Yesterday all over the web and on TV shows everywhere (even from sane folks like Jake Tapper) about the horrible terrible news that your bacon will be the death of you.

The WHO findings were drafted by a panel of 22 international experts who reviewed decades of research on the link between red meat, processed meats and cancer. The panel reviewed animal experiments, studies of human diet and health, and cell processes that could explain how red meat might cause cancer.

But the panel’s decision was not unanimous, and by raising lethal concerns about a food that anchors countless American meals, it will be controversial

That’s the Washington Post, at Yahoo they say this:

Each 50-gram (1.8-ounce) portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent, the agency estimated.

A 50-gram portion would be the equivalent of eating one hot dog or two slices of bacon. Americans eat about 21.7 grams of processed pork per day, according to a 2011 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Right now a lot of lawyers are licking their chops and a lot of members of the food Gestapo are preparing to demand changes in school heath programs, school diets etc etc and I can feel the sheer panic among shoppers at whole foods from here.

And the reason why this is coming?  Well there are two:

  1. Americans are really ignorant about math
  2. What are the actual odds of getting colorectal cancer?

Question #1 matters because while most people hear the words “18% increase” and think that their odds of getting this disease have gone to better than 1-5 the reality is that means the odds have gone up 18% from what they actually were.  For example if something has a 1% chance of happening if you increase the chances of that thing happening by 18%  the new odds are not 19% as some would think but 1.1%  (1/100) * (118/100) or 118/10000 = 1.1%

And Question #2 matters because we can’t find out what the actual new odds are for a particular event until we know what the old odds are, how will we know what number to multiply by 118/100?

Well the answer to question 2 is available online at  Going by their charts men have a lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer of 1 in 21 or 4.84% and the odds of a woman catching the same disease is 4.49 or 1 in 22

So even though we know that according to the stats given we eat only 43.4% of a hot dog per day on avg let’s assume for the sake of argument that you actually eat a hotdog every single day for your entire life. what does that do to your cancer odds.

Well if you do the actual math and multiply 4.84/100 by 118/100 it mans that 18% increase makes a man’s odds of getting colorectal cancer  go to 5.7% .  For a woman that 4.49/100 multiplied by 118/100 the woman’s odds go up to 5.2%

In other words, if this study is absolutely positively spot on correct eating that hotdog every single day for your entire life raises your odds of catching colorectal cancer by nearly but not quite….1%.

Or to put it another way if you’re a gamer if you eat that hotdog a day then your odds of catching colorectal cancer go from being about the odds of rolling a 1 on a D20 to about the odds of rolling a 1 on a D20.

Now when you put it that way, if you told a guy that giving up bacon decreases your odds of getting cancer by less that 1% most people would decide those odds aren’t worth panicking over and would rightly consider such panic as idiotic.

Which is why newspapers that make a living off of scary click bait, tv shows that make money off of scary click bait, NGO’s that make money off of scary panics, and pols who get big contributions from NGO’s after they get taxpayer-funded grants and colleges who get funding from taxpayer and NGO’s to study these things, and lawyers who make money off of suing successfully profitable businesses, like for example the meat industry aren’t going to show you the math I just did.

It doesn’t fit the meme and there is no profit for them in it.

To be fair, there is absolutely nothing wrong if person decides that 1% increase warrants decreasing one’s intake of processed meats, if an individual thinks the increased risk isn’t worth it it’s their life and their choice to make.

But if you do make that choice do so on the actual evidence not due to panic and deception.

Update: Two Instalances & a hotair headline thanks Sarah Ed & Ed While you’re here in addition to my appeal below check out my election coverage including my exclusive interview with Ted Cruz last week.


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Clemson U. is apologizing over its Mexican food day (emphasis added):

Everything was going great. Students were loving the food and festivities. Except for two students, who took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the school’s decision to host such a “#CUlturallyInsensitive” event.

Two students.

Following which, a school bureaucrat in need of justifying his job

 apologized for the event’s “flattened cultural view of Mexican culture.”

Hey, let’s flatten some more food culture! I’ve had some excellent biscuits and pork gravy in South Carolina, Clemson’s home state, but I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where fried pork meat, fried plantains, fried pork rinds, and much anything else that can be fried gets fried in lard [oooh babeee!] real honest-to-piggy-godness lard (if you can find it), the stuff that makes stomachs churn and arteries clog just from thinking about it.

Not that frying in lard is exclusive to Puerto Rico; it’s prevalent throughout the mainland Southern states, and the Caribbean. Dizzy Gillespie even played his own 1947 ode to Manteca (Lard) in association with Gil Fuller and Cuban percussionist Chano Pozo.

The good thing about Puerto Rican food is that you can start with a modest menu, the everyday basic Puerto Rican dinner, with maybe some fried plantains on the side,

  1. bib lettuce, avocado and tomato salad with oil and vinegar
  2. white rice
  3. red beans
  4. fried meat (pork, beef, chicken, breaded fish).

And you can build up from there, with rice and gandules, rice and chicken, rice and Vienna sausage, stewed chickpeas, stewed white beans – yes, lots of rice, lots of grains cooked with chorizo (did I mention pork?) and tomato – mofongo, pastelillos, salted codfish with a variety root vegetables marinated in oil, pit-roasted pig, and the crown jewel of Puerto Rican food, pasteles de yuca. Of course, you better stock up on garlic for all of those.

