Did you somehow miss the DaTechGuy on DaRadio either at Noon EST on Saturday , 11 PM Saturday evening & Sunday morning at 10 AM?  You DID?  Well don’t worry, you can listen to the first hour here and the 2nd hour here.

When you listen to the show you might notice there are no calls.  Because of a staffing issue that episode was pre-recorded and that left me free to go to the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Leominster mass to witness first hand that group of people that Harry Reid & the entire MSM insists are the most dangerous and odious group in the nation:  The Tea Party!

and at Examiner.com I write about what I saw:

Listening to the national political conversation one might be amazed to see the Tea Party at a family event since at the same time the Tea Party was giving out patriotic temporary tattoos for the children at the Leominster festival in Senate Majority leader Harry Reid was referring to them as “anarchists” claiming they were trying to “extort” the American people in their fight against Obamacare.

His vehemence was matched by the administration comparing them to suicide bombers and former vice president Al Gore who compared the tea party to terrorists. That would be a tough sell in the Leominster area. The local Tea Party leader is also active in the Fitchburg Republican committee, a Republican city counsel candidate at the Leominster GOP booth was another tea party regular and the heated rhetoric of their foes did not match the actions of the members who gave away copies of the US constitution and raffled off a gift basket for kids which included Amelia Hamilton’s children’s book 10 Steps to Freedom a Growing Patriot’s guide to the American Revolution.

I’m sure some of our friends on the left are shocked anyone got out of there alive but if they read Stacy McCain’s piece at the American Spectator perhaps they would be less afraid:

The history of Obamacare must be forgotten in order to suppose that Reid’s defense of this controversial and unpopular measure is more reasonable than the opposition of the Republican conservatives whom Reid labeled “tea party anarchists.” Of course, when it comes to real anarchists like the deranged mob that emerged two years ago as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, Democrats were far more understanding. The media didn’t point that out to Harry Reid, however, nor did anyone in the press corps seem to note the irony when White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer compared Republicans to terrorists: “What we’re not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest.” You can insert your favorite Bill Ayers joke here, but the president’s avowed refusal to negotiate with his domestic opponents could also be contrasted with his foreign policy, as I remarked on Twitter: “Maybe if the Republican Party would change its name to ‘Iran,’ Obama would be willing to negotiate with them.”

It’s worth a shot.

Last week’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio with John LaRosa and a special appearance by Robert Stacy McCain is now available here.

My latest for the Examiner is now up too covering Tom Weaver’s appearance at the Twin city Tea Party here:

“You can get 20 people in an apartment with running water, flushing toilets, screens on the doors , air conditioning, a refrigerator, this and that they are living better than any of the people I visited in Pueblo Mexico.”

Check em both out but remember I get paid by the click at the examiner so if you can talk a few million folks into hitting that link I’ll be good for quite a while

Speaking of Stacy I have to agree Monica is better looker than that leathers girl, but either way both have made bad decisions and while Leathers hasn’t had its full effect yet consider this.

Monica Lewinsky is 40 years old, she is not reported married and I imagine a lot of people still judge her by her irresponsible actions where she was manipulated by Bill Clinton. Any dates may still be very uncomfortable

No husband, no children and alone, and while youth not withstanding she should have known better Bill Clinton certainly should have and realized what it would to this lady’s future.

He didn’t give a damn.

Now perhaps she wasn’t looking for a man or didn’t want children, but if she did Clinton made such a result much harder.

I think she deserved better.

6th Doctor: My last incarnation, I was never happy with that one

Peri:   Why ever not?

6th Doctor: It had a certain feckless charm, it simply wasn’t me.

Doctor Who The Twin Dilemma 1984

Yesterday Byron York reported on an anomaly concerning Marco Rubio:

Sen. Marco Rubio, the leading Republican behind the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill, says he will not vote for the legislation he helped write and has staked his political future on, unless substantial changes are made before final Senate consideration.

This simply can’t be, we’ve been hearing for months how this bill is progressing, I keep hearing 70 votes from the left and every pundit around keeps saying how VITAL it is for any potential GOP candidate to get on board.

And Marco Rubio has been all over it from the stat, even cutting ads urging conservatives to support the bill that are even now still running on conservative talk shows around the country.

How is it that Rubio is threatening to vote against his own bill, the bill that is the salvation of his party, the bill that will make him acceptable to the MSM as a presidential candidate?

Well there is one simple explanation that as a Doctor Who Fan I should have thought of before: Regeneration!

