I lived in New Jersey for almost 37 years, and year after year the daily news – print and broadcast – reported on the doings of The Donald: His wives, his divorces, his philandering, his business bankruptcies,

in fact, no major U.S. company has filed for Chapter 11 more than Trump’s casino empire in the last 30 years

his support of Democrats, his history of eminent domain abuse. Add to that his faulty memory on whether he donated to Planned Parenthood.

By no definition of the word one could even remotely assume Trump is a conservative.

There’s also the personality: The always-in-your-face crass self-promotion, louder-than-thou, name-calling brashness. It grates, especially since Trump knows how to expertly manipulate the media like no one else.

And let’s not forget The Art of the Deal, where you do whatever to close the deal, because, in his own words, “Deals are my art form.” I disagree with that, because principles should guide a leader, not deals as an art form. We already know of Rubio’s idea of a deal.  I’m with Ace (emphasis added),

Cruz’s detractors will say that he can’t get along and make deals. I say, good. Yes, deals will have to be made but too often the deals that are made are being made by people who agree on too much to begin with. I want a guy like Cruz who isn’t buying into the basic assumptions of DC and the permanent government class. I want a guy who sees himself as representing a group of people opposed to many of the bi-partisan, political class assumptions that underlie so much of what happens in DC.

Cruz opponents have claimed there’s so much bad blood between him and the GOP leadership in Congress he’ll never get what he wants. This argument amuses me to no end. After years of rolling over for Harry Reid and Barack Obama, the Republicans in Congress are finally going to find their spine by opposing…a President Cruz? That’s says more about Republicans in Congress and their supposed conservatism than it does Ted Cruz. And if you’re telling me this means a Republican President might veto a bloated spending bill passed by a Republican Congress, I say, “Bring it on!”

Plus, The Donald, if elected, would be 70 years old when he takes office, one measly year younger that the average age of the geriatric aspirants of the current Democratic party presidential primary.

So the other day I was baffled by The Donald’s success as a Republican presidential candidate and shared on ly Facebook page Jen Hatmaker’s post,

Trump won the SC primary.

I have never been so fully, completely flabbergasted. Exactly zero of my conservative friends back him. Conservative Christian leaders consistently denounce his bigotry and tactics. Each new statement is more outrageous and shocking than the last. He demeans, mocks, shames, and verbally abuses the vulnerable. He threatens the future of true innocents. And yet he continues to lead the polls.

I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

A friend referred me to Rod Dreher’s must-read article, Trump: Fishtown’s Champion Against Belmont

A reader of this blog said that the Trump phenomenon reveals that there are two kids of social conservatives. I forget the language that he used, but I think that you have the ideological SoCons (those who operate out of a certain set of principles) and the nationalistic SoCons, who are more tribal and emotional. Cruz, and to some extent Rubio, appeal to the ideological SoCons; Trump, to the nationalists. Trump social conservatives probably don’t much care about abortion, gay marriage, and religious liberty; the society they care about conserving is the one they see around them now, and see falling apart because of forces they (rightly and wrongly) see as beyond their control.

Ted Cruz may still be within range of beating Trump to the nomination, IF he can reach the nationalistic SoCons. Cruz will have to punch back, stay in message, and stick to the issues in a personalized way that reaches the voters: Ted Cruz needs to aggressively phrase every single word out of his mouth in terms of how this helps you and your loved ones.

If Cruz fails, prepare to roll out the bearskin rug in the White House.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S, and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

“There is an art to flying, or rather a knack. Its knack lies in learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss. … Clearly, it is this second part, the missing, that presents the difficulties.”

The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy: So long and thanks for all the Fish

I’m just finishing up my lead post for tomorrow on the myths that the GOP Nevada results have demolished but if you want to get down to the meat and potatoes of what’s going on in the GOP primary, you can’t do better than Don Surber post titled OK, Wile, what is your next plan to stop Trump? which concludes thus:

It is not over. He has a ceiling, right? He will lose Texas to Cruz, Florida to Rubio, Ohio to Kasich, and Mars to Carson. Trust the Establishment. All Rubio needs is $100 million more and another 100 political endorsements and everything will be just dandy. Acme Company has this guaranteed Trump Runner Elimination Ray Gun.

