As you might guess I regularly get e-mails from GOP groups and operatives.

I get a lot of e-mail so such messages generally are spared a quick glance and unless the message jumps out (occasionally) or is on a topic I’m planning on covering (also occasionally) they go to the bin.

This is a common thing for bloggers and my friend the lonely conservative got such a message from the GOP and finding it interesting posed on it but she also replied with an e-mail to the sender reminding them of something the subject but something about the subject hit her

“Why would people vote Republican if the only difference between parties is that you aren’t as perverted and creepy as the other guys? Sure, maybe you’ll pick up a seat here and there, but until you can lay out the reasons why conservative policies trump progressive policies, you’re going to be stuck playing secondary characters in the Democrats’ never ending soap opera.”

This is a very important thing particularly when I am reading stuff like this

Gutiérrez said many of the Republicans supportive of immigration reform don’t want to be identified, but he insisted they would support comprehensive immigration reform.

“If they ask me today, go find those 40 to 50 Republicans, I’ll tell them I found them. I know where they’re at,” Gutiérrez said in an interview with Ed O’Keefe at The Washington Post.

Now this might be just a strategy to try to create support where there isn’t but if the GOP doesn’t fix this perception fast I suspect there will be a lot of trouble raising money from the base and the #gop will be set up for a historic loss in 2014 as the conservative tea party electorate decides to give them their collective finger.

The choice is theirs, but if they doubt these voters will stay home, two words: Mitt Romney.

Red State nails it

One difference between the two major parties is that Democrats harness the energy of their base to fight legislative battles; Republicans make end-runs around their base to obviate their energy.


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After leaving Manchester yesterday I headed south on Interstates 293, 93, 495 for Lawrence Ma to cover Tim Imholt (who once blogged as DaScienceGuy and currently contributes on PJ media) as he launched his Race for the third district in MA

Manchester and Imholt 016

I got there as an inventor friend of Tim’s was introducing him

he then took the stage just as I was changing my Batteries

and took questions on Niki tsongas his opponent

On attracting voter in cities like Lawrence

and took a question about the base of the party

Tim has a doctorate in Physics (his wife in an engineer so they have that Bang Theory Doctor not a Doctor thing going) As a scientist he thinks like a problem solver and more importantly he not only has a life but will have a life when his time in congress is done which we need a lot more of.

Let me close with this interview with Richard Tisei who was there to Support Tim

Now Tisei is a bit a social liberal and you don’t get much more socially conservative than me. If both of us like Tim Imholt (I met him on the airplane 3 years ago and have stayed in touch since then) odds are you’ve got someone who can unite the GOP in MA-3. You can find out a lot more about him here

the question is can he draw enough support in a district that was strong for Brown to overcome a strong incumbent like Tsongas? Time will tell.

Incidentally Tim was my guest when I guest Hosted conservatively speaking last week. You can hear that show here.


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God Damn you don’t cheer me…Fight!

General Phil Sheridan 1864

There have already been minor signs that the left is not hopeful for the 2014 midterm elections but yesterday the democrats and the administration gave a giant sign that they see disaster ahead:

Businesses won’t be penalized next year if they fail to provide workers health insurance after the Obama administration decided to delay a key requirement under its signature 2010 health-care law.

The government will postpone enforcement of the so-called employer mandate until 2015, the administration said today. Under the provision, companies with 50 or more workers face a fine of as much as $3,000 per employee if they don’t offer affordable insurance.

With Barack Obama no longer on the ballot there is no incentive for black America to turn out to prevent him from being considered a one term failure (Which was apparently more important to Black America than actually having a failed president for four more years and living with the consequences).

This makes it imperative that the low information voters who still haven’t figured out what Obamacare is going to do to them, don’t see what coming, at least not during this election cycle anyway.

But you don’t want people to know you’ve delayed it. After all some democrats are still touting Obamacare and Democrats operatives still insist Obamacare will create jobs, become popular, clear your acne, get you laid and make the need for Viagra totally unnecessary. How do you delay it without the public noticing?

