott Kaufman suggested that the Faculty Senate ask the board to reconsider its decision, one he said was a conflict-of-interest and “inappropriately influenced by personal and political comments.”

He urged board members to “adhere to the ethical constraints that normally govern their meetings.”

“Isn’t this the new, squeaky-clean, highly-ethical board of trustees? What happened? It is worth airing the laundry here,” said Kaufman, who retired last year after serving in numerous faculty leadership positions, in an interview with the Tribune.

“The chair had a conflict of interest and he put the other trustees in an impossible position,” Kaufman said. “He drew a dotted line between the assassination of the Kennedy brothers and giving Bill Ayers emeritus status. The result is what we got and I just don’t think it was a fair way to do it.”

Jim Hoff cuts to the chase:

So, let’s see. A guy that has a history of despising the United States and committing armed insurrection against her, a guy that advocated for the violent deaths of any number of her citizens, a guy who, with his wife, actually participated in at least one bombing where a police officer was killed, a guy that has never expressed any remorse for his actions, and a guy that has never paid a price for his treasonous and murderous actions is just the sort of guy that the faculty of a prestigious university would go to the mat for? Is that what we have here?

Yep, it appears that terrorist William Ayers is just the kind of creep that university professors love.

Because nothing says “Emeritus status” more to University of Illinois professors than dedicating your book to the murderer of Robert Kennedy.

All I can think of is the Lion King: “You like him, he likes you, but he likes the Murderer of RFK…and everyone is OK with this?”

…you know I’ve always assumed that some traumatic personal effect had a lot to do with Charles Johnson’s volte fache over the last couple of years. That along with an ability to hold a grudge is bad news indeed.

However now apparently Charles is crossing a line in blogger etiquette that I wouldn’t have thought was beneath him:

it turns out, every link in that post to one of charles’ posts regarding the flight 93 memorial is dead now. so here’s a screenshot to show that google’s spiders, with their indifferent eyes, have recorded charles’ deceit.

and Wrist action using a bit of irony in his follow up post. I won’t rob him of the link go and check it out.

Now when I’ve spotted grammar errors on old posts I’ve fixed them but this type of stuff is just plain dishonorable. Considering the season and the excitement going on it’s a great time to do it in hopes that it is ignored. As one of the oldest blogs and one I at one time defended I’m very disappointed. Tim Blair has the perfect line:

Little Green Footballs is becoming littler by the day.

Ironically his dishonorable attacks on Robert Stacy McCain and my banning led to our friendship, the Scott Brown stuff, CPAC the Tea Party express coverage and my recent trip to Blogcon. This only goes to show that God takes even bad things and can use it for good.

I’ll keep praying for Charles, and you should too, not in the hopes that he changes political sides again but I’d like him to get over whatever is troubling him.

Life is too short to spend it angry.

…that doesn’t mean it’s either smart or honorable.

This strikes me as troubling. Not because Petraeus is wrong; on the contrary, I think he is probably right. Already, mobs in Pakistan have demonstrated against the planned Koran burning by, among other things, burning American flags. History, e.g. the homicidal response to the Danish cartoons and the false report, circulated by the American press, that U.S. soldiers had flushed a Koran down a toilet at Guantanamo Bay, suggest that Petraeus’ fears are well founded.

Moreover, I personally am not in favor of burning Korans. My advice to the Florida church would be, don’t do it.

Still, is it not highly problematic when a senior military officer warns American citizens against exercising their undoubted First Amendment rights? This situation is different from the Koran-down-the-toilet story. We criticized news outlets at the time for endangering American troops, but that was mostly because the story was false. Presumably we can all agree that newspapers and magazines should not circulate false reports that endanger our troops. But what about accurate stories of Americans exercising their constitutional right to criticize Islam by burning Korans?

In one respect this is similar to the ground zero mega mosque. In both cases the people in question have a legal right to do what they intend. It both cases it is not only insensitive but provocative.

In the end we are going to have to fight to defend these people’s right to be glory seeking idiots. The provocation of course doesn’t make any violence by those offended justified, in fact it will simply prove their barbarity and insecurity

Update: Saw the preacher on the air declare this as a statement against Sharia law and for the 1st amendment, that’s a pretty good and strong argument but this still doesn’t sit right with me.

