You really need to read Oleg Atbashian’s entire post about the disgraceful behavior by George Mason University that would have had their namesake rolling in his grave, but the whole thing can be summarized by this snippet:

I can argue that in our case, we were handcuffed and spent a day in jail not as much for the fact of posting the stickers, but for breaking a much more important, unwritten campus law – we confronted ideological uniformity, also known as political correctness, which in today’s American universities is as oppressive as racism was in Alabama in 1955.

I went to that campus to challenge that uniformity, not to get arrested. But if being thrown in jail will help break the cowardly silence on campus, I will consider it a small price to pay for starting an honest conversation about the festering ideological intolerance, lack of free speech, and totalitarian impulses at GMU and other American universities.

Who would have thought that a quarter century after the Berlin Wall fell that we would see an American University mimic the old Soviet tactics in defense of those who would murder jews?

I was going to hit the sack as I’ve been up all night but when I saw that Glenn Reynolds had been suspended by twitter it woke me up prompting a spake of tweets noting twitters double standards and the progressive increase in suspending conservatives from Stacy McCain to Milo to Him each one more prominent.

However Glenn Reynolds Instapundit did just fine before twitter and was set to do just fine after it so his initial reaction was rather amusing:

if Twitter doesn’t like me, I’m happy to stop providing them with free content.

It didn’t take long for Glenn’s banning to be picked up by conservatives all over. After all it isn’t every day that a prominent law professor, USA today columnist and one of the most prolific bloggers in history who inspired a ton of us. CNN Commentator Hugh Hewitt had him on his radio show where he said:


HH: And what would you say to those people who are urging that you be silenced and shut down and fired? This is a 1st Amendment that we’re talking about here. What would you say to them, Glenn Reynolds?
GR: That’s a lot for three words, especially considering all the hyperbole we’ve heard in this election already. We’ve heard plenty of people talking about the desirability of the assassination of Donald Trump and other things. It seems to me that that’s kind of a double standard, isn’t it?
HH: Have you read Ross Douthat’s column this morning, Hillary Clinton’s Samantha Bee Problem, about the cultural…
GR: I have read that column.
HH: What did you think of it? And do you fit into that narrative now?
GR: Oh, I don’t know. You know, there is a big lefty cultural apparatus that tries to enforce its views on everything. And frankly, it is probably the thing that is keeping Donald Trump alive, and it may be the thing that gets him elected, as Ross Douthat says. I think that’s totally right. And I think it’s funny, because you know, I grew up in the Civil Rights era. My dad was a moderately well-known civil rights and Vietnam protestor. And to be honest, it seems to me that then, the left was really all on for free speech, and now that they feel like they have gathered all the reins in their hands, they’re not so big on tolerance anymore.


Shortly after that was posted Instapundit’s suspension was revoked.

I have no idea if any explanation was given, I joked it was because he knows a lot of lawyers but re-reading his post on the subject I think I have isolated the twelve words Glenn wrote that really caused the suspension to be lifted


Twitter can do without me, as I can certainly do without Twitter.


Glenn Reynolds is a traffic machine, anyone who has ever gotten an instalanche knows this to be true, The only real value that twitter has is the ability to provide advertisers access to the tens to hundreds of thousands of people who want to see the tweets of a traffic machine like Glenn.

The Day the various traffic machines decide, like Glenn did, that they can do without twitter they are finished. Twitter not only loses its purpose but it’s ability to generate profit, in fact it might even lead to celebs demanding twitter pay THEM a per follower fee annually for using their platform and generating the traffic & eyeballs they need to have any chance of being profitable.

Twitter could survive anger, outrage or even venom from a major traffic generator like Glenn, but it can’t survive indifference.

Update: Stacy McCain comments thusly from his still continuing twitter exile:

What are we permitted to say about marauding gangs of thieves and thugs? The owners of Twitter have evidently hired Democrat Party activists to control the narrative on their platform, effectively turning it into a propaganda platform for a violent anti-white terrorist organization (to call #BlackLivesMatter what it actually is). Twitter’s policy can be considered an “in-kind” political contribution to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, which is counting on #BlackLivesMatter to help her win key swing states like North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Ohio.
Do law-abiding citizens have no right to defend themselves against mob attacks? If a family is in their car on the highway and find themselves surrounded by a gang of criminals who have been roaming the streets committing violence, what are they supposed to do?


Why you are supposed to let yourself be killed of course

Update 2: Via Patterico

“Run them down” is sounding more and more like self defense to me.

Update 4: USA today has decided to suspend Glenn for a month, so I’ve decided to block them on twitter and in my web browser for (at least) a month

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The Death of Socrates (1797) by Jacques-Louis David. Socrates was “invited” to kill himself.

by baldilocks

At American Thinker, First Amendment activists Matt Patterson and Lindsey DePasse point to known history, show how to analyze it and how to draw conclusions from it.

The Greek city-state of Athens had no constitutional protections for people who advocated notions radically at odds with prevailing wisdom.

The result: Socrates was put to death for “corrupting” the youth.

Four hundred years later, the Roman province of Judea contained no constitutional protections for wild-eyed preachers who advocated radical alternatives to established political and religious orthodoxies.

The result: Jesus was crucified for claiming to be “King of the Jews.”

Sixteen hundred years later in Italy, there were no constitutional protections for thinkers who discerned profound restructuring of metaphysical realities.

The result: Galileo Galilei was tried and sentenced to house arrest by the Catholic Inquisition for advocating views contrary to Church doctrine.

Four hundred years later, the United States of America did provide constitutional protections of speech and assembly, allowing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to lead a movement that changed laws and expanded liberty for millions.

Socrates, Jesus and Galileo lacked governmental protection to say crazy things. As a result, they were put to death or imprisoned by the government for saying crazy things.

True, Dr. King also met with an untimely end, slain by a fellow citizen who denied him his constitutionally protected freedoms. But the others were killed or imprisoned by the government because they had no constitutionally protected freedoms.

That is all the difference in the world. And it is a difference that Dr. King died for.

Of course, no ancient history is taught in most public schools, much less the simple compare/contrast analysis displayed above. As a result,

A 2015 Pew Research survey found, “Four-in-ten Millennials say the government should be able to prevent people publicly making statements that are offensive to minority groups.”

Let that sink in for a moment: 40 percent of Millennials favor explicit, unconstitutional censorship of “offensive” speech. The same Pew survey found that 35 percent of all Democrats and 33 percent of all women “say the government should be able to curtail speech that is offensive to minorities.”

When the government comes after the First Amendment, look for it to come for the rest. Some argue convincingly that it’s too late. We’ll see.

Related: Condition: Unknown, Unknowns

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game (click on left sidebar image), was published in 2012. Her second novel will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.

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When I saw this story at Yid With Lid

If colleges are indeed training the nation’s future leaders, America is doomed. On Sunday, the Daily Caller reported that Rohini Sethi, a student government leader at the University of Houston, was suspended and ordered to diversity training for engaging in the heinous act of free speech. In this case, the offensive speech was a Facebook post that read, “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.”

…concerning the University of Houston the first thing that came to my mind was this.

I can’t believe in an age when there are so many lawyers out of work that a University is willing to be this stupid.

Granted Universities have become rather insular in their thought to the point where actually educating people on thing that matter has become secondary but I suspect this is going to provide an education to those who attempted to put on this sanction.

Because this type of thing no longer takes place in a vacuum and because of this, the words of a political leader who I suspect is popular with the left, namely “GET IN THEIR FACES AND PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD:” will come into play here.

First we have the story of the persecution of SGA Vice President Rohini Sethi on blogs and conservative sites and college sites from the Daily caller, the college fix, campus reform, college insurrection and campus reform and of course Breitbart News

This means that right about now tens of thousands of conservatives on social media are discovering this story, tweeting about this story and getting outraged over it, which will cause Rohini Sethi who meekly submitted, likely thinking that nobody was with her to realize she is not alone.

Of course that means that among those upset will be Police Unions around the nation will also be discovering this who will pass this along to their members.

Even better this is an issue ready made conservatives both in Texas and for the Donald Trump campaign, all he has to do is send out a single tweet and literally tens of millions will be hounding the University of Texas

And as the Student Government had to pass an “ex post facto” rule to allow her to be sanctioned and that such sanctions involve money this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Which likely means that groups like FIRE will get involved and they tend to get results to wit:

Adams State University will settle a federal lawsuit brought by a former ASU professor who says the school violated his free speech and due process rights when it banned him from campus over blog posts criticizing the university’s pay practices.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado announced in a press release yesterday that ASU agreed to rescind the “No Trespass Order” it enacted against Danny Ledonne and will pay $100,000 to settle the lawsuit the ACLU of Colorado brought on Ledonne’s behalf in February.

Ledonne was banned from campus in October 2015, two days after he began blogging critically about ASU administrators on his Watching Adams blog. Ledonne taught in the Mass Communication department and did media production work for ASU between 2011 and 2015. After ASU didn’t renew his contract in the spring of that year, he launched Watching Adams.

Now it’s very possible that despite all this potential Rohini Sethi might decide to continue to meekly submit in the hope it all goes away.

But I submit and suggest that it’s very likely that she might change her mind and fight and if she does she’ll discover that she has a juggernaut of opinion and law behind her and in the end the only power the University of Houston has is the hope of keeping her intimidated.

Personally If I ran the University of Houston I’d quietly reverse myself now before the storm comes and they get an education.

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DePaul SAC building
DePaul Student Center

By John Ruberry

“Hey there,” I said to a co-worker who is a DePaul student a couple of days ago, “a friend of mine was arrested at your college for videotaping a protest.”

That friend was Jeremy Segal, also known as Rebel Pundit, and he was briefly jailed by the Chicago Police for his alleged crimes.

Are no other crimes in Chicago? I am writing this entry during Memorial Day weekend–as of now 40 people have been shot.

“Oh yeah,” the co-worker replied, “they were protesting that speaker because he wasn’t telling the truth.”

“That speaker” was Milo Yiannopoulos, the tech editor at Breitbart, which of course is a conservative leaning news site.

Outside of some schtick, I’m not aware of anything that Yiannopolous, who is also known as Nero, has said that is false. And while his fight in the Gamergate controversy has been real, it’s also best not to take everything Milo says too seriously, especially since he came to Chicago because Catholic-in-Name-Only DePaul was a stop on his Dangerous Faggot Tour.

However, one of Milo’s alleged falsehoods is his debunking the gender-gap in wages. Click here to read his take on this sacred leftist rallying point.

Nero spoke for about 45 minute–until some whistle-blowing Black Lives Matter radicals took over the stage. After some chanting and screaming, Yiannopolous was forced to end his speech.

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross,” is a quote that has been credited to both Huey Long and Sinclair Lewis.

Ayers and Dohrn Chicago home
Ayers and Dohrn’s Chicago home

Here’s a 21st century version that I am crediting to myself: “When fascism comes to America, it will be to protect people from hearing speech that they don’t like.”

