jonathan-strange-and-mr-norrellBy John Ruberry

It’s time to take a break from politics.

Many times while surfing on Netflix I came across a recommendation to watch the seven-part 2015 BBC One miniseries, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which is described as such: “In 1806 ambitious magician Norrell leads a revival of practical magic in England and ignites a fierce rivalry with bold young conjurer Strange.” If that sounds like a dopey show, well, that’s what I thought too. But I yielded to the luring and tuned in. I’m grateful that I did.

Magic in the alternative universe of Strange and Norrell is not smoke-and-mirrors and rabbits being pulled from hats, it’s a neglected scientific discipline that for unexplained reasons was abandoned in England in the early 16th century. But Gilbert Norrell (Eddie Marsan), a magician from York, becomes a national sensation when he brings to life the statues of  York Minster Cathedral and, in his only use of dark magic, brings back from death the future wife of a prominent member of parliament, Lady Pole (Alice Englert).

But just as in another alternative universe where humans can sell their soul to the devil, the dark side, in this case a mysterious being known as the Gentleman (Marc Warren), sabotages the transaction and establishes Norrell’s second rivalry.

Norrell offers his services to fight the French and their allies in the Napoleonic Wars, although only Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel) directly utilizes magic at the side of the Duke of Wellington (Ronan Vibert), who is initially skeptical of him. Included in the broad historical sweep of Strange and Norrell is the blind and mad King George III, and although not by name, the anti-industrial Luddites.

The rest of the cast is wonderful, particularly Ariyon Bakare as a mysterious butler and Vincent Franklin as the duplicitous promoter of Norrell and Strange. The special effects, with the exception of the ravens in the last two installments, are first rate.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a welcome diversion from the usual, and it’s a particularly good series for binge-watching.

Besides Netflix, the mini-series is available on many on-demand systems and on DVD.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

wedding jack 025 Yesterday I found myself at the wedding of one of my wife’s co-workers that took place in a backyard. As I sat there I noticed two doors down a Union Jack flying in the wind.

As the neighborhood was curiously devoid of fences I walked over and asked permission to take a photo of the flag flying as if from the stern of HMS Victory. They owners graciously consented and we started talking.

They had come from the south of England 25 years ago and talked of their joy at the result of the Brexit vote. I asked them about age gap between those who voted to stay and those who voted to go, and they talked of their memories of joining the common market and the time before it and quoted Churchill about the lessons of history.

That was the key factor, like the elderly WW 2 vet I wrote about and unlike the panicked youths they had no fear of life without the EU because they had lived it and had been just fine.

My only regret was that they didn’t wish to be interviewed on camera but I thanked them and returned to the wedding wondering if the angry youth signing petitions had thought about this, if they hadn’t they would be well advised to read this tweet from The House of Savoy:

If only the youth who are terrified of other opinions and of chalk had the courage and confidence of their elders. If they can learn such courage then they would have nothing to fear, after all they are not much older than the were the Few who saved the country just a few generations ago.

via Tim Blair:

UPDATE III. Reader Steve emails:
I phoned my Uncle Johnny (WWII Parachute Regiment) last night to wish him a happy 90th birthday. He was putting on his overcoat and heading into the rain to his polling station in West Yorkshire. I asked which way he was planning to vote.

“When I was 20 I dropped into France to stop the Germans taking over my country,” he replied, “so I thought I’d better have another go at stopping them now.”

It’s also worth noting that unlike the youth of England who voted to stay folks like Uncle Johnny here remember an England that did just fine without an EU to give them orders and thus weren’t afraid of it.

Thug:  You’re Mr. Sherlock Holmes ain’t ya

Sherlock Holmes:  Yes.

Thug:  I wouldn’t come down here if I was you.  This is Limehouse and we don’t fancy you’re sort of bloke in these parts.

Dr. Watson:  the fellow’s absolutely right shouldn’t we…

Sherlock Holmes:  Quiet Watson,This is still a free country a man may walk where he pleases.

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror 1942

It’s a good thing that The Few Sacrificed so much to prevent the Nazi’s from conquering England and installing a government that would punish men for saying what they think.  Perhaps they shouldn’t have bothered.

Police have arrested a 40-year old man in Scotland over a number of allegedly “offensive” Facebook posts about refugees.

Police in Scotland said that a man had been held under the Communications Act, which bans “grossly offensive” and “menacing” posts on online platforms.

Ahhh those quaint old days when England believed in personal freedoms.  Pam Geller is right, the nation that gave us Magna Carta is dead.  Perhaps we should strike the “Great” from Great Britain

That this happened in Scotland is even more interesting,  Can you picture a Scotsman being arrested for speaking his mind?  I’m sure Edward Longshanks would have approved.  No wonder so many Scots came to America.

This is coming to America, have no doubt about it and don’t doubt for a second that there are people on the Supreme Court right now who would go along with it.


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We are still getting this line from the White House:

“In the Syrian seeking refuge today, we should see the Jewish refugee of World War II,” Mr. Obama said. Some Jewish refugee children were turned away from the United States during the period and were later killed by the Nazis.

Mr. Obama is struggling to fashion a message that reassures Americans that he is serious about battling the threat of the Islamic State while also avoiding xenophobia and alarmism. Polls suggest that many Americans believe he is not taking the threat from the Islamic State seriously enough, particularly after the deadly shooting in San Bernardino. Support among Republicans for banning Muslims is high…

The ceremony came as 25 Republican governors have vowed to block the entry of Syrian refugees into their states, including some where large numbers of Syrians have settled in recent years. Mr. Obama has condemned such comments as contradicting American values. The governors made their vow after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last month, and fears of terrorism have risen in the United States after the shooting this month in San Bernardino, Calif. But Mr. Obama said that such fears are unfounded

That’s the NYT drawing this comment from Robert Spencer:

How does he know that? Last February, the Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. And the Lebanese Education Minister recently said that there were 20,000 jihadis among the refugees in camps in his country. Meanwhile, 80% of migrants who have recently come to Europe claiming to be fleeing the war in Syria aren’t really from Syria at all.

Meanwhile in England the spigot remains open:

Announcing that his target has been met, Cameron said: “Britain is doing its moral duty in terms of funding the refugees and the refugee camps. I made a promise that we would resettle a 1,000 Syrians by Christmas and I can confirm today that we have met our commitment. The charter flights that arrived yesterday at Stansted and Belfast mean that over a thousand have been settled, and another flight is coming today.

“The government has provided funding so that all these refugees get housing, healthcare, education, and I want to thank all the local authorities and all those who have worked so hard. I said that Britain would do its duty and with these 1,000 we’ve made a very good start.”

However Cameron isn’t saying much about this report:

DAVID Cameron was “warned radical Islamic groups including ISIS controlled refugee camps” from where Britain will fly in Syrian asylum seekers – BEFORE the Government began bringing in the first wave of 20,000, a shock new report claims.

The report talks about what’s going on in these camps and it’s not pretty

The AINA reported that in UN camps in Jordan, Islamist groups “have brought in similar violent Islamist practices” to those that the refugees had faced before they fled Syria.

These include coercion to join terror such as ISIS, and the buying and selling of women as sex slaves.

The AINA report quoted the director of a Christian relief agency working in Jordan as saying: “The Muslim gangs come as refugees, but they have their agendas.

“They’re like a mafia. People are even killed inside the camps, and the refugees are afraid to say if they saw somebody get killed. If you ask them, they’ll say, ‘I don’t know, I was asleep’.

While world leaders like Cameron & Obama continue to ignore this, in Sweden the People have decided to take matters in their own hands:

To get a gun permit in Sweden, you need to be at least 18 years old; law-abiding; well-behaved, and have a hunting license or be a member of an approved shooting club. In 2014, 11,000 people got a hunting license: 10% more than the year before. One out of five was a woman.

“There is also a high demand for alarm systems right now,” says a salesman at one of the security companies in an interview with Gatestone.

“It is largely due to the turbulence we are seeing around the country at the moment.” People have lost confidence in the State, he added. “The police will not come anymore. Truck drivers say that when they see a thief emptying the fuel tank of their trucks, they run out with a baseball bat. It is no use calling the police, but if you hit the thief, you can at least prevent him from stealing more diesel. Many homeowners say the same thing: they sleep with a baseball bat under the bed. But this is risky: the police can then say you have been prepared to use force, and that might backfire on you.”

When the Authorities won’t do the job the people end up doing it themselves

This is a very interesting read, because the whole of Europe is heading the same way as Sweden. Sweden is, so to speak, the future of Europe. And in this future, those who can afford it pay security companies – the rest gest license for firearms and forms vigilante groups.

and it’s not just Sweden, in Germany:

According to a report by Focus, following a 600% surge in sales over the past two months, Germany has run out of pepper spray, and the irritating substance can now only be purchased after weeks of waiting. Focus says that according to pepper spray manufacturers, “frightened Germans” have bought out all the available inventory. The alleged reason, according to the German publication: “die Flüchtlingskrise”, or the refugee crisis.