You’re going to want dessert, so there’s the ever-present flan in its many varieties, but also tembleque, rice pudding (more rice), coconut ice cream, pineapple ice cream, meringues, coconut macaroons, and surprisingly, pineapple upside-down cake, a Southern favorite.

I know you’ll be playing salsa music, but if you really want to work the multi-culti groove, here’s the Orquesta de la Luz, Japan’s own. Gran Combo purists may not like it, but they’ll probably dance to it anyway.

As for funny hats (no food festival is complete without funny hats), back when my parents were growing up the straw pava was still around but it later was appropriated by a political party, so I suggest instead an assortment of baseball caps from the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League. Better yet, bring in some of the players for photo-ops with the students and the Clemson football team. I can see the cultural headlines: “Football culture meets baseball culture.”

An important side effect from the Puerto Rican menu I’m proposing: The ensuing carbo load ought to fuel the track and field teams to new heights.

A win-win all around!

So Clemson, have a Puerto Rican food day. You may even promote it as “Puerto Rican food: Half the gas with all the calories!”

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog. She’s looking for some Alka-Seltzer right now.

…while one can, in fact,  make a good living in a niche market, and conventional wisdom might suggest this is a good long term move, the reality is that not only is conventional wisdom only correct until it’s not but being in a business where there is practically an infinite amount of alternatives for your customer base and the tyrannical tactics of those you are trying to please can not be put to bear on the people making those choices, bad things happen to the overall bottom line particularly over the long term.

You have been warned.






When all of the problems of the world start to close in it’s time to take a deep breath and get your mind on real life.

In other words it’s time to try and Make your own homemade curry.

I’ve never had proper Indian Curry, the curry I’ve eaten locally are all from chinese restaurants some are hot (Red Hot) some are sweet and some gentle.

I took a look at the various recipes online and decided it was time to see if I could make my own.

Rather than grab a a single recipe I decided to improvise and documented it in seven videos

Video one is the ingredient list

For low band readers Here is What I used.

1/2 of a Large Spanish Onion (I really should have used a whole one) sliced and diced
1/2 of a Celery Stalk Cut lengthwise and split
1/4 of a green pepper diced
1/4 of a red pepper diced
1 green bean cut
1 carrot stick cut
3 pieces of garlic crushed and sliced
1/4 of a ginger stick sliced

1/2 jar Tostitos mild salsa (most recipes call for Tomato puree)

1 teaspoon Ground Cumin
1 teaspoon Ground Turmeric
1 teaspoon cumin seed
1 teaspoon coriander seed
1 teaspoon Ras El Hanout
1 teaspoon black pepper

1 3/4 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast diced and sliced.

Olive Oil
Vinegar 3 tbl sppons (to taste)

Rice (prepared separately, I used Rice Pilaf)

1. Begin rice, prepare ingredients above as described
2. Heat Olive Oil over medium heat in large frying pan (video 2)

As each ingredent is added keep stirring to make sure nothing burns

3. When heated add onions and cook for 90 seconds on medium heat
4. add carrots & green bean cook 2 more minutes
5. add celery cook 2 minutes add green & red peppers cook 2-3 minutes
6. add chicken (All video 3)

7. Cook 5-10 minutes until there are no visible pink spots on the outside on the chicken
8. Add garlic & ginger cook one minute
9. Add vinegar cook one minute
10. add all spices stir making sure that all the chicken is coated equally cook 5 min (Video 4)

11. Cut open a piece of chicken and confirm it is cooked through then add the Salsa: (Video 5)

Note that Tomato Puree is normally what is used rather than salsa, but I had none in the house.

12. Cook 5 more minutes (Video 6)

13. And you are *Technically) done, serve over rice (final video)

14. Allow to sit for 3-5 min before serving.

Oddly my second helping was better than the first as was my third. therefore I have added the “let it sit” step.

Much to my surprise my wife (who never liked curry) liked this one but said the spices needed to be more evenly distributed. I’m thinking of pre-mixing the spices in an empty spice shaker and then adding them that way, alternatively since it’s unlikely I’ll be adding ingredients while holding a monopod I can make sure they are better distributed.

If you want a hot curry simply add a green chlli pepper or a tablespoon of reder pepper but that’s how I did it and it came out right. The yield was 8-10 servings over rice.

by baldilocks

Yes, I can occasionally be caught live in the kitchen. Look quick.

When growing up, my dinner task was making the salad. My mom bought the goods and I prepared them to her exacting specifications. As a result, I am very, shall we say, anal about salads.

A clean vegetable is a happy eater. Wash as far down as possible, wash as far up as possible, then, wash ‘possible.’ That maxim goes for many things.

Anyone who uses iceberg lettuce or put the leaf spine in a salad should be shot. (or maybe, er, reeducated.) Use red-leaf, romaine or butter leaf lettuce or some combination thereof. Spinach is also yummy.


Buy the right mushrooms. Get the ones that are closed at the junction between the body and the stem. If you buy the white ones, don’t buy them if they have dark spots. Cut the stems off but not so far down as to where you can see the inside of the body.

