How Nice of Democrats to Kill Two Birds with one Stone for Trump

As of this writing the first real threat to the winning streak of Donald Trump has come up, namely the stalling of the house Obamacare repeal/replace bill. As I've not read the bill I'll leave it to others at my site to debate its merits but the actual problem is spitting the difference between what … Continue reading How Nice of Democrats to Kill Two Birds with one Stone for Trump

Restoring the Filibuster or No?

Marshall Isaac: America's the land of second chances Doctor Who:  A town called Mercy 2012 There are solid logical arguments for not changing back the Filibuster and some have been made this week at HotAir: As Ed Whelan notes, in the course of U.S. history, presidential nominees have typically enjoyed confirmation by simple majority. Only … Continue reading Restoring the Filibuster or No?

Be Michael not Sonny

Brigadier:: Did you believe them? 4th Doctor:  No, of course not, and they know I didn't. And I know that they know that I didn't, and they know that I know that... Doctor Who  Robot 1974 Worf:  We will wait until he feels the grasp of his enemies around his throat Star Trek TNG  Redemption … Continue reading Be Michael not Sonny

GOP already fundraising off the Ted Cruz Filibuster

Ted Cruz is on the Senate floor in a filibuster on Obamacare. The GOP may not be behind him during their meetings but as this e-mail I received at 4:05 PM EST shows  when it comes to the chance to fundraising or adding to the mailing list, it's with him all he way: Friend, In … Continue reading GOP already fundraising off the Ted Cruz Filibuster

Voice of CPAC Stand with Rand Shirts & Rand Paul’s Speech

At CPAC there were people giving out Stand With Rand T-Shirts. I talked to them Here is the speech itself in two parts (the 2nd is really short) My memory card was about to run out of space so I used my emergency backup camera (yes I carry one now) Update: Resized bad video

The Significance of Rand Paul’s Filibuster in one Video

If you are getting this many people watching and reacting to a fellow just talking on the US Senate floor for 8 hours, that means something. This could actually be a turning point for this country. A leader leads, agree with him or no, Rand Paul has just become a leader and God bless the … Continue reading The Significance of Rand Paul’s Filibuster in one Video

…and will repent at leisure

I remember back a few years ago when the Democrats were blocking federal judges (remember Miguel Estrada who might have been the first Hispanic Supreme court member) and the idea of the Nuclear option came up. Rush pushed it on his show and stressed that the democrats in a reverse position would not hesitate. I … Continue reading …and will repent at leisure

Penny wise Pound Foolish

A lot of people on the left are upset that the filibuster rules in the senate: They could have recently used the “Constitutional Option” at the start of this new Congress to rewrite the Senate rules to either eliminate the filibuster outright or at least make staging a filibuster more difficult. Yet, due to a … Continue reading Penny wise Pound Foolish

Worry not Smitty

As soon as the historically deficient Ezra Klein is confronted with a republican controlled Senate he will modify his position. Ezra might I suggest Master of the Senate by Robert Caro (my Amazon review here) if you want to learn about what the senate can and can't do. Memeorandum thread here. Take a look at … Continue reading Worry not Smitty