Focus goes on to say that in private, Germans are equipping themselves “massively.”

and Denmark:

The Danish police claim that they are “more pressed than ever,” mainly because of the terror threat and the migrant crisis. The rule of law is already undermined, as the police – as a result of being overburdened with handling Muslims – will no longer investigate thefts of less than 15,000 euros. Even if you call the police while the burglars are still to be seen inside your neighbour’s house, they will not come.

I wonder if Bernie Sanders will be holding this up as an example for us all?


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In Flanders fields the poppies blow
      Between the crosses, row on row,
   That mark our place; and in the sky
   The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

Lt. Col John McCrae In Flanders Fields Stanza 1 1915

The latest in our series of posts that will not surprise any person who has been paying attention.

Today’s installment comes from Pam Geller concerning Islamists in England, but before we get to the piece some necessary background

Since John McCrae wrote his poem In Flanders Fields from the front lines of World War I the red remembrance day poppy has been a symbol throughout first the British Empire and then the British Commonwealth of nations to remember those who have died in war.  It has been a sacred symbol in those nations for almost a century.

In that time this has never happened.

An Army cadet suffered burns in an unprovoked attack after selling poppies for Remembrance Day.

The 15-year-old boy was waiting at a bus stop in his camouflage uniform when a man holding an aerosol can and cigarette lighter approached him.

He then sprayed the terrified boy with blazing fumes before walking off without saying a word.

Police report this was done in broad daylight:

‘This happened at a very busy time in the city centre, near a main bus route, and there could be lots of people who saw this man staggering around.’

What kind of person does something like this?

The attacker, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, was described as black or Asian, 5ft 8in tall and wearing a dark hooded top.

While Asia is a pretty big place, Pam reminds us that while in the USA “Asian” generally refers to those from China or Japan in England “Asian” is “media sharia-speak for Muslims” .

Furthermore in the 100 years that such sales of poppies have taken place, an age when heavy drinking was common, somehow no other drunk has torched a person selling Remembrance Day poppies.

Who would have thought those sympathetic to Islamists trying to kill soldiers might target the most visible symbol of western forces?

HT Live at five

Gandhi: Mr. Kinnoch, I beg you to accept that there is no people on Earth who would not prefer their own bad government to the good government of an alien power.

Gandhi 1982

12th Doctor: It’s good I’m Scottish. I’m Scottish. I am Scottish. I can complain about things, I can really complain about things.

Doctor Who Deep Breath 2014

I’ve written nothing about Scottish independence to this point and other than security I don’t really care one way or the other.   As far as I’m concerned as long as the Scots don’t ally themselves with our enemies or suddenly decide to invade England or send the Black Watch to fight on the side of ISIS  it doesn’t matter to me one jot if the Cross of St. Andrew or the Union Jack flies over Edinburgh Castle.   The Scots are a first world country, highly educated, schooled in democracy and if they want to govern themselves I see no reason why they shouldn’t have a go at it

There is however one suggestion that I would make to our Scottish friends.  I’d ask for a clause in any separation deal that calls for a 2nd referendum in 40 years on reunification with England.

Because right now the left and the greens are likely going to be running your new country for a while and given their proclivities, your primary assets of Oil & Whiskey  are most certainly going to be used to create a socialist welfare state which will become a magnet for those seeking relief.  It will be the ultimate test of the wisdom of the Socialist / Green agenda for the entire world to see.

Meanwhile on the other side of Hadrian’s wall we will see the exact opposite.  Without their kilted collection of votes England will most certainly move farther to the right on all kinds of issues.  With luck you might even see some of the excesses of  the welfare state rolled back.

I think it would be a grand experiment on both sides of the border and the results will say plenty.

Now I suspect the Scots, being a sensible if quarrelsome people will only need a few election cycles to figure out that however nice socialism is when paid for in English pounds, if it’s paid for in Scottish pounds I’ll wager it will be a different story and I doubt the far left would be able to repress them a/la Venezuela if they choose to say enough!

It it turns out however I’m wrong, if the Scots don’t figure it out or are too stubborn to let it go they might want to have that 2nd referendum available so they can decide to rejoined the British fold as one United Kingdom.

The real question at that time is this:  Would an England freed of a large block of the Socialist labor vote choose to have them back?


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The Report on the exploitation of over 1400 girls in Rotherham over 17 years is a damning indictment on the authorities but in all its pages there are no words more damning than these:

By 2005, it is hard to believe that any senior officers or members from the Leader and the Chief Executive downwards, were not aware of the issue.

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997 – 2013  Alexis Jay OBE  Page 107

And these words are all the more damning when you consider this news story in the Sunday Times the paper of record in England from 2007.

Schoolgirls in Lancashire and Yorkshire are falling prey to sinister gangs of pimps. Two men have been sent to jail, but the girls’ mothers, not the police, are at the forefront of the crackdown. Why are the authorities so reluctant to get involved?

This interview with one of the victims from 2010

Thirteen-year-old Emma was a happy child from a loving family when a gang of boys she met at a shopping centre introduced her to a charismatic older man. He plied her with gifts and drinks… then raped her and forced her into prostitution. Now aged 20 and in hiding from the gang, Emma talks candidly about how she was groomed – and how she is trying to help the growing number of others being picked out for a similar fate

this tweet from Tommy Robinson

And this yesterday from Robert Stacy McCain:

Let any American imagine, therefore, what the reaction would have been if something like this were happening in Huntsville, Alabama. Would we expect local law enforcement and child-welfare agencies to do nothing? If there were a problem so specific and so localized, involving the sexual exploitation of young girls, wouldn’t we expect a joint federal/state/local task force to target the perpetrators? The FBI would be swarming all over these vicious creeps.


That’s the astonishing thing, as you read Professor Alexis Jay’s investigative report: Case after case came to the attention of authorities, and yet the systematic exploitation of girls continued. The families of victims were terrorized, and the failure of police to act convinced many people in Rotherham that the Pakistani pimps had political protection through local Labour Party officials.

This IS the culture war, this is why it’s being fought and if you are unwilling and unable see how the culture of liberalism in general and the Labour party in particular have to do with this result I have two questions for you, one from Stacy:

Where were the feminists? Here you have girls as young as 11 being raped and pimped out, and you might think that there would be daily outpourings of feminist rage about it, yet this problem has been allowed to fester for years without decisive official action? Something is clearly wrong in British culture, if political correctness could keep feminists quiet about this savagery.

Perhaps they were too busy fighting over the Dyke March in London:

and one question from me:

Does anyone think for one moment if the scandal involved Catholic Priest rather than the Islamic community that the media and the police wouldn’t’ have been all over it?


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It looks like the Rotherham scandal where 1400+ girls were sexually abused in the town of Rotherham UK over the course of a decade that we mentioned yesterday has broken through blogs and media everywhere causing labor and their allies on the left to insist this has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

While the press and the pols are ducking and covering the people are rather upset, this tweet from a British Comic sums it up.

There are plenty of pieces and links on the subject including the base report but there is a question that needs to be asked that I’ve set to see addressed. According to the Independent inquiry a conservative estimate of the number of victims is 1400 girls over the course of 17 years where “by far the majority of perpetrators ” were from the Pakistani community which consists of less than 8% of the local population.

While the counselors either through fear, denial or by direct orders from their superiors, avoided approaching members of the community concerning these events, given the number years this went on, the incredible number of victims and the knowledge of the involvement of men in the Pakistani community by the counselors it would seem highly unlikely that a significant number of people of said community, while not directly involved in these crimes were unaware of what was going on.

So my questions are these:

How many of the people in the Pakistani community of Rotherham knew what was going on and did or said nothing and why?

Is there any evidence that any members of the Pakistani community who knew these crimes where going on took steps to cover them up and did any such attempts involve threats or intimidation?

Unless these questions are asked and the Pakistani/Islamic community makes it a point to answer these questions (even if the press chooses to avoid asking them) this is going to permanently mark the Pakistani/Islamic community in the eyes of Englishmen.

It’s your call.

Update: Insty tweets:

I suspect it’s less of a question of “suddenly springing up everywhere” as much as the dam being broken and people being willing to say it aloud without fear.


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Yesterday Glenn Reynolds linked to a story at the Daily Mail that should make you sick.

How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN

The Details as as bad as the headline suggests

In August 2013, four women launched legal action against Rotherham council over ‘systematic failures’ to protect them from ‘sexual abuse by predatory men when they were children’ according to their lawyers.
One girl, known only as ‘Jessica’ claims she was abused daily as a 14-year-old by a 24-year-old man after social services failed to accept that she was a victim grooming.
On one ocassion married father-of-two Arshid Hussain was even caught with the half naked schoolgirl under his bed but documents revealed that police arrested her – and let him go.
Rotherham, South Yorkshire, has become known as Britain’s under-age sex capital, after a string of high profile cased where authorities have let down vulnerable children.