…moving back to the old Jew Hating days of yesteryear.

There is a pretty clear pattern here–again, assuming that the five nearly-simultaneous sales of shares in Israeli companies were not coincidental. Harvard is happy to do business with oppressors–real oppressors, that is–as long as there is enough money in it. China and Saudi Arabia have, in sheer monetary terms, a lot to offer. But taking a “principled” stand against Israel, still the Middle East’s only democracy (unless you count Iraq, on which the jury is still out) and the only country in the region with a Western human rights sensibility, is cost-free. Sort of like banning military recruiters.

The difference between courage and cravenness is being willing to stand up when it actually costs you something. “Standing up” to Israel costs Harvard on money or reputation among the elites, it risks no anger to among those who shower them with money, yet it allows them to think of themselves as “moral”.

Alas this decision costs nothing of Harvard, except Honor, and it has been a long time since Harvard valued that word.

That fact even more than the disinvestment is the true tragedy here.

Memeorandum thread here.

…really I do, but the news of the day doesn’t allow it. Example from Ruby Slippers:

An early look at Schneller’s nominating petitions, which are still being reviewed by pa2010.com iin full, shows that Schneller couldn’t have gathered the required 4,200 signatures without help from Democrats. Schneller himself collected only about 3,200 signatures. Almost all of the remaining 4,800 signatures were gathered by registered Democrats, many of whom have clear ties to Lentz. Many of the Democrats who circulated petitions for Schneller are party insiders and activists who would surely find Schneller’s political beliefs to be distasteful at best. Schneller is a staunch conservative who has dabbled in the so-called “Birther” movement that questions President Obama’s signature.

The Tea Party has in fact endorsed republican Pat Meehan and has no interest in Schneller but as politico reports this would not have been possible without the Lentz campaign:

The Democrats who helped gather the signatures include Colleen Guiney, the chairwoman of the Swarthmore Democratic Party and a Lentz supporter; Nicholas Allred, who works for the Swarthmore College Democrats and Rocco Polidoro, among others, according to secretary of state filings.

National review calls it a stench in Pa-7. Actually this is a very old political hardball tactic, not much different than Limbaugh’s “operation chaos“.

If you are going to run for office, particularly if you are threatening the use of the Treasury as a piggy bank to buy votes of course you are going to get people using any legal tactic to stop you and you’d better be ready to fight fire with fire. Why the RNC isn’t getting Naderites on the ballot all over states like Calif and MA is actually beyond me.

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TPM has a great suggestion for liberals who can’t seem to actually prove that Tea Party members are in fact racists, show up at Tea Party events with Confederate flags.

A pseudonymous liberal blogger in Washington state hopes that progressives across the country will show up to tea party rallies on September 12

Because nothing says people on the right are racist like leftists showing up at their rallies carrying Confederate Flags, but that’s not all they really have a great plan to get Tea party People riled up.

and — if it’s legal — light up a confederate flag so tea partiers can watch it burn

Apparently Evan McMorris-Santoro is so ignorant that he believes that the Tea parties are all a bunch of confederates just waiting for a new chance to reinstate slavery. (Paging Shirley Sherrod anyone?). Do you really think any of us give a damn if you burn a confederate flag or no?

The Civil War flag of the Massachusetts 15th from Leominster Mass.
Mr. Santoro let me show you a picture from a tea party rally I attended. It’s the Flag of the Massachusetts 15th regiment that fought in some very tough civil war battles. It’s being held by a tea party member at a tea party flag day event. You will note that their hands aren’t burning from contact with a union flag.

Ironically if the Capital police don’t allow it you to set fires (Considering the crowd size that is highly likely) what will you end up with? A bunch of liberals holding confederate flags at a rally. What are you going to do then? Hire another batch of “Progressives” to act outraged?

Then again you guys are getting better, back in January liberals didn’t know one flag from another.

When you create a phony stereotype of the tea parties you make fools out of yourselves, you sound like the type of people who send racist gift baskets.