Use red onions and/or scallions, because they look prettier and taste better than yellow or white onions. Cut most of the flower of the scallions off because they are bland. The root is the good part.

Bell peppers are mandatory and when I’m the only one eating the salad or am sure of my audience, I will add chopped Serrano chili pepper in my salad. (You folks who are not from the southwest part of the US or are not of Mexican descent might not know what a Serrano is. It’s a little, tiny green pepper that is hot. I like hot, but if you like HOT, try a Habanero pepper. Make sure to wear gloves while you’re chopping those.)

Two of the ingredients that my mom didn’t require, but I usually use now are: carrots and cucumbers. Yes, peeling them is a pain—and please peel the cuck—but, boy, do they give great texture and taste to the salad. Split the cuck down the middle, by the way.

Sometimes I will top the salad with canned crab. There are two places here in LA from which I’ve bought the crab: Food for Less and Trader Joe’s. The FFL version is cheaper and the TJ’s version is prettier, but they both taste about the same. Sometimes I’ll rinse off canned beans or corn and add those. I don’t put anything heavier than that in a salad. Chicken, beef and pork are for the main course.

Croutons and bacon bits are masks for a salad prepared by a lazy salad-maker. If your ingredients are good, fresh and varied, you don’t need these, unless you like them.

No yellow, orange or white dressings should be used. Hey, if you want to hide the taste of your salad, just tear up some iceberg, chop up a big, fat tomato and pour Thousand Island all over it. Blech. I like a non-obnoxious Caesar or just some olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar.

If you must put some seasoning on your salad, a bit of Mrs. Dash will do the trick; oh, and black pepper.

What did I forget? Tomatoes, of course, are required; cherry types cut in half. Full-sized tomatoes will make the salad go bad faster (too much liquid).

If you think salads are boring, you’re missing out on one of the great pleasures of eating. Time, attention and varied ingredients are all that are required. Don’t forget to make it beautiful as well. Eating is almost as much about the eye as it is about the tongue. So sue me for being a look-ist.


Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!






As all bloggers attending CPAC know if I fly to cover a story I bring Cannoli

Assuming that I don’t have the same trouble at the airport one year where they mysteriously disappeared once again there will be Cannoli for my fellow bloggers at CPAC (on a first come first served basis of course)

But for the very first time there is an OFFICIAL Cannoli supplier to DaTechGuy on DaRadio:

Dutch Kitchen Bakery in Fitchburg

Where seven days a week they are baking the best of bread, pastry and more for you.

Yesterday I stopped down and Ruth told me about the bakers who get there 5:30 AM seven days a week to make best of baked goods for everyone.

Remember the Cannoli ar first come first served so when you see me grab some.

And of course when in North Central Mass make sure you visit Dutch Kitchen Bakery in Fitchburg ma.

One of my first memories of grocery shopping was going with my mother to the old Tom’s Food world (now torn down and replaced by a McDonalds) where we passed by a display with a big sign proclaiming SPECIAL! GERBER BABY FOOD 10 FOR $1 and in very small print (reg 10 cents each) that’s the day my BS detector was born.

Now I deal with with politics every day and my BS detector has gone into overdrive.

So when I did a quick drive through at Burger King & saw the display for their brand new Satisfries…


…I thought Oh BOY! 40% less fat & 30% fewer calories for the satisfries! What a deal! If you buy those Satisfries you are saving a bunch of calories & fat over those regular fries you were about to order!

At least that is what the average person would immediately think. But lets look But there is something interesting if you look…

fries 2

at the fine print…

fries 3

The comparison isn’t based on their product, it’s compared to McDonalds. The last time I looked Burger King doesn’t sell McDonalds Fries.  So lets compare the calorie & fat content to Burger Kinks own fries.

Satisfries has 2.1839 calories per graham vs 2.6966 on the regular fries. 20% fewer calories.

On fat Satisfries does better than BK’s regular fries too .0919 grams of fat per gram of Satisfries vs .1123 per regular another 19% but neither one reaches 30%, let alone 40.

Now don’t get me wrong if people are choosing Burger King over McDonalds because of the fat difference in Satisfries that’s fine and if you want less fat & calories from a BK you already made Satisfries will definitely deliver.  20% less is nothing to sneeze at…

…but a person looking at that sign at the drive though is thinking they are saving 40% of the fat from their regular order? not happening.

Is it a big deal in the scheme of things Nah and if you really don’t want fat, you shouldn’t buy fast food , but I don’t like to be BS’ed…

…plus my youngest can’t stand the taste.

It’s lunchtime. So let me share you some images of the Nashoba Club Restaurant

various photos 026

various photos 027

various photos 028

various photos 024

various photos 025

And here is what I had

If that’s not an incentive to join us at the Nashoba Club Restaurant for our live broadcast on Sept 7th I’d like to know what is?

Today Michael Graham broadcast his show live from the Flying Rhino on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester MA

There was a fair crowd in attendance for the broadcast:

He was on Shrewsbury street to promote the Taste of Shrewsbury Street an annual Restaurant event. I talked to Paul Georgio one of the organizers:

As Did Michael Graham on the air

The Taste of Sherwsbury is a great deal for a $25 button you can sample foods from many different restaurants.