The answer is this you leak out the news two days before the fourth of July while congress is out-of-town, the President is in Africa, George Zimmerman is on trial, almost every single news anchor is on vacation and a vast amount of Americans are paying less attention than ever.

That tells you how afraid they are, they know the move is needed to help in 2014 but don’t dare have anyone who isn’t paying attention realize it. What does that tell me the GOP should do for election 2014?

“Ride right through them, etc etc etc”

Now during the LAST Election Cycle when I pointed out each and every move the left made that indicated demoralization (Little did I know they were demoralized as hell enough to use the IRS to stop the tea party but I digress) I didn’t bother to give Mitt Romney & the GOP advice on what to do with it because I foolishly believed that the Mitt Romney campaign was run by smart people who realized elections aren’t beanbag.

Unfortunately, little did I realize that even with the White House at state, the GOP establishment in general and the Romney Campaign in particular were only interested in playing hardball when facing their base or the tea party.

So from now on when do a:  Demoralized as hell post:  I’m going to tell them how to ride right through them.

Here is what needs to be done:

1. Conservative bloggers: We need to write about it. If we live in Democrat districts we need to ask our Dem Reps attending 4th of July Parades ON CAMERA what they think of this move and post it and when we write about the races in the future we need to constantly reference and reinforce it. We also need to challenge potential Democrat candidates on this question in every race that we have access to.

2. Tea parties: We need letters to the editor by members and op-eds from the local chapter presidents written to run from Sunday to Monday to make sure it is seen

3. Potential GOP congressional candidates for House and the senate need to guest themselves on local Radio & TV and talk about this, make sure if you appear during the weekend or Monday you bring this up.

4. The House leadership: You have two options one is  bolder than the other but whichever choice you make PUSH IT:

 PLAN A. Extremely Bold: The House could bring up a vote mandating the immediate implementation of Obamacare.

Such a bill puts the democrats on the spot, if democrats in the house are smart and vote against it en masse you can make it a practically unanimous vote and you have a talking point that MUST be repeated by every member on every show: Obamacare is so bad the democrats practically voted unanimously to not implement it.

If they are dumb enough vote for it, generate enough votes to send it to the senate, saying: “We disagree but the Democrats insist Obamacare is vital so in the spirit of co-operation we’re going to give them a chance to prove it”.

The senate is where the real action is

Harry Reid now has a choice, does he bring up the vote and have his 21 democrats running for re-election including all the swing seat democrats vote for this or does he dodge?

You want him in that spot every single day and you want every single GOP challenger in those 21 districts to be pushing this question.

The risk: Dems pass this, the train wreck comes early and the GOP gets some blame for it but it comes pre-election.

Plan B: Less bold Offer a bill to mandate that no provisions of Obamacare are implemented till all are.

The argument is simple, Obamacare has been the law of the land for 3 years and it’s coming in piecemeal.  This is making it harder and harder.  The bill would simply mandate that the three-year old law’s provisions are all implemented together.

Since this law is supposedly so beneficial what is the case of the democrats saying no?  If they maintain it takes time to do so point out it they’ve already had 3 years and continue to PUSH it.

5.  The Base:  Yes you dear reader has a part in this.  When bloggers post about it, Tea Party members write their letters, potential GOP candidates talk about it and a GOP congress use their tactic, TALK about it.  Put it on Facebook, on twitter, make sure your friends and neighbors those low information voters see it.  Amply our voice as we try to amply yours.

and that is how you Ride Right Through them.


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On election day the GOP meme saying “If we run a candidate who dodges the base, speaks Spanish as his first language and supports the gang of 8 bill we’ll win independent voters and “Hispanic” voters” was proven false as Gabriel Gomez won less that 45% of the vote that Scott Brown did.

I’ve talked about this already but I haven’t discussed an e-mail I received just before the election. It was promoting Dan Winslow’s excellent impassioned plea to turn out for Gomez. But while Dan’s message was first-rate the sender of the e-mail (not Winslow) added some commentary of his own.

