When I saw this headline:

Clinton’s team throwing him under Obama’s bus?

I just had to react, and my reaction is: In your dreams.

Listen there isn’t a single person in the Democrat party with the possible exception of Carville who is a smarter and slyer pol than Bill Clinton.  Any other Democrat facing the Monica story, the Wag the dog story and the whole ten yards would have been forced to resign and living in John Edwards land after his exploits, but not Bill Clinton.

I think Bill knows exactly where this election is going, I think Bill knows there is no salvaging things, I think Bill understands that being linked to Obama even in 2016 is going to be the kiss of death for any Democrat.

But I also think Bill knows that if he openly comes out and says so the Black community will never forgive him or his wife: “first black president” or no. So how does one achieve such separation? By gaffe, Clinton makes a gaffe and his own staff & the Obama team are forced to clarify his remarks, even if it means distancing themselves from the most popular living Democrat president.

Barack Obama isn’t throwing Bill Clinton under the bus, Bill Clinton is throwing Barack Obama & Co under the bus and is making them think it’s their idea.

Simply Brilliant.