Michael had a variety of guests

Michael graham 2 015

but the most interesting one was from the Flying Rhino itself:

The description of the ivory Tusk is awesome but it doesn’t compare to the real thing:

Michael graham 2 005

It was REALLY good.

And if that doesn’t draw you to the Flying Rhino the Pig Roast ought to do it.

pig 001

Michael Graham’s show is always worthwhile, but when you can have a great meal as well, it’s AWESOME!

After the Honor Your Oath Rally in NH I joined some friends for a late lunch early supper at the Barley House on Main street in Concord NH

Rally etc 049

Tavern is the word for them as they have a wide selection of spirits to satisfy your taste for an adult beverage. Their web sites pushes their burgers and with reason, their menu has a rather interesting selection available. I had the Bison burger, it came with bacon, cheese and fries

Rally etc 050

For a little extra Sweet potato fries can be substituted but the regular fries were so good I don’t see any reason to get others.

The Burger was cooked exactly right, the Bison was tasty and as I’ve already said the fries were first-rate. Considering the size of our party (over 20) the service was rather prompt as well.

The burgers were a popular choice at the table, shrimp and brusque were other popular choices but the most interesting thing I found was the Pizza

Rally etc 051

It’s been my experience that a lot of Tavern Pizza’s are inferior but this one had respectable size, tasty looking toppings and was at a more that reasonable price and if those sitting next to e are to be believed.

If Burgers and Pizza aren’t your gig, here are plenty of choices from assorted fresh salads to fish to steak, scallops and a curry beer battered Fish & Chips.

My verdict? The Barley House is an excellent and affordable choice if you have reason to visit New Hampshire’s Capital.

Update made a return visit with DaWife, I should mention if you are a whiskey drinker this place is for you:

dinner etc 002

My wife had the Buffalo chicken Salad, she loved it

dinner etc 004

Is it any wonder that it won this award?

dinner etc 003

I’ve had the burgers, believe me they deserve it.

Make sure you get down to the Barley House you won’t regret it.

View Larger Map

On Tuesday’s when I’m not with I hang out with the same group of guys that I’ve been hanging with for 20 to thirty years playing Board Games from Avalon Hill, Eagle Games and more.

Because the host sings we used to have American Idol or some singing show on. I never cared for it and it was always a pain, but lately the dial has gone to the Food Network (our host was also a chef once) and I was introduced to Chopped.

This has to be the most creative show I’ve seen on TV and is an incredible distraction when we play.

The concept for those who do not know is this. You have four Chefs and three judges all high level chefs.

There are three rounds Appetizer, entree and Dessert the contestants are given opaque baskets of ingredients. When the round starts they open them for the first time and have a fixed time (Usually 20 appetizer, 30 entree and 20 dessert but it can vary per show) You must use every ingredient you are given and have four plates set at the end.

Each Round one person is “Chopped” and eliminated. In the final round the two remaining contestants are judged on the full meal. Meals are judges on taste, presentation and creativity.

It is one of the most creative shows on television and some of the ingredients used are so weird that you are amazed at what gets cooked. In fact there was a single episode where all the ingredients were Leftovers.

This is a political blog but when it comes down to it, all politics and nothing else can get old, plus everybody’s gotta eat.

And it’s a fun show, gotta love fun.

And it beats American Idol every time.

Saturday I did my show live from the American Product’s store (photos etc when the audio is available) but after the show I went across the street to Eller’s Restaurant

I saw two things I’ve never seen on a Breakfast Menu Pork Chop and eggs:

with Fried Home Fries

Joe of Out with Joe was with me he had the Eggplant Omelet another dish we’d never seen before

Pretty Plates are nice but how does it taste…

This is a restaurant you want to go to, PERIOD.

View Larger Map

Had to get my car tuned up and some minor repairs done. While that was going on I stopped by Paisano’s Pizza on Lancaster Street in Leominster.

As man does not live by elections alone, I thought you should know about it, because wrong about politics though they are, our liberal friends deserve a good pizza and some home-made sausage.

It’s amazing what a good meal will do town one’s whole perspective on things.

After the Mitt Romney Rally Three of us visited Martha’s Exchange in Nashua NH to talk and have a meal We shot two videos, here is what we ordered

It looks good, but the test of a restaurant is after you eat it.

The verdict, the mains were strong, the chocolates are great only the chowder was lacking. restaurant

This is definitely a place worth visiting

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When people were talking about an “Everybody go to Chick-Fil-A” on Wednesday I was bummed out. Because of the Madonna Della Cava vow I can’t eat meat on Wednesdays. Thursday’s I was busy working on ads for new customers so Today was the day to go.

I’m still down a car so I grabbed DaWife’s vehicle and headed north. I hadn’t been there for a while so I had no idea where the food court was when I got there so I headed straight for a map. Much to my surprise the other people looking at the map were looking for the same place:

From there it was just a hop skip and jump to the place. It was a food court so the tables were full but no lines

I ordered the #1 mean, AND a spicy chicken sandwich AND an order of nuggets AND an order of strips. The plan was to sit down, eat the #1 and take the rest home. As I waited for the order I talked to the manager who asked not to be on camera.

He said business had been flat no real change since the controversy, it turns out that since there are so few Chick Fil-A anywhere around here (There are only 3 in all of New England 2 in Massachusetts and this one) so people already make long trips to come and eat so a few more doesn’t make a huge difference.