Recently, I have seen a few emails that originated with Republicans who have chosen to disparage the efforts of Gomez. Apparently Gabriel Gomez does not pass their litmus tests for being a proper candidate. These people suggest that you should not vote for Gomez, but rather leave your ballot blank. This is tantamount to not voting at all and is something that may be even worse than failing to participate. If your chosen candidate fails in a primary, do you take your ball and go home? No, you suck it up and go with the majority.

I certainly agree with that statement and it’s consistent with Roxeanne’s post on the subject. When there are two choices one must make the best possible one however I found another paragraph in the email….interesting (all emphasis mine)

This email will go to about 450 people, two-thirds of whom are unenrolled voters. I would suggest that the Republicans consider reigning in the culture warriors in their ranks. They only hurt the party and drive the normal people away. The Republican party is in danger of becoming a footnote in Massachusetts politics. There can be a resurgence of the party, but that will not happen without a purge of the more radical elements of the party. The haters need to be muzzled and Reagan’s eleventh commandment needs to be enforced.

OK I lied, I didn’t find it “interesting” I found it insulting. Considering the fun time at the party chair election this isn’t what activists want to hear.

I submit and suggest it is a contradiction to involve Reagan’s 11th commandment, then call for “reigning in” and “Purging” social conservatives, implying we are not “normal” & referring to us as “haters”

I left the Democrat party years ago when it became clear that as a believing Catholic I wasn’t welcome. It seems in Massachusetts the “Not Welcome” mat for believing Catholics or Protestants has become bi-partisan.

If that’s the case it begs the question, What do social conservatives who don’t wish to move to red states, do now?

Mike Rogers of Granite Grok had an answer:

The time to take over the GOP (state by state) or set up a real third party (let’s call it the conservative party, like NY state), is NOW, after a historic election that demonstrated the ineptness of the “Wizards of Smart”.

The time NOT to talk about and vote for a third part candidate, or stay home and pout about rules that work against you is DURING an historic election, when one of the evils is immeasurably worse than the guy you can’t quite warm to.

If we successfully set up a conservative party, and win some seats, we can choose to align with Republicans or even endorse their candidate as a tactical matter on a vote by vote basis.

I thought about this, but the amount of time and effort that is necessary to form a new party is prohibitive, plus you have to sell that party to the public. If only there was an existing political party that isn’t explicitly republican, but has a theme that conservative voters would be happy to embrace?


Let’s see The American Term Limits party. An existing party, with a theme that has a wide appeal to both conservatives and the unenrolled and with a small membership.

I wonder what would happen if social conservatives joined such a party in sufficient numbers to nominate the party’s candidate? It would give social conservatives someplace to go and someone to vote for.

We could run our own candidate (s) for state, local and federal offices. With the GOP not even bothering in some districts we’d have a clear field. We could appeal to the GOP base nationwide for both volunteers and funding and at the same time whenever the media comes after us rightly point out that the Term Limits Party has one overriding issue, Term Limits.

And the best part? If a particular GOP candidate for local, state or federal office was acceptable, we could offer our support.

People have suggested that the GOP brand is toxic in the state, nevertheless conservative & tea party activists were willing to step up to the plate. We were rejected. Perhaps it’s time to play in a new party and see if conservatives can appeal to the general populace better under the American Term Limits party than the Mass GOP banner.

We certainly can’t do worse. What do you think?

Update: Well we know what Sarah Palin thinks

Folks like me are barely hanging on to our enlistment papers in any political party – and it’s precisely because flip-flopping political actions like amnesty force us to ask how much more bull from both the elephants in the Republican Party and the jackasses in the Democrat Party we have to swallow before these political machines totally abandon the average commonsense hardworking American. Now we turn to watch the House. If they bless this new “bi-partisan” hyper-partisan devastating plan for amnesty, we’ll know that both private political parties have finally turned their backs on us. It will then be time to show our parties’ hierarchies what we think of being members of either one of these out-of-touch, arrogant, and dysfunctional political machines.