Leftist teachers and professors have conditioned millions of gullible youngsters that statements and ideas that they don’t agree with are in reality offensive and false. The bolder among them–these are the disciples of Barack Obama’s pals Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers–believe such speech should be banned.


Just two days ago a DePaul socialism professor, Shu-Ju Ada Cheng–oops, I meant a sociology professor–claims to have resigned her sinecure over the half-hearted apology from DePaul’s president, the Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, over the Yiannopolous debacle.

But while Nero got his half-baked apology, Cheng burned.

“To believe that universities are simply neutral platforms for ‘equal’ exchanges of ideas, the so-called free speech rooted in the market ideology, is delusional,” she wrote on her Facebook page. This leftist continued, “that positional objectivity ends up reinforcing the exact inequalities and dominant ideologies upon which this institution is built.”

We’ve gone from the Free Speech Movement at the University of California in 1964 to free speech being “delusional” in 2015 at DePaul.

A totalitarian America is not a paranoid fear. Because millions of Americans believe in the putrid radical rubbish being force-fed in schools and colleges.

Are you familiar with the Thomas Klocek case? Click here to read about DePaul’s 2005 attack on Klocek’s free speech rights.

Oh, one more item about Chicago crimes. Milo spoke at the DePaul Student Center, which is pictured on top. Two days before Yiannopoulos’ aborted address two DePaul students were robbed at gunpoint by three assailants a quarter mile from the Student Center–two of the thugs are still at large.

But the cops decided to arrest Rebel Pundit.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

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At DePaul University we once again saw the commitment of the left to the principle of free speech

DePaul University Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos event on Tuesday night. They justified their illiberal actions on grounds that Yiannopoulos’s speech spreads hate and violence—which, incidentally, is true, given that the students retaliated by literally attacking him.

In video footage of the event, a female protester can clearly be seen striking Yiannopoulos in the face. This took place during the Q and A, which was interrupted by the female student and another activist, student Edward Ward. They were joined by ten other irate students. Yiannopoulos’s supporters tried to stop them, and police and security were called.

There was security on hand, but…

neither the police nor campus security did anything to stop the activists. This was ironic, because DePaul had forced the College Republicans to pay several hundred extra dollars for security for the event, according to The College Fix.

The college president responded by sending out an email referring to Yiannopoulos and his ilk as “entertainers” and “self-serving provocateurs”, calling his actions his “shtick” and praised protesters who were: “working to calm each other, and at times, even hold people back from hasty decisions,”

That being said he also had this to say:

“Yesterday’s speaker was invited to speak at DePaul, and those who interrupted the speech were wrong to do so. Universities welcome speakers, give their ideas a respectful hearing, and then respond with additional speech countering the ideas. I was ashamed for DePaul University when I saw a student rip the microphone from the hands of the conference moderator and wave it in the face of our speaker,” he wrote.

Given his attack on Milo’s opinions, praise of protesters and the inactivity of the security that the university required him to pay for the president words ring hollow.

Glenn Reynolds as one suggested effect to this cause:

Sounds like DePaul has created a hostile educational environment on account of race. I hope that some DePaul students file a complaint with the Department of Education, then publicize the response. You know that if the races had been reversed here there would already be feds onsite.

But Charlie Kirk on Twitter notes an effect that is more likely to produce change

The withholding of contributions both big and small is the best way to persuade the university to actively support the principles they claim to hve.

That a Catholic University that has allowed this is an embarrassment to me but I suspect DePaul’s “Catholic” identity these days only exists to attact the dollars of faithful catholics who unlike the Cardinal Newman Society have no idea what DePaul’s has been up to these days.


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As I look at the California Protesters attacking police and burning police cars I find my self thinking of all people Blessed Sister Restituta.

What you’ve never heard of Blessed Sister Restituta? Let me educate you.

She was born Helena Kafka in 1894. Helena was a nurse who inspired by Franciscan Nuns to join their order. She continued as a Nurse eventually becoming lead surgical nurse at Modling Hospital in Vienna at the close of the first World War.

Now one might wonder what an Austrian Franciscan Nun in Nursing has to do with Donald Trump, well that can be answered when you consider their enemies.

The supporters of Donald Trump find themselves having to brave the violence of those who wish to silence him and make any expression of support for Mr. Trump be hidden.

Sister Restituta meanwhile found herself as a faithful Catholic in a regime that had been annexed by Nazi Germany and as the anti-God Nazi regime invaded every aspect of life she had to deal with those who wanted faith silenced.

Sister Restituta was very outspoken in her opposition to the Nazi regime. When a new wing to the hospital was built she hung a crucifix in each of the new rooms. The Nazis demanded that they be removed. Sister Restituta was told she would be dismissed if she did not comply.

She refused. The crucifixes remained on the walls.

Does this sound familiar? If you’ve been following the culture wars it should be. Fortunately for us we have the protections of the 1st Amendment and a history of free expression which helps keep those who wish to suppress the free expression of opinion or religion in check, Sister Restituta was not so lucky.

One of the doctors on staff, a fanatical Nazi, would have none of it. He denounced her to the Party and on Ash Wednesday, 1942, she was arrested by the Gestapo as she came out of the operating room. The charges against her included, “hanging crucifixes, and writing a poem that mocked Hitler.”

The Nazis promptly sentenced her to death by the guillotine for “favouring the enemy and conspiracy to commit high treason.”

It is very likely that none of us will suffer the faith of Sr. Restituta who was beheaded on March 30, 1943 but let me point out something.
There was a time in Austria when if you told people that you would see Nuns beheaded if you let these guys get power they would have said you were crazy.

There was also a time, not long ago, when if you told someone who supported the likely nominee of a major US political party that attending one of his rallies would put your personal safety in danger when people would have said the same.

Now some of our friends on the left, who might not like this kind of thing may find it convenient to keep quiet about this, not wanting to risk chasing away potential voters.

And some of my fellows who don’t support Trump as the GOP nominee might also find it convenient to blame Trump for the violence of these protestors as an easy way to highlight all they find disagreeable with him.

There are two problems with this approach, first ethically it is dishonest and wrong.

But as a practical matter sooner or later these movements eat themselves, ask Troskey, ask Robespierre or ask Cathy Brennan.


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If you want to understand why liberals fear conservatives and why a Curt Schilling must be fired at all cost watch this speech by Bill Whittle at Front Page Mag via Instapundit and Maggie’s farm.

In it he tells the story of his speech at a liberal high school, here is how the story ends

I got an email from them the next day saying the school’s on fire. That’s all they’re talking about. We have a speaker every week. You’re the best speaker we ever had — duh — and they want you to come and do a day, and then he said parenthetically, “We record all of these things, but the Rabbi has deleted your video.” “He did what, now?” “He deleted your video because you made an off-color remark about the school.” “What remark about the school?” “The business about somebody here calling you Hitler.” “Well, he did call me Hitler. Why would I invent that?” He used that as justification to erase the video. He didn’t sequester the video. He didn’t put the video on hold and not drop it and release it until they found out the truth of it. He deleted the video and he deleted the video because I was effective and I had an impact on those kids

That is why the left does its best to silence us, what else can you do when there is no answer to your words? It’s what totalitarians do.

God knows nobody on the left does or cares.

Of all the things that have happened during the Obama years the lack of outrage over what happened to Molly Norris is the thing that , in my opinion, brings more disgrace to us as a nation than any other.

I’m still angry about both what happened to this leftist that I never met and I pray that I never lose that outrage. Because until she can come out of the shadows and live openly in America again we are not a free country.

If you don’t know who Molly Norris is odds are you’re not a regular reader you can find the posts where she is mentioned here.

Cringing to these fellows will never do

Admiral Robert Blake

I have to say I disagree with Donald Trump’s decision to cancel his Chicago rally because of threats of violence and thugs.

If these folks can shut down a Trump Rally unopposed they can do it elsewhere and rewarding this kind of behavior will just bring more of it.

What is the point of a first amendment if this can take place?

Oh and the leaders of these protestors were not only hoping for violence but would absolutely love to see one of their own number shot or killed to create a martyr, after with Democrat turnout down they need to create something to motivate them.

If you think that’s kind of harsh then I submit you haven’t paid attention to how the left operates.

No wonder the left likes Radical Islam so much, they use the same speech suppressing tactics.

CNN spent the night making excuses for thugs, I suspect if they were disrupting a Hillary Clinton rally they’d be outraged


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draw-mohammedAs longtime readers of this blog know I’ve been interested in the case of Molly Norris from the very start:

I call on bloggers today to put up a post proclaiming they remember Molly Norris.

I call on talk radio and Television hosts to mention this anniversary and express their outrage

I call upon our representatives to pass a resolution of outrage over this Fatwa and in support of Molly Norris.

And have stayed angry about it

Every day this stands the first Amendment is desecrated and our rights are become simply words on an old piece of paper. If we don’t fight this and continue to fight it, then not only will we forfeit the rights our forefathers died to bequeath us, but we will have proved ourselves unworthy of those rights.

The failure of the American Public to be outraged over an American Journalist working and living in America forced to go into hiding under an assumed name due to threats from Islamic terrorists is to my mind one should be a matter of personal and Public disgrace to the American People and our media.

Thursday I saw this tweet from Zilla Stevenson

It links to this post at frontpage mag which reminds of this disgrace:

So Molly Norris no longer exists. But whatever name she now goes by, she can’t work as a cartoonist, because a cartoonist’s style is as recognizable as her handwriting – and in any case, what previous work, signed “Molly Norris,” could she submit in applying for jobs? Relatives and friends must worry about meeting with her, or communicating by phone or email, for they have to assume that Muslims determined to find Molly Norris will know who her relatives and friends were before she changed her identity and could conceivably be watching them, hoping they will lead to Molly Norris. She is “in effect, being put into a witness-protection program – except, as she notes, without the government picking up the tab.”

How does she survive? With what handful of people does she allow herself to associate? What kind of life must Molly Norris be living if the government provides no support?

But most disturbing of all is how Molly Norris has been essentially abandoned to her fate, and has had both to “disappear herself” and to endure having “disappeared” from the American public’s consciousness.


And suggests one of the candidates for president do something about it:

Imagine that if even one of the candidates were to talk about her, what good he might do. Let’s imagine what he might say:

We no longer have free speech in this country, because those who are most outspoken about Islam have been threatened with death. Many have been scared into silence, and others have had to change their lives.

Take the case of Molly Norris, forced to go into permanent hiding, and to change her identity, because she dared to suggest an “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” in solidarity with cartoonists in Europe threatened with death for having drawn what we now call MoToons. When she was threatened herself, the most that the American government would do for her was to suggest that she go into hiding. The government did not offer to support her, or to pay for her security: it was “a witness-protection program without the government picking up the tab.”

Now imagine that same candidate brings up the story of Molly Norris at every gathering, forcing the media to report to the broad public what he has to say about her monstrous situation, imprints her story on the public consciousness, causes people to bethink themselves about how our officials have behaved in their insensate determination not to fight but to give in to Muslim threats.

