I shot a few photos and brief videos at the Sean Hannity Taping:

Here is one of the crowd

and a short gallery of stills of them

I also shot a pair of stills as Kellyanne Conway entered

and two videos of exchanges with her during Sean’s interview:

You might notice the different video qualities that’s because I was shifting cameras as batteries were dying and other camera brought into service (I have three with me) When one dies a new one goes into place while batteries charge in my room.

Camera 3 has no zoom but as it’s the one I used when I first questioned candidate Trump on the trail, I’m attached to it sentimentally.

DaTechGuy at CPAC 2017 (all videos not blogged about yet here)

Voices at CPAC 2017 Advocates: Melissa of Able Americans, Matt of American Majority
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Some Quick pre-cpac video and thoughts

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From Trump’s Twitter feed

By John Ruberry

For as long as I can remember the words “Merry Christmas” have been pushed away from public life, in the both the political and business world. I get it. No one wants to offend people who aren’t Christian, or those few Christians, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who shun Christmas.

However, 83 percent of Americans are Christian, and for many of them Christmas is their favorite time of the year. And I know some secular progressives who set up Christmas trees in their home.

When  President-elect Donald Trump on the later stops of his ‘thank you’ tour replaced his ‘USA’ lectern logo with a ‘Merry Christmas’ one, it got my attention.

And Trump’s Christmas spirit didn’t end there

“We’re gonna start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again,” Trump said at a Michigan ‘thank you’ rally. “How about all those department stores, they have the bells and they have the red walls and they have the snow, but they don’t have ‘Merry Christmas. I think they’re gonna start putting up ‘Merry Christmas.'”

About ten years ago the ‘War on Christmas’ compelled Christians who wished to say ‘Merry Christmas’ at their workplace to bite their tongues, including those working extended Christmas shifts at retail stores to accommodate Christmas shoppers. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, one of the defenders in the ‘War on Christmas,’ declares the conflict all but over, as increasingly more retail outlets use the word ‘Christmas” in their holiday advertisements. On Christmas Eve I was greeted with a hearty “Merry Christmas” when I walked into the local Walmart–and when I left.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president’s final Christmas card, oops, I mean holiday card, oh wait, make that a seasonal card, features the first family and a sprig of holly. Nothing else.

I’ll be shocked if Donald Trump’s first presidential Christmas card isn’t much different, even though his oldest daughter is a convert to Judaism.

Howard Kurtz ended today’s always excellent Fox News’ Media Watch program with “Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.” Yes, like a rare planetary alignment, Christmas Eve and the first day of Hanukkah share the came spot on the calendar.

And from me to you, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Yesterday as I was channel surfing I stumbled on Brooke Baldwin CNN show as she was about to do a segment on why women should not stay with cheating husbands based on Josh Duggan.

The irony of the segment of course was that Hillary Clinton name did not come up once, and while that was the source of some humor on twitter

the segment that followed was even funnier.

It consisted of Ms. Baldwin and a panel talking about the latest Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly vs Roger Ailes feud.

Now that the subject was the topic of the segment wasn’t a huge shock particularly considering that the Politico story on the subject was on top of Memeorandum at the time.


However the entire segment consisted of the people at the table holding the following consensus beliefs:

1. Donald Trump is bad man who is hurting the GOP

2. Roger Ailes hitting trump is dangerous for Fox because he is the GOP front runner

3. Fox, Trump Megyn Kelly & the GOP will be damaged by this “feud”.

Now it wouldn’t be odd to me for eggs on twitter to have an opinion like this but these guys on CNN are supposed to be pros

The “feud” which has gone from Trump, to ailes, to trump to other fox guys back to trump does everything that both Trump and Fox would like to see.

First for Trump, he is the leader in all the polls, the only way for someone to catch up with him in the short term  is to get big press because it’s all a perception game when it comes to contributions.

The louder Trump is the more the press covers his, the more they cover him the less likely anybody else is going to get any kind of press from the cable or network news, and the less coverage they get the less likely they will advance.