Meep Meep

The only way to beat trump is to get more votes than him by either discouraging his expanded base from showing up or to increase your appeal to that base beyond Trump.  Of course that’s practically the dictionary definition of the old phrase:  “Easier said than done”

For those too young to get the Wile, Acme and Meep Meep references this cartoon will explain it.

Ok We’ve now had three primaries and my man Ted Cruz has won 1, finished 2nd once and finished 3rd once.  A pretty good record so far.  In baseball that would be a .333 avg.

Marco Rubio who is being celebrated by the pundits and the party as the man to watch has one 2nd place finish and one 3rd place finish and a 5th.  And for all of the glowing words of his supporters he has yet to win a race (somebody should write a song about that)

John Kasich has managed one 2nd place victory and hasn’t done better than 5th anywhere else.

And Ben Carson has not finished higher than 4th.

Yet right now all the talk on the cable news and in the media seems to be:

 How the GOP establishment is rallying around Marco Rubio 

How the party is trying to talk Kasich into puling out to enable Rubio

How the party is trying to keep Ben Carson in to counter Ted Cruz

All of this seems to ignore a simple fact:  Donald Trump

In three contests thus far Donald Trump has won two of them and came in 2nd in the other.


If Mr. Trump did not run and Jeb Bush had done this everyone would have declared the race over.

If Mitt Romney had done this in 2012 the pundits would have declared the GOP race over.

Yet the only thing anyone seems to be talking about is which guy is going to take Trump out.

This is ridiculous.

Donald Trump is the front-runner.  He has not only won two contests out of three but more importantly after losing the first contest that he was expected to win was able to learn from it and make the necessary adjustments.

Furthermore he has been winning by increasing GOP turnout to record levels bringing in new voters anxious to hear his two primary messages:

No Amnesty

Stopping Radical Islam

These two primary messages have overshadowed gaffes and contradictions that would have doomed a less popular candidate, but Trump’s base and audience are larger than the media which would dearly love to destroy him and beyond the reach of the GOP establishment which has no influence on the people who support him.

These are the facts and no amount of wishful thinking, establishment endorsements or optimistic spin will change it.

So what IS being done to change it?

From Ben Carson?  Little or nothing.  In an open primary was unable to persuade large amounts of the black electorate to cross over to support him, and unless he has some kind of secret weapon up his sleeve his campaign has no prayer of winning anywhere let alone stopping trump.

From John Kasich?  Not much more.  He isn’t even trying in most of the upcoming states and seems to be staking his hopes on Ohio but doesn’t have the cash or the backing to get anywhere.

From Marco Rubio?  His plan seems to be to keep pretending he’s winning even when he doesn’t under the assumption that he has a divine right to the votes of candidates as they drop out which will eventually raise him over Trump but until he proves he can win somewhere anywhere, all of Rubio’s talk mean nothing.

Only my guy Ted Cruz has managed to beat Trump at least once and has continued to attack him using his Trump own words and actions to illustrate him as not a reliable conservative, however even with his strong forward thinking ground game his attacks are blunted by Trump’s ability to attract voters who are not interested in conservative principles.

But if any of them plan on beating Donald Trump they will need to do two things:

Admit that Donald Trump is currently leading:

Adapt their campaigns to deal with Mr. Trumps success.

Reality is what it is and until you admit to reality, you can’t change it.

And the Clock is ticking


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This is too funny:

A single billionaire provided the lion’s share of the money to the main Republican super-PAC set up to destroy Donald Trump.

Marlene Ricketts, the matriarch of the Ricketts family that owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, contributed $3 million to the anti-Trump super-PAC “Our Principles PAC,” which is being run by former Mitt Romney adviser Katie Packer. 