As every Doctor Who fan knows after Regeneration a time lord’s personality changes, sometimes dramatically  the Doctor old teacher Cardinal Borusa for example went from someone ready to die for Gallifrayan traditions to kidnapping and murder in an attempt to achieve immortality and rule forever.

This is apparently the 3rd Incarnation of Rubio & second regeneration of the Senator.  The first likely was caused by the president’s re-election.  It was quite a shock to a lot of people so it’s no surprise that it might trigger an event as dramatic as Regeneration.

That would certainly account for the sudden decision of the tea party hero, the man who defeated Charlie Crist so completely that he switched sides, to start pushing for a de-facto amnesty bill, the item on the very top of the liberal dream of a new Amnesty Bill.

What triggered this new regeneration?  I suspect it might have been due to an injury in….Iowa:

Over the weekend I emailed a number of Iowa conservatives to ask them a few general questions about the GOP field. I didn’t mention immigration or any other issue; I just wanted their thoughts. What I got back, as far as Rubio was concerned, was all about immigration, and nearly all negative

“Over the last three months, Marco Rubio’s name and face and voice have been so attached to the comprehensive immigration bill that it has virtually killed any enthusiasm among Republicans in Iowa for a Rubio presidential candidacy,” said GOP State Central Committee member Jamie Johnson. “Most Republicans here now see Rubio as the amnesty candidate.”

“Rubio seems to be so damaged it will be very difficult for him to recover here in Iowa,”

And that damage is great enough that the Senator has again regenerated into a person conservative enough to fight against his own bill.

Rubio’s transformation hasn’t been that dramatic, after all he still looks the same but it will be a few days or perhaps several weeks to see if this regeneration takes and if this 3rd incarnation of Marco Rubio is the Conservative Tea Party leader willing to fight, the Amnesty Bill backer willing to give Democrats victory on a signal issue or maybe someone entirely different.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


Olimometer 2.52

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This week’s Under the Fedora at The Minority Report, The Conservative Commune, NACBU, Conservatively Speaking and Zilla of the Resistance touches Lee Stranahan’s coverage of the Steubenville rape case, outsourcing your own job and Nice Deb’s incredible story on a litmus test for US commanders under the President.  It’s titled “The Man” for Stan Musial who died a week ago today and whose funeral is being live streamed today at mlb.com:

Musial never dated movie stars, he wasn’t known for fights with the press, brawls in bars, or bad behavior of any time. He was married for 72 years to the same woman who died last May and was never known to mistreat anyone expect opposing pitchers whose offering he deposited all over the field or over the fence from 1940 till 1962.

Musial won 3 MVP and was runner up 4 times. Think of that a second, for one third of his career it was the consensus that he was the best or second best at what he did in the league.

That’s simply incredible.

Additionally my latest for the Examiner is on the GOP election for party chair: Two Roads for the GOP in Massachusetts:

In interviews after the event Hughes and Green talked about reaching out to the Tea Party, Liberty (Ron Paul) people and the unenrolled. My impression from people in the room suggests Tom Green strength is from the Tea Party while Hughes has support from party regulars.

But the real question to be answered is: What do the state committee people who are the only ones who have a vote in this election think? The answer to that question which will determine if the GOP rises again in Massachusetts…

…and that will make all the difference.

If there is one thing we need in the Massachusetts GOP it’s a new road.

So check out both the Examiner piece or Under the Fedora at any of the Five blogs that carry it every week.

I’d like to recommend two pieces on the NRA gun plan:

First my piece for the Examiner The NRA Traps for the Left & the Right:

The NRA is going to go forward advancing its plan no matter what anyone in the government says. There is only one question remaining, will the Republicans act quickly to back the NRA program & keep it private or will the Democrats co-opt it into a giant public tax and spending machine?

Either way if the kids end up safe I don’t think the country will care.

The political risks/rewards are real, the question is who will take them?

The second is from Larry Corella’s site. It’s the best and most informed piece of the subject I’ve seen:

No. Hear me out. The single best way to respond to a mass shooter is with an immediate, violent response. The vast majority of the time, as soon as a mass shooter meets serious resistance, it bursts their fantasy world bubble. Then they kill themselves or surrender. This has happened over and over again.

Paging Cynthia Yockey

The average number of people shot in a mass shooting event when the shooter is stopped by law enforcement: 14. The average number of people shot in a mass shooting event when the shooter is stopped by civilians: 2.5. The reason is simple. The armed civilians are there when it started.