Now the odds of our Democrat friends who will never oppose radical Islam as much as they do republicans are as great as my odds of winning the next Papal election but if either at tonight’s debate or sometime soon one of the GOP candidates, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Donald Trump would bring it up tonight, particularly Trump who the villains at CAIR are attacking.  They would do a positive service both for the country and for free speech.


As long as we remain silent on Molly Norris the image above isn’t a net meme, it’s reality.


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If less than 1/3 of 1% of our February readers this month subscribed at $10 a month we’d have the 114.5 subscribers needed to our annual goal all year without solicitation.

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Is there a sadder headline than this one at Breitbart?

We’re Winning: Rutgers University President Defends Free Speech Following Milo Yiannopoulos Visit

Now don’t get me wrong I’m delighted to see the President of Rutgers defend free speech which said in part:

While I will not defend the content of every opinion expressed by every member of our academic community, or of speakers who we invite to our campus, I will defend their right to speak freely. That freedom is fundamental to our University, our society, and our nation.

But how far have we fallen as a nation when a University president defending free speech as “fundamental to our University, our society, and our nation.”  is news?

I think that fact says more about how far we’ve fallen as a society than anything else an is an indictment of the educational system.

A few days ago after he was banned from Twitter but before his @sextroubleaccount I talked to RS McCain about what his going on with him.
We talked about the possibility that this was part of an election year strategy:  

“Now you’ve seen how this shadow banning where search results are being suppressed. It looks very much like they’re trying to tilt the playing field in an election year when Hillary Clinton is the presumed nominee and feminists have the thumb on one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world”

He compared it to other loss leaders for the left:

It’s like it’s been losing over a mil a year for 20 years and yet the “investors” are willing to do it because it promotes a “progressive” message

He told me that he didn’t find out about his initial banning until he saw a tweet talking about it (I only noticed when my @rsmccain feed wouldn’t load in tweetdeck)

He challenged twitter to show a screen cap of his threatening or abusing anyone while noting that his @sextroubebook account has picked up over 2000 followers in just under 24 hours.

Of course 24 hours later that account was banned too.

I also asked him about how this would be received.  As it was a primary weekend he noted all the political reporters are covering politics but wondered about their lack of interest

people know my number and know people who will get it and you’d think people would call

And perhaps Twitter figured that after a few days everyone would forget the #freestacy business.

But when I talked to him less than an hour ago (I’m typing this as 9:55 AM Thursday) there were two developments the most significant being Denial of Service attacks against his site which were launched today:

when I work up this morning this was going on and it’s intermittent.

He noted the irony in terms of “who is being harassed here”

It’s Ironic that I’m accused of targeted abuse while people responsible for shutting me down are not content with having my twitter account wiped off the face of the earth are attacking my site

he referred to the tactics used against him as DARVO which stands for: Deny, Attack reverse victim , Offender and noted how familiar this all seems:

Dealing with these people is like dealing with Kimberlin, he’s a known sociopath and when you get into a conflict with a sociopath they begin to manipulate the story they become the victim and you become the villain for trying to tell the story about them. You keep telling the truth. Who is being targeted for abuse?

It’s all a question of media bias and unlike folks like me who have their background in stuff like tech (Hence DaTechGuy) media is something Stacy knows as this is his 30th year in the business.

This is the 30th anniversary of my first job as a $4.50 staff right Austell Georgia in cobb county Austell News-Chronicle owned by a local businessman named Lamar.

Ironically Stacy told me Mr. Lamar started his newspaper because he was sick of what he was seeing from the local weekly, so in a sense Stacy McCain cut his teeth on alternate media and media bias:

It’s like media bias everybody has their own opinion on it but nobody asks me even though I’m in the business.

However the 2nd development is the story starting to get out there. In addition to calls from me he’s been contacted by Buzzfeed: “their piece is predictable left” and Debra Saunders who got some minor facts wrong:

“I didn’t out a transgender. It wasn’t a secret that “Sarah” was transgender, Her attacks on 4chan caused people to ask ‘Who is Sarah Butts?’ which caused them to find out who he was…If it hadn’t been for Nyberg’s attempt to silence others nobody would have cared but when somebody has a commercial enterprise online and you try to drive them out of business…

Which is what those going after Stacy McCain are doing, trying to silence him. Ironically he tends to do exactly the opposite:

This is them, trying to silence their critics, I don’t do this to other people, I quote them, that’s what they hate, feminists hate to be quoted.

And now the story is starting to penetrate the MSM (more on that later today) much in the same way that the Anthony Weiner story did, slowly like water on a rock.

Drip Drip Drip.

Fyi you can help by retweeting items in the #freestacy hashtag, writing your local paper, spreading the word on facebook and calling your local talk radio show. Let’s give the Twitter Safety crowd the attention they deserve.

Drip Drip Drip


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Blackadder: Baldrick, have you no idea what “irony” is?
Baldrick: Yes, it’s like “goldy” and “bronzy” only it’s made out of iron.

Black Adder the Third Aim and Amiability

Dominic You:  We need no friends, and fear no enemy
British Captain:  I may have been misinformed I understood Mr. Lafitte was in command at Barataria
Jean LaFitte:  If your offer is good it will stand up under fire

The Buccaneer 1958

Back in the days when I had my radio show I had something called Da Magnificent Panel when I would have 2-3 guests join us to discuss the issue.  As a rule I would always have at least one liberal on these panels.  One of those liberals was a fellow named Mike Hummell who I became acquainted with after his activism concerning the Hostess strike put him in the twitter gulag.  This treatment was the reason why I invited him on my show:

I’ve dealt with more than my share of folks on twitter who would rather throw an insult than make an argument and I don’t hold them in high regard. If your point of view is valid it should be worth defending and able to accept a challenge. As for trying to silence people on twitter let me say underhanded tactics used to silence conservative speech I agree with are just as despicable if they are used to silence liberal speech I disagree with.

If anyone on the right is responsible for this, let me say I’m ashamed of you, you should know better. If you are someone on the left outraged by this I would ask you to show that same outrage the next time someone tries to silence Ann Coulter or my friend Pam Geller.

Either way Mike Hummell is going to be on this Sicilian’s radio show tomorrow, he’s going to make his points concerning the Hostess Strike, I and my co-host will make mine, our callers will make theirs and I’ll trust my listeners to make up their minds. Twitter Gulag or no Twitter Gulag I’ve agreed to have him on and that’s the way it’s going to be.  Period!

I bring this up because as the saga of Stacy McCain’s twitter exile continues one of the things I’ve been most disappointed with has been the relative silence from liberals concerning this matter (I’m not critiquing Mike BTW, I have no idea if he’s aware of the situation and haven’t asked) or the reactions of same.

I’ve argued often that the best way to counter speech you don’t like is more speech and if you’ve seen me on twitter you know that as a rule that barring profanity, nudity or spam it’s very hard to get me to block someone no matter what they are saying.  I’ve always figured that my readers are smart enough to figure out if my arguments hold water against some of the ahem interesting arguments the left makes but when the left chooses to make fools of themselves I WANT people to see it.

I believe the best way to discredit the left is to let people hear what they say in their own words, Ironically that’s the banned Robert Stacy McCain’s MO which gave feminists fits.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.  Ladies and Gentlemen meet Came the Dawn:


As you can see unlike Robert Stacy McCain and myself this is a person who posts on twitter anonymously.  I have no info concerning him or her I don’t know and can’t tell if this is a sock puppet account designed to pad someones numbers, a college student, or a robo account or any of the myriad of other possibilities.

The only reason why I’m aware of his account is it’s one of the few that turned up in the my RSMCCAIN search that was critical of Stacy so it stood in stark contrast so  naturally I took note

this was the first of seven tweets attacking Stacy, “white male entitlementand his readers, two of which are worth noting first of which this initial tweet suggests that said person actually read Stacy’s arguments on his site.

Now while we have no evidence to support that statement other than the tweet itself but let’s presume it’s true. If that’s the case it’s a point for said person because the first step in making an argument is to see the other person’s point of view.

The second tweet that caught my eye was this one:

This tweet mentions “femfreq” who if you read my earlier posts site might recall dubbed suspicion of twitter’s motives as a sign of hatred of women. Thus we can infer that camethedawn agrees with that statement wholeheartedly as if he or she made it him or her self. Of course since we are dealing with an anonymous account for all we know it Could have been made by @camethedawn but I digress.

I found the seven tweets comical at best, but being a person who believes in speech decided to answer said speech with, you guessed it, more speech!

Now give the possibilities available in the rich vocabulary of the English language built over centuries “hilarious” is a mild choice in response to the worldview publicly advanced by @camethedawn who now had the floor.

So how would @camethedawn answer?

Would we see a screencap of one of Stacy’s tweets claiming it was beyond the pale and justified his banning?

Would we see a series of tweets quoting Stacy’s posts (after all @camethedawn claimed to have read them) making the case that his arguments were ad hominem, or weak, or beyond the pale of polite society?

Would we see examples of the claimed “evil” of conservatives in general since there are apparently so many to choose from, the great benefits of the progressive movement that could b displayed for all to see?

Would we see a clever quip, crafted with the skill of a wordsmith taking using the 140 characters of twitter and the grander of the language to show me the fool to the entire world?

Well one of those choices might have been expected if @camethedawn was a conservative, but as @camethedawn is a feminist who attacks #whitemaleprivilege the response to my innocuous tweet is so predictable that it’s almost not necessary to include it.

Yup, I was accused of harassment and muted which is not only a good explanation why @camethedawn tweets anonymously since with the possible exception of twitter’s safety committee or CSULA no sane HR person would consider employing a person of such frail sensibilities in any responsible position but evidence that like Baldrick our liberal friends have no concept of irony since I can’t think of a response that could have made my point better.

Now being that @camethedawn has muted me It’s possible he she or it will never see this post but I’ve taken the liberty of taking a screen shot of the response in case being rightly embarrassed by said tweet suddenly disappears and coupling it an embedded tweet ensures that if the tweet is deleted you dear reader will know it.


While the first instinct is to laugh is Baldrick class (Stacy McCain might for example break out his “crazy cat lady starter kit” image), however if you consider that @camethedawn is a human being who is expected to function in society and deal with all of the normal trials that life brings that laughter quickly turns to pity and then resignation at the number of taxpayers who will be needed to support this person as the years take their toll.

It’s a sobering thought isn’t it?

Of course maybe we might see a 501c3 formed to support @cametedawn, after all apparently it’s working for @femfreq isn’t it

And if you are hopelessly naïve, let me clue you in on the secret of this hustle: Just because an organization is “non-profit” doesn’t mean nobody’s making money. “Feminist Frequency is a 501(c)3 non profit,” Anita’s page says in soliciting tax-deductible contributions for her alleged humanitarian philanthropic enterprise, but how much of this non-profit organization’s annual revenue is paid to Anita Sarkeesian in one form or another? Furthermore, doesn’t Feminist Frequency function as a publicity platform that helps Ms. Sarkeesian get income in other ways that don’t show up on her organization’s Form 990? How much free travel and how many free meals does she get every year? What sort of opportunities can a shrewd opportunist leverage from a 501(c)3 racket like that?