(What you thought Jeb Bush was Unhappy Trump is constantly attacking him?).

But as much as Trump loves this Fox loves it more.

Granted the CNN + MSNBC audiences are dwarfed by Fox but how must Roger Ailes love that both networks are basically running an ad for Fox every hour at no charge?

How much must he love them having to defend Megyn Kelly (who is a big girl and can take care of herself.)

If that’s not enough while NBC, CBS & ABC may have no interest in stuff like the Planned Parenthood protests they can’t get enough of the Fox vs Trump stuff and unlike the cable networks their audiences are MUCH larger than their own.

And that’s just the short-term advantage, what happens when these people who have been told for years that Fox is the focus of evil propaganda in the world watch it and actually see that it does, well news?

Fox in general and Megyn Kelly in particular can’t help but come out ahead.

I know I talked about this a few weeks ago but it’s really amazing to watch the MSM “professionals” fall for it again and again and again.

What a bunch of Maroons.

An aside, in fairness to Brooke Baldwin I should give her two disclaimers:

1.  Every single other newscast that followed did the same thing as her team

2.  She did point out that there was no indication that any of this stuff had done a thing to hurt Trump


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IMG_0306By John Ruberry

“What in hell do the experts know?” is something that Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley often said to his friends according to legendary Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko. The experts often lampooned the last machine boss, but despite his flaws–which included prickly relations with the city’s rapidly expanding black population–he knew how to run a big city. Too bad his son–who also served as mayor–did not. When Old Man Daley died in 1976, Chicago enjoyed the highest credit rating from the nation’s top financial firms–which were based in New York. In the mid-1970s, NYC barely escaped bankruptcy.

Contemporary experts have been dismissing the presidential campaign of Donald Trump since he declared his run in June. After he remarked that John McCain is not a war hero–the experts in the media predicted The Donald would crawl off the political stage and die. He was supposed to do the same thing after he criticized the questioning from Fox News’ Megyn Kelly at the first GOP candidate debate earlier this month, adding that she had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

This morning on CBS’ Face the Nation a panel of liberal columnists–experts to be sure–predicted the eventual demise of Trump’s campaign.

And it’s not just the libs who are skeptical of Trump–author and columnist George Will has been a harsh critic of the political novice and even National Review is condemning Trump. Red State’s Erick Erickson dis-invited Trump from his group’s gathering in Atlanta after the verbal attack on Kelly. These experts don’t see the tycoon as a viable Republican standard bearer.

But Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise. While he didn’t fill it up, the businessman held a rally in a Alabama football stadium two nights ago. Name another GOP presidential candidate who has the chutzpah to rent out an outdoor stadium for a rally.

In 2008 and 2012 the experts on the right said that conservatives needed to line up behind moderate candidates to win the White House. They were wroing

My thoughts return to Boss Daley: “What in hell do the experts know?”

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Yesterday on Twitter when I went through my rankings on the debate I was asked a question on how I came up with my rankings:

All candidates have different short-range goals designed to enable their long-term goal of winning the nomination, which contrary to what some on twitter think, was not decided last night.

But There were other people on that stage.

Chris Wallace, Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly were all on stage and their goal was two fold  to raise their own profile and Fox’s.  Based on the print media coverage they got high marks the Washington Post:

Megyn Kelly/Bret Baier/Chris Wallace: Moderating a 10-person debate that includes Donald Trump is no easy task. The Fox trio managed the back and forth very well and, more importantly, asked good, challenging questions without venturing into “gotcha” territory. With the exception of the weirdness that happened between 8:50 pm and the start of the debate (more on that below), they were outstanding.


They took each of the 10 Republicans onstage to task. They held each of them to account. They made each address the most prominent blemishes on his record, the most profound apprehensions that voters feel about him, the greatest vulnerability that he has.

It was riveting. It was admirable. It compels me to write a cluster of words I never imagined writing: hooray for Fox News.