As for Gun Free Zones:

Gun Free Zones are hunting preserves for innocent people. Period.

Think about it. You are a violent, homicidal madman, looking to make a statement and hoping to go from disaffected loser to most famous person in the world. The best way to accomplish your goals is to kill a whole bunch of people. So where’s the best place to go shoot all these people? Obviously, it is someplace where nobody can shoot back.

This is so obvious it’s embarrassing that anyone has to say it aloud.

But my favorite is where he takes apart the media myths that have been perpetuated by the partisan & uninformed which usually are one and the same:

Gun and magazine sales skyrocket every time a democrat politician starts to vulture in on a tragedy. I don’t know if many of you realize this, but Barack Obama is personally responsible for more gun sales, and especially first time gun purchases, than anyone in history. When I owned my gun store, we had a picture of him on the wall and a caption beneath it which said SALESMAN OF THE YEAR.

It’s Very VERY long, but it’s worth it.

Update: Left a line out of a block quote

Today I have a column at Examiner on the Ovide Lamontagne event in Atkinson NH (Sunday I’ll talk about the great pizza place there as well) and I talk about what Chris Christie said:

Governor Christie gave a rousing 18 minute speech that gave a message well-tailored to New Hampshire

If you let a liberal politician in the door and give them permission to give you a new tax, they only know one direction for that tax to go and that’s up

He game a specific example from his home state:

“35 years ago we didn’t have an income tax in NJ no income tax like right here in NH, we had no income tax and Governor Brendon Byrne, a democrat said: If you just give me a small income tax, a little one, I will lower your property taxes, we had the highest property taxes in America back in 1977 so 35 years later, what have we got? We’ve STILL got the highest property taxes in America and the income tax that started at 2% under governor Byrne is now 9%”

By all means click on the story as I’m paid by the click, but even better that the article is this except of the Christie speech I’ve already posted.

As a rule I don’t excerpt my videos and the full speech is awesome but this closing section is one of the best arguments I’ve ever heard vs liberalism. If it was played in every single household of parents with children or grandparents they would never elect another tax & spend liberal again.

My column for the Examiner Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Cheryl at St. Anselm College covers the St. Anselm event and points to the real danger that the Obama Campaign faces:

The visuals were excellent and it seemed hard work of the volunteers paid off. My interviews after the event suggested an energized crowd, but the most significant moment was an interview with a newly retired schoolteacher named Cheryl from Nashua New Hampshire.

Cheryl was an Obama voter, a former teacher who had never gone to a Romney event before. She left as a Romney voter. I asked her per, Gov Romney’s challenge, what she would say to a fellow 2008 Obama voter to persuade them to change their vote her answer was telling:

If the left thinks they are going to be able to win with Todd Akin all the time they are deluding themselves.

Read the whole thing, and remember a click on my Examiner column is like putting 3/4 of a cent in my pocket without having to hit DaTipJar.

My latest for the Examiner talks about Allen West’s visit to Lexington on Sunday.

Congressman Allen West (Fl-22) on his first visit to Massachusetts yesterday dropped by Lexington Green, the site of shots the ignited the American Revolution and was greeted by over 150 tea party members and assorted fans.

And compares it to the Chick-Fil-A protests from Friday:

the 30 or so protesters, dwarfed by even the lines at Chick-Fil-A that day, to say nothing of the Wednesdays informal appreciation event chanted loudly and were escorted from the mall where across the street at the local Barnes & Noble, Media trucks awaited their comment.

Yet two days later an event featuring one of the most prominent members of congress. A member who has been specifically targeted for defeat by the left draws 5-6 times the crowd in a public place in one of the bluest states of the union and Major media decided that this was not worth covering.

The full article is here

I took a lot of photos from the Scott Brown event yesterday, I’m including them in this post as a gallery.

If you want my video reports on the event you can find it here.

My story for the Examiner Scott Brown and the ‘Pods that didn’t bark is here, an excerpt:

All in all any experienced political operator looking from the outside would, from what they saw, find the whole event quite unremarkable, but the real story of the night was outside the hall in what could be seen, or rather couldn’t.

I came to the hall expecting protestors, when I entered I saw none. During the event I asked a police officer of rank about organized protest, he reported none. I spoke to Brown team members during the week, they expected protests and made a note of their absence and as I left the hall I saw but a single woman holding a sign across the street.