This blog is not a 501(c)3 so unlike Anita Sarkeesian I make no pretence that I’m not trying to make a living around here.

That being said it has been a good couple of days for the blog both in terms of the hits and the tip jar but despite that we’re still $1375 a  22 1/2 days  behind the $61 a day pace that can keep the mortgage and the writers paid.

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This was totally expected


I must confess when Stacy was first banned I presumed it was the act of some overzealous twitter intern over the weekend that would be reversed once pressure was applied.

But It’s been 48 and despite Streisand Effect like attention Twitter has now banned Stacy’s book promotion account after it drew several thousand followers very quickly.

I talked to Stacy Last night (more details tomorrow) and we noted that Twitter’s actions in an election year reminded us of other leftist business like Salon or the endeavors of Tina Brown which habitually hemorrhaged money for their investors but served the purpose of reinforcing the memes of the left in culture meaning that the lost was not so much a financial hardship but an investment in the culture wars.

I submit and suggest that this is what is going on here. Stacy McCain is the test case and with a candidate even worse that John Kerry at the top of the ticket you will see Twitter acting decisively to suppress conservative opinions on their platform and by the time election day rolls around you will see things that will make his banning look like a kiss in the cheek.

Stacy McCain is the test case. Folks it’s time to choose sides

Update: OK I must admit I didn’t expect this:


Because what we really need in this world is a junior star chamber wannabe.

Just got off the phone with Stacy and he read me this email from Twitter:



You’re account was suspended because it was found to be violating the Twitter Rules…specifically our rules around participating in targeted abuse.

You’re account will not be restored.



Now It seems to me that if this is the case they should be able to produce screen caps of said abuse to back up this statement. I’m sure we’d all be delighted to see them.

Or perhaps they are as imaginary as the infamous claims of abuse during the Obamacare debate that oddly no microphone or camera managed to pick up.

Update 2: Twitchy notices and the Fedealist says this:

You get the same impression when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey proclaims that “Twitter stands for freedom of expression, speaking truth to power, and empowering dialogue. That starts with safety.”

No, actually, “freedom of expression” starts with “freedom.” It’s right there at the beginning of the phrase. But by recasting it as an issue of “safety,” Twitter de-emphasizes the “freedom” part and sets up a rationale to limit or ban its users in the name of protecting others.

And so we see, less than two weeks later, a particularly sharp-elbowed and combative critic of feminism getting his account suspended.

and ends with this classic line

Follow Robert on Twitter, until they kick him off.

Hey Dishonorable people gotta act dishonorable.

Update 3: at Instapundit a link to The rise of intollorant liberals

What we have here is nothing less than a new and highly attractive form of illiberalism—an illiberal liberalism, if you will. Intolerance is championed in the name of tolerance, closed-mindedness in the name of open-mindedness, and hatred in the name of compassion. It’s classic double-think, and the deception is precisely the danger. Americans don’t expect liberals to be authoritarian wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are not prepared to be on guard all the time because liberals are supposed to be the good guys—the guardians of freedom of speech and the like.

As the saying goes: Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.

Update 4: PJ media notices something

In truth, we’ve only heard from one side in this dispute. And if someone knows of a liberal figure who has had their account suspended, I’d certainly like to hear it.

But after searching on Google for several minutes, I couldn’t find a single complaint from a liberal who had their account killed. Considering the viciousness and abuse of liberal trolls that’s at least as bad as some conservatives, it would be reasonable to conclude that Twitter is being extremely subjective and partisan in defining “abuse.”

What’s the word UNEXPECTEDLY

Update 5: Stacy posts the email and asks the obvious questions

Well, what is “targeted abuse,” what constitutes “participating” in this behavior, and what are the “rules around” it? Where is the evidence that I have been “violating the Twitter Rules”? Who was “targeted”? What was the nature of the “abuse”? Questions like this multiply, you see, if we can be permitted to ask questions of the arbiters of “Twitter Rules,” but that’s just it: No questions allowed!

“It’s as if the grown-ups left for the weekend,
and the SJW interns are in control.”

This morning, again without explanation, the @SexTroubleBook account — which I created last year to promote my book — was suspended.

Everybody is shocked, shocked!

“Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant,
then it tries to silence good.”

Feminism is evil. But you knew that, right?

Update 6: Actor Adam Baldwin spoke in favor of Stacy

Now his twitter account appears to have been wiped of all tweets but that one.

Update 7: Batteswarm

Actor Adam Baldwin’s verified account appears to have been “shadowbanned” (i.e., his account has not been suspended, but none of his Tweets, except the one he has pinned at top, appear are visible to other users.
Discussion of the current problem and how to fix it. Including “Dismantle the kangaroo court” and “Fire CEO Jack Dorsey.” “The ‘Trust and Safety Council’ was Dorsey’s brainchild, and he’s the one who chose to give it over to political hacks with an axe to grind. In other words, while Twitter’s user base has been leveling off and its share price has been going down in flames, he’s been busy hatching a scheme to drive away even more of its users.” (Hat tip: Stephen Green at Instapundit.)
Conservative writer John Podhoretz’ blue “verified” check-mark on Twitter was breifly removed over the weekend, then restored.
It appears more and more that Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council” should be more properly named “Anita Sarkeesian’s Committee To Ban People Who Say Mean Things About Her.”

Author John Wright:

I do not use Twitter, so it is nothing to me that they have decreed themselves to be an arm of the Democrat Party, and vowed to use all their powers in an election year to belittle, harass, silence, and smother any conservative voices in the public arena.

But please keep in mind. The virulent strain of Political Correctness known as Social Justice Warfare, Fifth Wave Feminism, or Intersectionalism, also known as Morlockery, is hatred, pure and simple.

It is directionless, destructive, and omnivorous. They are not in favor of anything, they just hate you.

Why such creatures are tolerated among civilized men for even an instant is beyond understanding.

and Ace takes a stand

Update 8: Larry Correia too

Un freaking believable

Update 9: Instalanche and a quesiton: If Stacy, Baldwin and Correia were liberals would there be any other story in the MSM today?

Update 10: Not a big fan of Anonymous still (via Redstate)…

GhostSec, a counterterrorism group within the Anonymous collective, which battles ISIS online, issued the following statement:

“Anyone who supports free speech should support Stacy McCain. Censorship has been used throughout history by tyrants and oppressors. McCain simply criticized someone. If this is what led to his suspension, then Twitter’s feet need to be held to the fire until the actions against Yiannopoulos and McCain are reversed.

This is not a partisan issue. You either support free speech or you don’t. If you want free speech for yourself, you have to support free speech for others–including those with whom you disagree.

Quite frankly, anyone who has a meltdown over a difference of opinion is probably better suited to spending their time in a daycare center than on a social media platform through which the exchange of ideas takes place.

GhostSec does not target hateful speech because as unpleasant as it may be, it is still free speech. GhostSec targets illegal speech — threats, propaganda and recruitment attempts by terrorists and their supporters.”

Immediately following the addition of Twitter’s new council, several members of Anonymous, who work on thwarting ISIS online (#OpISIS), also had their Twitter accounts suspended. Many of these Twitter users had been very vocal in their criticism of Twitter’s lax policy in addressing terrorist activity.

Free speech can use all the allies it can get

Update 11:  Now Chris Loesch suddenly gone too? I’m told he’s on “hiatus” I don’t know what that means, surely if he choose to stop tweeting his account would still exist.


I’m told he decided to go completely off line and take time off, I guess we can’t blame this one on twitter.

Update 12:  Adam Baldwin has left Twitter in Protest

Baldwin, who currently stars in the TNT hit show ‘The Last Ship,’ tells Independent Journal Review that Twitter’s new policy of punishing users for speech it finds “offensive” is the reason for his departure from the social platform:

“It’s really a shame that so-called ‘liberal thinkers’ and the so called ‘tolerant crowd’ is intolerant of varying viewpoints. They’re so afraid to hear people disagree with them. Instead of ignoring it or providing their own arguments in return, they say “shut up!”

“I’ve had enough. Twitter is dead to me,” Baldwin tells us, “I’m going to find greener pastures elsewhere and I’m not coming back.”

Me I’m staying until they boot me, why make it easier for them to get rid of conservatives?

Update 13:  Deny Deny Deny: via Batshit crazy news

Of course there isn’t a shred of truth to this perception, but for the people spreading it, the truth is irrelevant. The tweets, blogs and videos are designed to incite rage and enlist more people to join the crusade against me. They are designed to make me out as a powerful enemy of free speech who is determined to crush the expression of any idea she doesn’t agree with, and they conveniently support the perception some have created that I am not a feminist pop culture critic but rather some kind of diabolical supervillain, hell-bent on creating an oppressive society.

This conspiracy and others like it are themselves a manifestation of misogyny, borne out of a deep distrust and hatred of women.

Object to our actions and that’s proof you MUST be a misogynist.

If you told me this would be twitter a week ago I wouldn’t have believed you.

Update 14:  Baldwin’s departure noted by Townhall  & Twitchy and the leftists at Mother Jones celebrate.

Gotta love the left’s love for free speech.

Update 15:  Stacy is not on twitter but there are ways around this to wit…

Update 16: Fake Harassment vs the real thing

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Thug:  You’re Mr. Sherlock Holmes ain’t ya

Sherlock Holmes:  Yes.

Thug:  I wouldn’t come down here if I was you.  This is Limehouse and we don’t fancy you’re sort of bloke in these parts.

Dr. Watson:  the fellow’s absolutely right shouldn’t we…

Sherlock Holmes:  Quiet Watson,This is still a free country a man may walk where he pleases.

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror 1942

It’s a good thing that The Few Sacrificed so much to prevent the Nazi’s from conquering England and installing a government that would punish men for saying what they think.  Perhaps they shouldn’t have bothered.

Police have arrested a 40-year old man in Scotland over a number of allegedly “offensive” Facebook posts about refugees.

Police in Scotland said that a man had been held under the Communications Act, which bans “grossly offensive” and “menacing” posts on online platforms.

Ahhh those quaint old days when England believed in personal freedoms.  Pam Geller is right, the nation that gave us Magna Carta is dead.  Perhaps we should strike the “Great” from Great Britain

That this happened in Scotland is even more interesting,  Can you picture a Scotsman being arrested for speaking his mind?  I’m sure Edward Longshanks would have approved.  No wonder so many Scots came to America.

This is coming to America, have no doubt about it and don’t doubt for a second that there are people on the Supreme Court right now who would go along with it.


When I wrote this post last night I had a 3rd shift job that while not fancy paid the mortgage.

By the time it went up I was laid off and the plan to get out of debt in 2 years in out the window.

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last Tuesday I got into a minor tete a tete with a Hillary Clinton supporter who answered a general tweet I had put out.  She didn’t care for my pointing out Clinton’s use of her sexually predatory husband as a spokesman while hitting Bernie Sanders as a sexist, it was the first post in my “are you kidding me?” series but I digress…

However I bring up the story not because of our exchange but because it was of interest to someone else.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Mr. Woosta


Judging from his self description you will note that we are both from central Massachusetts. As I used to broadcast out of worcester I presume he first found me via my radio show and for a while and for all I know he could be someone I actually know personally, but there is one thing that is rather unique about MrWosta that is different from most other people who I have twitter exchanges with.

