Well technically Twinkies yet available while both sides are in mediation the Hostess site informs us production remains closed.

But our show where we discussed these topics and culture with Ladd Ehlinger and Mary Lotz is now available here.

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio in our first hour we will be welcoming Film Director and Blogger Ladd Ehlinger we wil talk about the new 9/11 attacks in Egypt & Libya and the sudden disdain for the first Amendment that the president & the Hollywood left suddenly hold (at least if you offend Islam).

During the 2nd hour we will talk about a subject that I alluded to last week, the Gawker piece suggesting Pedophilia be classified as a sexual orientation and the new piece by Hollywood director Nick Cassavetees defending Incest.

Join us on 10 AM EST on WCRN AM 830 Worcester Mass and don’t forget if you are somehow outside our 50,000 Watt Range you have a lot of streaming options.

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