The last Pol I interviewed at CPAC 2014 was Mike Steinberg who is running in the GOP primary against Congressman Robert Pittenger

His web site is here.

No Democrat has filed for the 9th district so baring something totally unexpected The May 6th primary will determine who will representing the 9th district in November.

Next to my setup at CPAC 2014 for my live broadcast was the World Power Gospel Radio. I talked to the owner Dr. Anthony Mason

I watch them all day as I prepared for my show, these people are faith filled and fearless. You can find his web site here.

There are a lot of people who are out there fighting the good fight in tough districts throughout the country. One of them is Mark Zeiter running in Ohio’s 11th.

Guys like Zeiter deserve more attention than they are getting.

I’ve mentioned the scarlet “M” that we bloggers have to face at CPAC these days but one of the places where that doesn’t apply is at the NBC’s blogger briefings.

Because of my commitments I was only able to attend their Friday events. John Hawkins of Right Wing News played MC

and started by introducing Lauren Bouton of the Franklin Center who talked about her blogger outreach

Tabitha Hale of Rare came up next and talked about what they are doing:

But the big speech came concerning the IRS’ attacks on free speech and fighting back

and I snuck in a question (really more of a suggestion) at the end

If there is anything we have learned from recent events such as the Leland Lee non coverage is that winning the argument is about getting the story the media wants to suppress out there and groups like this will make the difference.

The world is watching and when When the world senses a weak america you will always have those people dictators, theocrats, autocrats who are going to look to challenge us.

Col Allen West CPAC 2014

One of the events at CPAC 2014 was a speech by Former congressman Col Allen West sponsored by Citizens United

cpac last 006

As he entered the room he was instantly swamped with admirers

which delayed him reaching the dias

cpac last 003

And posed for plenty of pictures when his speech was done.

cpac last 008

Once he reached the stage he was introduced by the head of Citizens United

Then rose to speak:

cpac last 004

The speech was only ten minutes long but it was memorable

He advanced the importance of having veterans, already with a record of service, representing us in congress.  He made the parallel between the ramping down of the military after both World War and 2 and aggression we were unprepared for that followed.   He stated US military strength is the greatest deterrent to evil and our foes and a source of confidence to our friends. When Col West declared:

“Vladimir Putin is looking and laughing at us right now, I say that somehow we here as conservatives wipe that smile off his face.”

the veteran rich crowd gave him a standing ovation.

I spoke to George Miller the US Navy vet that he singled out during his speech:

It’s people like George who served on the Carrier USS Randolph who really understand the wisdom of Col West’s words about being prepared, they lived the consequences of thinking otherwise.

Closing thought:  If Putin & the Russians weren’t laughing at us over Syria & Crimea the spectacle of thousands of US soldiers on one of the largest military bases in the country ordered to “shelter in place” (ie duck & cover) because of a single armed guy likely has them rolling on the floor.


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You don’t think of CPAC as something you give someone as a gift but that was the case with Martha.

I ran into Martha several times at CPAC 2014 and she was able to give me a hand in a crisis the day of my broadcast. In that short time she went from interview to acquaintance to friend.

I look forward to seeing her at CPAC next year and hopefully meet her husband and shake his hand for being almost as lucky as I am.