Before I go any farther when you see the word “Asian” in an English Newspaper it doesn’t mean Oriental, it generally means Pakistani Muslim or Arabic (Remember Asia is a pretty big place)

Even worse was the reaction when some fathers tried to save their children from this horror:

In two cases, fathers had tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused – only to be arrested themselves when police were called to the scene

It’s as I said a horrific story and Stacy McCain notes that it’s not the first of its nature in terms of the act or the perps

A SCHOOLGIRL, who was in the care of the city council when she fell victim to a gang of Derby perverts, had been groomed and sexually abused by another man only months earlier, the Telegraph can reveal.
The youngster was placed in a children’s home by Derby City Council for her own protection after police arrested Ansar Hussain, who targeted her when she was just 13.
But despite being under the supervision of social workers, she fell into the clutches of evil Abid Mohammed Saddique and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat – the ringleaders of a gang who raped and abused 27 girls.

I wonder if the got away with it so long because police were worried about looking racist there too?

What do you call a police force that is unwilling to enforce the laws on particular group of men based on their race even if it endangers the children of their community and why does that question seem particularly relevant in our current news cycle?

Final thought in the sub headline of the base story at the Daily Mail was a throw away line that speaks volumes

Victims terrorised with guns and doused in petrol and threatened with fire

Threatened with Guns? I thought England had some of the toughest guns laws in the world and had largely disarmed their citizens?  Or was the disarming of the populace race based too?

Perhaps that’s why the police didn’t want to arrest these guys, maybe they were afraid of getting shot.

Update: Donald Douglas excoriates the Telegraph for their coverage

Look, the Telegraph UK won’t even call these guys Muslims, even though they’re from Pakistan and all have Arabic-Islamist names.

See, “Rotherham sex abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited by Asian gangs while authorities turned a blind eye.” Also “Video: Police ‘sorry’ for failure in Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.”

and includes a tweet from Iowahawk on the common denominator that dare not be spoken

Meanwhile Stacy McCain taking a different tack and talks of the welfare culture

Everything you might say about “inner city” culture in America can be applied to the lower-class whites in Great Britain who have been morally corrupted by their cradle-to-grave welfare system. Unwed motherhood, educational failure, drug addiction, violent thuggery — white people are entirely capable of these things, once they succumb to the self-pitying slothful dependency of welfare culture.

Our provincialism prevents Americans from recognizing what this means in terms of our own welfare policies, simply because no American can criticize welfare without being suspected of racism. Political correctness creates this helpless confusion, a confusion that is every bit as dangerous as the attitudes which prevented authorities in Rotherham from doing something about the dreadful exploitation of lower-class white girls — mere girls, some of them as young as 11 or 12 — by rape gangs of young Muslim men. Of course, American feminists who hector us about “rape culture” on college campuses won’t say a word about this story.

I surprised none of them noticed the gun angle.


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“Look at it this way,” Ford Prefect had said, “fruit and berries on strange planets either make you live or make you die. Therefore the point at which to start toying with them is when you’re going to die if you don’t. That way you stay ahead. The secret of healthy hitch-hiking is to eat junk food.”

They looked at the pile that lay in their path with suspicion. It looked so good it made them almost dizzy with hunger.

“Look at it this way,” said Ford, “er …”

“Yes?” said Arthur.

“I’m trying to think of a way of looking at it which means we get to eat it,” said Ford.

Douglas Adams: The Restaurant at the end of the Universe 1980

Some might suggest RS McCain’s series on the clashes between “Transgender” activists and radical lesbians and their anger at Stacy’s attention might be amusing and baffling in its moral contradictions, but it holds nothing on the great contradictions concerning Abortion and the media as evidenced by this article in the Independent in London.

The illegal abortion of female foetuses solely to ensure that families have sons is widely practised within some ethnic communities in Britain and has resulted in significant shortfalls in the proportion of girls, according to an investigation by The Independent.

The practice of sex-selective abortion is now so commonplace that it has affected the natural 50:50 balance of boys to girls within some immigrant groups and has led to the “disappearance” of between 1,400 and 4,700 females from the national census records of England and Wales, we can reveal.

Like RSM in the Transgender/Radical Lesbian business I think the entire debate is silly.  I categorically oppose abortion because it’s a moral wrong that kills deliberately kills an innocent child but also like Stacy I find the clash fascinating particularly when you examine the arguments:

our deeper statistical analysis of data from the 2011 National Census has shown widespread discrepancies in the sex ratio of children in some immigrant families, which can only be easily explained by women choosing to abort female foetuses in the hope of becoming quickly pregnant again with a boy. The findings will reignite the debate over whether pregnant women should be legally allowed to know the sex of their babies following ultrasound scans at 13 weeks.

Note the contradiction in this quote.  When referring to pregnant woman and ultrasounds the woman are carrying “babies” but when they are talking abortion that same children becomes a “foetuses” or fetus as we would say in America.

The clear implication is the humanity of any child, the personhood is totally subjective as determined by the mother.

Tell me how is that any different from this scene from the movie Django Unchained? (Language Warning)

In the movie the value of D’Artagnan life is totally subjective to the will of Calvin Candie. When Dr. Schultz is willing to pay $500 for him, he has value, when Django stops him and says do what you want with your property the dogs tear him apart with no thought at all.

Now the argument is pretty simple to my mind as D’Artagnan is a human being the killing of him in that situation was murder and while the law of the time and place didn’t recognize D’Artagnan humanity, it was a fact no matter what the law said.

(In this sense the character Django was less moral than Dr. King Schultz.  Dr. Schultz was willing to risk suspicion to save D’Artagnan’s life, but because of his desire for his wife Django was willing to let D’Artagnan die a horrible death if it would serve his purpose but that’s a post for another day.)

To me the sex selective argument is the same and just as simple.

Abortion kills an innocent child,  since killing an innocent child is evil, sex selective abortion is also evil.

But for those who support abortion and laws forbidding sex selective abortion the intellectual hoops become precarious?

Consider: If the mother decided she wanted an abortion because she didn’t want the child because of economic reasons, personal reasons, a fit of pique or because it happens to be dark of Tuesday it’s a perfectly acceptable right that must be defended at all costs.

But if that unborn child happens to be female then it’s wrong, illegal and a moral quandary and while the law supposedly would be the same if they were killing boys functionally nobody seems to care. (until of course some day a genetic test confirms said boy will be homosexual THEN it will be not only a moral quandary, but a hate crime)

Now perhaps I’m biased, but it would seem to me that my position that abortion based on financial, social, sexism, racism, sexual orientation, cultural reasons or to pay off your losses from a game of Fizzbin is uniformly the evil murder of a child, is not only more logical but requires a lot fewer ethical hoops to traverse.

But then again the goal of those who support abortion is not ethical consistency, it is to justify an inherently evil decision made for convince or profit (and for those of you screaming “Planned Parenthood is a non-profit read this) .   They are Ford & Arthur looking for an excuse to eat those berries.

So while one might take some ironic amusement in the entire debate, just like one might laugh at the “bag” scene in Django (Language Warning) …

…I have very little respect for either side in this debate, but if it leads to fewer abortions and thus fewer children murdered the I shall prefer one side of the argument vs the other.

Update:  No ethical calculations for NBC or Democrats on abortion, just cash: 

Everybody knows Davis is ultimately doomed. However, by turning Davis into a national celebrity for “a woman’s right to choose” and then running her for governor, Democrats turned her into a magic fundraising machine. This won’t turn Texas “blue,” but it will force Republicans to spend more money than usual to elect Greg Abbott governor. And this is a national Democrat Party strategy to force Texas GOP donors (who otherwise might be funding Republican candidates in “swing” districts around the country) to keep their money “at home.”


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Also if we can get 57 1/4 more subscribers @ at $20 a month the bills the problem will be solved on a more permanent basis.

It won’t cover CPAC but it will do all the base bills and that’s what counts

Can you be one of them?

Via Hot Air headlines whats more funny than reading a feminist making a fool of herself  defending radical Islam and blaming the critiques of its misogyny on “White Men”?

As a person who writes about women’s issues, I am constantly being told that Islam is the greatest threat to gender equality in this or any other country – mostly by white men, who always know best. This has been an extraordinary year for feminism, but from the Rochdale grooming case to interminable debates over whether traditional Islamic dress is “empowering” or otherwise, the rhetoric and language of feminism has been co-opted by Islamophobes, who could not care less about women of any creed or colour.

Getting to the end of it and seeing after she talked about gender segregation protests being inflamed by the right and seeing this addendum that had been tacked on after the fact.

This article was amended to draw attention to the fact that many Muslim and Asian women were involved in the “gender segregation” protests

You can’t make this stuff up, or rather you don’t have to.

Incidentally Laura Wilson was not available for comment, nor was Shafilea Ahmed or any of the 200 missing girls of Bradford



Perchik:  Money is the world’s curse.

Tevye:  May the Lord smite me with it. And may I never recover.

Fiddler on the Roof 1971

Welcome to the world young prince, I have some good news and some bad news.