If Palin goes 3rd party I suspect the GOP can kiss the house goodbye


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Henry Gondorff: If they put you on the spot, we got to fold the con.

The Sting 1973

Word is out that Harry Reid is trying to push the so-called “immigration” bill faster.

“I’m just telling everybody that we’re going to either file cloture on this on Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday,” Reid said as the Senate opened its morning session. Filing for cloture means that a final vote would be held three days later. So if Reid filed for cloture on Monday, June 24, a final vote on the bill would be held on Thursday, June 27. The Senate’s July Fourth break starts the week after.

The reason for this is plain, the longer this process goes on and the more attention this bill gets the less popular it becomes to the general public.  Reid need to pass this bill before the public gets wise to the  border security con where even the “breakthrough” simply doesn’t solve:

even though it sets a trigger before immigrants can move to permanent legal status, it does not require security enhancements to be in place when most of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States are granted an initial, six-year legal status. Under the Gang scenario, that would happen within months of the bill becoming law, long before the new security measures are required to be completed.

Only a fool would anyone actually think that legal status, once granted, will not be made permanent no matter what is said or promised before the bill is passed. That however is only one of the two cons being played, the second one is the concept is the idea that they need 70 votes to provide cover for the GOP in the house.

In fact Reid is looking for the GOP votes to provide cover in the senate for his OWN caucus.

Before the 2010 election the House and Senate without any GOP help passed Obamacare over the strong objections of the American people.  Promises that the bill would become more popular did not pan out and Democrats suffered horribly when election day came around.

In 2014 21 seats currently held by democrats are up for election and a full dozen of them from Alaska to West Virginia are seats that could go for the GOP.,

With Tea Party protesters again descending on the Capital and scandal shaking their foundation the last thing people like Al Franken in Minnesota who won only by the slimmest of margins, Mark Begich in Alaska whose vote for Obamacare has not been forgotten and Kay Hagan of North Carolina need is another unpopular bill to be used against them in a tough re-election campaign.

And if the bill remains in limbo or even worse wait till next year after the primary and election season begins, Democrat candidates for open seats might have to take a position on this bill, something Reid desperately wants to avoid.

Harry Reid doesn’t need those extra votes for the sake of the GOP, he needs them for the sake of a Democrat Senate in 2014.

Reid is playing two cons here, the Tea Party has recognized one, the GOP and the RSCC has no clue on the other…

…we hope.


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Lt Tom Keefer:  Three ships were lost in the Typhoon, you know.

Barry Greenwald:  And 187 stayed afloat without the executive officer taking command.

The Caine Mutiny 1954

For three months Morning Joe has been has been pushing Gun Control arguing to anyone who will listen how much this will cost the GOP in November.

This week he took to Politico to make his case to the vast majority of people who don’t want Morning Joe :

A new PPP Poll of voters in South Carolina’s first Congressional District shows that 86 percent of those Southerners support the type of background check that Congress killed last week. This district is so conservative that Mitt Romney carried it by 18 percentage points last year. But this week, voters by a 2-to-1 margin say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate that opposed background checks on gun purchases.

Note the phrase, they supported “the type of background check that congress killed this week” That’s important. He continues talking Florida & Texas and more…

In Virginia, the home of the NRA, 91 percent of Virginia voters from gun households support background checks. In New Jersey, that number rises to 95 percent. In Pennsylvania the number is 96 percent. So much for winning the Philadelphia suburbs next year.

Note that none of these numbers refer to the actual bill being debated but simply of vague description of a part of a bill rather than what the bill actually says.

Now as I’ve already said, if these numbers were true the senate would have been falling over themselves to vote for it so lets look at a different batch of polling:

Even at the height of the media coverage of the Newtown shooting, the number of people who considered guns a top public-issue priority never climbed out of the single digits, according to Gallup. By the time the bills failed, only 4% thought of guns as the most important public issue facing the country, down from 6% in early February. The only angry people were on CNN and MSNBC. And bear in mind that the Gallup question would have included people who thought protecting gun rights were the most important issue, too.

