March Madness: The Big Dance of Radicals

By John Ruberry Later today a committee will reveal the 68 teams that will participate NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament, which is commonly known as the Big Dance or March Madness. All of the games will be televised--and during halftime, public-service ads about the participating teams will air--they will be milquetoast pieces--focusing how each school contributes … Continue reading March Madness: The Big Dance of Radicals

More Questions Concerning the Miriam Weeks story

As Stacy McCain continues to bask in the traffic that comes from the Belle Knox Miriam Weeks story I find my self amazed at some of the rationalizations concerning this story by supporters of Ms. Week career decisions. Stacy does an excellent job debunking this idiocy but lets ask some more basic questions. Our leftist … Continue reading More Questions Concerning the Miriam Weeks story

CNN channels Norah O’Donnell

If there was ever any doubt that the liberal media plays from the same playbook here here it is. As Glenn points out : There was no Duke Lacrosse “sex scandal.” Just a wrongful prosecution — for which the prosecutor was punished — and miserable press behavior, which obviously continues unabated. You know I should … Continue reading CNN channels Norah O’Donnell

Two despicable things

The first being the murder of a young college girl in Virginia. George Huguely, 22, of Chevy Chase had been the starting quarterback, an honor roll student and a lacrosse all-American at the renowned Landon School. Yeardley Love, 22, of Baltimore County had been a four-year member of the lacrosse and field hockey teams at … Continue reading Two despicable things