The Good News is that unlike the majority of the people in the world you will never want for anything. You will never have an empty belly, have a day when you have to worry about being cold in the winter, warm in the summer. In fact you will not only never know any form of basic discomfort or physical need you will have every possible physical comfort and luxury available for the rest of your life.

If there is something you want, you will almost certainly get it, people will fight for the privilege of giving things to you that you want.

Most of the known world will defer to you, will honor you and accord you every possible consideration and this will be the case as long as you live.

And if you know illness or discomfort of any type the best doctors in the world will be at your side to treat you.

Now the bad news:

You will be under a microscope for your entire life, every move you make every thing you do will be scrutinized.

When you disappoint your parents as every child does, or as an adult fail as every man does you will have to worry that you don’t do so in a way that embarrasses an entire nation or endanger British Diplomatic efforts.

When you succeed you will be expected not to celebrate in your success but to restrain yourself so as not to make yourself too ostentatious.

You will be expected to comport yourself in a particular way at all times, no matter how happy, or how sad you will be.

For your entire life you will be expected to symbolize all the virtues that the British Prize while rejecting all they reject.

And while doing this you will be scrutinized by a predatory press that is looking for any sign that of failure, embarrassment that can allow them to sell papers.

Oh and there will be a price on your head every single day starting now and people anxious to collect it.  There will also be plenty of people who will hope to knock you off simply for the fame of it.

Worst of all consider this scripture:

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Amen, I say to you, it will be hard for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”  Matt 19:23,24

If it’s hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven how much harder is it for one of the richest people in world but one belonging to one of the richest of all time?  You’ve got your work cut out for you.

A large chunk of the world would trade places with you in a second, a smaller piece wouldn’t take your position for anything short of salvation and some not even for that.

Either way this is your reality, you’re pretty much stuck with it, may you make the best of it you can.

I share your view that the guarantee of freedom of expression is an important task of the government. Protecting the public order is too. Where freedom of expression may affect public policy implications, it is for the authorities – in this case the British authorities – to weigh how it should be dealt with that situation case by case carefully.



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I’ve been hard on the British Home office over the exclusion of Pam Geller and Robert Spencer from England as an attack on one basic freedoms to the point where I’ve asked to be included in their exclusion from England.

But there is at least one bright side to the story. Pat Condell in his latest video commented on the British Government’s actions saying in part:

Robert Spencer is an Islamic Scholar he knows the Koran better than most Muslims…He and Pamela Geller have been banded from Britain because they tell the truth and because the truth is a threat to Islam therefore the truth according to the UK government is not conducive to the public good.

Here is the full video

Pam Geller is a Jew, Robert Spencer is a Devout Catholic and Pat Condell…

…he is one of the most well-known and most viewed atheists on the internet.

So the British home office can take heart, they have Jews, Christians and Atheists on the same side, they are now officially a uniter! Cue the music:

And if you want to hear more from Robert Spencer Author of the new book Not Peace but a Sword he will join us tomorrow on DaTechGuy on DaRadio Noon till 2 On the Money Matters Radio Network (WBNW 1120 , WESO 970, WPLM 1390) and FTR Radio. And remember the show is replayed at 11 PM EST on Saturday if you miss it the first time.


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What else can one conclude by this story:

“They’re (police) saying it (Tower Hamlets) is a Muslim area but to me there is no Muslim area, there are just areas of my capital city that if I have to walk from A to B then you have to walk through.”

“Obviously I don’t want to get arrested and I don’t want to get in trouble so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Scotland Yard said the conditions were imposed because of fears the march and the gathering would result in “serious public disorder” and it had warned that a breach would lead to arrest.

An Englishman arrested in England for walking down an English public street wearing a shirt that says “support our troops”.

What the hell did the few fight and die for?

Before you go on about the EDL ask yourself this question. What would you say if Martin Luther King was denied the right to walk through a White neighborhood, or Malcolm X or even Bill Ayers?

More here and here. I thought the banning of Pam Geller & Robert Spencer was bad but these are Englishmen walking in their own country.

It’s monstrous, absolutely monstrous!

If England has reached this point there is very little if any time left. I would advise the British people to awake, because if you let this stand your only solution is to apply for a visa and escape to here while you still can.

(of course if you can’t wait I’d head for our southern border and sneak in. You’ll get in much quicker and instantly become a member of a protected class. If anyone asks say you’re from “Hispanica“.)


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An open letter to the British Home Secretary:


To The Rt Honorable Theresa May MP

Dear Madame Secretary

As a defender and advocate of the freedom of speech I would like to formally request denial of entry into the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

With the decision to exclude Pam Geller and Robert Spencer who have argued tirelessly against Jihad, against Honor Killings and against Islamic Violence you have taken an action that is so diametrically opposed to the principles of freedom of speech and expression that I would not think a country that calls itself “free” would dare do so.

As a person who has long admired England and its history I am simply astounded that the land that brought us Magna Carta  the basis for the limitation of the power of royalty, the Nation whose common law has been the foundation on which the principles of the protections of right of men all over the world, including those United States  have their origin.  The country that stood alone against one of the greatest and most powerful forces of repression that the world has faced has decided that a 50 something Jewish Woman of modest means and a soft-spoken Catholic man are so dangerous, so unacceptable and so beyond the pale that their presence and live presence at a political rally threatens the peace of the nation.

I have often wanted to go to England and only the incompetence of those in charge of our travel  kept my wife and I from honnymooning there a quarter century ago.  I have dreamed of visiting some of the places where the history of the world was made and shaped not to mention indulging my sons and I in our Doctor Who fandom.

However I can’t reconcile those desires with the exclusion of my two countrymen whose only offense is to try to protect the equal rights of all Englishmen of any race, creed or color under British law and know that if I found myself in England in addition to all the things I would want to see and do I would be ethically compelled to seek out the political allies of Ms. Geller & Mr. Spencer and if they will have me, speak in their place.

Therefore to save everyone the time and effort of investigation, letter writing and appeals I hereby request to be denied entry to the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland until such time as said restriction is removed from Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

My Best

P Ingemi

Aka Pete I DaTechGuy , or DaTechGuy on DaRadio

Update: Stacy McCain has the same idea:

I’m trying to get an e-mail address for Theresa May, so that I can send her a request that she also ban me from the nation whose honor she has so despicably surrendered to the despotic rule of sharia.

Today of DaTechGuy on DaRadio we are going to talk about several news stores and what they mean in terms of culture.

We’re going to talk about the case of Kaitlyn Hunt and the back and forth it has generated, We’re going to talk about the British soldier hacked to death in broad daylight by a Jihadist with unarmed police standing by and waiting for armed colleagues to come and what all of this means in terms of culture and civilization

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4th Doctor: “Only in mathematics will we find truth.” Borusa used to say that during my time at the Academy – and now he’s setting out to prove it.

Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin 1977

Last week’s election In England the Tories have been introduced to the new math political math:


“We are saying ‘have you really consulted these people?’”

He added that disquiet among ethnic minority communities could prove devastating for the Conservatives in the main cities – on top of dissatisfaction among Tory activists in rural areas.

“When you are middle class and Oxford educated you don’t necessarily understand what the grassroots are all about: you rely on what your pundits are telling you,” he said.

plus this

The BBC projected that Ukip was on course to come third in voting share, with 23% of the vote. Labour is projected to have come first with 29%, with the Tories second on 25%. The Lib Dems are projected to have won 14%, with other parties on 9%.

equals this: :

Peter Bone, the Wellingborough MP, said Mr Cameron should halt the gay marriage Bill, currently going through Parliament, and cut overseas aid. “Those are things that Conservatives want and that’s what Ukip voters want.”

The Tories should be allowed to stand as “Conservative and Ukip” candidates if they could win the endorsement of Mr Farage’s party, he added.

It all adds up, you ignore your base, they eventually rebel and suddenly you have to win them back if you want your party to survive. otherwise

Tory sources suggested that the changed political landscape would result in Ukip winning a by-election in anything but a safe Labour seat and that Mr Farage’s party would top the polls in next year’s European elections.

In England the “conservative” Tory party has learned this lesson the hard way. Will the GOP figure this out before they reach this point or will it take hard mathematics to teach them the same lesson?

Update: Somehow I mixed up the 2nd appearance of Borusa (The invasion of Time) with the first (The Deadly Assassin) corrected

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Michael Corleone: Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind.

Godfather III 1990

One of the things social conservatives are told in the US by the GOP establishment is we have to give up on social issues, on Gay Marriage, on Immigration and on Guns if we are to have any chance to win elections in the future. Meanwhile the media and our liberal friends constantly point across the pond to say the way of Europe is the wave of the future and that people and people & parties who don’t support efforts to “modernize” and “diversify” like the UKIP (who the Prime Minister once refereed to as “Fruitcakes” & Closet Racists” are simply Jokes

They’re not laughing anymore:

The UK Independence Party has made huge electoral gains and declared itself the “official opposition” – largely at the expense of the Tories – as Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to win back Conservative voters who had defected.