He’s been blocked by me.

Anyone who knows me understand this is very atypical behavior for me. Unless a person is a phony account, or a person trolling the #catholic hashtag selling nazi stuff or tweeting nudity or profanity into my timeline I don’t block you, in fact I’m known for purposely not blocking people so that folks can see our full exchanges and judge who is right and who is not based on the facts.

For quite a while Mrwosta and I had regular exchanges, sometimes friendly, sometimes testy but generally respectable although he delighted in trolling my timeline if I said something he disagreed with which I confess I found occasionally annoying.

But if you want to really understand why I blocked him the answer is after the jump but if you look carefully at the post above you might already know why, since apparently he is upset enough to literally be searching my timeline to find exchanges like the one above.

Continue reading “My Gift to MrWosta the explanation he so desires”

Ok so yet another liberal arts college has decided their special snowflakes can not handle a speaker not sanctioned by the left and free speech advocates are upset:

Guy Benson at

This is hysterical, insane nonsense. Having the option of listening to a dissenting voice against the Left’s prevailing orthodoxy on gender roles in no way represents an imposition of harm, let alone “physical harm.” Such intolerant, sub-moronic delirium must be aggressively defied and mocked, not coddled and indulged. Event planners warned Venker that her upcoming address was “stirring a lot of angry reactions among students on campus,” prior to its eventual cancellation. Williams had “never experienced this kind of resistance” to a speaker, she was informed.

Greg Piper at the College Fix

Williams will probably limit its “Uncomfortable Learning” series going forward to speakers with whom students are much more comfortable.

And judging by their patronizing, holier-than-thou attitude, the Record editors aren’t likely to let anyone who intelligently questions the fruits of feminism grace their own pages.

It’s a safe space, after all.

Jonathan Adler at The Washington Post/Volokh Conspiracy

I don’t know enough about Venker to know whether her talk would have been particularly enlightening. But judging from the reaction of some Williams students to the mere prospect that she would speak on campus, it’s quite clear that enlightenment is something Williams desperately needs.

While these critiques and ridicule of Williams College are well deserved it doesn’t solve the problem of how to teach these students to think.

Fortunately there is a rather easy solution.

Williams College Uncomfortable Learning Department should sponsor a public screening of this week’s episode of South Park “Safe Space” and invite its creators to comment on it.

Now South park is a show that has been running or 19 years. It is a pop culture icon. I would be real money that at the very least a significant minority of the students on campus have seen it.

If the episode is shown either with or without the creators it will be a slap in the face to the politically correct on campus that banned Venker, but given songs in the episode like this…

…I suspect that the reaction of those who went absolutely crazy will be most gratifying. I would not be surprised to see them call for both the episode and the South Park creators to not be allowed on campus.

More importantly it’s a no lose situation. If the episode is shown on campus and the creators speak (and such an event is likely to draw huge attendance, it can’t help but bring important free speech issue to the forefront to a group of people who desperately need to hear it.

However if the episode and the creators of South Park are banned the reaction from people completely unaware of Venker but very familiar with South Park will produce a reaction so loud, so uniform and so embarrassing that it will do more good than a million posts by outraged bloggers or stories on the news.

If we’re going to defeat these people let’s fight back using the culture, Andrew Breitbart would


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I know you can get the MSM for nothing, but that’s pretty much what most of them are worth.

By A.P. Dillon

Just last week, I was delving into the politically correct, First Amendment violating battlefields we call college campuses.

This week, we have President Obama condemning the ‘coddling’ of our college kids. Washington Free Beacon captured the meat of Obama’s comments:

“Sometimes there are folks on college campuses who are liberal, and maybe even agree with me on a bunch of issues, who sometimes aren’t listening to the other side, and that’s a problem too,” Obama said. “I’ve heard some college campuses where they don’t want to have a guest speaker who is too conservative or they don’t want to read a book if it has language that is offensive to African Americans or somehow sends a demeaning signal towards women.

“And you know, I’ve got to tell you, I don’t agree with that either. I don’t agree that you, when you become students at colleges, have to be coddled and protected from different points of view. You know, I think you should be able to—anybody who comes to speak to you and you disagree with, you should have an argument with them. But you shouldn’t silence them by saying, ‘You can’t come because I’m too sensitive to hear what you have to say.’ That’s not the way we learn either.”

So, the man whose ‘signature law’, Obamacare, defines children/dependents as people up to 25 years of age, says the same children shouldn’t be protected from different points of view.

‘You shouldn’t silence them’ but you ‘should have an argument with them’.

Like this?







Right.  Got it.

Just like he, master of the bully pulpit, listens to other points of view? No, he ignores them, marginalizes them and and the media assists in punishing them.

New Tone.
Quit listening to Rush Limbaugh.
FOX news.
Do everything I can without Congress.
I won.
Tone Deaf.
Free Stuff.

Those examples are just the ones off the top of my head. There are so many more. A good bet for another one is anytime he’s gone golfing, because that signals he’s recently just ignored someone or some issue, insulted someone or some group.

For more, see Townhall, who just this past Spring did a nice round-up of President Politically Correct’s greatest hits.

Over seven years, the one thing I would never call this President is open-minded to different points of view. He has one view, his.

I would call him a Political Correctness warrior, however, only when it suits his purposes and that’s sadly rather often.

I mean, come on… the man won’t even say the words Islamic Terrorism for crying out loud.

For the love of God, doesn’t anyone remember Attack Watch? Encouraging citizens to spy on their neighbors and report back ‘lies’ about Obama and his administration? Get the facts, fight the smears… anyone?

So here we are coming full circle, in a way because this is not about free speech or having meaningful debates. It is about unleashing social justice warriors college kids into the 2016 debate, because you should argue with your neighbor and get in their face.

DM7 small LL1885A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, and Watchdog Wire NC.
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By A.P. Dillon

College campuses, which should be environments that foster difference of opinion, have become increasingly restrictive when it comes to free speech.  It’s gotten so bad that apparently, at some colleges, the First Amendment is almost non-existent or at least ignored.

At the end of August, The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) produced a video discussing this trend and noted that college campuses (both public and private) had been adopting ‘speech codes’.

nospeechzoneCampuses are now instituting “free speech zones”, which are small and often require students to obtain permits just to use them.

Think about that for a second.  Your child can’t speak their mind at college unless they get permission. The approved narratives must be maintained. Dissent is not permissible.

FIRE found that 54% of public colleges and 59% of private ones were imposing politically correct speech codes on students. FIRE also notes that ‘thanks to Department of Education guidelines’, 100% of colleges may adopt speech codes in the coming years.

FIRE notes this issue has become so bad that they are having to take schools to court to defending the basic First Amendment rights of students.

That’s beyond horrifying.

Let’s look at two cases from my own state, North Carolina.

There’s the case of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) Wrestling coach, C. D. Mock, who was fired after standing up for his son who was falsely accused of rape on a different college campus. Mock spoke out for his son and blogged about what he had learned about the questionable ‘campus rape culture’.

Mock cites that pressure from UNC officials and liberal activists in the area were brought to bear. Excerpt from Mock’s article at the Pope Center:

It is no secret that the administration at UNC greatly opposed my position on their sexual assault policies. Chancellor Carol Folt has been a leader in a national campaign to give accusers unfair advantages in campus proceedings dealing with sexual assault—my stance that the increasing reliance on campus committees and administrators applying affirmative consent standards instead of following due legal process must have rankled her and other key UNC people. 

The local activist community also pushed to have me removed. Liberal pollster and blogger Tom Jensen, by his own admission, wrote to my administration demanding my firing and led a letter writing campaign to do just that. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was fired because my views differed from those at the leadership of UNC as well as some highly political people who had influence on UNC leaders and had absolutely nothing to do with my performance as wrestling coach.

Read the whole piece.

Another recent case revolves around a play at Greensboro college. The play was about “sexual harassment and rape” and college campuses.  The play is called “It Stops Here”.

Apparently comments were yelled at the actors by the audience.

Local media outlet, MyFox8, quotes the stage manager of the play about the comments yelled out:

“Many of the boys started calling out ‘She wanted it, it’s not rape,’ and making masturbation noises,” said Claire Sellers, stage manager for the play.

Those comments yelled out, according to the stage manager, are clearly meant to disrupt the play and could arguably be a form of push back on the ‘campus rape culture’ hyperbole that is being turned into actual policies.

This is heckling. Rather ugly heckling, but still heckling.  You ignore them and move on right?

Wrong. This story gets worse.

“On Thursday, the president of the college sent a letter to students saying that a Title IX investigation had been launched and that the college is pursuing a formal complaint of sexual misconduct.”

Yes, heckling a play is now a subject of a Title IX investigation.  Greensboro college is going after the hecklers for ‘sexual misconduct’.

Shut up, they explained…

DM7 small LL1885A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, and Watchdog Wire NC.
Catch her on Twitter: @LadyLiberty1885

There have been plenty in the media who have argued that the violence like the targeting of Pam Geller’s event in Garland TX or the threat to behead her out Boston anything more than the actions of a small minority and that those who claim Sharia law is something repressive simply do not understand Islam.

By that argument apparently the Government of Saudi Arabia, the keeper of Islam’s most holy sites, simply don’t understand Islam at all:

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has upheld the sentence of 1,000 lashes and 10 years of imprisonment on blogger Raif Badawi, despite a foreign outcry.

Speaking from Canada, his wife Ensaf Haidar told news agency AFP, “this is a final decision that is irrevocable.”

If ONLY someone who actually understands Islam like Chris Cuomo could go to Saudi Arabia and explain the true meaning of Islam to these guys.

Via Althouse


Given my rather loud protestations in defense of Pam Geller’s event in Texas and my excoriation of the DC Metro over their first amendment retreat at this site it would be  a logical assumption that an event like this:

On Friday, May 29, 2015, a group of bikers in Arizona plan to host an anti-Islam demonstration outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. Dubbed as “Freedom of Speech Rally Round 2,” a reference to American blogger Pamela Geller’s ‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoon contest in Garland, Texas earlier this month, the event, organized on Facebook, is described as a “response to the recent attack in Texas where 2 armed terrorists with ties to ISIS, attempted to kill a bunch of people.”

would have my support.  After all it’s in direct response to the attack at Pam Geller’s event and the Islamic center is as the organizer Jon Ritzheimer said “a known place that the 2 terrorist [sic] frequented.” and their attack was religiously based.

But to my mind it is also in direct opposition to the first amendment right of the Muslim Community to worship God as they see fit.

I don’t have an issue with the protest in itself, but the first amendment that protects the bikers right to protest also protects not only the Muslim’s of Phoenix’s religion but the free exercise thereof.

Consider how freely can one worship if you have a large protest taking place outside of your place of worship? How free would a Muslim family feel to take their children to pray in the mosque? How is it any different that if a radical feminist group held a protest in front of a Catholic Church during mass over the church’s stance on Abortion Gay Marriage or Homosexuality?