The most significant story of the upcoming campaign nationally will be the democrats trying to distance themselves from the occupy movement and will be the occupy movement doing its best to facilitate that image.

anyway the photos are below the fold
Continue reading “Photos from yesterday’s Scott Brown event in Worcester”

Today I’m going to be meeting with various potential customers who might choose to take advantage of the old ad rates before the sales team takes over.

Lucky for you DaTechGuy is all over the net right now:

First my Under the Fedora Column is up at the Minority Report blog

I’ve just finished watching The Doctor Who Christmas special. All day BBC America is showed a marathon but interrupted it for the Queen’s annual Christmas message. Not being a British subject I’d never heard one before today .

I have a soft spot for Queen Elizabeth, she is a stalwart friend of the United States, and the last link to the days when Britain was truly great. I have a horrible feeling that when she dies the best part of England will die with her.

It will likely be up before the end of the day at The Conservatory as well.

Looking for some Boston Tea party info? I’ve got it at the examiner today:

The Greater Boston Tea Party has elected Christine Morabito to serve as president of the non-profit, all-volunteer policy advocacy organization. Ms. Morabito, whose two-year term commences January 1, 2012, replaces Christen Varley, who served as the first president. Both are counted among founders of the organization.

And if you want a little culture wars, the Third part of my series at Ladd Ehlinger’s place on Cinema and the Culture wars is up and running. I deal with the Movie: Oh God and you might be surprised which side of the culture wars I think it’s on:

It’s a feel good movie all around. The performances are excellent, John Denver is totally believable as Jerry Landers, helped by a good performance by Teri Garr as his wife and a cast chock full of some of the best character actors out there from William Daniels, to Jeff Corey and Ralph Bellamy. Add two actors who were yet to have their greatest impact–Paul Sorvino and David Ogden Stiers, punctuated of course by George Burns, who carries off the role with perfect timing and style. What’s there not to like about this movie? You have a nice conservative message about an unbeliever who hears the word of God and follows it, an affirmation of the importance of following God’s word no matter what, and the message that following God is not without cost.

If you look deeper, however, you will find some interesting messages hidden delivered with such skill that you might miss it, if you didn’t look.

Parts 1 and 2 featured Gunga Din and Captains Courageous

Later this evening I’ll be reporting from the Twin City Tea Party Christmas Party . Hope these pieces can hold you over till then.

My latest for the examiner The Pauline Kaels of NPR:

“The current Republican Party, particularly the Tea Party, is fanatically involved in people’s personal lives and very fundamental Christian – I wouldn’t even call it Christian. It’s this weird evangelical kind of move,”

It appears he also missed the Twin City tea party meeting I covered in December where the panel of tea party leaders from the area said this:

The suggestion was to avoid social issues, the tea party is a movement based on fiscal responsibility and constitutional authority. The only approach to social issues if any would be constitutional insomuch as the Federal Government spending on items not authorized constitutionally or on 10th amendment grounds.

The whole NPR story is a minefield for the left.

My latest for the examiner notes the silence of the Media Hounds:

Last month after the shootings in Arizona where several people were murdered and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was severely injured there was a lot of talk about civility in politics. Members of congress, the president and news organization both print and visual bemoaned the lack of civil discourse and attempted (and still attempt despite established facts) to blame the Tea Parties and Sarah Palin for inciting violence.

Over the last few days several incidents have taken place nationwide that are contrary to the media’s wish for a new spirit of civility in public discourse.

You can read the rest here. The actions of the supporters of the public sector unions is the real untold story of this issue.

My latest for Examiner.com Anger and Loathing in Boston reports on the dueling Union/Tea Party rallies in Boston: a peek:

As the day progressed the Union forces got more and more agitated particularly when Radio Host Graham handed out fake “doctor of love” notes parodying the events of Wisconsin. His presence seemed to drive the union people wild, even stranger was the reaction to State Rep Rich Bastien (R Gardner) who mingled with the crowd to try to hear them out but was greeted by Nazi salutes by a self-proclaimed Jewish woman in between vulgar epithets.

The final irony of the protest is on display here:

I’ll have a post with all my videos from the rallies up before I leave the house today.

I can tell you for a fact that yesterday killing of the Omnibus spending bill will be cheered by almost every business I’ve talked to as I stated in my Examiner column today:

I submit that if a congressman, state rep or MSM reporter came with me for a week door to door; they would not dare advocate the taxes, spending and regulation that they do.

Read the whole thing as they say.