And now lets look at a more realistic political assessment from someone who doesn’t have to play to an MSNBC audience to make a living Megan McArdle.

If you want to actually understand why gun control failed, let’s try a simple exercise. Raise your hand if you had a strong opinion about the background check bill that was in front of Congress.

Keep your hand raised if you know how your own Senator voted on it. Otherwise put your hand down.

Keep your hand raised if you actually live in a state that might plausibly elect a Republican to congress.

Okay, now keep your hand raised if that bill was in the top one or two issues that you’ll be voting on in 2014 or 2016. By which I mean, if your Senator votes the wrong way on that bill, you will vote for anyone who opposes them. Anyone–even someone with the wrong opinions on gay marriage, social security reform, transportation subsidies, the Keystone XL pipeline, carbon taxes, marginal tax rates on people who make more than $250k per annum, the deficit, and student loan repayment programs.

Now look around. Aside from those three guys in the back from Handgun Control Inc., do you know who still has their hand raised? NRA members.

What do I think is going to happen? I think that the anti-gun forces are going to find the republican or democrat who voted against them who was most likely to lose anyways, run a few ads against them and if they lose claim it was due to the overwhelming outrage of the people over the gun vote.

But they won’t point to all of the GOP members who win re-election on that very same vote.

Update: Allahpundit explains further

If you like the idea of expanded background checks but don’t trust Obama or liberals or gun-grabbers generally, you can live very easily with Toomey/Manchin going down. Related to that is the fact that gun control is a quintessential (maybe the ultimate) “slippery slope” issue, if only because some of the left’s favorite proposals all but guarantee further action down the line.

I’m sure an MSNBC audience never thought of it. is reporting that red state democrats up for re-election are running away from Bloomberg and his gun grabbers:

As the push to pass gun control legislation hits its peak and individuals like NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg spend millions to sway Senate votes, Democrat Senators in red states are stepping back to say they don’t take marching orders from Bloomberg.

They link a Washington Post story that lists the senators in question:

The five Senators are Mark Begich (D-Alaska), Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), Mary Landrieu (D-La.), Max Baucus (D-Mont.), and Kay Hagan (D-N.C.).

and says this

Proponents of stricter measures are becoming increasingly fed up with the Senate’s inaction. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), a survivor of a mass shooting, said the delays have created “an environment so that cowards can succeed.”

“Ninety-one percent of the American people support a universal background check, and we’ve got members on the House and Senate side that are gutless,” she said. “They know in their heart of hearts that it’s the absolute right thing to do, but they are more concerned about their reelection.”

As I’ve already explained that’s bait & switch, if 91% of the voters were with Congresswoman Speier their concern for re-election would bring them along.

While I’m pleased to see these senators hold the line I think there is a more critical paragraph in the Post story that deserves more attention, particularly from the voters in Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana & North Carolina:

“If there was a secret-ballot vote it would pass overwhelmingly, because from a substantive point of view most of these senators understand that this is the right thing to do,” said Matt Bennett, a gun-control advocate and senior vice president at Third Way, a centrist think tank. “What’s holding them back is pure politics.”

In other words as soon as 2014 is done and more years is guaranteed suddenly there will be room to evolve on the issue.

Here is a perfect example. Meet Senator Claire McCaskill on May 12th 2012 BEFORE the Tood Akin gaffe and before she faced the voters in 2012:

“The state of Missouri’s position on this issue has been clearly established since 2004 and nothing about today’s announcement changes that,” he said.

McCaskill, D-Mo., has stated her opposition to gay marriage in the past, but she’s walked a bit of a tightrope on the question. She has expressed support for civil unions, which grant gay couples some — but not all — of the legal rights that married couples enjoy. She also opposed Missouri’s 2004 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, arguing that it was unnecessary because existing state law already prohibited gay marriage.

