Why Disney is dark

Because we want girls to expose as much skin as possible to men they know nothing about...sounds like a strip club to me! (Image from IMDB) Disney's stock price has jumped up, largely based on the announcement that it would launch its new streaming service. While parents everywhere are probably rejoicing, we should take a … Continue reading Why Disney is dark

A Tale Well Told

I didn’t watch the Oscars this past Sunday. Based on its television ratings, which were the lowest ever for the event, I wasn’t the only one otherwise occupied. Once upon a time I was a voracious consumer of all things awards show related. Back during the same time period I was an equally voracious consumer … Continue reading A Tale Well Told

The News ‘Business’

New Yorker writer A. J. Liebling put it rather succinctly: "Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one." For many years, I dismissed the notion that corporate power in the media had corrupted the news process. But I have had to rethink my position, grudgingly agreeing with the lefties who see … Continue reading The News ‘Business’

Curt Schilling Pope Francis and ESPN & Disney’s New Clothes

I went back to my room and thought to myself, "This has happened fr the best. Everyone will see that he's mad and lock him up...But---would you believe it ----Caligula's divinity was accepted by everyone without question. Robert Graves I Claudius 1934 It's now been 48 hours since the firing of Curt Schilling and all … Continue reading Curt Schilling Pope Francis and ESPN & Disney’s New Clothes

Morning Joe vs Enchanted today?

Given the choice between Morning Joe and the amusing Disney movie Enchanted staring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. I'm sorry Enchanted is going to win every time. It's the July 4th weekend so I think we should lighten up a bit. Plus it's just plain fun. When times a bad you need some plan optimistic … Continue reading Morning Joe vs Enchanted today?

Mary Poppins Time Lord?

This weekend comcast has free Disney movies as a promotion so I watched the classic Mary Poppins one of the favorites of my youth. Watching the movie not as a kid but as a middle aged science fiction geek I couldn't help but notice all sorts of interesting things such as dimensionally transcendental bags, travel … Continue reading Mary Poppins Time Lord?