So let me get this straight, the main Anti-Trump Pac is being run by an adviser to a candidate who was unable to beat Barack Obama after the passage of Obamacare and the attacks on Benghazi and being funded by the owners of the Chicago Cubs whose last championship  precedes the sinking of the Titanic and came when one of the faces on Mt. Rushmore was in office?

Cripes it’s a wonder Trump doesn’t have the nomination already.


We’ve been hearing about all these different paths to the GOP nomination but as we look at the polls and the landscape other than Ted Cruz who has sewed up the conservative path and Donald Trump who holds the outside path there is only one other path that is left to people like Bush & Kasich.

That’s the convention path.

The MSM & the GOP establishment want Jeb Bush, they need Jeb Bush, without Jeb Bush you don’t get the amnesty that big money people want, without Jeb Bush you don’t get the common core that big money people like, without Jeb you don’t salvage obamacare (and don’t think for one second that obamacare will be repealed under Bush or Kasich).

And of course the left wants Jeb Bush because they think he can be beaten.

There seems to be one problem with this idea, no matter how much MSNBC, CNN et/al push the idea of Jeb, the voters don’t seem to be on board.

So that being the case why do I think that Jeb Bush will be staying in the race to the end?

Because his lane isn’t the establishment lane, it’s the convention lane.

It’s the idea that no candidate will have enough delegates to win the nomination s the fight will go to the convention in Cleveland.

Now this isn’t going to be easy, the RNC has designed the primary system to prevent this but if the MSM is willing to continue to promote Jeb Bush, and if the donors are willing to keep him funded Jeb Bush can still be there come convention time and if Trump or Cruz fail to manage a first ballot victory count on the party to do all it can to promote Jeb or someone like him as the GOP alternative.

I can’t think of anything that would alienate the voters more, it’s a stupid, self destructive move that only an idiotic organization with a death wish would pursue.

Uh Oh.

Screwtape: It sounds as if you supposed that argument was the way to keep him out of the Enemy’s clutches. That might have been so if he had lived a few centuries earlier. At that time the humans still knew pretty well when a thing was proved and when it was not; and if it was proved they really believed it. They still connected thinking with doing and were prepared to alter their way of life as the result of a chain of reasoning. But what with the weekly press and other such weapons, we have largely altered that. Your man has been accustomed, ever since he was a boy, to having a dozen incompatible philosophies dancing about together inside his head. He doesn’t think of doctrines as primarily “true” or “false,” but as “academic” or “practical,” “outworn” or “contemporary,” “conventional” or “ruthless.” Jargon, not argument, is your best ally

CS Lewis, the Screwtape letters, Letter #1

It’s not often that I disagree with Ace of Spades who is one of the brightest bloggers in the barn but when I saw this piece at his site concerning Donald Trump’s claim titled:

The Ego Has Landed: Why Trump Damaged Himself Tonight

my thought was that Ace is not only wrong, but spectacularly wrong.

This is not to say Ace’s reasoning is off, it’s actually very good and is post is worth reading in full.

Trump specifically and completely contradicted a belief that 75-80% of Republicans have about Bush — that he was a fundamentally decent man, perhaps overwhelmed by a very difficult period, who made an erroneous decision based on incomplete information — and instead offered a new belief, that Bush deliberately lied about Iraq’s WMD’s, a position that 75-80% of Republicans have long not only rejected but have been actively hostile towards.

With no better reason to adopt this new claim other than that Donald Trump said it.

I doubt very much people will be willing to make this leap with Trump. Gathering political support is all about getting a buy-in of belief at a price that people are willing to pay (usually, a low price– that’s why politicians strain to parrot back to you things you already believe).

I think Trump, who has been a past-master at getting people to buy-in to a very low-cost premise — “Let’s Make America Great Again” — just made a very high cost premise central to buying into him.

and his closing line is devastating:

With just a few poorly chosen angry words, Trump declared a lot of allegiance to the enemy tribe, and essentially said “I’m not like you.”

Unfortunately Ace is missing or overlooking two things in his argument.