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…a bunch of classified documents in the hopes of derailing the effort.

So on Morning Joe we have a panel of people all against the war commenting on it. (In fairness the entire regular panel is against the war anyway so they would have to have a guest on to defend it.) Is there outrage, is there anger and this kind of leak? Nah.

They are less excited about it then you would expect, they say it is info we mostly already know, no big surprises. Harold Ford makes the correct observation that war is generally not clean and easy and the administration needs to explain that to the public. Barnicle points out that “this is Bush info” is not going to fly.

Will anyone be prosecuted for this? Unlikely. That would depress the administration’s base that is already depressed going into a midterm. They may or may not care about Afghanistan but they sure care if it is lost on their watch.

You can be sure about one thing, you will see none of the media outrage that you did over the Palme Affair.

Bottom line, this is dishonorable act by people who don’t understand the meaning of the word and care less for the well being of the troops and the country than they do about their agenda. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allows. This will take place sometime after the Beatles reunite by using Voodoo to revive zombified remains of George and John.

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Update: Stacy links, thanks

The NAACP is now debating a resolution to condemn the tea parties as racist. They have suddenly conveniently taken their webcast off the air in the middle of the debate, just after a NAACP member suggested to change the resolution to read “some” instead of all Tea Party members are racist…to protect Obama.

If they do this I think this lie will cost them plenty but lets see what other people have to say:

Col Allen West via Atlas:

“The NAACP has missed the target. Their target should not be the Tea Party, but instead the larger issues facing the Black community: astronomical unemployment rates (15.5%) and the breakdown of the Black family, which result in higher drop-out rates, disproportionate incarceration rates and teen pregnancy rates (12.6%). These issues should be the focus of increased scrutiny by the NAACP.

This NAACP Resolution is consistent with the Obama administration tactic of demonizing and blaming someone else for your own failures and shortcomings, and not take responsibility and accountability.”

Ya think?

Gateway Pundit:

We will not be silenced:

Adrienne’s Corner:

Do you have days when you feel like you’ve crawled down a hole with Alice? Our world becomes “curiouser and curiouser”…

What do I think? I think the NAACP has become an organization of people who make their living off of the suffering and sacrifice of their elders. I think they have stopped worrying about Black Americans and are worried about a meal ticket that they have attacked to liberalism in general and the democratic party in particular. I think they are a collection of lesser sons of greater fathers.

Oh Phillip Klein has an informative tweet:

Just spoke to NAACP press office, startled that webcast would broadcast resolutions. Supposed to be closed press.

All I can think of is 2 Samuel 12:12a

Update: a few more reactions:

Gateway has this comment from the Tim Scott Campaign

I believe that the NAACP is making a grave mistake in stereotyping a diverse group of Americans who care deeply about their country and who contribute their time, energy and resources to make a difference.”

Michelle was liveblogging this until this point:

6:00pm Eastern…NAACP member calls for officials to shut out press…webcast shut down.

If the NAACP is not ashamed of itself it’s only because it has lost it’s ability to do so.

Update 2: Here is something from The National Center for Public Policy Research:

As the NAACP plans to use their group’s prestige to bash the tea party movement, members of the Project 21 black leadership network are urging delegates at the NAACP’s national convention not to turn the NAACP into a pawn for progressive political bosses.

Read the whole thing. BTW Fox just reported that the NAACP claims this is due to the Washington incident, no comment about the 100K Breitbart offer.

Legal Insurrection reports the resolution passed, he comments:

Make no mistake, either under the original or the revised version, the NAACP has placed itself firmly within the Democratic smear machine which for two years has been attempting to portray all opposition to Obama’s policies as racist…
The NAACP resolution is part of the divide-and-conquer strategy of the Obama administration and Democrats.

The target of the NAACP is not so much the Tea Party members, but other blacks. The NAACP seeks to isolate the Tea Party movement from a natural constituency, black social and economic conservatives. The resolution puts any black who associates with the Tea Parties at risk of being labeled an Uncle Tom or some of the other race-based epithets hurled at black conservatives by black liberals.