And now meet the very same Senator Claire McCaskill four months after she has secured six more years in her current office:

Two days before the U.S. Supreme Court heard the first of two same-sex marriage cases, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., quietly endorsed same-sex marriage in a post on her Tumblr blog.

“I have come to the conclusion that our government should not limit the right to marry based on who you love,” McCaskill wrote in a post on March 24.

What? You mean to say that a United States Senator in less that one year decided to switch the position she held for years to the Democrat liberal line after election? Who would have thought it….

…anyone with eyes.

Todd Akin was a bad candidate and because the GOP in Missouri didn’t take Sarah Palin’s advice and nominate former state Treasurer Sarah Steelman, Claire McCaskill is now a safe vote for the left on anything they want till at least 2016 or 2017.

The only amazing thing about this, that anyone was amazed.

Now in 2014 5 sitting democrat senators in Red States are running for re-election while brand new democrats are running for senate seats formally held by democrats in red states as well These Sitting senators are trying to tell you that they will oppose the left and the Obama administration and their full court press on guns and I’m sure the Democrat candidates running for those open red seats will say just the same.

I put the question to you, voters in these Red States:

Are you foolish enough to believe them?

We’ll find out November of 2014.

Good luck.


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A congressmen first duty is to get re-elected

Sam Rayburn

It’s axiomatic that no matter how strong or solid your ideas are the first thing you have to do is get elected. Without the power of getting elected or getting somebody elected your good ideas mean absolutely nothing.

Once you’ve been elected your choices are to run on your record or run away from it. Conversely if you are running against somebody already in office seeking re-election, you can run on your opponent’s record (particularly if it stinks), or run on your ideas, the best choice being both.

Last time around Barack Obama, not being able to run on the worst record of a president in my lifetime instead attacking Mitt Romney. Conversely Romney apparently assumed that record would be enough to carry him over the finish line without fighting and managed to lose what should have been the most winnable election the GOP had before it since 1984.

And that Brings us to New Jersey and Chris Christie.

Back during the 2012 campaign before Hurricane Sandy hit Chris Christie was giving first-rate speeches like this:

The key quote:

35 years ago we didn’t have an income tax in NH no income tax like right here in NH, we had no income tax and Governor Brendon Byrne, a democrat said: If you just give me a small income tax, a little one, I will lower your property taxes, we had the highest property taxes in America back in 1977 so 35 years later, what have we got? We’ve STILL got the highest property taxes in America and the income tax that started at 2% under governor Byrne is now 9%”

And that brings us to CPAC 2013

The media has made a huge fuss about Chris Christie not being invited to CPAC. CPAC’s chairman put it this way:

“CPAC is like the all-star game for professional athletes; you get invited when you have had an outstanding year,” Cardenas said. “Hopefully he will have another all-star year in the future, at which time we will be happy to extend an invitation. This is a conservative conference, not a Republican Party event.”

Cardenas cited Christie’s decision to expand Medicaid under President Obama’s health care law and his support of a $60 billion aid package for Hurricane Sandy victims, which he argued was filled with wasteful spending.

You can argue if Christie had a good or bad year but it’s not going to matter what kind of year he ad unless he actually manages to win re-election.

Christie’s decision to take the medicare money was a huge surprise given his statements of just a few months ago listed above. By buying into this system he is putting a yoke on New Jersey that will be there long after he is gone, but in terms of re-election, the president is popular in NJ and the president won the state by almost 18 points.

MSNBC not withstanding Christie is smart enough to know that the left is not going to lay off of him or paint him as anything other than a right-wing extremist. I suspect he figures with the president winning the state by that wide a spread and Obamacare being the signature achievement of this president (and I use the word achievement VERY loosely)this move takes at least one target off of his chest.

And when it comes down to it, there is nothing CPAC could do better for his re-election efforts than keeping him away.