#1 Donald Trump primary draw isn’t to the avg primary voter.

This is an argument I’ve been making since day one when I declared his announcement speech a Triumph at a time when most others considered it a joke not knowing that the joke was on them. Trump’s target audience is not the GOP faithful niche, the larger people who follow politics niche or the people who watch the cable news niche or even the larger people who watch nightly news niche.

His group is the larger, people who watch Donald Trump on TV niche and said niche consists of plenty of people who either share said belief about Bush or having heard the left’s background “Bush lied people died” BS will not question it.

The people who pay attention have always been outnumbered by those who do not and if even a fraction of said people turn out they will overwhelm the folks Ace of Spades is referring to.

#2 It doesn’t take into account human nature

The ability to admit one is wrong is one of the most difficult things in the world to do (why do you think the sacrament of confession is generally done behind a screen) but it’s even harder to admit someone who you have been hitting or arguing with on the said subject is right.  This is human nature and has been true since the first days of the written word.

If admitting one is wrong is hard in private, how much harder is it for a person to make such an admission in an age of instant communication when there are dozens of people reinforcing the wrong idea on social media from Twitter to facebook and more important when those same people are ready to tear a person apart for daring the stray from the reservation?

To come out and say:  “This is wrong” in such a situation requires a thick skin and actual courage.

I suspect that given the number of years past since the invasion of Iraq and the general disdain for the GOP establishment that Jeb Bush represents, many people who might otherwise object to Trump’s errors concerning WMD and attacks on GW Bush find an excuse to rationalize it, explain it away as “Trump being Trump” and let themselves be persuaded that this is simply a blip, one of those contradictions in belief that Screwtape told us about that is just not worth getting fired up about, particularly not in public.

Particularly if it means being on the losing side.

The fight against human nature is one that humanity has fought forever but the truth is winning that fight is the exception, rather than the rule and it will take more than one rant from a series of rants to overcome it.

It’s possible that I”m wrong here but given what we’ve seen over the last six months I see no reason to believe that I am.


Given where the economy is rather than where the MSM pretends it is to those who have kicked in (particularly subscribers), thanks much.

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Chalk this up to wishful thinking on someone’s part

Though the RealClearPolitics average currently has Trump up 16 points over Cruz in South Carolina, that’s misleading, because none of the polls were taken after Cruz’s win in Iowa.

Furthermore, now that the field has narrowed down and Trump has won a primary and proven himself a serious threat, there will be a lot more focus on his liberal record — on abortion, guns, healthcare, property rights — among other issues. It won’t dissuade his strongest supporters, but it doesn’t matter, because it will discourage enough very conservative voters and evangelicals to give Cruz the victory.

I do not doubt that Ted Cruz voters are likely more committed and thanks to the well planned ground game are likely to turn out no matter what. However there are several things that Mr. Klein is missing in declaring Ted Cruz the front runner. To wit:

#1 The flesh pressing stage of the race is done.

The thing that makes both Iowa & NH unique is that in both states candidates have to meet the voters, people get to speak with them, question them and encounter the in person.

However from this point on there will be multiple states across the country coming very fast and while Senator Cruz’s ground game will get his voters out the remaining states are built for the Donald Trump air war.

#2 Getting on the bandwagon:

People like to be part of an event a happening. The Donald Trump phenom is such a thing, and as long as it only takes showing up to a polling place (as opposed to a caucus) the Donald Trump bandwagon effect will be there.

#3 Low information voters:

One of the real fact of life is the majority of people don’t pay attention. While Senator Cruz can correctly point out Trump’s past record most of the people who are going to turn up aren’t going to be interested in that.  If there were interested in what is going on they would have turned up and voted the last time

#4 The Trump pool

This is related to both #2 & #3 Donald Trump’s reach is far beyond those who actually pay attention to the political world. As that group is much larger than the people who do care about politics this gives Donald a much larger reach. Byron York hit on this today when talking with the NH GOP

In late January, the New Hampshire Republican Party held a gathering that attracted GOP officials, volunteers, activists, and various other members of the party elite from across the state. At the time, Donald Trump led the Republican presidential race in New Hampshire by nearly 20 points, and had been on top of the polls since July.