My latest for the Examiner talks a bit about local Massachusetts republicans re-arming:

the Gavel is passed to a new chairman

Although the working class group assembled last evening makes a mockery of that meme, the problem as Connaughton pointed out was proving that to the public. Her solution, more local involvement. She like the Twin City Tea Party Forum a week ago stressed Republicans need to get involved in politics on the local level bringing “the message of fiscal responsibility” that working class people both understand and support. It was by this method that “a farm team can be created” from which candidates known and trusted by the people could be drawn to win statewide.

The Fitchburg Republican Committee is one year old

Between this and my previous article on the Tea party forum the general consensus is that we have to start at the bottom in this state to change things.

It won’t be quick and it won’t be easy, but it won’t be boring.

My latest for the examiner tell the story of a doomed band of brothers fighting a seemingly impossible fight:

The twin city tea party filled the large event room, there was food, drink and frolic as members celebrated for hours their efforts of Election Day.

A victory party seemed out of place. Just two days earlier Massachusetts democrats had swept every statewide office from Auditor to Governor losing only two Governor’s council races and a handful of State Legislative seats.

When you look at races like ny-23 that are turning on under 2000 votes, think how much it meant nationally for the country for Democrats to be pinned down defending ground they shouldn’t have had to.

My latest for the Examiner is Tracking the Big Red Wave:

Last week in Ma-4 I talked to A Haitian immigrant who came 32 years ago indignant that people assumed she supported the president because she is black and talking of American opportunity , while her co-worker spoke of regret for her Obama vote of 2008 opting home this election cycle. I’ve heard this a lot, but is this a local trend or a national one?

This week I traveled 1200 miles through 5 states to find out:

It’s my experience that confident campaigns don’t fire people for wearing hats

I also neglected to mention my last examiner article Tea is stronger than hope and change in Boston feel free to check it out too.

Yeah it’s still 10 days to go but all my data points are looking in the same direction I think the Red Wave is on its way but as Hughey says, if you slack off it might not get here, so go out knock on some doors and make some calls STAT!

Some FYI’s for the readers

Item: As you already know Stacy and I attended the 3rd district debate last night. I shot an awful lot of video and have more to upload. I’ll be blogging it during the morning, meanwhile Stacy’s clip picked up over 300+ hits overnight (my clip of the full question and Marty Lamb’s EXCELLENT and ignored answer ) 1.

Item: I was so busy with the debate and such that I missed the blog passing the 250,000 hit mark and am only 4000 hits away from passing 200,000k for the year. Thanks so much for reading.

Item: We are up to $150 on the road trip fund. We are still $150 shy for the car rental and we will need $50 for gas and tolls, (we can crash in the car if necessary) still two more days to go before it becomes drop dead.

Item: Yesterday’s Instalanche on the Examiner article Massachusetts soon in a different column produced 4700 hits and $29 buck in revenue. Thanks all.

Today is the quiet day, Tomorrow will be heavy traveling with Stacy and Saturday it will be either covering the president, then president then road trip, or road trip. The decision is up to you.

My latest for the examiner Massachusetts soon in a different column tells of change in the state:

Over and over doors were about to be closed until the voter heard the Magic word “Republican”. When the voter heard that word, doors were opened, literature accepted and thumbs up given. Only one in four at best thought otherwise. Meanwhile on primary day at local polling places I talked to longtime democratic votes had nothing good to say about John Olver who they have been voting for faithfully for nearly two decades.

This evidence is of course anecdotal, but that’s not how I see it. I see it as data points and from those data points I think this state is going to be a source of shock and dismay to liberals from the Atlantic Ocean to the Berkshires.

Update: Instalanche on the Examiner article, much better than on the blog I get paid by the hit for those articles. Thanks Glenn!

Update 2: The examiner article is now a top level Memeorandum thread. YOWZA!

My latest examiner article focus on the failures of the One Nation rally:

So did they rock the mall and cause the nation to take notice? Not Quite:

The total failure of the One Nation rally to achieve its ends is the type of discouraging failure that the left doesn’t need at this point in the election cycle.

This afternoon I interviewed Jim McKenna (R) who ran an successful write-in/sticker campaign to get on the ballot to face Martha Coakley in the fall elections:

DTG: A write in campaign is tough, in a primary doubly so and would be considered impossible for a Massachusetts republican before this year. What happened?

JM: Experienced political people told us we couldn’t do it but the people got involved, there seemed to be more homemade signs and individuals pushing the candidacy than we ever expected. Between myself and Guy Carbone another fine write-in candidate we know at least 20k went to the polls motivated for this race. I’ve never seen people so involved.