With UKIP averaging 26% of the vote in county council polls, leader Nigel Farage said he was “astonished” by the party’s breakthrough, and put it down to what he described as the “total disconnect” between the “career politics” of Westminster and ordinary people on the streets.

“UKIP is actually speaking the language of millions of ordinary voters,” he told Sky News’ Boulton & Co programme.

Mind you there were clues this was coming both from polling:

Election expert, Professor John Curtice, says UKIP has gained support from voters who are socially conservative on issues like gay marriage.

A poll by ComRes earlier this week showed that all three main parties would lose votes because they support the redefinition of marriage.

In particular the Conservative Party would lose hundreds of local council seats, with much of that support going to UKIP.

And pastors throughout England:

An alliance of pastors and elders which includes the leadership of the UK’s biggest so-called “black majority” churches, rejects the Prime Minister’s claims to be acting in the interests of “equality” and “diversity” by redefining marriage.

They accuse the Conservatives of turning their backs on traditional values to satisfy the demands of a “white, liberal elite” while ignoring growing ethnic minority communities who might otherwise be part of their core vote.

“Conservatives” appeasing liberal elites? Sounds like the type of people who cling to guns and Bibles. No wonder Tory Minister Ken Clarke’s attacked

Voters who back the UK Independence Party are racists and its politicians are clowns, Ken Clarke claimed yesterday.

The veteran Tory Cabinet minister led attacks by all three main parties as he said UKIP is merely a protest party and those attracted to it are ‘waifs and strays’ who are simply ‘against’ foreigners and immigrants

Mr Clarke took aim not just at UKIP leaders and their candidates, but also at voters who are considering backing the party, many of whom are disillusioned Tory supporters angry about David Cameron’s stance on immigration and gay marriage.

Well those “Clowns” are laughing now:

By late yesterday Ukip had seen 147 councillors elected, of whom 139 were gains. More than one million people voted for the party, according to a spokesman.

That is a 1750% increase! Not bad for a bunch of “waifs and strays”. As the headline at the Australian said: Voters send in the UKIP clowns

Not surprisingly now that UKIP has taken 26% of the vote Cameron’s tone is…different:

Asked if he stood by his “fruitcakes” attack on UKIP, Mr Cameron said: “Well, look, it is no good insulting a political party that people have chosen to vote for. Of course they should be subject and they will be subject to proper scrutiny of their policies and their plans.

“But we need to show respect for people who have taken the choice to support this party and we are going to work really hard to win them back,” he added.

Wasn’t it just six months ago that children were removed from a home because the Foster parents were UKIP members? My how times have changed.

But DaTechGuy, you might ask, “mass defections from “conservatives” will just help the left win big?

In 2009 Labour was hammered and in 2013 it has won back only two (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire) of the counties it lost then – and failed to claw back its more than 300 seat losses.

Examination of the detailed results confirms both the anti-coalition swing and the lack of enthusiasm for Labour.

Compared with the last time these seats were fought, the Conservative share declined by nine percentage points but there was a 12 point drop for the Liberal Democrats.

In normal circumstances we might have expected Labour to thrive. It did not.

or not.

England is not America and a parliamentary system gives a bigger advantage for 3rd parties than ours but the Major Parties should take note, voters are your customers and if you don’t stop taking them for granted they just might take their business elsewhere.

You have been warned.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this topic comes up on DaTechGuy on DaRadio Today Noon till 2 EST join us either via FTR Radio or via the Money Matters Radio network or listen via our terrestrial radio stations

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One candidate who lost a seat seems to get it:

Graham Marsh, who lost his seat in Lincolnshire after a Ukip surge, told The World at One: “My rockbed supporters were absolutely fed up of the policies coming out from the coalition government and they told me quite openly they were not going to vote Conservative in this election or ever again. They were really cross there was a half promise of a referendum on Europe, they were absolutely furious that they were wasting government time pushing through the gay marriage bill when it wasn’t even in the manifesto.”

While the Secretary of Education Michael Gove does not:

“There is a sense sometimes of exasperation with the political classes. We do sometimes seem, the three of us, the pasteurised cheese on the cheeseboard and then Ukip is the rich ripe stinky alternative and people think: ‘Don’t mind having a slice of that.’

Yeah THAT comparison is going to win voters back.


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Although I am not the least bit British I grew up an Anglophile.

Part of it of course was World War 2. My Father served in the Pacific. England was our ally and the bravery of the British in holding off the Nazis and has been our most steadfast ally ever since.

Our language and the basic culture that our melting pot is mixed in comes from the British Isles. The English, the Scots and the Irish shaped what we are and were.

As I got older my appreciation for England increased when I understood that the single most powerful force for good in the history of the world short of Christianity was English Common Law.

When England rules the world they took English Common Law with them and taught it, and when they failed to live up to those principles those who objected used it as the basis to make their case to the British public and through them the world.

Would India be a democracy if it had been colonized by a different nation or not colonized at all? How many nations have democracy because of the principles set through English Common Law? Even the worst dictators in the world from Africa to Asia put up the facade of elections in deference to the traditions brought from England and the rights that had developed over time from English Common law.

When I see England with no go zones, when I see an England that is afraid of their own heroes, when I see England abandoning what made and makes it great for the sake of a false cultural equivalence that simple doesn’t exist, it’s a crime against history.

And what’s so Amazing is how FAST it happened.  There are people alive today who were born into a time when the son never set on the British Empire, where the Church of England confidently preached the word of Christ, where English law was the basis for much of the World’s jurisprudence.  Where the great of nations came to be educated and where one island stood alone against a military power that had conquered from Poland to France from Greece to Norway

And now there are areas of England where British police and Englishmen dare not enter.

All of this in a single lifetime.

The truth is we shouldn’t be surprised, remember it was said 1/3 of colonists in the US were for the revolution, 1/3 against, and 1/3 indifferent.  Is it a wonder that after losing some of their best to stopping Hitler that enough of the indifferent combined with those who disdained the institutions that made England great were able to step up to push the decline of England forward.

It’s a sad thing, but it’s also a lesson for America and we ignore it at our peril.

Never was so much owed by so many to so few

Winston Churchill Aug 20th 1940

“I regard it as a privilege to fight for all those things that make life worth living – freedom, honour and fair play”

Pilot Officer William “Bill” Millington

The news generally doesn’t anger me as easy as it used to. there are still a few red flags (Molly Norris) but being exposed to news on a regular basis and watching how far the culture has fallen has made outraging me very hard.

But this story from (via Instapundit) made me angry on a visceral level.

For 15 years she has proudly served her country as a Royal Navy engineer, risking her life in Afghanistan when she fought against the Taliban.

But far from showing Nicky Howse the respect she deserved as she flew back to her latest posting, Virgin Atlantic staff chose to humiliate her – by demanding that she remove her uniform because it was ‘offensive’.

They warned the 32-year-old helicopter technician she would not be allowed to fly unless she took off her combat fatigues and wore a sleep suit instead.

It’s a little thing, compared to say the oppression and violence against the Jews in Denmark but as the son of a World War 2 vet who has admired England from afar it was a kick in the gut.

‘They then said it was for my own safety to stop abuse to which I replied I can deal with that myself if it arises as I did in Afghanistan.

‘Honestly, I was gobsmacked and horrified. I was so distressed, particularly since the whole reason I was travelling was for a funeral.

‘To clarify, a British airline who claims to be Britain’s flag carrier won’t allow a member of Britain’s armed forces to travel on their airline in uniform.’

As a person who hasn’t served I’m very conscious of the debt I owe those who have. Looking at this situation all I could think of was the flyers who fought the Battle of Britain facing the Nazi’s alone.

They are almost all gone now men like Wing Commander Oliver Wells died last year at the age of 90 as did the oldest of the few William Walker at 99.

I can’t help but wonder how he would have reacted to this story, or if the G4S security guard and Virgin Atlantic staff would have forced him to remove his uniform if he choose to wear it on a flight?

The England they defended apparently doesn’t exist anymore. I suspect when Elizabeth II and her generation dies the last of what England once was will die with her.

Bad form people, bad form all around

Robert Spencer’s warnings on Radical Islam might have turned off the press and the local arch diocese, but if you really want to see warning signs on the dangers of on Radical Islam all you have to do is read the news from Mali

On Jan. 3 they took her to the Islamic tribunal. Just eight days before French President Francois Hollande unilaterally approved a military intervention in Mali on Jan. 11, Salaka was convicted of being caught with a man who was not her husband and sentenced to 95 lashes. It was a severe punishment even by the standards of the Islamists.

They took her to the market at noon on Jan. 4, the same place where she bought the beef for the brochettes she sold and the flour used to make her mother’s flatbread. She recognized the meat sellers. One of them used his phone to record what happened next.

The police made her kneel in a traffic circle. They covered her in a gauze-like shroud. They told her to remove her dress, leaving only the thin fabric to protect her skin from the whip. Curious children jostled for a better view.

What they did to her was witnessed by dozens of people in Timbuktu, and can still be heard on the meat seller’s cell phone.