What was extraordinary about the gathering was that I talked to a lot of people there, politically active Republicans, and most of them told me they personally didn’t know anyone who supported Trump. Asked about the Trump lead, one very well-connected New Hampshire Republican told me, “I don’t see it. I don’t feel it. I don’t hear it, and I spend part of every day with Republican voters.”

A lot of the GOP hasn’t figured this out yet.

#5 Ratings rating Ratings:

Donald Trump means ratings for the MSM. As long as Donald keeps delivering the rating the MSM will keep delivering the free media that supports his air war.

#6 Hate vs Fear

Rush Limbaugh has often said that while the GOP establishment hates Donald Trump, they fear Ted Cruz. This is true for the MSM as well which does not want the first Latino to be on top of a major party Ticket to be a strong conservative like Ted Cruz.

If it gets down to Cruz vs Trump (and it is likely to reach that point) look for both the media, convinced that Trump will be easier to beat, and the GOP Establishment, convinced that Trump will make the deal with them that Ted Cruz will not, to go all in for Trump to stop Cruz.

Now does that mean I think Trump has it clinched. By no means, I think Ted Cruz is playing the long game and doing it well, but to pretend that Donald Trump is not the front runner for the GOP nomination and Ted Cruz is, that’s just wishful thinking.

Given where the economy is rather than where the MSM pretends it is and that it is January both are understandable and to those who have kicked in (particularly subscribers), thanks much.

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Yesterday I talked about the media narrative and how, no matter what the result, the narrative would already be in place.

Anyone who watched the coverage yesterday and today can recognize this.


Just a week ago, we were told by the talking heads that Donald Trump’s 2nd place finish by 4 pts was a crushing defeat that it brought questions about if Mr. Trump was for real.  At the same time Marco Rubio’s 3rd place finish was the sign that his time had come, the media was all Rubio all the time.  Endorsements poured in and Marco mentum was the rule of the day.

Not so Ben Carson whose 4th place was an afterthought, nor Ted Cruz whose actual victory seemed to mean nothing because NH is different kettle of fish (do people put fish in a kettle)?


Well now we’ve seen NH and we’ve learned some interesting things.

 While finishing 2nd place by 4 pts is a crushing defeat in Iowa in NH 2nd place by 18 points is a great victory that can propel a candidate to the upper tier of the GOP field even if said candidate didn’t manage to crack 10% in Iowa.

We learned that while 3rd place by 2 pts in Iowa is an incredible finish that gives a candidate momentum 3rd place in NH by 4 point is no big deal even in a state where you aren’t expected to do well.

We’ve further learned that while 4th place in Iowa is not even worth mentioning 4th place in NH revives a campaign and guarantees a candidate can go on even if that 4th place finish is the best said candidate has done so far.

And most odd of all we’ve seen that a first place finish by a wide margin is less newsworthy than finishing 2nd.

How can this be?  Well it’s very simple.

For the MSM Jeb Bush and John Kasich are the most liberal members of the GOP field supporting Obamacare, Common Core & Illegal Immigration and thus the easiest for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders to defeat, therefore any meme that potentially advances their chances to get the GOP nomination is to be given the full force of the msm.

Ted Cruz opposes all of those things, thus in Iowa his 1st place finish is eclipsed by Marco Rubio and his 3rd place finish is eclipsed by Jeb Bush because under no circumstances shall any scenario that advances his candidacy be advanced.

Finally while the media absolutely hates Donald Trump they fear Ted Cruz.  Therefore while they will downplay Trump’s win for now they will hold their fire under the assumption that it might come down to Trump vs Cruz and in that case they will go all in for the Donald.

Never forget that the media’s stories are already written, it’s only a question of shoehorning the facts to fit them.



I remain in bed, unable to stand for more than a few minutes with my head spinning and unable to hold down even dry cereal.