The first amendment right to worship God as one sees fit is no less sacred than the first amendment right of the bikers to protest.  For all of the breast beating about Pam Geller’s event it didn’t inhibit a single muslim from the free exercise of their religion in any way.

The same can not be said concerning the biker event.

And if a Muslim family might hesitate to attend their regular Friday’s service because of the protest how much more would they hesitate if they read this:

The rally’s organizer, Jon Ritzheimer, has called on the group to “to utilize there [sic] second amendment right at this event just incase our first amendment comes under the much anticipated attack.”

Would you feel safe taking your family to a church under such conditions?

I submit and suggest that an armed group of bikers protesting in front of the Mosque at a time of worship is incompatible to the free exercise of religion as the presence of the Black Panthers at a polling station is to the free exercise of the right to vote.

It’s not only the wrong thing but it’s the dumb thing.  If the event was held at a different time or place the Bikers could highlight a possible terror connection to the mosque that the gunmen in Texas worshiped at.  Instead  the bikers by making them a target of intimidation the Bikers create a propaganda victory for their enemies at home and abroad that they will have no hesitation to exploit.

Today is the birthday of the great Catholic apologist C.K. Chesterton and via Jake Tapper I’m going to quote him

The Bikers protest may be legal, but that doesn’t make it, in my opinion, any less foolish.

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Terrorism is most definitely not a weapon of the weak; it is a weapon used against the weak,” Jeffrey Goldberg points out in his article, and continues,

The cartoonists and writers at Charlie Hebdo never stood a chance against their killers.

The reason that Pamela Geller, who I know and respect (and have always called Pamela, instead of Pam), Robert Spencer, Gert Wilders, Bosch Faswstin, and the attendees of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)  Sunday event in Garland, TX survived the terrorist attack is because the terrorists were met with immediate deadly force.

The media is twisting itself to present the terrorists as weak, as victims of a tragedy. Ponder this headline for a moment, from the Dallas Morning News,

2 Garland shooters’ lives twined to tragic end

The phrasing evokes this,

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life;
Whose misadventur’d piteous overthrows
Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife.

Which is enough to make you want to puke.

In reality, not only did one of the shooters link himself to ISIS in his tweets, the Islamic State claims responsibility for shooting at Texas AFDI/JW free speech event.

I repeat: The IS, perpetrators of a long roster of the most heinous acts of depravity in recent years, is claiming responsibility. Whether they are opportunistic or not, the fact remains that they want to portray themselves as part of it.

Here’s yet another, more important fact: It was because of the heroic reaction of a 60-year-old Garland police officer that the terrorists failed. Bob Owens describes the scene in his article HE PUSHED FORWARD: Brave Garland Police Officer Advanced As He Brought Down Garland Terrorists,

No matter how you break down the details, this was an incredible display of bravery and marksmanship by this 30+ year veteran of the Garland Police Department, who not only resisted the natural urge to create distance between yourself and rifle-armed assailants, but who appears to have done precisely the opposite, and who advanced while firing accurately, bringing the attack to a swift conclusion without a single additional casualty once he brought his weapon to bear.

Determined people with good training and a decent handgun can indeed defeat the most zealous fanatic.

Again, Terrorism is most definitely not a weapon of the weak; it is a weapon used against the weak. I’ll add that an unarmed citizenry is the weakest of all.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s blog.


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Listening to Morning Joe today as person after person agreed that of course Pam Geller has a perfect right to do what she did but questioned the wisdom of doing so suggesting perhaps for the general safety for all concerned maybe it shouldn’t be done.

This message was and continues to b mimicked by practically every MSM segment that has discussed the events in Garland.

Hearing this over and over it struck me that this has cut the Gordon Knot for the Gay Marriage Christian Bakers issue.

Imagine a Gay couple comes into a Christian Bakery asking nay DEMANDING that on pain of the penalty of law they MUST bake a cake for their wedding as is their constitutional right. I can picture the baker smiling sweetly and giving, with profound regret, this answer:

” You know I understand that while I disagree with what you are doing and it violates my faith you certainly have a right to demand a wedding cake from me and I deeply sympathize. But there are Christians, some of them violent and radical like those who have attacked abortion clinics, who would be quite offended if I did so. I can’t take the risk of provoking such people into violence against either you or me.”

I can see the couple protesting that Christians would not do that and the baker smiles and nods but says:

“While it’s true that the vast majority of Catholics an Protestants, while they would be insulted by the my baking your cake would not dream of committing an act of violence in the name of Christ, there is that small violent minority of Christians that the media reminds of us of that we have to consider, after all there is a reason why abortion providers INSIST buffer zones around abortion clinics are necessary. So while I’d certainly like to help you It would be irresponsible of me to knowingly put myself and you in danger from these extremists.”

The MSM the SPLC are constantly telling us how dangerous Christians are, I guess we should take them at their word.

Update: Related Via Glenn Kevin Williamson

There is a mosque in Garland, Texas. It was there yesterday, it’s there today, and it will be there tomorrow. After two radical Muslims attempted to massacre some infidels down the road a bit, there was no angry mob of Texans storming the place with F-350s and rifles.

They’ll be there, never fear, the MSM knows how violents those Crusading Christians are.


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Abdul: What is your name?
Father O’Malley: William O’Malley.
Abdul: I did not call you.
Father O’Malley: You called for all the Jews. I’m Jewish, just like Jesus Christ. You take one, you gotta take us all.

Delta Force 1986

draw-mohammed Continue reading “My Response to Garland: I defy you Murderous Islamic Bastards Again!”

Given what we’ve just seen from Rolling Stone and the media I think this is the perfect time to play this clip of Breitbart’s Q & A at YAF NH

The key quote “I don’t think I could get an interview at the Washington Post and I’m editor in chief at Breitbart.

And that’s the real story, if you aren’t towing the liberal line and aren’t willing to accept liberal mantras at face value the MSM isn’t interested in you.

If you want to know why you should hit DaTipJar, this is it.

By A.P. Dillon

“To learn who rules over you,

simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

What does your higher education dollar buy these days?  Let’s take a campus tour.

At Columbia in New York, you can take classes on Occupy.

At Berkeley in California, students want a building to be named after one of the FBI’s 10 most wanted.

At Cornell in New York you can potentially form an ISIS club and have a ‘freedom fighter’ come ‘train’ you.

Also at Cornell, you can be accused of rape, be expelled and then try to sue the school.

At Appalachain State in North Carolina, ‘privileged’ students are treated to public shaming.

At UVA in Virginia, you can be subjected to a Rolling Stone expose, be accused of rape and then have it turn out to be a “complete crock”.

At the University of Irvine in California, professors can demand the US Flag not be displayed because it symbolizes ‘racism’.  Students took matters into their own hands and removed the flag.

At the University of Austin-Texas in Texas, students were outraged that the school wouldn’t punish students for wearing politically incorrect clothing… OFF CAMPUS.

At the University of Wisconsin in Wisconsin, the Chancellor spends their time lobbying alumni against Governor Scott Walker — all done on the tax payer dime.

At Vanderbuilt University in Tennessee, a Jewish fraternity was painted with Swastikas.

At the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma, the First Amendment was expelled along with some fraternity members that used ‘racially insensitive language’.

Reaching back to 2012, my own alma mater, Syracuse University, was cited for expelling a student over comments they made… on Facebook.  I was sad and ashamed to see the long list of cases involving Syracuse. Not a dime will they ever see from me.

What an ‘education’. We’re in the very best of hands.

Parents, I recommend visiting Instapundit’s Higher Education Bubble posts and Campus Reform’s website regularly to see just what your tuition is paying for.  It wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to the reports at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) either — in particular, the cases dealing with Free Speech.


AP DillonA.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, Watchdog Wire NC

Danish flagBy John Ruberry

Western civilization is under attack by radical Islam.

Two men were murdered yesterday in Copenhagen, Denmark in separate terror shootings, although the now-deceased killer–who as of this writing has not been named–is believed to have been the gunman in both incidents.

The first shooting occurred at the “Art, Blasphemy and the Freedom of Expression Event” held at a café in the Danish capital city. Swedish cartoonist, Lars Vilks, who drew Mohammed as a dog eight years ago, is believed to have been the intended target. Vilks was not harmed, but another man was killed–and three police officers were wounded. Later that night a Jewish man was shot to death when the assassin opened fire at a synagogue–and two other cops were wounded.

Vilks is on al Qaeda’s most-wanted list.

Needless to say, the murderer is almost certainly not a Lutheran.

The murders happened a little more than a month after the jihadists murdered 12 people at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris–the magazine regularly portrayed Muhammad in  satirical cartoon form. Two days later–although a separate terrorist was responsible–four people were murdered at a kosher market in Paris.

Folks–by now a theme should be apparent.Mosque

Now what?

Well, it’s time that Western civilization stand up for itself and avoid milquetoast defenses such as the one offered yesterday by Denmark’s prime minister, “This is not a battle between Islam and the West, and it is not a battle between Muslims and non-Muslims, but a battle between the values of freedom for the individual and a dark ideology.”

Let’s look back to the 19th century when the West wasn’t rooted–if such a thing is possible–by nihilism. The practice of sati in India, when the widow would join the funeral pyre of her husband was widespread until the British decided to end it. The commander-in-chief of colonial India, Sir Charles James Napier, had this to say:

Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.

Denmark–and the rest of the West–needs to defiantly stand up and define itself to the rest of the world and also to its still small Muslim minorities living within.

There is hope. Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo murders, the Morroco-born mayor of a Netherlands city advised those who are offended by Western free expression to “pack your bags and leave.”

That’s a great idea.

UPDATE 7:00pm EST: The killer has been identified as Omar El-Hussein.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

JB Books: I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people & I require the same from them.

The Shootist 1976

Cardinal: Now — you will stay in the Comfy Chair until lunchtime, with only a cup of coffee at 11.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus The Spanish Inquisition 1970

This weekend Sally Kohn made an amazing discovery, the fact that just because one has the ability to offend, it doesn’t mean one should do so for the sake of offending:

Of course, I unequivocally support the right to free speech. Period. And I also believe in choosing to exercise that right responsibly and respectfully. That’s why I would not have published cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed, insulting 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide in the process (and no, I wouldn’t have published many of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons insulting Judaism and Christianity, either).

Now this isn’t all that different for something I’ve said in the past. I’m not a fan of having my religion insulted and I’ve taken part in public steps to prevent such insults.

But while Ms. Cohen gives her screed on the subject she takes the time to build an interesting straw man of moral equivalence, first in terms of religious texts:

Unfortunately, there are some in the West who think all of Islam is tainted, and who — despite there being plenty of violence and intolerance in the texts and histories of Judaism and Christianity

The key word being “History” you have to go back a very long time to find,  for example, a pope endorsing violence, and the definition of “intolerance” is very flexible.

But that point pales against the favorite straw man of the left.

