3 months ago to the day I wrote the post that is going to follow. I suspected it would not endear me to what I believed would be the newly elected Mitt Romney but it had to be said so I wrote it ready to go in the morning.

As I’ve mentioned it was coming I thought my readership should see it, but I’m also going to include commentary in italics after each, pretty much Fisking Myself to update it for the reality of today.

You’re now commanding officer. You’ve got 4 hours to break through that beachhead. lf you don’t make it, I’ll fire you.

Patton 1970

As America wakes up to the election of Mitt Romney as president of United States I’m writing this in August specifically to answer those people who for months are worried about Mitt Romney as president.

America has a lot of worries ahead of her now, but that one worry is now no longer in play

I totally understand your worries. He was governor of Massachusetts for 4 years, there is a reason why I didn’t support him in the primaries,

Perhaps that’s why the American people didn’t support him in the general election.

however he is infinitely better than Obama

As the American people will soon discover

thus I supported him all out

The only sign in front of my house was to oppose Question 2 (my one winning vote of the night)

and he has now been elected president.

feel free to insert any taunt you want here.

This doesn’t change any of the worries that we’ve shared and now our real task begins.

Now we have different worries and a different task.

The thing I fear the most about Mitt is that he will form a team with Establishment GOP and liberals in the House.

Instead it will be government by gridlock, while several freshmen lost (Ann Marie Buerkle was a particular heartbreak in NY-24) the GOP retains the house and because redistricting took place after 2010 has the lines drawn to help keep it

The Establishment gets it’s spending, liberals get a piece of the action and Romney is hailed as “Bipartisan”.

Instead you have a more conservative GOP base that will drive house races.  

And social conservatism goes out the window, here comes the next batch of David Souters.

Here comes the next batch of Elena Kagens it won’t be pretty but at least we won’t be doing it to ourselves

This can be stopped. If there is one thing we can be sure of is that Mitt Romney is vulnerable to political pressure,

If the democrats had run the “flip flop” campaign instead of the “evil conservative” campaign the popular vote numbers would have been bigger.

it is up to us of the right to hold him to his promises

Well one problem solved.

and to hold the GOP, particularly in the house to the cause of fiscal responsibility and social conservatism.

That task remains.

The GOP needs to know that the Tea Party didn’t elect them because we love the letter “R” but because we believe in something and expect it to be done.

The tea party remains the only real effective power in the GOP

If the GOP doesn’t, if they decide they don’t need fiscal or social conservatives then they should pay.

and if the GOP doesn’t want our votes we will happily withhold them

It could be that my fears are unfounded, it could be that now that he has reached the pinnacle of elected office he will feel secure enough to let the real conservative that lives inside out to govern. I would be delighted for this to be the case.

Alas that great mystery shall never be answered.

Basically GOP you’re on probation,

Establishment GOP your probation is revoked.  No more “moderate” candidates

members of congress you’ll have till 2014, Mr. President Romney I’ll give you till 2015,

members of congress you are the last line of defense

you either come through or it’s time for an actual 3rd party and remember we tea party people ARE the people who do the heavy lifting.

funny how the “moderate” wing gets the nominee and it’s the conservatives who are expected to work to get them elected

You’ve got one shot, don’t blow it.

Look on the bright side Gov Romney none of the next four years will be your fault, it will be ours.