I sat down next to an elderly couple as there were few seats we talked for a bit and Tom agreed to an interview:

Tom has been married for over 50 years, I asked him for the secret of a successful longterm marriage, he said: Marriage is like a job with two employes, if you don’t work hard you get fired.

All this is well and good, but the question that really counts? How good is the food?

The Chicken sandwich was good as I remembered from Georgia. It’s underplayed with just a pair of pickles. I tried one of the nuggets and strips, they were also superior, I packed most of them up to take home for the family but the real test was the spicy sandwich. I’ve publicly stated that Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich was the best in fast food how does Chick-Fil-A measure up?

I ate the spicy sandwich on the drive home, like the standard it comes only with a pair of pickles, I think the veggies and mayo help more (advantage Wendy’s)

The Chicken itself was thicker than the Wendy’s patty and a bit more meaty. The Wendy’s patty is a little less greasy and also thinner. It’s really a matter of style but a tiny edge to Chick Fil-A due to the thicker patty

The spices. Chick-Fil-A is a hotter mix of course I’m less used to it than the Wendy’s. Wendy’s spices are milder and leave a better aftertaste. Again it’s a matter of taste, and I’m a creature of habit. slight advantage Wendy’s

Overall. The Chick-Fil-A spicy Sandwich is a really good Sandwich, Certanly worth every penny you pay for it and far superior to McDonalds or Burger King, but If I only had the money for one, I’d have to buy Wendy’s…

…no contest on the fries, Chick-Fil-A’s are MUCH better.

This Wall Street Journal story shows in a city with a large enough population like New York you can find a niche market for about everything.

New York is known for its food niche stores: The Hummus Place. The Doughnut Plant. The Dumpling Man. Even a spot dedicated solely to rice pudding.

But this week, a store in the East Village went a step further: It sells New York City tap water.

Via Hot Air’s Greenroom in a piece appropriately titled:  Emperor’s-new-clothes alert

Considering New Yorkers’ jaded palates and their tireless pursuit of new culinary thrills and spills, don’t be surprised if Molecule catches on.

The whole “discriminating palate” business is subjective so it would not surprise me if many critics find it appealing although at least one notes the expensive filtering process might have produced unexpected results:

My notes say “tannic” — a term usually applied to an unpleasant astringency in too-young wine.

All that purging yielded an unnatural-tasting result.

The least surprising line from the Wall Street Story is the one identifying the owners of the business:

Alexander Venet, a local art dealer and restaurant owner, and Mr. Ruhf, a former world champion boomerang player, musician and self-described social-justice activist

Talk about hitting stereotypes on the nose.

A final thought, if this business shows even the least sign of success in the next 30 days the Obama campaign fundraising team need to hire these guys. If they can sell New York Tap water for people they might be able to reverse their fundraising woes.


The DaTechGuy Fundraiser is in progress, The primary goal of $3000 before the end of July. I think I can safely say I’m providing more value than guys selling zapped tap water

For details click here for the progress check the thermometer to the right and to kick in hit DaTipJar”.

I was at Romano’s Market Saturday and Josh was telling me that yet another expose has been driving business to the butcher shop:

An exposé by station WCVB in Boston reveals that the steaks we buy in supermarkets and restaurants aren’t necessarily all they’re cracked up to be. Which is not to say they aren’t “cracked up.”

According to cattle rancher Nigel Tudor, the expensive “fillet steaks” sold in many American food stores are actually made up of scraps of beef held together by the enzymetransglutaminase. Known in the industry as “meat glue,” this white powder is derived from the clotting agents in pigs’ and cows’ blood.

Now since you supposedly can’t taste the difference why worry? Oh I don’t know maybe this:

The U.S. federal government has ruled that meat glue is “generally recognized as safe,” but not all health experts are in agreement. Steve Steingart, of the Allegheny County Health Department in Pennsylvania, told WCVB that glued meat could pose a health risk if smaller pieces of meat that have been contaminated end up in the center of a steak served rare.

If you’ve see the words “formed” or “reformed” on a package at the store, you know it’s been “glued” but no such labeling is required at restaurants.

I’m reminded of the story my mother told me concerning the first restaurant the family opened. They kept an experienced waitress from the previous owner and was shocked to see her refilling beer bottles at closing to sell to patrons who have had a few late at night. On her way out permanently that night she turned to my mother remarking they would lose a lot of money.

Now consider, you are a restauranteur, all your costs are up, you are struggling to stay afloat and you have a product that allows you to turn stew meat into an filet that you can sell at a competitive price but tastes exactly the same as the expensive one and is completely legal and according to the government safe? What do you THINK they are going to do?

And as this video shows it’s not just steaks:

Hmmm those chicken nuggets and strips are looking a whole lot less appetizing aren’t they?

As I see it unless you want to raise your own meat or go vegetarian your choices are to cook all your food well done or go to Romano’s and watch Mike or his sons cut the stuff fresh.

I think that’s an easy choice.

Update: A thought: Would a restaurant even consider this type of thing if it wasn’t for the Obama Economy?

I’m here at the Wild Wing Cafe Charlotte NC, as a group of bloggers coming from the Hotel intercepted me as I walked from my bus stop, so with Canolli and bags in hand I joined them on a dinner run.