By staying away nothing he says there can be use to call him a “right-winger” in a +18 Obama state. It also precludes a nasty confrontation with conservatives that could hurt him among a base where he can’t spare a single vote.

Will it be enough? That depends on where NJ is come election day, but as Joe Scarborough correctly states he is going to certainly be better for New Jersey than anyone nominated by the Democrat party and he can’t do any of that good if he loses.

With election day coming Christie needed to highlight his credentials CPAC 2013’s move fit the bill so well and generated so much positive press from the media that will be turning on him soon enough you would almost think he asked them to do it.

And That’s how politics works

Update: I have absolutely no idea how my daily Day by Day Script replaced The Christie Speech above. None of my previews showed it.


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But it’s all academic without you.

3 months ago to the day I wrote the post that is going to follow. I suspected it would not endear me to what I believed would be the newly elected Mitt Romney but it had to be said so I wrote it ready to go in the morning.

As I’ve mentioned it was coming I thought my readership should see it, but I’m also going to include commentary in italics after each, pretty much Fisking Myself to update it for the reality of today.

You’re now commanding officer. You’ve got 4 hours to break through that beachhead. lf you don’t make it, I’ll fire you.

Patton 1970

As America wakes up to the election of Mitt Romney as president of United States I’m writing this in August specifically to answer those people who for months are worried about Mitt Romney as president.

America has a lot of worries ahead of her now, but that one worry is now no longer in play

I totally understand your worries. He was governor of Massachusetts for 4 years, there is a reason why I didn’t support him in the primaries,

Perhaps that’s why the American people didn’t support him in the general election.

however he is infinitely better than Obama

As the American people will soon discover

thus I supported him all out

The only sign in front of my house was to oppose Question 2 (my one winning vote of the night)

and he has now been elected president.

feel free to insert any taunt you want here.

This doesn’t change any of the worries that we’ve shared and now our real task begins.

Now we have different worries and a different task.

The thing I fear the most about Mitt is that he will form a team with Establishment GOP and liberals in the House.

Instead it will be government by gridlock, while several freshmen lost (Ann Marie Buerkle was a particular heartbreak in NY-24) the GOP retains the house and because redistricting took place after 2010 has the lines drawn to help keep it

The Establishment gets it’s spending, liberals get a piece of the action and Romney is hailed as “Bipartisan”.

Instead you have a more conservative GOP base that will drive house races.  

And social conservatism goes out the window, here comes the next batch of David Souters.

Here comes the next batch of Elena Kagens it won’t be pretty but at least we won’t be doing it to ourselves

This can be stopped. If there is one thing we can be sure of is that Mitt Romney is vulnerable to political pressure,

If the democrats had run the “flip flop” campaign instead of the “evil conservative” campaign the popular vote numbers would have been bigger.

it is up to us of the right to hold him to his promises

Well one problem solved.

and to hold the GOP, particularly in the house to the cause of fiscal responsibility and social conservatism.

That task remains.

The GOP needs to know that the Tea Party didn’t elect them because we love the letter “R” but because we believe in something and expect it to be done.

The tea party remains the only real effective power in the GOP

If the GOP doesn’t, if they decide they don’t need fiscal or social conservatives then they should pay.

and if the GOP doesn’t want our votes we will happily withhold them

It could be that my fears are unfounded, it could be that now that he has reached the pinnacle of elected office he will feel secure enough to let the real conservative that lives inside out to govern. I would be delighted for this to be the case.

Alas that great mystery shall never be answered.

Basically GOP you’re on probation,

Establishment GOP your probation is revoked.  No more “moderate” candidates

members of congress you’ll have till 2014, Mr. President Romney I’ll give you till 2015,

members of congress you are the last line of defense

you either come through or it’s time for an actual 3rd party and remember we tea party people ARE the people who do the heavy lifting.

funny how the “moderate” wing gets the nominee and it’s the conservatives who are expected to work to get them elected

You’ve got one shot, don’t blow it.

Look on the bright side Gov Romney none of the next four years will be your fault, it will be ours.