A few days ago I when I said Trump’s Mika tweet was a bad idea I included this caveat:

Now it’s very possible that this is Trump playing 3D chess while I’m playing checkers.  He knows the media effects of this kind of thing, knows it will help their ratings short term and may want the media obsessing on this rather than the healthcare bill or something else coming down the pike.  He might even be interested in demonstrating that he can lead the MSM by the nose where ever he wants them to be.

Don Surber who has read the Trump campaign and presidency far better than me says that’s exactly the point:

Feuding with Trump is a bad move. He piked their heads as a warning. The spin is this brouhaha boosts their ratings. Maybe, but man did it destroy their credibility. That is all the media has.

That’s a pretty good point but this one is even better

Democrats need the public’s support to stop Trump. Democrats can either talk about policy or Russia. They chose the latter. They chose poorly.

And the media chose to look at the tweet, not Kate’s Law. You cannot rally people against it if it is never discussed.

He cannot afford to lose three Republican votes in the Senate on any legislation. The RINOs are publicity hounds. Much as they would like to stop Kate’s Law, how can they if it is not in the public’s eye?

Tweet on, Mister President. That shields the slim Republican majorities in the House and Senate from  public attention, and allows them to do their work without interference from the press.

The thing that proves his point is that he manages to get the entire media in an uproar to the point where even good smart people like Jake Tapper are getting played to wit:

As Brent Bozell put it

And let’s close this post with the ultimate irony, quote from Keith Olbermann that I think fits very well here:

Pope, as Shelby Foote recalled in Ken Burns’s documentary, was a liar and a braggart. Yes, said Lincoln. In fact I knew his family back in Illinois. All the Popes were liars and braggarts. I see no particular reason why a liar and a braggart shouldn’t make a good general. Pope did not win the Civil War, but in appointing him, Lincoln made it plain that what he needed from his Generals was usefulness, not etiquette.

Right now we are in a political war or perhaps even a cold civil war with the left and Trump is my side’s general in chief fighting the battle in his own Jacksonian way and winning.

Update: via insty Byron York Great Minds and all that

Scarborough and Brzezinski are engaged in a back-and-forth with Trump over…what? A facelift? Hand size? Who said what to whom? The argument, which appears to have started Thursday with Brzezinski’s needling of Trump’s hand size (“They’re teensy!”) took a turn when Scarborough and Brzezinski wrote in a Washington Post op-ed (“Donald Trump is not well”) that, “This year, top White House staff members warned that the National Enquirer was planning to publish a negative article about us unless we begged the president to have the story spiked. We ignored their desperate pleas.” TrumpWorld sources are telling some (decidedly not-in-the-tank) reporters a very different version of events, which suggests Scarborough and Brzezinski will be pulled into a he-said-they-said fight that is far different from the one they wanted.

Does anyone think that, by any measure other than notoriety, this episode will not diminish Scarborough and Brzezinski? . . .

Of course one could say that Trump is at fault, that he regularly engages in spats that are beneath the dignity of the presidency. He should not, for example, respond in kind to “small hands” jabs. But Trump is Trump. He does what he does, which is what he did during the campaign and before. And now, in the White House, he has enlisted his media adversaries, wittingly or not, in a campaign against “fake news” that resonates with his core supporters.

What all these folks forget is that President Trump’s proclivity to do this has already been factored into people’s equations about him (think Joe Biden and his gaffes) It’s just Trump being Trump, but if you’ve built a reputation on something other than that, you just sound crass.

Update 2: You’re right Eskyman I can’t believe I forgot the link, fixed now

Don Surber has been nailing in on Trump a lot lately but he’s never nailed it as well has he has when talking the Bloomberg Hillary endorsement:

Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, will endorse Hillary at the DNC convention.

That is great news for Trump…

…Rudy Giuliani endorsed Trump. He’s America’s Mayor.

Bloomberg is America’s Nanny. He tried to ban 7-Eleven Big Gulps. Outside of Manhattan, he is a joke.

This really sums it up well but there are two more points that are even better news for the Trump campaign.

While the NYC/DC centric media will be going on about how big this is will be interesting to see how the Black Lives Matter crowd at the DNC will react to a mayor who stood behind “stop and frisk” which they now consider an abomination.

And with the Bernie crowd already up in arms how will they react with yet another billionaire in the Hillary camp.

Don’t any of these people know how to play this game?

Frankly if Bloomberg’s goal was to hurt Trump I think this is a tactical error. He would have hurt Trump more by going Johnson/Weld.