I think this is the most significant event from election day INCLUDING the O’Donnell victory in Delaware.

I’ll explain in some detail later today on WCRN 830 AM between 4-6 p.m.

My latest examiner piece talks about the most significant race of yesterday, it was NOT in Delaware:

Even so the state Republican party didn’t manage to run a candidate to oppose Martha Coakley for Attorney General this year, but a man named James McKenna decided to get involved, he visited tea party after tea party all over the state and launched a sticker campaign to get on the ballot for November.

Sticker campaigns are notoriously tough, A republican campaign in Massachusetts even doubly so.

Today less than an hour ago I was awakened by an excited call from a friend involved in the tea party. The first words out of the phone:

“Guess who is going to be on the ballot against Martha Coakley in November?”

Christine O’Donnell’s win is big, don’t get me wrong, but it was a symptom of the type of thing that put Jim McKenna on the November ballot in Massachusetts. Tea Party activists in small groups in city after city working hard to make a difference. Multiply this by the cities and towns throughout the state and country and you have what is coming down the pike.

This is the story that the media refuses to believe. They will believe it Nov 3rd.

Update: C’Mon Smitty you tweeted the AP story on it and not mine? Mea culpa on that, it was a different retweet, I take it back.

My latest for Examiner.com deals with the idea of non career politicians running for office this year, a snippet:

He (Keith Lepor) mentioned how one of the hosts at WTKK 96.9 Michelle McPhee scolded him saying that he had not “done his time” in the legislature or the school committee or local politics, he didn’t climb the ladder that takes you to the halls of congress.

It looks like Michelle is going to be very disappointed this year. Over and over I have met people whose background has nothing to do with politics.

Expect to see more of this beyond ma-9 and Nc-2 as the professional political class gets challenged.

You can find out more about Keith Lepor and Renee Ellmers at their respective sites. Both are very worthy of your support.

Update: Much to my surprise Keith lost his primary oh well.

My latest for the Examiner touches on a sure sign of the resurgence of the GOP in the Bay state:

If you look at the tea parties the signs are they are healthy. Glenn Beck drew 300k plus to Washington, Candidates republican and democrat are attending Tea Party events and candidates they support are winning national races over sitting incumbents (Joe Miller).

These are the signs of a movement that is strong and relevant. Just as importantly the Mass. GOP is also showing such signs.

There was a time when calling the GOP strong and relevant in Massachusetts would have produced laughs and guffaws… no longer!

Is it any wonder that some continue to tpaint the tea party as extreme while in Michigan democrats and unions go so far as to run fake tea party candidates of their own to rescue endangered liberals?

As always you can find the rest of my examiner articles here.

is the title of my Latest examiner column. It concerns the events surrounding the Firebombing of Russ Carnahan (D) MO-3 office and the ensuing media firestorm media silence :

Russ Carnahan is a 3 term Democratic congressman representing the Missouri 3rd district. Unlike his two previous campaigns where he won over 65% of the vote, the bad economy, the unpopular healthcare plan and the tea party movement has put Mr. Carnahan in the political fight for his life.

On August 16th his office in St. Louis was firebombed

As you can guess despite the media template the suspect is in fact a man of the left

The story in fairness is really gateway pundit’s who has been all over it.

Camp of the saints was kind enough to already link even before this post made it up saying:

A good example of this was when the Times Square Bomb Plot was discovered and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg immediately speculated that someone or ones opposing Obamacare were behind it. As we now know, it was a Jihadist who was the plotter.

Another example of the Left blaming the Right without justification was when that Census worker was found dead in Kentucky. Turned out [sadly for the Bolshes] that it was a suicide.

We’re used to this dishonorable and disgusting behavior from the Left and methinks we’re all developing thick skins and long memories [I certainly hope the latter is true — forgiveness is a fine and admirable thing, but never, ever forget the calumnies hurled against you by your enemies].

And if we weren’t already in full irony overload mode we have the Manhattan Borough president proclaiming on Fox the guilt of the tea parties hours after the Politico reported the opposite and US NEWS reporting death threats against Freedom Works.

In an infinite universe mathematics tells us sooner or later the media will actually find an actual example of Tea Party violence but it would seem to me we ought to classify the media and leftist belief in the “violent tea party” as a religion that way it can be a matter of faith rather than reason. (Sola MSNBC?)

I can’t wait for the day when this kind of thing will surprise me again.

One of the first principles of when you have something to hide is that sunlight tends to cause annoyance.