The executor announced Salaka’s crime and her punishment. Then he began flogging her with a switch made from the branch of a tree. Her high-pitched cries are contorted with pain. You can hear the slap of the whip. You can hear her labored breathing.

They hit her so hard and for so long that at one point she wasn’t sure if the veil had fallen off. She could feel the blood seeping through.

When it was over, they told her that if they ever saw her with a man again, they would kill her.

and then there is Egypt

Criticism of Morsi’s administration has mounted lately after a string of violent sexual assaults on female protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. On Wednesday, an international rights group warned mob-led sexual assaults will only increase if perpetrators are not punished.

Amnesty International said statements from victims show that the assaults follow a “clear pattern” where mobs of men encircle the victims, assault them with weapons and hands and then try to undress them.

Amnesty’s warning followed a statement from the U.N. human rights office, which last week said that about 25 women were reportedly sexually assaulted – in some cases with extraordinary violence – in Tahrir Square during recent demonstrations against Morsi.

The square witnessed a number of assaults against women – both protesters and journalists – in the aftermath of the uprising. Women have been stripped, groped and raped at demonstrations there.

Well you can’t blame them, after all here is what the clerics are saying:

Mohamed ElBaradei was responding to well-known ultraconservative cleric Mahmoud Shaaban, who said in a TV show last week that the opposition should be punished by death for seeking to bring down a leader who has been elected by the public.

“God’s verdict is death,” he said amid a new wave of protests against Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

The fatwa, or religious edict, followed another one by hard-line cleric Magdi Ghoneim who said: “I publicly incite to kill the thugs, criminals, thieves, and those who burn the country and kill the innocents.”

Hey if the clerics say it’s all right then who is the government to say otherwise and after all as Yusuf Qaradawi, leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood has said on Camera:

But it’s not as if stuff like this is happening in the west like England…

In East London, a group under the name of “Muslim Patrol” have been posting YouTube videos showing them patrolling the streets of predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods and harassing people who they think are not conforming to Muslim law, the moral code and religious law of Islam.

That report comes from that unreliable right wing site known as Al-Jazeera. You know the folks Al Gore sold Current TV to.

Some people are worried:

“The Muslim patrols could become a lot more dangerous and, perhaps willing to maim or kill if they are joined by battle-hardened jihadis.”

Not only Britain, but some other European countries with Muslim populations – including Denmark and Spain – have witnessed a similar rise of home-grown Islamic street militants and thugs.

“Something very worrying is spreading across Europe. Fascists and Islamist extremists alike are copying what Hitler’s Brownshirts excelled at — enforcing with threats and violence their version of the law in neighborhoods,” Nawaz wrote.

“I fear that the Muslim patrols are a sign of things to come. … The longer we stand by and watch the far Right and Islamists impose their dogma on our streets, the more the extremes will become mainstream for a rising new generation.”

those are not the words of Robert Spencer, they are the words of Maajid Nawaz, a moderate Muslim in charge of a think tank advocating against extremism.

The Globe might be able to keep Mr. Spencer out of the Catholic Men Conference, but it will be hard pressed to keep these incidents out of the news, particularly as they become more common.

Radical Islam is coming, we can deal with it now, or we can ignore it.

This weeks’ progress Eighteen bucks to go for this weeks’ paycheck

[thermometer raised=282 target=300 width=150 height =200 ]

Yesterday I linked to Chip Jones’ piece on Benghazi, he has a follow-up that’s pretty provocative:

Looking at the map of North Africa above, we see a growing pattern of radical Islamist governments growing, first in Egypt and sparked in no small part by our President’s June 4th speech at the University of Cairo, leading then to Libya, the aftermath of which was the death of our ambassador, a CIA civilian employee and two valiant Navy SEALS at the hands of terrorists that included Egyptian Islamists, and now to the deaths of 5 US citizens working in Algeria at the hands of terrorists that included the selfsame Egyptian Islamists that were involved in the attack on Special Mission Benghazi, and who are being given safe haven in both Islamist Libya and Islamist Al Qaeda Mali on the other.

And when you look at the map of North Africa, and see the ever widening swath of Islamist states who oppose the presence of Christians, burn their churches and kill their members, you have to ask yourself this question:

Did Barack Obama take his thirty pieces of silver in Cairo on that June 4th day?

But given this story out of England…

The footage, from a group calling themselves Muslim Patrol, shows the gang abusing the unnamed man who was walking by himself in Whitechapel, East London.

Today Scotland Yard said they were investigating the video, which was posted on YouTube. Muslim leaders also condemned the thugs’ behaviour.

It comes after the gang uploaded another video called “The Truth About Saturday Night”, in which white women were called “naked animals with no self-respect”.

In the latest video, hooded thugs shout at the terrified man, who appears to be wearing make-up, before one tells him: “Mate, don’t you know this is a Muslim area. What’s wrong with your face?”

Another then shouts: “This is a Muslim area get out of here. Get out here you b—– f–. You can’t stay round here anymore.”

…I have a different question concerning the March of Islam: Is all this actually just things going according to plan?

I’m sure the MSM will be all over that England Story, after all they don’t tolerate Gays being mistreated…

…wait a moment, this is being done by Muslims, Not Catholics or Protestants? In that case, Cue Frank Drebin

I suspect when the media ignores radical Islam they are not so much channeling Drebin as they are channeling Sheldon Cooper & MONTE: don’t hurt us, Don’t Hurt us DON’T HURT US!

Great Britain has been remarkably tolerant of radical Islamists in their midst but apparently there are some lines that are beyond the pale in even in England…at least if you are a member of the House of Lords.

Lord Ahmed, 53, who in 1998 became the first Muslim life peer, was reported to have made the comments at a conference in Haripur in Pakistan.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “We have suspended Lord Ahmed pending investigation. If these comments are accurate we utterly condemn these remarks which are totally unacceptable.”

Now realize he is not being “suspended” from the House of Lords, or having his Baronet “suspended”, he is not even being sanctioned by the British government at all. He is being suspended from the Labour party.

So this is what “Great” Britain is reduced to, offer a reward for the murder of a US president and be suspected from a political party.

I’m sure the radicals are quaking in their boots.

On of the advantages of age combined with Wealth is you tend not to care what other people think.

So I’m sure that John Cleese is not going to lose any sleep over this:

Cleese, who is performing in Sydney, was asked on Australian TV what he thought of last month’s riots around the UK.

He replied: “I’m not sure what’s going on in Britain. Let me say this, I don’t know what’s going on in London because London is no longer an English city.

“That’s how they got the Olympics. They said, ‘We’re the most cosmopolitan city on Earth’, but it doesn’t feel English.

“I had a Californian friend come over two months ago, walk down the King’s Road and say to me, ‘Well, where are all the English people?’

“I love having different cultures around but when the parent culture kind of dissipates, you’re left thinking, ‘What’s going on?’ ”

Even more ironic the people who rightly celebrate Cleese as a comic genius who mocked English culture for decades seem to be less tolerant of his words today.

It’s a sad statement on England but at least it’s an excuse to embed Python.

There are some thing that simply defy description:

A 13-year-old boy has walked free from court after admitting smashing up a shop with a stolen golf club as his mother said the riots are because the government does “f*** all” for children.

Yeah society has treated this woman poorly, how poorly? Lets see:

She is on benefits, does not live with the boy’s father and has 10 other children, the court heard.

That sounds worse than the old feudal system. And Theodore Dalrymple points out how much worse:

The rioters in the news last week had a thwarted sense of entitlement that has been assiduously cultivated by an alliance of intellectuals, governments and bureaucrats. “We’re fed up with being broke,” one rioter was reported as having said, as if having enough money to satisfy one’s desires were a human right rather than something to be earned.

“There are people here with nothing,” this rioter continued: nothing, that is, except an education that has cost $80,000, a roof over their head, clothes on their back and shoes on their feet, food in their stomachs, a cellphone, a flat-screen TV, a refrigerator, an electric stove, heating and lighting, hot and cold running water, a guaranteed income, free medical care, and all of the same for any of the children that they might care to propagate.

Sounds pretty tough to me, except they’re up on me by one flat screen. But that $80,000 education much teach them something:

Discussing the difficulties of imposing sanctions for misbehaviour or idleness at school, he described the case of a girl pupil he scolded for missing all her homework deadlines.

The youngster’s mother, a social worker, telephoned him and said: ‘Threatening to throw my daughter off the A-level course because she hasn’t done some work is tantamount to psychological abuse, and there is legislation which prevents these sorts of threats.

‘I believe you are trying to harm my child’s mental well-being, and may well take steps . . . if you are not careful.’

Yup that’s a real lesson they’re learning.

You know on 2nd thought may this IS the old feudal system come back after all, expect that instead of being serfs to a lord or the land they are serfs to their check and dole with no desire to escape to be a yeoman or a freeholder. In fact if they want or need anything instead of the nobles taking the serfs, the modern serf taxes the yeomen and freeholders who dare work for what they can’t be given as the the elites stand back and comfortably watch and beat their breasts.

