I hinted a bit at some claims by Sean Manhattan Transfer Maloney as being a part of a company that created 100’s of jobs.

Turns out this company is called Kiodex, Inc., a risk management firm.

Well yeah Risk management financial sector, I’m sure this is a great company, hiring great people, making great financial decisions for its investors as per their great owners like…Enron?

In fact it turns out that not only did Enron own part of his company, but Kiodex had a deal whereby Kiodex could market its service THROUGH Enron

Kiodex, Inc., a provider of web-based risk management and trading systems, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to market the Kiodex Risk Workbench(SM) in conjunction with EnronOnline.

and Provide risk analysis to customers of Enron

EnronOnline customers will soon have a new risk analysis option when trading commodities online. The Enron site, which has transacted more than $485 billion in commodities products since its launch in November 1999, is teaming up with Kiodex to provide certain functionalities of its soon to be released Risk Workbench to EnronOnline users. Starting in the second half of this year, EnronOnline users will be able to calculate a basic set of risk management reports on transactions in natural gas, crude oil and refined petroleum products free of charge.

Hey I wonder how that “risk analysis” worked out for Enron customers?

Well a lot of people thought a lot of Enron, it’s not like the company was praising them a month before the company went kaput…oh wait

Just as Enron pioneered transparency in the energy markets, Enron can set the gold standard for disclosure of aggregate risk. (I know the other dealers will want to squirm their way out offollowing suit.) I have supreme confidence in Enron’s risk controls, and I’m thinking thatan independent measurement of this kind could dispel the market’s overblown and baseless fears.note full e-mail after the jump

Yup baseless fears about Enron, I wonder if the American people agree?

Well perhaps Mr. Maloney never saw this e-mail

From:R. Martin Chavez [mailto:martin.chavez@kiodex.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 4:42 PM
To: Piper, Greg
Cc: Zipper, Andy; Webb, Jay; Raj Mahajan; Thomas Farley; Sean Maloney; Raj Vaswani

well so maybe he did but remember what the White House said about Libya they get a ton of emails it’s not like they are going to see every single one of them.

Well I’m sure you that’s not going to sway the left. I’m sure Mr. Maloney is just as reliable on Jobs and Enron as the Obama administration is on Benghazi.

Me I say this:

Re-Elect Nan Hayworth to Congress in NY 18

She doesn’t think Enron is the model for job creation

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