Additionally every single. cable show since 11 PM struck has been talking Megyn Kelly vs Donald Trump. That is the primary topic everywhere and furthermore every single MSM and cable outlet from CNN to MSNBC have been talking it up and complementing Megyn Kelly.

And that’s the whole point.

For a long time the MSM has been painting Fox news as the mirror image of themselves,  just an arm of one side of the argument whose goal is to advance a philosophy.  That’s just not the case.

Roger Ailes has only had one goal, the best ratings possible and the #1 position in cable news.  That’s why he didn’t care about Jon Stewart, because  Ailes put it

He’s feeling unrewarded because Fox News beats him on the amount of money we make, on ratings and on popularity. I’m sure it’s very depressing when he sits home at night and worries about it. We never did,” Ailes said.

In that same spirit the Goal of the Fox team at the debate was not to protect the GOP, was not to look professional, it was to generate ratings in the short run and the long run

The short run goal was met spectacularly.

16% of United States homes with TV sets tuned in.
Fox News usually has 1% or 2% of the household audience.
For the sake of comparison, the highest-rated Republican primary debates in 2011 and 2012 were watched by approximately 5% of households.
The Democratic primary debates in 2008 were bigger, but none of those ever topped 10%.

And with every single person on TV talking Megyn Kelly what do you think her ratings are going to be tonight? (I’m writing this Friday afternoon).  I predict they’ll be through the roof.

Furthermore all of this is diametrically opposed to the MSM meme that Fox can not be trusted, that it is not “Fair and Balanced and how many of those people who will tune into fox for the first time over the next few days might decide to stay and frankly it’s not like the conservatives who are upset have anywhere else to go.

Roger Ailes must be dancing in the streets.

Does anyone seriously believe there any chance at all that any of the other networks will be as hard on the Democrats as Fox was on the GOP


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The Cat: Man Reality Sucks

Red Dwarf: Back in the Red Part 3 1999

Once again Fox news is embarrassing their competitors in terms of numbers.

Third-Quarter 2014 Primetime Averages
FNC: 1,797,000 viewers, up 12 percent (313,000 adults 25-54, up 12 percent)
CNN: 555,000 viewers, up 2 percent (186,000 adults 25-54, up 4 percent)
MSNBC: 557,000 viewers, down 2 percent (150 adults 25-54, down 21 percent)
HLN: 352,000 viewers, down 4 percent (120 adults 25-54, down 12 percent)

Yes FNC is outdrawing them all combined and yes we can joke about Shark Tank re-runs beating MSNBC but let me throw a dose of reality at you. Those FOX numbers mean nothing as long as these broadcast news numbers remain true:

Numbers for the week of Sept. 22, 2014:

Total Viewers/A25-54
NBC 8,187,000/1,811,000
ABC 8,029,000/2,002,000
CBS 6,344,000/1,507,000

You will note that Fox total views barely beats the 3rd place CBS number for 18/54 year olds.  Furthermore If we combine the totals of these 25,821,000 & 6,089,000 in the 18-54 demo for the seven networks in question here is what we get for numbers by comparison

Total Viewers/A25-54
NBC 31.6% 29.7%
ABC 31.1% 32.9%
CBS 24.5% / 24.7%
FOX 7.0% /5.1%
CNN 2.1% / 3.0%
MSNBC 2.1% / 2.5%
HLN 1.3% / 1.9%

So for all their power in cable Fox news reaches a whopping 7% of news viewers and not even Megan Kelly beauty has gotten them above 5.1% among 18/54 year olds.

Furthermore when you remember that the 25.8 million number represents only 10.7% of the voting age population and and 18.4% of the number of people who actually voted the impact of Fox (and to some degree the networks) is really understood.

Now to the left, being totalitarian in nature, even this modest bit of the electorate getting an opinion differing from their message is dangerous which is why FOX remains a target, but lets not kid ourselves. As long as we are crowing about FOX News vs CNN/MSNBC/HLN we are like the toughest player on the JV football team talking smack.