Nick Green is seriously annoyed:

Some believe you have a particular bias or agenda if you refuse to cover a story. Some people believe the fact that you decide to cover a story means you have some sort of bias.

In short, you can’t win either way.

So imagine my surprise today to find I’m the victim of an Andrew Beitbart wannabe, a blogger with a clear agenda of his own who has decided in his hypocrisy I have one of my own.

I had intended to leave comment there but as the page keeps erroring out I will post here something here instead.

Nick, you are a reporter who is paid to do this for a living, so perhaps you might be unaware of a few things, so allow me a mere blogger to educate you on a few things:

Robert Stacy McCain is a reporter who also blogs, he has been a reporter for a very long time. If you were familiar with his work you would know this. I on the other hand am a blogger who writes a few articles on occasion. If you want to call anyone an “Andrew Breitbart wannabe” it would be me not him. Oh an although he is a big boy Robert Stacy is a personal friend of mine so I take it ill if you wish to disparage him for telling the truth.

Oh and BTW “Andrew Breitbart Wanabee” is not a pejorative outside of your circle. He is successful, runs several sites with many writers working under him and manages to do that in the teeth of a media that hates him. Yeah I’d be Andrew Breitbart like a shot.

“Blogger” is not a pejorative term either, no matter how much you want it to be. Bloggers have been breaking stories that the Mainstream Media (that would be you) have ignored for the last decade. One prominent Example, John Edwards Story by Mickey Kaus, he was on it for a year when the rest of the media couldn’t care less. Bloggers with video camera have been covering stories that the MainStream media have ignored or spun for years. Another story that you guys never bothered to cover. The interesting procedures for verifying credit card donations by the Obama camp during the 2008 election.

What? You never heard of it? Neither did your readers because the MSM (that would be you) choose not to cover the story. The lawyers/bloggers did instead.

Yes Robert Stacy McCain is a conservative, I am a conservative, in fact I am a registered (gasp) republican! There is a long tradition of “partisian” journalism that has existed since day one of newspapers. Perhaps you missed that day in school or attended public schools. Either way I don’t keep my biases secret. People can choose to talk to me or not on that basis, and can judge my coverage of events such as the MayDay march in Boston accordingly, vs reporters who hold off the record lunches with the White house they are supposed to cover.

Now as to the e-mails, as Robert Stacy said there are occasions when people e-mail in anger but you must get a whole lot more e-mail than me. If I get an e-mail I don’t want I delete it. It’s real simple. I don’t have your experience but people you burn tend to no longer talk to you. When your primary job is to get people to talk to you, even if they don’t want to that would be “bad”.

Finally I actually should be grateful to you, thanks to your e-mail and torrid schedule I was not only able to get an excellent and popular post. But was able to score an interview with the candidate that you had no time for from 3000 miles away, get a second post and a column in the examiner out of it. Now I don’t know you as a person, you might be a nice guy and a hard worker, but if you want to keep dropping the ball on the Mattie Fein campaign, I’ll do what I can by phone to pick it up from the bay state.

…compares the two districts Ma-01 and Ca36 and their candidates Bill Gunn in Ma01 and Mattie Fein in CA36 and the respective coverage or lack thereof in the local papers in the communities they serve:

This year however there are some similarities. The economic slowdown is affecting the families of Southern California just as much as the workers of the Bay State and in both districts, indeed all over the country candidates are emerging to challenge the status quo.

In CA36 Republican Mattie Fein has taken up the mantle. In Ma01 Republican Bill Gunn is mounting the challenge. Their situations are similar.

But it is the differences that that tell the real story.

When local newspapers are less interested in reporting their local news then bloggers 3000 miles away you know you have a problem.

Stacy has a brief blub at the American Spectator and Ed Driscoll gives advice to A whopper jr Newsweek.

My latest Examiner column Out Gunn-ed Everywhere man is now up at my examiner page a peek:

Years ago Olver produced an ad which was a take off of the country song I’ve been everywhere emphasizing how many places in the state he has been to and worked for. It is still one of the best ads of its type I’ve ever seen. As the ad doesn’t mention an opponent or a year it is regularly rolled out each election. FactCheck.org even gave it an award in 2008.

However the I’ve been everywhere theme might be overplayed Viking Pundit explains:

“Every two years, this guy blows the dust off of his campaign commercial which is simply themed “I’ve been everywhere.” Except he hasn’t held any town hall meetings anywhere in Massachusetts’ First District. The first and last time he visited any towns in Western Massachusetts was to shoot that damned commercial.