He links to Another Black Conservative who says:

Once again the NAACP is still trying to fight pre Civil Rights era struggles in a post Civil Rights era world. They will even go after a media made racial boogeyman to do it. The NAACP is working with the false story from the media that Tea Partiers hurled racial slurs at black congressmen. To date not a single video of the incident has ever emerged and the media itself has seems to drop the story all together. Yet here is the NAACP getting all fired up about it now. If the NAACP thought there was truth to this story, they should have made noise when it happened, instead of waiting until now.

Why did they wait you ask? Because the midterm elections are now four months away and the NAACP is more about shilling the leftist agenda than they are about the “advancement of colored people”. Rallying blacks against the Tea Party is more important to the leftist agenda than tackling the real issues facing the black community like poor schools, unemployment or the devastating effects of drugs and crime.

No New memeorandum thread but I have to scoot.

Update 3: Here is the thread.

Drew Walker has this to say on Twitter:

As a black person I am officially renaming the NAACP to the NAADP, Natnl Assoc for the Advcmnt of the Democratic Party

Update 4: Bob Belvedere and Carol’s Closet are much too kind. Thank you very much lady and gentleman.

Update 5: Ed Driscoll thinks the NAACP has fallen into a trap

Update 6: Trap sprung, Palin responds:

Having been on the receiving end of a similar spurious charge of racism (in a recent frivolous lawsuit which was finally dismissed by a federal judge), I know how Tea Party Americans feel to be falsely accused. To be unjustly accused of association with what Reagan so aptly called that “legacy of evil” is a traumatizing experience, and one of which the honest, freedom-loving patriots of the Tea Party movement are truly undeserving.

On this subject, I can recommend the statement issued by a man I was proud to endorse, Tim Scott, the GOP candidate from South Carolina’s First Congressional District. Tim, poised to become the first African-American Republican Congressman from the former Confederacy since Reconstruction, is himself a sign of a hopeful, truly post-racial future for our country. It gives added meaning to his warning that “the NAACP is making a grave mistake in stereotyping a diverse group of Americans who care deeply about their country and who contribute their time, energy and resources to make a difference.”

The only purpose of such an unfair accusation of racism is to dissuade good Americans from joining the Tea Party movement or listening to the common sense message of Tea Party Americans who simply want government to abide by our Constitution, live within its means, and not borrow and spend away our children’s futures. Red and yellow, black and white, this message is precious in all our sights. All decent Americans abhor racism. No one wants to be associated with any organization that is in any way racist in sentiment or origin. I certainly don’t want to be. Thankfully, the Tea Party movement is not racist or motivated by racism. It is motivated by love of country and all that is good and honest about our proud and diverse nation.

Well done NAACP, Palin’s statement will be carried everywhere which will highlight the Tim Scott Campaign and Scott will highlight other Black candidates running as republicans. It’s as good as a moneybomb for the lot of them. Driscoll was right! BAZINGA!

Update 7: ABC mentions Palin’s facebook answer without linking to it. Why? Because that would highlight the Tim Scott campaign and we can’t have that. They also mention Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge without linking to it.

With a pair of post highlighting first the great esteem the media holds R.L. Hymers, Jr, a snipit:

[“Linda”]: “I’ve seen him, personally, hit someone repeatedly in the face. I’ve seen him do that.”

Anson: “Sometimes the emotional abuse can be very public, even if the transgression appears to have nothing to do with religion. In this old church bulletin, one woman is attacked for ‘the soul damning sin of gluttony.’ Another is condemned for an alleged ‘unnatural sex crime,
her second.’”

Read the lot and shake your head. The second is another series of letters that concludes with a zinger:

10) I do not hold out any particular hope that Dr. Robert L. Hymers will ever become a real man, by learning to take responsibility for his actions—much less develop a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I do, however, hold out both of those hopes for young Leslie, and he will remain in my fervent prayers. Please give him my best—but let him know that if he wants to go to law school, he must work on his writing skills and reasoning ability just a bit.

And he ought to learn to behave like a gentleman with respect to older ladies.

I think going after this lady was a very foolish move.