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JD Cahill: You call the tune you pay the piper. Meaning if you don’t like the treatment don’t rob the banks

Cahill US Marshal 1973

Spock: If we had not crossed the Neutral Zone, on your order, you would not now need our opinions to support a decision which should never have had to be made.

Star Trek The Enterprise Incident 1968

In the Doctor Who episode Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (my review here) The Doctor shuts down the TARDIS to basic mode to Clara can try to fly it and as you might guess trouble follows:

11th Doctor: Magnetic hobble-field. We’re flying right into it. Clara, stay by me.
Clara: Please tell me there’s a button you can press to fix this.
11th Doctor: Oh, yes. Big friendly button.

The TARDIS ends up wrecked and the Doctor & Clara (after a fascinating and adventure filled journey to the Centre of the TARDIS & beyond) discover the only solution to the problem is to re-write time.

11th Doctor: The time rift. Recent past, possible future.
Clara: What are you going to do?
11th Doctor: Rewrite today, I hope. [He etches the word “Big Friendly Button” on the grenade like device] I’ve thrown this through the rift before. I need to make sure this time. Going to take it in there myself. There might be a certain amount of yelling.
Clara: It’s going to hurt?
11th Doctor: Things that end your life often do that.

As you might guess The Doctor manages to get the grenade through and his past counterpart hits the Big Friendly Button and everything is alright.

This is significant because Don Surber without referencing this Doctor Who episode is pointing out that for all the Chest Thumping by the GOP now the reason Donald Trump is poised to win the GOP nomination is due to the action or rather inaction of the GOP over the last two years

In the 2014 election, Republican voters gave their party 247 seats in the House — the most in a century! A century — and a 54-46 majority in the Senate. West Virginia elected its first Republican U.S. senator in 56 years.

And what did the Republican rank-and-file get out of the deal?

Not a damn thing.

They failed to fight to stop common core, they failed to fight to defund and stop obamacare, they failed to push the Administration to see the reality that Radial Islam was and actively pushed for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill which was only stopped by the efforts of people like Ted Cruz.

as I wrote back in 2013 the American People take a long time to reach their breaking point but when they finally do this happens:

people are going to start concluding this:

The government of The United States is not legitimate.

Act accordingly.

The Donald Trump phenom is the republican, independent and Reagan Democrats screaming  “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.

And as Don rightly notes the only solution to the GOP is to rewrite history:

So now the party is in a panic on how to stop Trump.

Here is the only way: Build a Time Machine and go back to January 3, 2015, when this Congress began. And then do all the things your constituents want: Defund Planned Parenthood, Repeal Obamacare, Block The Import-Export Bank, Make The Iranian Deal Require Ratification By Two-Thirds Of The Senate…

Or put simply the GOP should have gotten behind Ted Cruz when he was fighting against all these things over the last four years instead of treating him like a pariah creating the narrative that the MSM happily ran with.

Alas for the GOP in a few days when the results of Super Tuesday are being reported and Jake Tapper is interviewing Reince Priebus  or any of the establishment GOP candidates, pundits or even members of congress it’s highly unlikely that they will see a little device roll over to their seat bearing the words Big Friendly Button that will,  with just a push,  roll back time to Jan 4th 2015 and give the GOP a chance to do it all over.

Frankly I’m not sure they’d push that big friendly button anyway.


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“There is an art to flying, or rather a knack. Its knack lies in learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss. … Clearly, it is this second part, the missing, that presents the difficulties.”

The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy: So long and thanks for all the Fish

I’m just finishing up my lead post for tomorrow on the myths that the GOP Nevada results have demolished but if you want to get down to the meat and potatoes of what’s going on in the GOP primary, you can’t do better than Don Surber post titled OK, Wile, what is your next plan to stop Trump? which concludes thus:

It is not over. He has a ceiling, right? He will lose Texas to Cruz, Florida to Rubio, Ohio to Kasich, and Mars to Carson. Trust the Establishment. All Rubio needs is $100 million more and another 100 political endorsements and everything will be just dandy. Acme Company has this guaranteed Trump Runner Elimination Ray Gun.

Meep Meep

The only way to beat trump is to get more votes than him by either discouraging his expanded base from showing up or to increase your appeal to that base beyond Trump.  Of course that’s practically the dictionary definition of the old phrase:  “Easier said than done”

For those too young to get the Wile, Acme and Meep Meep references this cartoon will explain it.

Want to understand the Totalitarian left? via RS McCain Don Surber managed to explain them in three tweets:

Tweet #1 Bernie draws an analogy.