It is a first rate ad but it looks like it will take more than that to ensure a 20th straight year of democratic control of the MA-01.

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…is now up: A quick peek:

So what could convince the state legislature that something might soon reverse the trend of the last six presidential elections?

Is it the increased number of republicans running for local seats? Is it the victory of Scott Brown in January? Is it the continuing bad economy?

No it’s the bumper stickers.

It’s amazing what a simple drive on a highway can tell you about public opinion.

My latest article at Examiner.com Conservatives in Massachusetts should be grateful not embarrassed by the Tea Party deals with all the tea party has done in the state:

On the night of January 19th flush with victory I asked Former Governor and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney if he and the party would make sure Scott Brown’s victory was a successful revolution (Berlin 1991) as opposed to a short lived failed rebellion (Hungary 1958). The wannabe standard bearer of the GOP answered with vague generalities. Contrast that to Sarah Palin’s direct “cojones” line.

Lucky for the GOP the tea party and its supporters answered for him. People who profess conservatism should be grateful.

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is available here, a quick peek:

Just last month at the twin city tea party democratic candidates turned out to seek the votes of Tea party members for seats in the general court (house and senate) however with a democratic party both polling death spiral numbers and totally dependent on the current 90-10 in the Black vote it would appear that a directive from the NAACP attacking the tea party would have the authority of the Pope speaking Ex Cathedra.

Who would have believed that the attack against the tea party would be as successful as the French World Cup Team?

Pay special attention to the excerpt from local Tea Party president Justin Brooks letter to the editor, it accurately states what this entire thing was all about.

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My latest Examiner article An expensive 12 hours deals with the NAACP and the Sherrod case a peek:

The Shirley Sherrod story this week certainly has not enhanced any reputations but one group in particular has rightly paid a higher price than all.

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My latest examiner column: Political Jujitsu The NAACP swings at the Tea Party, and gets thrown is now available. A peek:

The St. Louis Tea Party wasted no time responding even before the resolution was passed. Then a series of Black Conservatives denounced the NAACP, then Sarah Palin had a response that quoted Tim Scott, one of many Black Republicans running for congress this year. When the MSM picked up her statement they could not help but bring up Mr. Scott’s statement.

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My latest column Believe what I say not what people do is now available at Examiner.com a peek:

if you want to see real anger you need to talk to a republican incumbent who has been defeated by a Tea Party candidate.

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My latest examiner column No Party at the Washington Post for Dave Weigel is now available. A quick quote:

One could say that there is a lesson here for the Post and journalists but I think the real lesson is for conservatives in general and the tea party in particular. The mainstream media is not and never will be your friend. Until and unless the MSM print, paper or net are willing to hire people who we know are not hostile to us we should not give and they should not expect our cooperation.

Considering that he has now been hired by MSNBC it looks like this advice is pretty good.

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My latest examiner column: There is no substitute for reality asks the following question:

How can an under 2 year old movement produce such results? How is it that the Democratic party in general and the White House in particular can’t seem to cope?

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My latest examiner column A Civic Tea Party is now up. A quick peek:

Why does the tea party elicit such odd responses? Well everybody knows what the tea party is against, excessive spending and taxation, but what is the tea parties for? How can the tea parties become a movement that is not just a movement of protest?

Well it looks like the Twin City Tea Party and Justin Brooks their newly elected president seems to have found the equation.

More photos of the event here. Local tea parties should get involved in civic activities, particular ones that have been left behind. The more the Tea Party integrates with the community the harder it is to demonize us.

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My latest examiner column is now up. It’s called The Butcher the Baker the Candlestick Maker:

The administration is proclaiming the economy heading in the right direction. Republicans proclaim the administration’s moves a failure. The Tea Party trusts neither and feels the government is spending money they don’t have, but movements and parties’ aside what are actual businessmen saying?

As the title suggests I ask the butcher the baker and the candlestick maker how they are doing in a slow economy. The answers surprised me.

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You might remember Annie DiMartino from the Scott Brown Election, I have a new interview with her at Examiner.com that I encourage you to take a peek at and not just because of the 3/4 of a cent I’ll make a hit: A quick peek:

In the mid 60’s a young girl came to the United States with $17 dollars and a borrowed suitcase to work as a nanny. Today (June 5th) Annie DiMartino will attend the Democratic State Convention in Worcester as she has for decades.

Although we disagree on a few issues (at times I was the only republican in her diner) if more democrats were like Annie DiMartino both the democratic party and America would be better off.