Until we break into those newsrooms thing swill not change and frankly until we break into the greater culture where the 89.3% of voting age people who don’t watch news go even that move will be wasted.

Conservatives pride themselves on seeing things as they are as opposed to the utopian left.  Let’s start acting like it.

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Update:  Hotair gloats over Media Matters failure but as long as Fox is only reaching 7% of news consumers and under 1% of the electorate they are winning. 




Illinois BlagoBy John Ruberry

Isaac “Ike” Carothers used to be a Chicago alderman until he pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a developer seeking a zoning change. Ironically, his father, William, was convicted on similar charges three decades earlier  when he served as an alderman in the same part of Chicago.

Carothers is on the ballot again–this time he is running for an open seat on the Cook County Board. As the ex-con enjoys by far the biggest name recognition of the five candidates for that office, Carothers stands a good chance of winning in this month’s Democratic Primary, which will again make the Land of Lincoln a nationwide embarrassment, because in this heavily Democratic district, the general election will serve as a coronation.

In 2012, voters chose to send Derrick Smith, another Chicago Democrat, back to Springfield even though he was under indictment on bribery charges and had been expelled that summer from the state House of Representatives. An independent candidate was chosen by local pols to run against Smith in the heavily Democratic district–but Smith won easily anyway.

Smith, who is still awaiting trial, is on the ballot again this spring, but this time Democratic Party bosses are backing him.illinois lawyers

Not so with Carothers. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle held a joint press conference where they declared their support for Emanuel’s former political director.

Oh, I almost forgot. While state law prevents Carothers from running for a Chicago City Council seat, he can run for other offices, including US Congress.

This ignominy troubles the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn, a liberal, who is calling for what he calls “Ike’s Law,” which would prevent ex-cons running for any public office in Illinois. That’s a great idea.

In a column last week, Zorn wrote of down-ballot offices, “But in races for smaller offices, voters will be less well-informed.”

Zorn moves on from there, but in that sentence he hit at the core of the problem as to why Ike’s Law is needed. What Rush Limbaugh dubs “low-information voters” are a key constituency of the Democratic Party. Generations of party and labor bosses have drummed into their followers these two words: “Vote Democratic.” Added by, “Just listen to us–only listen to us.”

That is why Derrick Smith won his seat back two years ago.Cook County sign

And the problem low-info voters extends beyond Illinois. At an Occupy Milwaukee rally two years ago, I watched in disgust as Gilbert Johnson, an AFSCME local president remark about the Tea Party, “What you have is a bunch of haters, people that tell lies, people that want to go back to the ’50s. White man rule. White man only.”

I’m pretty sure that hate-speech–by Johnson and others–was parroted by other union bosses across the nation during the 2012 campaign. And by precinct captains and even preachers at rallies of all kinds–not just Occupy gatherings.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) said on the floor of the Senate last week to “turn off the Fox News” so people can only hear her version of the truth about ObamaCare.

Also last week, in a speech to political supporters, Obama called on them to reach out to Republicans “who watch the wrong newscast.”

If the low-information in voters  in Illinois start watching “the wrong newscast” or researching issues on their own instead of listening to ward-heelers, community organizers, and demagogues, the presence of Ike Carothers on a ballot would be good for one thing–a plethora of chuckles.

But the Democratic Party needs those low-info voters. And shame on Zorn, a nice fella by the way, for leaving that crucial fact out of his column.

Oh, imagine that–a president making choices about the “right” or “wrong” newscast.

How far we have fallen as a people.

…which says in part:

the point to be made immediately is that Fox News has functioned like a channelizing terrain feature in the informational battlefield. For the defenders of liberal media hegemony, all they had to do was to isolate Fox — identify it as a hostile force in the eyes of other media — and then to target both the network’s messages and its messengers.

In other words, a story that was damaging to Democrats or which undermined key elements of the liberal media narrative could be discredited simply by saying, “Oh, that’s a Fox story.”

Let me point out an example from yesterday:

Yesterday Congress held a hearing where Nagheh Abedini talked about her husband who has been a “hostage” in Iran since last year.