Sadly, I have to wonder if Charlie Hebdo had been attacked for cartoons insulting Christians, whether there would be a similar outpouring in support of the magazine, especially in the United States. After all, many of the same people outraged just a month ago about the alleged “War on Christmas” have no qualms about launching a “War on Islam” because, well, it’s not their religion being mischaracterized and insulted.

Here Ms. Cohn manages to beclown herself without even realizing it because her very hypotheticals disprove her entire point.

Ms. Kohn notes that Charlie Hibdo did in fact produce highly insulting, one might even say blasphemous cartoons insulting Catholics.

Yet in all that time where is the hint that Catholics were taking any action to harm them for doing so?  Was there any moment that anyone at that magazine feared they would be subjected to even as mild a punishment as the soft cushions or the comfy chair?

Meanwhile she gives a hypothetical concerning the “War on Christmas” but that very act demolishes her point, because if she HAD an example of those who like me object to the left’s War on Christmas taking violent action in any way supporting such provocative action she would produce it.

So the bottom line, for all her moral equivalence and argument not even liberal icon Sally Kohn expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Closing thought: I don’t seem to recall Ms.Kohn or any of her ilk giving speeches about free speech and responsibility when the Catholic Church was the target of such insult by Charlie Hebdo or anyone else.

I wonder why?


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Mortimer Brewster: Aunt Abby, how can I believe you? There are twelve men down in the cellar and you admit you poisoned them.
Aunt Abby Brewster: Yes, I did. But you don’t think I’d stoop to telling a fib?

Arsenic and Old Lace 1944

Wasn’t it just a few years ago when the Government of Canada was doing it’s best to repress Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant for daring to suggest that  maybe, just maybe Jihadist type might be a danger?

And then we see this headline in Canada:

Attack on Ottawa: PM Harper cites terrorist motive

I thoroughly condemn the attacks on Canada by Islamists. Not only are they evil, barbaric and contrary to the laws of was,but given all that Canada did to stop people from speaking out against radical Islam it shows a profound ingratitude.

And that’s just beyond the pale.

Closing thought: It’s a damn good thing Canada did all it could to stop people who tried to warn them about Islamic terror or something even worse might have happened.

Update:  RS McCain:

We learn that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the terrorist killed in his attack Thursday on the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa, was both mentally ill and a convert to Islam:

Well that would explain it, he’s crazy.  Why else would a muslim attack a country that has been so protective of Islamic radicals within it’s borders?  I mean, it’s just not cricket.

Update 2:  I should point out neither Pam Geller nor Robert Spencer had an easy time in Canada either.

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By Steve Eggleston

If one were to distill the liberal method to a short series of steps, it would look something like this:

  1. Never, EVER accept a contrarian law, constitutional provision, prevailing public opinion, or even a court ruling as final.
  2. Use whatever means necessary to get a win at some level, even if it means being blatant hypocrites.
  3. When you get that win, use every means possible to expand that win to every level. Specifically, declare the issue “settled” and declare the opponents of the “settled” win as unworthy of being part of “polite society”.
  4. Rinse, lather, and repeat when you change your mind on the issue being “settled”, conveniently ignoring that you declared it “settled”.
  5. The holy grail of the Left has been to silence their opposition. They thought they finally managed to do that with the passage of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Liberal Protection Act, but the Supreme Court has become increasingly protective of the First Amendment.

    There are four tracks the Left have been taking in response. The first is something I’m convinced they would rather not do – actually amend the Constitution to give them the power to shut up their opposition. The Left tends to prefer to use more-fungible means, especially court rulings, so that their tactics cannot be used against them by those who believe in the rule of law rather than the rule of Lawgivers-In-Black.

    The second track is to try to criminalize what they successfully have done when conservatives and Republicans become more successful at it. That is the heart of what has been happening in Wisconsin, where the Democrat persecutors (no, I will not honor them with the “prosecutor” noun) ignored the unprecedented coordination between the Democrat Party, liberal groups agitating for the recall of Governor Scott Walker and most of the Republicans in the state Senate, and the candidates who eventually ran in pursuit of shutting up Walker and the conservative groups that back him.

    The third track is to use the power of the executive branch to harass the Tea Party movement out of existence. The IRS targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status is merely the most-visible part. The leaders of some of the groups also “mysteriously” came under increased scrutiny of other federal executive agencies.

    When all else fails, they retreat to what federal Judge Rudolph Randa, who is hearing the federal lawsuit against the Wisconsin persecutors described as seeking “refuge in the Court of Public Opinion”. It’s actually the Court of the Media, but even there they seem to be losing. After a breathless day of the Presstorian Guard of the Democrat Party aping the persecutors’ theory of a nationwide “criminal scheme” while ignoring the fact that the presiding judge in the John Doe investigation, Judge Gregory Peterson, found no probable cause that any crime was committed and that Judge Randa found that, since Eric O’Keefe and the Wisconsin Club for Growth were likely to succeed in their lawsuit, he issued an injunction stopping the legal phase of the persecution, Vox “vox-splained” that “no charges have been filed against anyone, and none appear imminent”.


Truth, even unto its innermost parts

Brandeis University Motto

As you likely know Brandeis University has withdrawn an honorary degree from Ayaan Hirsi Ali and uninvited her to speak at next month’s commencement.

 I’m old enough to remember the days when a Black African  atheist feminist as a recipient for an honorary degree would be a gimme for any liberal university.

Not anymore

I’m old enough to remember when a woman who critiqued a religion that doesn’t allow women to be ministers, that allows a man to divorce a woman by simply say “I divorce you” three times and that counts a woman testimony as half the value of a man’s would be cheered by any liberal faculty.

Not anymore

For Brandeis University those values can’t compete with their fear of offending Islam and the Saudi dollars that fund CAIR.

Now if she had critiqued the Catholic Church in the way she has hit Islam,  the faculty would have carried her to the  commencement day podium on their shoulders but when your convictions involve no risk it’s easy to critique an organization, a religion or an individual.

Ms Ali is not of that sort

Mark Steyn told us the sort she is

She lives under armed guard and was forced to abandon the Netherlands because quite a lot of people want to kill her. And not in the desultory behead-the-enemies-of-Islam you-will-die-infidel pro forma death-threats-R-us way that many of us have perforce gotten used to in recent years: her great friend and professional collaborator was murdered in the streets of Amsterdam by a man who shot him eight times, attempted to decapitate him, and then drove into his chest two knives, pinning to what was left of him a five-page note pledging to do the same to her.


Most people would run and hide under such a threat, not Ali

After the threats against the Comedy Central show South Park the other week, Ms. Hirsi Ali turned up on CNN to say that the best defence against Islamic intimidation is for us all to stand together and thereby “share the risk.” But, around the world, every single translator of her books has insisted on total anonymity. When push comes to shove, very few are willing to share the risk.

In London, the historian Andrew Roberts calls her “the bravest woman I know”. I agree. There’s nothing hypothetical about the danger she lives with.

so it’s no surprised that she has nothing but disdain for Brandeis’ cowardice: 

What was initially intended as an honor has now devolved into a moment of shaming. Yet the slur on my reputation is not the worst aspect of this episode. More deplorable is that an institution set up on the basis of religious freedom should today so deeply betray its own founding principles. The “spirit of free expression” referred to in the Brandeis statement has been stifled here, as my critics have achieved their objective of preventing me from addressing the graduating Class of 2014. Neither Brandeis nor my critics knew or even inquired as to what I might say. They simply wanted me to be silenced. I regret that very much.

Some have asked the obvious question:

Who will speak for Morsal, a German Afghani young woman of 16, stabbed twenty-times in a parking lot by her brother? Who will speak for Rasha Abu Arra killed in the West Bank in a so-called “honor killing.” She was a mother of six children and her body was left hanging on a tree. She could not exercise her right to free speech. She could not exercise her right to disagree. She could not exercise her right to freely express. So who will speak for her? Will you speak for her? Or are the petty hurt feelings of dissenting naysayers worth more than her life?

Ah the innocence of youth.  Our friends on the left aren’t interested in who speaks for these ladies, certainly not when those calling for silence are backed by Saudi oil dollars and the physical threats that radical Islam brings.

Rather as Michael Graham notes the left will only learn one thing from this:

If the era of Obama, liberals have embraced their inner fascists. The only lesson they’ll learn from Brandeis’s shameful behavior is that it worked.

The greatest irony of the radicals of the 60’s is this.  They disdained the values of their father and grandfathers, the greatest generation that saved the world from a tyranny that would have engulfed it because they convinced themselves they were better, smarter and more enlightened that the generations that came before them.

Instead given the seats of power that they once protested against, they have proven themselves at best the cowards that their grandparents never were and at worst no better than the totalitarians that they fought.

I suspect the irony is not lost on them and that they will continue to spend the rest of their lives trying to convince themselves it isn’t so.


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draw-mohammedDo you remember Molly Norris?

She was the Seattle Cartoonist who suggested ” Everybody draw Mohammad Day” to protest the restriction of speech.

It wasn’t long before a FATWA was put out on her, She apologized for her actions but it didn’t matter. As far as radical Islam was concerned she had blasphemed, she went into hiding for fear of her life and remains so to this day.

Nobody in the MSM found that newsworthy enough to care.

This came to mind when I heard about Brendan Eich who was just forced out as CEO of Mozilla 

Eich isn’t another CEO,  he is the man who he created Javascript.

But those credentials were not good enough. You see six years ago he donated $1000 to the campaign to pass Proposition 8 which outlawed Gay Marriage in California or would have if a judge had not overturned it.

That donation when brought to the press brought a roar of media & activist generated uproar.

Mind you Mr. Eich’s position was not unique 7,001,084 voted to pass the law and at the time of his donation he had the  same position on gay marriage as Barack Obama did.

But that didn’t matter so Mozilla today issued this statement on their blog:

Brendan Eich has chosen to step down from his role as CEO. He’s made this decision for Mozilla and our community.

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality.

The irony of course being they are saying this while not allowing comments on the post where the announcement takes place.

Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.

Actually it’s not hard at all, you simply base your hiring decisions on qualifications nothing more.

But that not the point, it doesn’t matter if 100 like Andrew Sullivan get a sudden pan of conscience or 100,000 like Patterico and Moe Lane uninstall firefox for an alternative browserthis like the Molly Norris case is all about intimidation

the Prop 8 donor list has already been used as a blacklist to ruin other lives and careers.  Vote the wrong way, and the brownshirts come for you, simple as that.

The only difference between the pair is the removal of Mr. Eich was done without threats of violence, but rest assured those days are not far away.

Count on it

Final thought:  If I was a young ambitious lawyer looking for a big payday and publicity I’d find a few Christians in companies like this willing to sue for the creation of a “hostile work environment”.    You will be amazed at how fast the worm will turn once companies realize they are susceptive to such suits from a pool of people who represents 77% of the population of the country.

Update: Byron Preston gets it.

“It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean. They’d go in to a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them.

“Then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”

Update 2: Fausta opines


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Sir Humphrey Appleby: East Yemen, isn’t that a democracy?

Sir Richard Wharton: Its full name is the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of East Yemen.

Sir Humphrey Appleby: Ah I see, so it’s a communist dictatorship.

