If you read this blog for any length of time you know I am a big fan of Doctor Who in general and the Big Finish Audio’s in particular.

I’ve also mentioned Mike’s Comics out of Worcester Mass as a great place to get your Doctor Who audios. They sell strictly via mail order (otherwise I’d drive down there and likely be spending MUCH too much on the audio’s I’m missing).

However I only just discovered they have a blog on Live Journal a twitter feed and a presence on Facebook and MySpace.

So to make things easier I’m just going to include all of those in the Doctor Who section of my blogroll, so when you read my next review of a doctor who audio you can be a click away from the best place in the US (including Amazon) to buy it.

angel of Scutari
My review of #122 in the Big Finish Doctor Who series The Angel of Scutari is available at Amazon.com here.

You are going to wait for a while to see how this cliffhanger ends since the next 7th doctor adventures are going to feature Kline from the adventure Colditz.

You can of course buy all of these audios from Mike’s comics. They carry all kinds of great Dr. Who stuff.

the chimes at midnightFor some reason there seems to be a bug at amazon.com preventing me from posting different reviews for these two audios. Therefore I have combined my review of the Big Finish Audios: The Chimes at Midnight #29 featuring the 8th Doctor and Charley Pollard and Big Finish #40 Jubilee Featuring the 6th Doctor, Evelyn Smythe and the Daleks are both available here.

jubilee (or here but they link to the same).

Lucky for them both are 5 stars and very worth your time.

One of the things that I enjoy about Doctor Who historical stories are the reactions of the Tardis crew to the mindsets of various ancient times and the clashes in culture that take place. One of the weaknesses that can take place is when a person taken from their own time ends up acts with 21st century reactions.

The Very good Blog Just one Minute forgets this fact when making his case for the president mother et/al having a motivation to provide false documents concerning her child’s birth. He says as follows:

My point, then and recently – Barack’s mom and maternal grandparents had a strong incentive to create a paper trail documenting Obama as a US citizen back in 1961 and it had nothing to do with assuring his future viability as a Presidential candidate. Alll they needed to do was imagine a day when the white Ms. Dunham would be engaged in a custody fight in a Kenyan court contesting the fate of a black Kenyan baby sought by the black Kenyan father and his African family, and their course would have been clear.

To us in the year 2009, a land where Gay marriage is debated and legal in some states, where Christianity is openly mocked on television cartoons to win awards, where 77 year old men are surgically altered to be 77 year old “women” and where father’s day affairs don’t drive governors from office and where an Anglican priest can describe Abortion as a blessing, that might fly….

However in 1961 Culturally all of those things would be impossible, rejected and scandalous. The concept of divorce itself was not very well excepted outside of Hollywood or the elites. Hell a pre-nup would have been considered off the wall. The thought particularly at the time of marriage that it was going to end in a custody fight just didn’t wash.

The US was at it’s height of self confidence as well. The idea that a US court was going to rule against a US citizen in a fight over a child, particular in favor of a non Christian Black African was far fetched. Cripes; Miranda rights didn’t even exist at the time.

It would be like going to 1896 and saying to someone “Michael Jackson is cool.” They would tell him to come closer to the fire. The idea that she was planning for a custody fight in 1961 would be a foreign to her as the idea of e-mail.

This is exactly the opposite of the mistake the AP is making with bloggers. AP is trying to win an argument using the norms of the past. This argument is applying the norms of today to a different culture. It just doesn’t wash.

Update: My own argument concerning this is here.

Let just hope that this means we will be seeing him working with Big Finish sometime soon:Tombakerdoctor

Tom Baker is to return to Doctor Who in four new audio adventures for BBC Radio, reported to be airing from September.

Baker discusses his return to the role which made him a star in the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine, which is in shops today.

You don’t get much more earth shattering in the Who-verse than this. Tv Squad says:

This is big news. Until David Tennant, Baker was synonymous with the role yet absolutely refused to do any performances related to it. Big Finish has been doing Doctor Who audio dramas for a decade with four of the other actors who played the part, yet the company was never able to snag Tom Baker for one.

Den of Geek provides Details:

The latest information on these new additions to the Fourth Doctor canon is that there will be five of them;

1. The Stuff of Nightmares (September 3rd 2009)
The Doctor recruits Mike Yates to help him defeat an enemy of enormous power.

2. The Dead Shoes (October 8th 2009)
The Doctor travels to Cromer’s Palace of Curios in 1932 and discovers the horrific truth behind…a pair of ballet shoes!

3. The Circus of Doom (November 5th 2009)
One hundred years earlier, the Doctor encounters a sinister circus that exerts a strange influence over the population of the town of Blandford.

4. A Sting in the Tale (December 3rd 2009)
A sinister Mother Superior is running awry in the Wintertime. It’s up to the Doctor to find out quite what’s going on.

5. Hive of Horror (December 3rd 2009)
The Doctor and Mike Yates and an unwilling accomplice must do battle with their fearsome enemy.

119chaospoolMy Review of the Big Finish Doctor Who adventure Number 119, The Chaos Pool is available at Amazon.com here.

This is the third part of the 3 part Key 2 Time series featuring Peter Davidson as the doctor. I haven’t reviewed the first two parts although I have reviewed the Companions Chronicles crossover featuring the 7th doctor and Ace.

…but I plan to have reviews of several doctor who audios soon including parts of the key 2 time series and the new episodes that feature the 3 companions backfeature.

Meanwhile Rich’s comics blog has turned the Forever Janette/Doctor Who episode into at the very least a two doctor story as two of the vampire characters on seeing the Tardis (of the 8th doctor) flash back to a meeting with the 5th doctor in 1348.

If that’s not worth a visit to his site and a hit of the tip jar in these lean time for us Doctor who fans I’d like to know what is.

Oh and House of Palus is still really good too.

frozentimeMy review of Big Finish Doctor Who adventure # 98 Frozen Time featuring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th doctor is available at Amazon.com here.

To my knowledge this is the first time a bond girl is involved in a doctor who adventure in video or audio.

This one is really good, heads up on a minor spoiler: Continue reading “Dr. Who Frozen Time; Amazon Review”