Before hitting the plane I had a chance to hit Mighty Subs:

You HAVE to try Mighty Subs when in Boston, meanwhile at Wild wings the winds disappears

All that's left of a 25 wing sampler

But the Fedora came out and stayed

Next stop the Blogcon reception see you all later

some new pictures and video:

The walk to Ra Ra’s with Doug Ross from Doug Ross Journal.

And at Ra Ra’s the glorious lineup of bloggers

And of course photos:

Continue reading “Hello from Charlotte NC and Blogcon”

I went with my wife today to Romano’s Mkt to order a Ham for Easter Dinner when I struck up a conversation with Mike and his sons. Josh, his oldest was cutting meat for Hamburg and said they couldn’t keep it in the store since the news of Pink Slime, the meat by-product that has been in the news came out. I didn’t actually know what Pink Slime was so I asked and they said, well I’ll let you see what they said themselves:

As far as Mike and his sons are concerned there is only one place for that kind of stuff:

The parts that don't make it into a romano's steak or burger

If you aren’t buying your meat from Romano’s Mkt or someone like him, you oughta be.

Today’s Saturday Diner is the Family Cafe on Water street in Fitchburg

it seats about 60 and is actually one of the favorite hangouts of the people from my church after sunday Mass.

In terms of shape it is slightly odd, the counter bisects two different sitting areas.

During the summer there is an area to sit on the patio in the back. One of the things I noticed right away was the tea:

The metal container that normally holds milk had hot water for a refill of a tea a very nice time saver.

I had eggs sausage and toast:

Family Cafe gives you a decent meal at a decent price Seven Days a week. Non-Fri 5-2 Sat 6-noon sun 6-12:30

This week’s Diner is the Country Kettle Cafe in West Boylston:

It is a rather cozy place that seats about 30 including the counter

The moment you walk in the door you notice the film motif:

The reason being the owner is Wayne Mogel former film producer and Godson of Milton Berle. He sat for an interview:

It’s a rather amazing background but the real question for any restaurant is the food?

that was my breakfast, 2 eggs, toast, bacon, sausage and homefries. It was pretty good, what I really liked even more that the breakfast was the tea:

The little teapot not only allowed the tea to steep but meant that I didn’t have to worry about refills.

So if you are in West Boylston give a visit to The Country Kettle Cafe 27 Sterling St, West Boylston, MA

Today’s Saturday Diner is the Cozy Corner coffee shop on rte 2A a the corner of Lunenburg Street and East Street in Fitchburg.

It is a small diner with two different rooms. The side room seats maybe a dozen while the main room and counter can hold about 30.

If you are looking for something fancy that’s not in the cards.

The fanciest think in the place is the flat screen TV. But Cozy is definitely the name for the place, it is the bottom floor of the house and the layout of the place simply screams “cozy”

< When I got there about 8 a.m. (running late today) there were 6 people on duty. The layout of the place means that customers at the counter can see everything that goes on in the place

But of course, the bottom line in any breakfast place is the food.

I ordered the stack of pancakes with ham and a cup of tea.

As you can see the Pancakes were a decent size, the ham was thick but most importantly, it tasted good

You can find the Cozy corner 6 days a week (closed Mondays) from 6-2 during the week (till noon on weekends) and during lent on Friday nights they have a fish fry from 4:30 till 7:30 p.m.

As always the Saturday Diners are brought to you by Out with Joe

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FYI the Saturday diners is a regular feature, you can find the entire batch here.

Today’s Saturday diner is Stella’s Coffee Shop in Leominster:

It’s a small building that seats maybe 40

Like most diners of its type the menu is pretty straightforward, with a daily special offered:

And you have the owner who has been there 24 years (back when they had Whalom Park across the street:

Da Wife came with me and had the Saturday Special (hash in omelet) I had the hungry man special:

it was a very good breakfast at a good price, if you go down to Stella’s for a bite of breakfast you will be happy

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Today’s Saturday Diner is the Ugly Omelet in Lunenburg Mass.

You don’t think of a diner as a place that delivers but they do

It’s a small place maybe seven tables plus a small counter

But there is nothing small about the breakfast

Eat this massive meal in 14 minutes and it's free

My meal? a mug of tea, two eggs toast and BACON!

The Bacon was simply the best Bacon I’ve had. I interviewed the owner about it:

He also roasts his own beef for sandwiches rather than buying it, just like Romano’s

Frankly this place is worth hitting for the Bacon alone.

Directions are at their website here.

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Today’s Saturday Diner is the West End Diner 247 West Street in Leominster mass.

I was unaware it was an award-winning location:

Best new restaurant 2006

The very first thing I noticed was the giant menu board

Forgot my glasses today but it didn't matter here

All of the specials are in large letters all over the walls, that’s very good since I forgot my glasses again today and must be very handy for any older customers.

Many places to eat have HD TV’s in their places but in a retro move the individual booths have small Monitors with their own controllers.

They are incredibly creative from the individually named stools to the ceiling tiles.

Oh and you’ve heard of “Hungry Man Specials”? Well they have a hungry man special to end all specials:

Now THAT'S a hungry man special!

