Peas in a Pod

by Linda Szugyi Thank goodness for spam filters.  All of our in-boxes would be buried without them. With the spam folder, we have a handy dumping place for all the Rolex replica offers, questionable drug purchasing links, "free stuff or money" scams, loan sharks, online dating invitations, mail order bride proposals, and of course the inevitable links to … Continue reading Peas in a Pod

Another Common E-Mail Scam “The Sales Inquiry”

4th Doctor: Scringe stone found in a dead man's pocket? A lost mine? A phony map. Are people still falling for that old guff? I mean, are they? Doctor Who the Ribos Operation 1978 On occasion I'm asked why I still call myself "DaTechGuy" since I no longer to Tech Support work and this is … Continue reading Another Common E-Mail Scam “The Sales Inquiry”