The wife of American pastor Saeed Abedini, a religious prisoner in Iran, said the U.S. government has abandoned her husband during a congressional hearing on Thursday.

Naghmeh Abedini told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that she was dismayed after learning that her husband’s imprisonment was not raised during the recent nuclear negotiations between Iran, the United States, and other world powers.

I spotted the hearings on Fox as I was channel surfing, they were being covered live.  I instantly turned to CNN & MSNBC to see if they were covering them.

They were not.  Stacy Again

Andrew Breitbart understood this tactic, and fought very hard to escape the “Fox Trap,” which is why he delivered one of his biggest scoops on the WeinerGate scandal — the Meagan Broussard story, which confirmed that Weiner was “sexting” with multiple women — directly to ABC News as an exclusive. If conservative messages and messengers can be limited to one media channel, and that channel reaches no more than a minor fraction of the total news audience, liberals win. It’s really that simple,

It doesn’t matter how moving her testimony is, it doesn’t matter how factual her testimony is, if the rest of the media is either ignoring it or giving it a throw away line as far as the American people are concerned it didn’t happen and Media Matters & Soros wins.

That’s why the multiple bi-partisan bills to open parts of the government didn’t matter to Harry Reid, as long as only Fox covered it, there would be no pressure to bring them up for votes.

That is why we have to fight the battle in the culture and that is where we have to win.

Update: PJ Media dissents

MSNBC has lost 45% of its viewership over the past year. Fox is the most trusted network in America on the biggest story of the day, the left’s collective dishonesty regarding Obamacare.

Meanwhile, the network that Media Matters claims to have defeated just swallowed a continent.

Fox News triumphed in the cable news ratings battle in November, grabbing more total day and primetime viewers than its two rival competitors — CNN and MSNBC — combined.

It marks the 143rd consecutive month that Fox News has come out on top, and it ranked second in all of cable for the month of November — behind only ESPN. It featured the top 14 programs in all of cable news.

Media Matters isn’t declaring victory, despite the Huffington Post putting their best spinner on the story. It’s waving a white flag.

Octavian: Dr Song, I’ve lost good clerics today. You trust this man?

River Song: I absolutely trust him.

Octavian: He’s not some kind of madman then?

River Song: I absolutely trust him.

Doctor Who Time of the Angels 2010

I took a look at the Sunday Shows this morning and I’ve noticed a common theme. The River Song Gambit

On the various shows the same question was asked over and over again: “Are we better off than we were four years ago.”

Here is David Axelrod (Moe Lane had it up first)

On This Week we had a different face but more of the same:

Only on Face the Nation did you see an answer. When Bob Schieffer asked the question Martin O’Malley gov of Maryland quickly said “No” and changed the subject.

Bill Richardson, Stephanie Cutter went along with changing that subject.

That’s the problem for the Democrats, it’s the question that overrides everything else, it’s the question that must be avoided and the subject changed at all costs. This election can’t be about Barack Obama’s record, it has to be about something else.

When River Song dodged the question about a “Madman in a Box” she could lean on the centuries of success of the Doctor

Unfortunately for the president, show a video montage of the Obama record and the reaction is the same as the above clip:

Hello, I’m Barack Obama: “Basically, Run”

Update: Time Can be re-written:

A day after saying, no, the country was not better off than it was four years ago, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley reversed course on Monday and said, yes, indeed it was.

Must not have been a fixed point.

The 4th Doctor: A Lost mine, A phoney map are people still falling for that old guff I mean are they?

Dr. Who The Ribos Operation Episode 2 1978

Last night just before 8 p.m. EST yet another CNN poll came out showing yet another Obama lead (7 pts this time) and yet another batch of hand wringing ensued on twitter..

You know I really hate to be a broken record but Really, we are still falling for this trick, REALLY?

It took under 15 minutes of looking at the internals of this poll to see the problem with this Obama 52 Romney 45 poll….