Of course in the end, the way you judge a diner is the food…

#2 special Sans Watermelon slice $5.75

and the food was GREAT! The eggs were exactly how I like them and the pancakes were better than most. Lots of places tend to give you giant pancakes with a small taste, these are normal sized pancakes with an over-sized taste.

Without a question this place makes my top three Diners since I’ve began the feature. I very much recommend it.

Today’s Diner is the Fitchburg Airport Restaurant located just below the control tower at Fitchburg Airport

tower and restaurant

If you’re not careful you might miss the restaurant part

As you might guess there is a definite airplane theme within

And the view attracts families who come to watch the planes takeoff and land

The view from a window seat

that would account for the amazing selection of Pancake combinations

Pancakes galore for the kids

But like any restaurant the star is the food

2 eggs sausage and toast for me, French Toast and Bacon for DaWife

And the verdict is good. One oddity they give three slightly smaller patties for sausage rather than two larger ones, but no matter how you like your sausage, you will like the Fitchburg Airport Restaurant.

Tomorrow June 8th  we’ll be doing a remote at the Natural Discount Shop on Rte 12 in Leominster, Coffee & Bagel will be provided by the The Bagel Inn also known as the Daily Bagel, thus we are promoting this post for the evening



Today’s Saturday Diner is the Daily Bagel on Rte 12 in Leominster:

A pretty picture in the snow

It’s not a traditional diner, but a place where bagels are made right on the premises

All the bagels are boiled and made on site

They also offer a great collection of muffins

I had a sausage sandwich and a croissant with some orange juice. It was delicious.

It you want to give it a visit you’ll find it right next to Joyce’s Pies and bakery.

View Larger Map

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The Moran Square Diner is named after Fitchburg Resident Pat Moran who played in the major leagues 14 years and as a manager led two teams to the World series the 1915 Phillies and the 1919 Reds who defeated the White Sox 5 games to 3 with a little help from some gamblers.

The Diner itself is of the classic style both outside:

And inside:

An old fashioned diner

Even the menu isn’t paper, simply on the board above the counter:

And a simple grill with gas on the side:

Chris the proprietor operates like a machine methodically cooking one meal after another with the precision of an expert.

And the end result is simply delightful:

Sausage patties, Two eggs over-easy White Toast and Tea

Because they are open 6 days a week but closed on Saturdays I had to do the Saturday Diner on Friday but whatever day you go you will not be disappointed

Today’s Saturday Diner was Michael’s Bridge Cafe in Lancaster Massachusetts

It is a very Rustic looking place from the outside once you walk inside you can’t help but notice the 8 ft+ bear at the door

And if that doesn’t impress you the details of his arrival will:

I don’t think that with a bear that size 12 yards away I’d have the nerve to hit the broad side of a barn let alone take out a bear with one shot.

Once you get past the bear there is a fair selection of tables available, but I’m a counter guy, I like counters because I can see the food as it’s being cooked and Michael’s has a system down pat.

There was a good-sized late Saturday breakfast crowd. The wait staff was both attentive:

and had cool shirts:

The “Get Stuffed” motif is not just a metaphor for the taxidermy the portions are large and the food was frankly the best I’ve had so far to this point on the diner tour.

And just as important these days, the good food comes at a fair price with ambiance at no extra charge:

This as a mandatory stop on your DaTechGuy Diner Tour and if you’re a member of PETA, I suggest getting a blindfold, having a friend lead you in and putting on horse blinders so you can concentrate on enjoying the food and the excellent service, it’s worth it.

On the same morning that Time announced “the protestor” as their person of the year and MSNBC showed photo after photo of the occupy movement as symbolic of it, a more concrete legacy of the occupods manifested itself in New York in a story MSNBC somehow didn’t see fit to cover.

Milk Street Cafe, the restaurant whose business dried up in the face of the Occupy Wall Street barricades, is shutting down.

91 workers, none of them in the “1%” are now looking for work.

“Everyone has to understand the consequences of their actions,” he said. “I have 90 plus people who put their faith in me. I feel horrible.”

HE feels terrible?  He was the one who provided those jobs.  Let’s not forget what the story was just six months ago: June 23rd 2011:

The Milk Street Cafe filled with eager lunchtime customers just an hour after opening its doors on Wall Street Thursday morning.

The international food hall — which offers kosher, vegetarian and gluten-free options — won rave reviews from residents and workers who called it an improvement on the Financial District’s drab lunch scene.

At the time the city government was anxious to be involved

Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith helped ring the restaurant’s opening bell earlier in the day and said he was glad to see the 120 new jobs the eatery brought to the neighborhood.

“I’ve heard of spending your way out of a recession, but not eating your way out of one,” Goldsmith joked. “This is a great investment in lower Manhattan.”

I guess lower Manhattan wasn’t that great an investment after all. I wonder if anyone from the city will be available for a door locking ceremony?

Karen at the Lonely Conservative:

I suppose you can also blame Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the owners of Zuccotti Park for allowing it to go on for as long as it did.

There is no “suppose” about it, actions have consequences and the loss of these 90+ jobs are among them.  I suspect the mayor’s decision to not enforce the laws certainly shaped the answer Marc Epstein gave when asked if he would ever open a restaurant in New York City again:


After watching his “great investment in lower Manhattan” of six months of time and effort (actually much more, it takes time to open a restaurant) along millions of dollars of capital go up in bad-smelling smoke who can blame him? More importantly, what potential restaurateur would consider even consider replacing him?