Tweet #2 Don Surber notes the ironic nature of said analogy.

I can see the protests now. No lettuce is illegal! Free People Free tomatoes.

So Sanders makes a tweet, Veteran Journalist Don Surber makes a response. Happens all the time on twitter.

Two minutes later:

Think about that for a second.

Bernie Sanders wants to be president of the United States and when challenged with a valid point by a journalist blocks him.

Of course Surber is lucky, if this was the country that Sanders Honeymooned in more than his tweets would have disappeared.

Another day another batch of evidence backing up Don Surber in the news

Can you say “Veto Proof“?

The president has put his feet in cement in opposition to the Keystone oil pipeline. But on Capitol Hill, more and more Democrats are joining Republicans to force approval of the pipeline, whether Obama wants it or not.

The latest action happened Wednesday, when the House passed a measure to move the pipeline forward. Before the vote, Obama issued a veto threat. The House approved the pipeline anyway — by a veto-proof majority, 293 to 127. Sixty-nine Democrats abandoned the president to vote with Republicans. That’s a lot of defections.

and in the senate the democrat majority they are resorting to the filibuster to keep this from getting a vote

Democrats are using the filibuster to stop the pipeline, which means 60 votes are required to pass it. (Some Democrats who bitterly opposed the filibuster when Republicans used it against Obama initiatives are notably silent these days.) In a vote last month, 11 Senate Democrats stood up against Obama to vote in favor of the pipeline. Add those 11 to the Republicans’ 47 votes, and the pro-pipeline forces are just a couple of votes away from breaking Harry Reid’s filibuster.

“We’re right around the corner from actually passing it,” says a well-informed Senate source.

and if you are thinking: Hey that’s conservative Byron York can’t trust what that guy says, here is the headline from the New York Times:

Democrats Joining G.O.P. on Pipeline

You know members of congress usually move toward a popular president, not away from him.

One second thought maybe Obamacare wasn’t such a good idea

Nearly two years after tea party members and the voters showed that Obamacare was not the best idea in the world congressional democrats are finally saying so aloud:

“I think we would all have been better off — President Obama politically, Democrats in Congress politically, and the nation would have been better off — if we had dealt first with the financial system and the other related economic issues and then come back to healthcare,” said Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.), who is retiring at the end of this Congress.

It’s no coincidence that Miller and the three other democrats reps quoted in this piece Reps Dennis Cardoza, Barney Frank & Norm Dicks are all retiring before election 2012. Former Dem Rep Arthur Davis puts it best:

“I think the Affordable Care Act is the single least popular piece of major domestic legislation in the last 70 years. It was not popular when it passed; it’s less popular now,”

Shhhh don’t tell they MSM, what they are still in denial.

Item: What they are seeing across the water.

The US press has done yeoman work to keep bad news and damaging stories out the MSM, however our friends across the pond have no such compunction:

If you viewed all this solely through the prism of media coverage and listened just to Washington pundits, you’d conclude that Obama has about an 80 percent chances of victory. In reality, his chances are much closer to 50:50, perhaps even with Romney holding an advantage (though many things can and will happen in six months).

This cognitive dissonance is partly because of a liberal tilt but also because most reporters and talking heads live in bubbles of comfortable affluence insulated from the economic pain most Americans are facing.

Even without factoring in the likely negative political impact of, say, Obamacare being struck down by the Supreme Court in June, Obama’s re-election bid is already in deep trouble.

Alas the poor media when Romney takes the oath of office in January (despise the Mormon business that the left will continue to use in increasing panic) my message remains the same:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

When the mask falls away it will fall away all at once, and it will be delightful.

Valley of the Shadow raises a great point concerning election 2012:

Stay on message. Remember the Surber Rule: The economy alone will get a Republican elected president next year. Talk about nothing else.

Surber himself gives this example:

Reporter: Is homosexuality a choice or genetic?

Answer: That’s above my pay grade, as the president likes to say. But unlike the president, the economy is not above my pay grade. I can promise you a lower unemployment rate when I am elected president and the economy is allowed to grow.

Me I’d answer a different way:

Reporter: Is homosexuality a choice or genetic?/Do you believe in evolution/should the church pay for contraception/ etc. etc etc..

Answer: Are you serious? Unemployment is over 8%, Millions have given up on looking for work, Gas prices are skyrocketing and that’s the question you’re asking? Is that really the question your viewers/readers want asked?

Reporter: It’s a topic on people’s minds

No it’s the topic you and the media want to talk about because you understand that a conversation on the economy is a loser for the left.