England has come full circle without even the Church to fall back on. Society IS to blame, England has done it to themselves.

The Doctor: (at the 4:00 min mark) Fellas, the guns, really? I just walked into the highest security office in the United States and parked a big blue box on the rug. You think you can just shoot me?
River Song: They’re Americans!
The Doctor: (Raising his hands over his head) Don’t shoot! Definitely no shooting.

Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Part 1

England is now suffering through yet another day of rioting. (or as the BBC calls them “protests“) Looting and burning are rampant and many small shop-owners have likely lost everything.

Yesterday I was talking to a fellow born in England and raised in Fitchburg who goes back and forth between the pair. I asked him about the riots in England and he blamed it on the part of the London police force armed due to the terror threat. We discussed the trade-off. An Armed police force can react with deadly force as needed but will occasionally make a mistake or overreact. That is the danger and the trade-off that is made.

The other decision that we didn’t discuss is an armed citizenry. England has no 2nd Amendment and it’s citizens have been largely disarmed. An armed citizenry will occasionally lead to an accidental death or violence when a normally law-abiding citizen cracks or overreacts (I don’t include the not law-abiding because they will not of course obey laws on weaponry). The other side of the coin however is the disarming of the citizenry means when faced with a deadly threat, they can only run. You have people who not only have no way of defending themselves against rioters who wish to loot and burn but fear punishment for doing so. At Glenn Reynolds site there is an telling quote from a reader:

The problem with comparing London and Korean shopkeepers is two fold. First, all the property owners and law abiding citizens have been disarmed. So unless a man is going to stab all these felons to death, there really is no self defense. And it’s hard to defend against flying molotov cocktails. And Second, the British Government has made it perfectly clear that they’re willing to incarcerate anyone who defends himself. They have proven this time and again by prosecuting the law abiding citizens who are afraid for their lives.

So in essence, the British government has effectively defanged their first responders in favor of their own police forces who are obviously inadequate to deal with this circumstance.

It’s wholesale surrender on a French scale.

The reality is that thanks to the disarming of the average Englishman, London not only has a population helpless against this kind of thing, but the rioters know the population is helpless before them so why should they show any restraint at all? Especially with a police force and a press more sensitive to the rioters than the victims. (I wonder if this was taking place in the neighborhoods where the BBC producers live if the BBC would upgrade the “protestors” to “rioters”)?

Culturally it is not unusual for the English to look down on Americans as violent gun-toting hotheads, as per the Doctor Who Clip quote above but lets take a look at the climax of the 2nd part of the episode:

Apparently the Doctor Who writers don’t mind poking fun at trigger happy Americans but when the chips were down, there is River Song shooting up a storm. Ironic and telling.

England has made its choice to disarm law-abiding citizens and to furthermore punish those who choose to defend themselves. This is a cultural decision. (Although I’m sure the elites have their bodyguards) These riots and their spread are the cost.

Mark Steyn wrote years ago about the disarming of Englishmen saying that while the modern Englishman would be horrified at the idea of armed men going after a bank robber Englishmen of the Edwardian Era would instead be horrified by an armed bank robbery.

I’ve said many times that in a free country you get the government you deserve. England is discovering that a free society also gets the culture they deserve as well.

Update: Why am I not surprised to read this in the Washington Post:

“This is the uprising of the working class. We’re redistributing the wealth,” said Bryn Phillips, a 28-year-old self-described anarchist, as young people emerged from the store with chocolate bars and ice cream cones.

Phillips claimed rioters were motivated by distrust of the police, and drew a link between the rage on London’s street and insurgent right-wing politics in the United States. “In America you have the tea party, in England you’ve got this,” he said.

Because of course the Tea Party is run by self described anarchists. There is no crisis so horrible that it can’t be used to hit the tea party!

A depressing story to start your Easter Sunday:

Raymond Mitchell, 34, had only popped into the restaurant to buy a hot chocolate.

But he apparently caused offence after splitting up two men fighting in the queue.

One of them, who had several gold teeth, shouted at Raymond: “You are gonna die tonight, you are not gonna see the morning.”

The thug is then said to have phoned an accomplice to fetch a gun, yelling into his mobile: “Bring me that thing.”

Raymond left the 24-hour McDonald’s but was chased into a cul-de-sac. The gun was then delivered and Mr Mitchell was beaten and pistol-whipped before being shot three times in an alley in Brixton, South London, at 6.50am on Sunday. Raymond, nicknamed Brown, was taken to hospital but died hours later.

One neighbour, who saw the shooting but was too terrified to be named, said: “He was begging, literally begging for his life. I didn’t dare look out my window in case they saw me. I heard them laughing and swearing at him, calling him a ‘b***h’. I heard them laughing afterwards as well.”

There was a time in England where Mr. Mitchell might have had a pistol of his own but in England he has been disarmed that allowing him to be in the words of the article the “bitch” of the men who were less worried about legalities.

I can’t help but think these two articles concerning London are related:

He said: “There were disadvantages to the old culture, it was a bit stuffy and it was more sexist and more racist. But it was an educated and middle-class culture. Now it’s a yob culture. The values are so strange.”

He added that he preferred living in Bath to London because the capital no longer felt “English”.

“London is no longer an English city which is why I love Bath,”

“He” is John Cleese, the great comedian and strong financial supporter of liberals in England. And it was the pols he supported that brought about the cultural change that turned London into a city no longer English. Lucky for Cleese despite an insane divorce settlement he can afford to live somewhere else to escape it, leaving men like Mr. Mitchel to live with the consequences.

In yesterday’s Dr. who episode The Impossible Astronaut (very good BTW) The doctor is in the oval office surrounded by security with guns. The Doctor suggests they won’t shoot and River Song runs out of the TARDIS to intervene shouting “They’re Americans”! That might be a good joke in England but I suspect Mr. Mitchel and company and his neighbor who lives in fear are not laughing.

Never forget England you did this to yourself. You became more vulnerable. Nobody made you do this. You threw away the greatest culture in history so you could feel better about yourselves to the point where parts of London are under defacto Sharia Law.

Free societies get the society they choose, to paraphrase Mark Steyn when your country chooses to be more outraged by an armed citizenry than an armed assailant then all that can be said is: May you be happy with your choice and may others learn from it.

Now that the entire attention span of the world is on Japan, the Gaddafi family is taking full advantage to thrust forward.

The chaotic collapse of rebel positions in eastern Libya in the past week is sapping the morale out of the rag-tag rebel troops that had been rapidly driving west just days ago.

The optimism of a few weeks ago that Col. Muammar Qaddafi, who has ruled Libya through the torture and execution of political opponents since 1969, would be swept by a flexing of people power similar to the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia is now a distant memory.

The Arab leagues proposed no-fly zone is apparently not going anywhere and now that the headlines are all thousands of miles away the British and the French moves on Libya are dissipating. Neither will bother to act if the world isn’t watching.

This is analogous to the four state strategy from Yes Minister clip that I posted before. It’s designed to make sure nothing is done. In case you missed it here is the The four stage strategy via Yes Minister:

Dick: “In stage 1 we say ‘Nothing is going to Happen'”

Sir Humphrey: “In stage 2 we say ‘Something may be going to happen but we should do nothing about it'”

Dick: “In stage 3 we say “maybe we should do something about it but there’s nothing we can do.'”

Sir Humphrey: “In stage 4 we say ‘Maybe there was something we could have done, but it’s too late now'”

A variation this is now being played out in Libya we are currently at stage 2.5 and climbing.

Here is the clip again if you’d like.

Update: We are in stage 3 and rising

Update 2: Linked at Questions and Observations and the Green Room.

Be aware folks this is coming here if at all possible.

But Lord Justice Munby and Mr Justice Beatson ruled that laws protecting people from discrimination because of their sexual orientation ‘should take precedence’ over the right not to be discriminated against on religious grounds.

The landmark case heard that the couple, who are now considering an appeal, argued their rights are being ‘trumped’ by those of homosexuals under equality legislation.

Outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London Mrs Johns stood alongside her husband as she said: ‘We are extremely distressed at what the judges have ruled today.

‘All we wanted was to offer a loving home to a child in need. We have a good track record as foster parents.

‘But because we are Christians, with mainstream Christian views on sexual ethics, we are apparently unsuitable as foster parents.

One question, forgetting the absurdity and the religious blacklisting of Christians, would this same judge be willing to make the same judgment if a Muslim couple wanted to adopt?


One of the amazing things that our friends who always cry Islamophobia if anyone critiques radical Islam or talks about creeping Sharia is their inability to notice things that are happening right in front of them.

However actually living in a changing environment have no choice but to notice, for example:

Last autumn, mysterious posters began to appear all over the East End of London announcing it is now a “Gay-Free Zone.” They warned: “And Fear Allah: Verily Allah is Severe in Punishment.” One of them was plastered outside the apartment block I lived in for nearly ten years, next to adverts for club nights and classes at the local library, as if it was natural and normal. I’d like to say I’m shocked – but anybody who lives in Tower Hamlets knows this has been a long time coming.

