Protester Jeffrey Williams has been arrested for the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson.  The reaction of the rest of the Ferguson protest crowd can be summed up in a single video.

I haven’t heard of so many people not not seeing or recognize anything since seventy one people claimed to be in a 4′ x 3′ bathroom during the murder of Robert McCartney.


Update:  I suspect if the shooter was a Tea Party member CNN & MSNBC would have dropped scheduled programing like a rock to go wall to wall, but as he’s not I guess it’s left to folks like Stacy McCain, Gateway pundit , Powerline, Hotair , Right wing news etc…

Update 2:  More from truth revolt & Moe Lane at Red State:

Essentially, the police are alleging that their suspect (20 year old local Jeffrey Williams) is a known Ferguson protester who has participated in several demonstrations. They’re also saying that the suspect is claiming that he was aiming at somebody else at the time. Which is… novel, as defenses go. Essentially, the best-case scenario here then for the Ferguson protest movement is that one of their demonstrators was simply trying to murder someone else, only the cops got in the way.

Well that makes all the difference doesn’t it?