Reporter: So you are refusing to answer the question?

Answer: Look if a voter in a town hall asks me a question I’ll answer it, my views are not a secret, but if you want to get fodder for your talking points you’ll just have to do the legwork.

Surber is right in the sense of not playing the reporters but if the voter asks, you answer, unabashedly, unashamed and without reservation.

Hogan: Hey Col Klink this is German Instrument Panel it’s an unfair test, naturally the German pilots are going to look better

Col Klink: Naturally.

Col Hogan: You mean?

Col Klink: The aim of a research project my dear Hogan is not to discover new facts. We already KNOW the Luftwaffe personal are superior. Here we are merely furnishing scientific proof.

Hogan’s Heroes 1966: Hogan gives a Birthday Party

Don Surber uses this new invention called the “internet” to fact check The Washington Post’s story on a Global Warming “skeptic” turned believer and…

The first rule of journalism is “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” Brad Plumer of the Washington Post overlooked that rule in reporting that an alleged global warming skeptic is now a convert — because the “skeptic” in question — physicist Richard Muller of Berkeley — embraced the theory of man-made global warming 30 years ago. An online search easily disproved his claim of skepticism. He co-authored a book, “Physics For Future Presidents,” that explained climate change among other things.

Don Don Don that may be the first rule of Journalism where YOU where taught but at the Wilhelm Klink school of journalism where Mr. Plumer studies we have a different mission statement:

My dear Mr. Surber the aim of a Newspaper article is not to discover new facts. We already KNOW that Global Warming exists. Here we are merely furnishing argumentative proof.

Via Glenn who snarks about real newspapermen.

This has been a bad week for the Washington Post, first their Rubio hit is counted by the Miami Herald and now their converted Climate Skeptic is revealed as anything but. Expect a lot more of this as the liberal left/media get closer to election 2012 and more desperate.

The actual Hogan clip is here, the exchange starts at 6:48

If you want to know why the MSM hates the internet and conservative bloggers this is it, we play Kinchloe to their Schultz(see clip at 7:27).

Update: Scrub rinse and hope nobody notices.

As yet another multi-millionaire laments on the taxes he is not paying Don Surber offers a solution:

Now, Matt Damon has a net worth of $65 million and an income of $24 million a year.

If he believes his taxes are too low, I have some advice: donate a few million to Uncle Sam.

People can donate money by sending a check to:

Gifts to the United States
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Credit Accounting Branch
3700 East-West Highway, Room 622D
Hyattsville, MD 20782

The money will go to the general fund. It’s tax deductible.

If he wants to pay down the national debt, he can mail a check to:

Bureau of the Public Debt
P. O. Box 2188
Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188

Otherwise, I suggest he keep his thoughts on taxation to himself.

It’s the old Surber Challenge, I sent my $10 so Matt lets see if you can do better.

Tim Blair has a must read post today about how obsession, comparing the “Jewish conspiracy” fetishes in the Arab world with the Palin obsession of the left, it skewers all the right people and closes thus:

If Palin’s “extreme rhetoric” causes murders, perhaps we should be keeping an eye on media leftists, for they seem most taken by the popular Alaskan grandmother and Facebook pundit. Bizarrely, they also imagine that others – including 22-year-old drug-sucking gamer burnouts like Loughner – follow her with similar obsession.

More likely is that Loughner was simply a goon with a gun. Meanwhile, the broader case remains unexamined. If the “extreme rhetoric” of Palin and others leads to greater violence, we should see that reflected in homicide statistics. But the murder rate in the US keeps falling, according to the Washington Post last May: “For the third consecutive year, violent crime has declined in the United States, including a 7.2 per cent reduction in homicides.”

I blame Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile on our side of the Pacific Don Surber is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore:

For two years now, I have been called ignorant, racist, angry and violent by the left. The very foul-mouthed protesters of Bush dare to now label my words as “hate speech.”

Last week, the left quickly blamed the right for the national tragedy of a shooting spree by a madman who never watched Fox News, never listened to Rush Limbaugh and likely did not know who Sarah Palin is.

Fortunately, the American public rejected out of hand that idiotic notion that the right was responsible.

Rather than apologize, the left wants to change the tone of the political debate.

The left suddenly wants civil discourse.

Bite me.

Don’t hold back Don tell me what you really think.

Meanwhile on the left we see the civility used when jealous of being unable to match the hits of a single law professor in Tennessee.

The myths of the left will likely continue but as facts continue to come out watch the mask continue to slip.