I Double checked the PDF and yup no break down provided, it’s simply amazing:


Apparently they are because people see these number and start to panic.

Well I took the liberty of re-reading the poll and while they don’t provide the splits they do have an interesting subsection where only Republicans and Republican leaners are asked that tells a story…


Why is this important? here is the first line of the poll

Interviews with 1,010 adult Americans conducted by telephoneby ORC International on August 7-8, 2012. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points. The sample also includes 911 interviews among registered voters (plus or minus 3.5 percentagepoints).

The sample includes 760 interviews among landline respondents and 250 interviews among cell phone respondents

I know math is not a strong suit in the US any more, but lets do some math.

OK here we go. You have a 17 point difference between GOP & GOP leaners and those who do not. 17 pts! Are they serious? “But DaTechGuy…” You say, “…what about the TRUE independents you are lumping them with the learners?”

Well there is a clue that can tell us the reality. We’ve already established that the GOP/leaners are 41.4% of the poll, so how does that compare to how Romney is polling?


So we have a poll where Romney is OVER-PERFORMING among his people growing his pie. THAT is the one indisputable fact that we can see from this poll.

Why is this important, I’ll explain it again: You don’t hide the figures if they favor you.  If the breakdowns favored Obama they would be out there and arguing them, we would be seeing people talk about how great the president is doing among both his own side and drawing independents toward him.  Instead you have to dig and do long division to establish the one fact that we can be sure of in this poll: Mitt Romney is performing beyond his base.

Don’t let yourself be played for suckers.

Update: Ah HA DaTechGuy, maybe CNN shows a seven point lead but FOX shows a NINE point lead. And they provide splits. That’s right they do, lets look at those splits:

So in a poll where there is a 9 point split between Democrats & Republicans Surprise Democrats lead by 9.

Romney draws 40% according to this poll in a 35% GOP sample, that means he is outperforming his base by over 14% Obama draws 49% on a base of 44% that’s 11% over base not a bad job, the best I’ve seen for him.

I might be encouraged if I was an Obama guy if it wasn’t for two critical facts.

1…For the last month Obama has been outspending Romney HUGE and all that spending hasn’t depressed Romney among his base.

2. In a poll where the number of Democrats polled outnumber Republicans by over 25% Obama STILL can’t get to 50%

If Obama can’t get to 50% with a 9 point spread after spending a fortune what makes you think he will in November?

Update 2: The only discouraging thing I’ve seen from this poll is this post at The Other McCain:

Is anyone else troubled by the evidence that this lie-a-minute strategy by the Obama campaign is working? The CNN poll shows Obama leading by 7 points and the Fox News poll shows him ahead by 9 points, and I’m at a loss to think of anything in the past couple of weeks that could have moved the polls this way except that Democrats are telling a bunch of shameless lies.

No Stacy, I’m troubled that you are actually falling for this garbage, of all people you should have more sense than that.

Update 3: Allahpundit is worried and makes one fair point:

Those people are already wary of reelecting him (that’s why they’re undecided), so they’re essentially Romney persuadables. Romney needs to persuade them, but all Obama needs to do is keep Romney on the defensive and keep the campaign dumb and nasty so that those persuadables stop caring and stay home. It’s incredibly cynical but it’s his best bet. If you believe these two polls, it’s working okay so far.

Yes Obama needs to suppress the Romney vote but he has not only nearly shot his entire wad in terms of cash but he the charges have been so outlandish that even the MSM is calling him on it.

When the people with actual skin in the game start acting like Obama is re-electable then I’ll start to worry, not before.

Update 4: Mike Flynn at Breitbart gets it

Okay, I’m not certain they are literally making up poll results, but the poll CNN and British market research firm ORC International released Thursday afternoon is so screwy and raises so many questions that they might as well be doing it intentionally. If CNN is already resorting to these kinds of tricks before the conventions have even started, it’s going to be a very long campaign.

Thank God SOMEBODY else is saying it.

Update 5: The Lonely Conservative gets it too


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