That the occupy movement, making a difference for the “99%” 90 workers at a time.

I’ve spent the last three days sick in bed so I was really looking forward to Saturday’s Diner.

Today’s Diner is the 5th Street Diner a longtime hangout of mine right next to Romano’s Market.

5th Street Diner and Romano's Market

Tina and Ed opened up 3 years ago during the Ice Storm and have been making a go of it ever since

Ed with his triple layer fudge

It’s one of the smallest of the Diners in the area, seating only about 22 people but the food is first rate.

They are known for their photos of customers for their first visit

They’ve had at least one blogger you might know in the house

I'm seen that Alabama shirt somewhere before

The one hiccup you might run into is the street name. On one side of the bridge the street is Harvard Street, on the other is John T. Centrino Memorial Drive (renamed from 5th street after Mr. Centrino was killed fighting a fire at the old Sabino’s bakery at the corner of 5th and water.)

But the best move is to just look for the sign.

Today we are starting a new feature at DaTechGuyblog. As my show starts at 10 a.m. and I’m up early I’m going to hit a different local diner on the way to the station every day.

Today’s Diner is Mr. C’s on Summer Street Fitchburg, right near the Fitchburg/Leominster/Lunenburg Line

Catherine Perkins has owned the place for 6 years after working here for 8 years prior.

It’s a very homey place and the Breakfast was delicious.

They don’t have a web site but if you want to give them a visit you can find them here.

Well I’m off to the station. Join me 10 a.m. today for DaTechGuy on DaRadio, WCRN AM 830. Listen live at and call 888-9-fedora (888-933-3672) or 508-438-0965

It’s the day before thanksgiving, today the mob scene at Romano’s down the street is only minutes away from starting:

I had totally forgotten about St. Patrick’s day, it’s so busy because he corns tons of beef right on the premises as we documented a year ago.

I’ll head back later in the day to show you what a rush really looks like. And if you haven’t picked up your bird yet, they still have a few in stock.

A famous landmark in Manchester
The Red Arrow Diner is no stranger to celebrity or politics.

As seen from the Herman Cain HQ

Over the years people from Paul Newman to Jeff Perry have sat in its seats. So when I walked across the street from the new Herman Cain Headquarters at Lowell Street in Manchester to sample the food and talk to the folks who work there. And eat Pie:

That's a lot of cream

The place is a classic Dinner that would fit into any movie made in the last 80 years:

The Counter at the Red Arrow

It’s clear that it is quite a landmark and every famous pol you have heard of has eaten here:

I talked to Tyler and Todd as I enjoyed my Pie (I couldn’t finish it too much cream for me) though not interested in politics a favorite was named. Hillery Clinton.

She was specifically contrasted with Mitt Romney and John Edwards (who’s little plaque is usually kept covered my a napkin holder.)

Uncovered for my photo

It seems when Mrs. Clinton was talking to the young man she kept her eyes on him and paid attention to what he was saying. Edwards and Romney seemed to be going through the motions waiting to get through it.

I asked where President Obama sat but was told there was no plaque, his and Bill Clinton’s tended to upset the patrons, unlike Mrs. Clinton.

If they prefer straight talkers they will likely like Herman Cain, and if the food is as good as the Pie, Cain and company will certainly like this diner.

The Menu at the Red Arrow

Today’s Saturday Diner is The Grill at Park Hill in the Park in Fitchburg Massachusetts

It’s located at the ParkHill Plaza next to Aubuchon Hardware in Fitchburg

The first thing you notice about the place is the counter, unlike most diners it snakes up and around the place from one end to the other.

Like many Diners it is a meeting place for the men in the morning

And the customers keep the waitresses busy.

But it’s the breakfast that is the star of the show.

Park Hill’s Breakfast will fill you up without emptying your pockets, but make sure you bring cash because they don’t take plastic. Here is where you can find them:

Was talking to Mike Romano, he will be running a few pre-St. Patrick day ads with me.

St. Patrick’s is another big day for him. His small butcher shop will be getting in 3 tons (yes you read that right) of beef that he will corn right on the premises in preparation for St. Patrick day. I recorded this process a bit last year.

You know going door to door is hard but imagine in addition to your regular work preparing 3 tons of corned beef with a crew as small as Mike has.

BTW I would suggest getting your orders in ASAP. Call Mike at 978-342-4927 and tell him DaTechGuy sent you.

In between selling ads today I’m having a small lunch with some bloggers here at the Border Grille and Bar today from 12-1 or so.

If you are not familiar with their lunch buffet here is a peek from last month

There was a reason why Stacy McCain held court here last January, and food like this is why.

Ironically this fits in perfect with Michael Graham’s lead story today:

And so Kessler and other big-government advocates featured in the NYTimes are demanding government regulation on foods that taste “too good,” and on ads that sell them “too well.” Who will make these arbitrary decisions? Why the same brilliant government employees who figured out that the pond in your back yard is a wetland and who are sending notes home with your kids telling you they’re fat.

This is a SNL skit just waiting to be written, Kessler’s Kitchen Nightmares where Kessler goes to restaurants that have too many people enjoying their food and teaches them how to make it taste worse!

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