Well this is just talk after all why should anyone be afraid of posters and empty talk, oh I don’t know maybe stuff like this:

In September 2008, a young gay man called Oliver Hemsley, is walking home from the gay pub the George and Dragon when a gang of young Muslims stabs him eight times, in the back, in the lungs, and in his spinal column. In January 2010, when the thug who did it is convicted, a gang of thirty Muslims storms the George and Dragon in revenge and violently attacks everybody there. All through, it was normal to see young men handing out leaflets outside the Whitechapel Ideas Store saying gays are “evil.” Most people accept them politely.

These are not isolated incidents. East London has seen the highest increase in homophobic attacks anywhere in Britain. Everybody knows why, and nobody wants to say it. It is because East London has the highest Muslim population in Britain, and we have allowed a fanatically intolerant attitude towards gay people to incubate there, in the name of “tolerance”.

Mind you this is not a person of the right, this is a person who calls Mark Steyn a” ludicrous hysteric” and states that England “senselessly incinerates many Muslims abroad” he makes pains to portray Muslims in England as a repressed minority.

Yet he can’t ignore what everyone sees. Perhaps if people weren’t so busy condemning us who oppose Gay Marriage and support the defense of Marriage act as extremist bigots they might have more time to deal with these issues.

Meanwhile it’s not like stuff like this is slowly happening here, is it? Oh Wait:

The Thomas More Law Center announced today that the City of Dearborn, its Mayor, John B. O’Reilly, its Chief of Police, Ronald Haddad, 17 City police officers, and two executives of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce were named as defendants in a ninety-six page federal civil rights lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court in Detroit this morning.

The lawsuit, brought by TMLC and co-counsel and Sharia law expert, David Yerushalmi, stems from two separate police actions at the June 2010 Dearborn, Michigan Annual International Arab Festival.

Richard Thompson, TMLC President and Chief Counsel, commented, “Muslims dominate the political and law enforcement process in Dearborn. It seems that police were more interested in placating the Mayor and Muslims than obeying our Constitution. Sharia law makes it a crime to preach the Gospel to Muslims. This is a classic example of stealth Jihad being waged right here in America. And it should be a wake-up call for all patriotic Americans.”

Now critics point out that this doesn’t make Dearborn Saudi Arabia as Jeff Wattrick says:

This might just do no one any good, but Dearborn is not under the jackboot of Sharia Law.

I can even prove it. Go to Dearborn and have lunch at the Buffalo Wild Wings on Michigan Avenue. Order their pulled pork-based “Big Daddy Burger” (with bacon if you so choose…this is America, after all) and a pint of good Michigan draft beer. While enjoying your pork sandwich and malted beverage, take out a pen and draw Muhammad on a bar napkin.

Now try to do that same thing in Saudi Arabia. If BW3’s hasn’t yet expanded into Riyadh, another restaurant will work. Order your pork sandwich and beer and then draw Muhammad.

See, one of those places is governed by Sharia Law while the other isn’t.

Funny you should mention and link to Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. Tell me what happened to Molly Norris who first suggested it?

Do you recall the Fatwa against her? Do you the deafening silence in support of her. Do you recall her having to go into hiding?

You may have noticed that Molly Norris’ comic is not in the paper this week. That’s because there is no more Molly.

The gifted artist is alive and well, thankfully. But on the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI, she is, as they put it, “going ghost”: moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity.

There isn’t Sharia Law in Seattle, but there also isn’t Molly Norris there either and denial and snark will not cut it anymore.

Now it comes down to this. These folks know that us believing Catholics are not going to be issuing fatwas or cutting throats so they are happy enough to go after us as a threat, but when it comes to Islam silence is golden.

If we pretend that this isn’t happening and retreat into snark, what is now happening in England will eventually be coming here.

This has to be nailed now. If it is nailed now then we will have years to snark and enjoy. If it’s not then in a few years we can expect to read columns like the one we lead with, only carrying US bylines.

England 1940 Sir Winston Churchill:

“Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender”

England 2010 General Sir David Richards:

First of all you have to ask: do we need to defeat it [Islamist militancy] in the sense of a clear cut victory? I would argue that it is unnecessary and would never be achieved.

What can the Queen who served in the army during World War 2, who advised her grandson prince Harry to fight in Afghanistan think when she hears this?

It’s stuff like this that leads me to believe when Elizabeth dies, the best of England will die with her.

Let’s remind England how its done

Update: Atlas has an interesting take:

I agree with General Sir David Richards that al-Qaeda “cannot be beaten” but not for the same reasons. Clearly if we are afraid to freely discuss the ideology and motives behind this global war on the West then surely we cannot beat it.If we dare not speak its name, surely we cannot defeat it. If, instead, those that speak to the religious ideology that compels war against the “non-believers” are the ones demonized, surely it will defeat us.

First rule of survival, when someone says they are going to kill you, take them seriously.

The Title of this post says it all

Pope meets the Queen – who, unlike the Archbishop of Canterbury, is a real Protestant

Gotta love that. Interesting take in the article too:

Today’s meeting undoubtedly reflects a clash of historical traditions and formal theology. But it is also an encounter between two devout, old-fashioned, conservative Christians – and, in that respect, a meeting of minds.

Just go to his site and keep reading.

…is encapsulated in this quote from the Anchoress:

Papal Mass Ends in Scotland: First leg of the trip is over, tomorrow the real drama, the passionate engagement begins. I loved the Scots singing Auld Lang Syne and Loch Lomand at the end of Papal Mass; great joy amid crowd. Christ, blest and broken, for the life and light of the world. No wonder the secularists hate it all so much! A pal in UK tells me some in punditry are aghast at the enthusiastic attendance of the youth; doesn’t fit the “Benedict is evil, and you must hate him” narrative. Just now, as he appeared on the jumbotron, almost ready to take his leave, the young people cried out for him.

They cry out for Christ, for the constant reality of the love of Christ. — 2:11 PM emphasis mine

The Pope will always be hated by the world, because he is an ambassador for the cause of Christ and that is as opposed to the world as you can get.

“If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you. Remember the word I spoke to you, ‘No slave is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours. And they will do all these things to you on account of my name, because they do not know the one who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin; but as it is they have no excuse for their sin. Whoever hates me also hates my Father. John 15:18-23

This is the message of absolute truth you can embrace it for your salvation or you can combat it, but you can’t ignore it.

Just because our prime minister calls Gaza a prison camp and an open air prison (Strangely Mr. Cameron didn’t direct any ire toward Egypt who controls the other border of Gaza) doesn’t mean we are anti-Semitic.

Just because we condemned Israel over the gaza flotilla doesn’t mean we are anti-Semitic.

Just because we kowtow to Islamists in our own country doesn’t mean we are anti-Semitic

And this stat doesn’t mean anything:

London’s Metropolitan Police “report that since December, there have been four times as many anti-Semitic attacks as attacks on Muslims, even though there are seven or eight times the number of British Muslims as there are Jews,” said British lawmaker Denis MacShane, who chaired the country’s first parliamentary inquiry into anti-Semitism.

After all we know that the London Metropolitan Police are a notoriously biased organization

Next thing you know you’re going to claim that Howard Zinn was a communist or something.

Update: Memeorandum thread here, would have included it up front but I was on the wife’s pc and she wanted to use it

One of my random thoughts of a few days ago was this:

Is it just me or does the entire Arab world work like a giant Mafia family?

Well today at Pajamas media they discuss the costs of a nation appeasing this de-facto mafia family.

As a result, Brits look away while their Muslim communities are taken over by fascist zealots who enforce dress and behavior codes, who silence dissent, and who mobilize a resentful youth with violent hatreds. For these men, infidels are by definition guilty, deserving rape and lethal assault, as part of Allah’s justice. Douglas Murray’s study of twenty-seven Muslims, targeted by zealots, reveals the workings of a community hijacked by thugs.

The trials and tribulations of Afshan Azad, the Bengali Muslim-born actress in the Harry Potter films, beaten and threatened with death by her family, illustrate the depth of the community pressures. Her brothers’ failures to bring her to heel (or kill her) endanger their lives: “We are going to get trouble from the community now. It is bad news for our safety, her safety. My younger brother is going to get harassed at college. All our family is going to be harassed by the community because of this.” The tribal community rules, even in college.

So while a large and growing population falls under the grip of a Mafioso culture with an imperialist ideology of world conquest, the British look away. The “prestigious” London School of Economics disinvited Douglas Murray from speaking, lest his presence provoke violence.

Read the whole thing. The problem with concessions is this. When you make concessions for the sake of convenience you make opponent stronger and you divert your own strength against yourself. This emboldens them to seek further concessions. When they continue each concession makes them stronger and you weaker. Eventually it reaches the point where you aren’t making concessions for convenience but out of fear and then out of necessity and finally out of desperation.

It’s up to us, or in the case of England up to them.

Everyday we ignore radical Islam we move further down that path