The irony is that these symptoms which are considered normal in the aftermath aftermath of my illness could go on for months and continue to cost me days of work that I can’t afford to miss.

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If anyone tells you that they know what’s going to happen today in NH they are full of it.

However while the actual results of the evening are totally up in the air, the MSM memes for today are completely predictable.


If Donald wins this by more than 10 pts

MSM will start talking inevitably and declare that only the #2 finisher (unless it’s Ted Cruz) has a prayer to stop him and the talk will be if the establishment decides to go all in.

If Donald trump wins by less that 10 pts (my best guess)

MSM meme will be Trump is vulnerable and MSM will extol the virtues of any 2nd or 3rd place finisher not named Ted Cruz as the alternative to Trump.

If Trump loses to any person not named Ted Cruz.

Said person will be lionized and the Trump campaign declared a paper tiger, they will really cheer if it’s a Bush or Kasich.

If Trump loses to Ted Cruz

Mass Seppuku among members of the MSM and the Party will go all out to push whoever is 2nd.


See above if he wins

If Cruz finishes in 2nd or 3rd.

Media will pretend he doesn’t exist and will push the other 2nd or 3rd place finisher , if he gets 3rd by less that 2 pts they’ll push the 4th place person as advancing too.

If Cruz finishes 4th or below , even by one vote

MSM will treat him as a one trick pony and pretend his national campaign is doomed.



If Rubio finishes 2nd or 3rd

He will  be pushed as he alternative to Donald Trump unless a governor finishes 2nd then Rubio will be hit as a guy on the decline.

If Rubio finishes 5th or below

He will be written off by the MSM


JEB BUSH, JOHN KASICH, CHRIS CHRISTIE (who can tell the difference anymore?)


If any one of them finish in 2nd -4th

Said candidate will be dubbed the “Winner” of NH Establishment primary which will be treated as more important than actually winning..  If more than 1 finishes in the top 4 both will be cheered.

If the finish is 2nd place said candidate will be treated  as if they actual won NH even if they are 20+ pts behind the winner.

Any finish by a gov below 4th and said candidate will be told it’s time to go.

Note Jeb Bush will be treated as if he finished one level ahead of whatever spot he finishes at.


Unless he finishes 4th or above he will be totally ignored except to blame Ted Cruz for said finish.

MSM will do their best to keep Carson in the race in the hope that he will hurt Ted Cruz in the south.



Unless she finishes top 4 MSM will say it’s time to go.  If she finishes top 4 with Cruz and Rubio may become de facto Establishment alternative



If he finishes about any other candidate it will be treated as  a victory.  If he does not then he’ll tweet out that he’s now in the top 5-8 depending on how many candidates drop out.

MY PREDICTION:  The only candidate that drops out post NH is Chris Christie unless Kasich finishes 6th then he’ll consider it.


The Democrats:


If Sanders wins by less that 15 points.

MSM will treat result as a great Clinton Comeback and Bill will talk about Hillary as the 2nd coming of the comeback kid.  If it’s single digits it will be considered the Clinton miracle.

If Sanders wins by 15+

Bloomberg is in, Biden is maybe in and Hillary & Bill launch an all out campaign to destroy him that will make the attacks at Ken Starr look like nothing.



If somehow Hillary Clinton wins

It’s all over for Bernie & the FBI investigation


The chances of Hillary being indicted are directly related to how well she does.

My best guess (Bernie by 12)


All of this is fun but remember this above all:


The actual results are secondary to the the meme the MSM wants to push, those have already been determined.  The only question is will the results allow those memes to be credible.


Today my plan had been to take a day off of work, head to NH, visit some polling places and finish at the Ted Cruz event in Hollis.

Instead I’m in bed, unable to stand for more than a few minutes with my head spinning and unable to hold down even dry cereal.

The irony is that these symptoms which are considered normal in the aftermath aftermath of my illness could go on for months and continue to cost me days of work that I can’t afford to miss.

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