Yes Prime Minister A Victory for Democracy 1986

The freedom of the press does not discriminate amongst groups or individuals—it applies to all Americans.

Senators Cruz, Lee, Cornyn & Sessions on S 987

As we watch the spectacle of the mainstream media decide which internal investigations are believable (White House investigations on Benghazi & the IRS scandal) and which are not (Chris Christie Bridge Scandal) the Senate Judiciary Committee is advancing a bill “The Free Flow of Information Act of 2013” (S.987) that supposedly enhances freedom of the press by providing journalists with a legal shield in order to keep them from being forced to testify concerning sources.

While the actions of this administration might suggest a need of such a law, there is a huge catch in this bill that’s getting little play.  In order to determine who gets this shield privilege the bill devotes seven pages to define who a “journalist” and who is not.

In other words, this bill codifies the government’s the power to decide who is a legitimate journalist and who is not,  in effect licensing journalists.

With such a law, easily amended in place, an administration could dictate coverage, advancing rewards and confirming punishment on the favored few, it could advance the stories it wants while pushing others less favorable to the back of the bus.  The implications of such power in staggering.

Picture for example if a Bill Clinton justice department could have eliminated the journalistic license of a Matt Drudge when he broke the Monica Lewinsky story that Newsweek refused to, or threatening the license of any journalist who covered it?

Picture a Richard Nixon justice department doing the same  with a Woodward or a Bernstein on national security or other grounds and being able to threaten the Washington Post if they continued to employ them.

To some degree this is already happening.  We’ve seen “legitimate media” bury the resignation of the Speaker of the RI house, (FBI Raid) the Mayor of Charlotte NC (Bribery Scandal) and CA Senator, Gun Control advocate & Candidate for Sec of State Leland Yee arrested and charged with gun running all involving the President’s party which they overwhelmingly support while preempting  a press conference by said President for one involving charges against a member of the party they oppose over the closing of lanes on a highway.

If the media is already ignoring or downplaying legitimate stores without an official government imprimatur, how much worse will it be when the government has the power to decide what press is legitimate and confer rights and privileges accordingly?

In an environment where opponents of the administration have been persecuted , laws have been altered by fiat or selectively enforced, do you really trust the government to decide what journalism is legit and what is not?

And if you are a person of the left  do you trust your political opponents to use such power with restraint?  Are you really willing to take that chance?

A bill like S987 should never be law in a land of free people.  The use of such acts as “The Free Flow of Information Act of 2013” or as I call it “The Putin Press Bill” should be left to the likes of a Vladimir Putin, Assad or Kim Jong-Un in whose odious hands such laws belong.


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By A.P. Dillon

Earlier this week, Jimmy Carter bemoaned that he felt that every email he sent was being monitored.


Given his irrelevance these days, if his email is being monitored one has to wonder how bored the NSA agent is reading them.  The former President stopped short of accusing President Obama of anything, of course:

The 89-year-old said the National Security Agency and others have abused the argument that gathering intelligence is critical to homeland security.

“That has been extremely liberalized and, I think, abused by our own intelligence agencies,” Carter said.

The 39th president, however, stopped short of criticizing No. 44 over the handling of the N.S.A. scandal, the crisis in Ukraine or anything else.

“I don’t have any criticism of him,” Carter said of Obama.

He was asked if the president ever asks him for advice.

“Unfortunately, the answer is no,” Carter said. “President Obama doesn’t. But previous presidents have called on me and the Carter Center to take action.”

Why not Obama?

“That’s a hard question for me to answer, you know, with complete candor,” he said. “I think the problem was that in dealing with the issue of peace between Israel and Egypt, the Carter Center [took] a very strong and public position of equal treatment between the Palestinians and the Israelis. And I think this was a sensitive area in which the president didn’t want to be involved.” – Yahoo News

“And I think this was a sensitive area in which the president didn’t want to be involved.”   Gee, because it’s not his JOB or anything right? Oh, I forgot, he gets all his information from the newspapers – my bad.



So, we’re being spied on. Who hasn’t figured that out yet? Cue the outraged Dianne Feinstein and then cry me a river. CIA, NSA… they’re apparently listening and scanning us all. Reminder: No one is listening to your phone calls.
Where’s the media? Oh, they are probably spooning with their Obama administration spouses. Not one of them seems to be too concerned as they laud Michelle Obama’s speech in China… while reporting it from the United States because she blocked them from coming.

The First Amendment is becoming a doormat on which our government and this administration casually wipe their feet off on daily.  Our media used to be skeptical and questioning of government, but now is subservient and loyal to it. The media is not to be trusted anymore and that is a scary statement to make in the nation held up as the world’s role model for freedom and liberty.

I wrote about this assault on free speech years ago when I first began writing.

I repeated it — in DETAIL. 

Now it’s a reality that our First Amendment is being subverted by our government in a multi-agency effort with the helping hand of a compliant, friendly media. Welcome to the United States of Spying.


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AP DillonA.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.


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Today I’d like you all to shut up. Yes, I just said shut up. I’d like to open with a flashback from Andrew Klavan from four years ago:


Shut Up.
It’s the main tactic of the Left and has been for some time now. A tactic I and others have dubbed “Shutuppery”. Shutuppery, like most silencing tactics, has its roots in Political Correctness. For those of you not familiar with the story about how Shutuppery was employed on yours truly, let me summarize for you.

I was doxed a few months ago by a group of “democrat recruiters” on Twitter alongside fellow blogger Sister Toldjah.  This was done with the express purpose of getting me to shut up.  The full details can be reviewed in my article, #Shutuppery and the Drums of War, wherein Stacy McCain came out firing with both barrels in our defense. Twitchy was not far behind in covering the story.


Shutuppery On The Federal Level

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s talk a moment about the move to employ Shutuppery to bloggers in general. I’m talking about the proposed Media Shield Law being floated in the Senate. The law, in essence, would create a rent-seeking class of journalists as the government would be able to pick and choose who qualifies as ‘real reporters’. Not shocking is that this bill is co-sponsored by Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham. Diane Feinstein is also on board as Doug Ross observes:

Senator Diane Feinstein has taken up the fight for truth and liberty, just as she has done for health care and the widespread disarmament of American citizens.

This month Congress has been debating a new media shield law, which according to its authors, aims to protect journalists and bloggers from being forced to testify about their work should their sources or information come into question.

But Diane Feinstein has refused to support the bill, noting that the law would essentially grant this shield privilege to anyone who chooses to share their opinion on the internet (including those pajama sporting bloggers and news aggregators working out of their basements).

But because freedom of speech, as interpreted by Feinstein, is nothing more than a privilege granted to us by her and her ilk in Congress, she has taken steps to ensure that only those journalists sanctioned by the government will be protected by the new shield laws.

Read the whole thing.

Going one step further, Feinstein has outright said she does not believe bloggers to be ‘real reporters’ and seemingly believes the First Amendment does not apply to all citizens.  In short, Sen. Feinstein wants to regulate the right to free speech. This is Shutuppery on a breathtaking scale.


Most Shutuppery Transparent Administration Ever

Now consider the lengths to which this administration has gone after those who, according to Schumer and company, would likely be ‘real reporters’. The most transparent administration in history has a chilling record of employing Shutuppery when it comes to the press, including secretly pulling phone records and spying on them. One has to take pause when an administration is actively seeking to silence the media which has so ardently defended them over the last four years.

Reminder: By the way, the guy who made the YouTube video that didn’t cause Benghazi just got a year in jail.

Related Read: Free Speech In Obama’s America

Indeed, the President himself launched an assault on Bloggers back in October when the government Shut Down ended.  In his press conference, Obama employed Shutuppery, statingall of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict…

This from the man who never lets a good crisis go to waste.

Remember Obama’s verbal attack on bloggers when media shield comes back up and gov’t argues why it should decide who is a “journalist.”

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) October 17, 2013


@DLoesch That immediately came to mind the moment I heard what he said. #Shutuppery on the Federal Level. — LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) October 17, 2013


Shutuppery On The State Level

A case to also consider, which hasn’t gotten a lot of attention is that of Jana Winter.  It would probably be naive to think there wasn’t any pressure being exerted from higher up on this case. Via Business Insider:

The 16-month saga of Fox News reporter Jana Winter is about to reach its boiling point on Tuesday, when the New York Court of Appeals will decide whether a New York state law protects Winter from revealing confidential sources in her reporting on accused Aurora, Colo., theater shooter James Holmes. 

On July 25, 2012, Winter wrote an exclusive story that detailed a chilling notebook Holmes mailed to a University of Colorado psychologist that was “full of details about how he was going to kill people.” That came before he allegedly killed 12 people and injured dozens in a shooting during a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20, 2012.

The problem is that the notebook wasn’t intended to be public, and the defense contends that its release is interfering with their ability to get a fair trial. They want her to testify at a hearing that would get to the bottom of who leaked the information in the notebook.

Now, the New York Court of Appeals’ decision as to whether Winter will be compelled to testify could have a profound effect on newsgathering and protections for journalists — all in the name of doing their job.

Update: Court rules Winters cannot be forced to reveal sources

Think about this. A reporter with supposed protections is now being railroaded because authorities couldn’t shake loose her sources on their own. The proposed Media Shield Law would make certain there was no struggle, because if they can already do this to Winter – a credentialed employee of FOX news – they can do it to anyone.

There’s a cottage industry working to label reporting and reporters that they wish to squelch as “controversial.” It’s a clever PR tactic… — Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) December 10, 2013

But as soon as they think you recognize it, they’ll change it up. People are getting paid a lot of money to work on these tactics.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) December 10, 2013


By the way, if you live in Maryland and are a reporter or blogger, starting in 2014 you will need to undergo an extensive background check if you are going to cover the General Assembly.  No, not kidding.

In conclusion, I refer back to the opening of this article and political correctness with a quote from Theodore Dalrymple:

“Political correctness is communist propaganda. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

Or shorter: “Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” Charlton Heston 

It would follow that Shutuppery is tyranny without manners.  Anyway, just shut up.




A.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon’s writing can also be found at, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

Today Popehat once again put out a long and detailed post demolishing Brett Kimberlin, his tactics, his RICO suit, etc in some detail, a peek:

Brett Kimberlin doesn’t mention those careful qualifications in his complaint because they contradict his narrative and because Brett Kimberlin, a convicted perjurer, is a dishonest person.

I don’t know who swatted these people. I don’t know whether it was Kimberlin, or whether it was someone acting at Kimberlin’s behest, or whether it was an admirer or associate of Kimberlin acting with or without his knowledge. I do know that people who write about Brett Kimberlin have soon thereafter gotten swatted. And I know that the evidence amassed by people like Patrick Frey and Aaron Walker is more than sufficient for a reasonable person to suspect Kimberlin was involved. That’s an opinion. Like Walker’s and Frey’s opinions and the opinions of the other people he has sued, it’s protected by the First Amendment. As I explained in my post about Kimberlin’s state case, laying out facts and then drawing or inviting conclusions based on those disclosed facts is classic protected opinion. If Kimberlin wants to prove that’s defamation, he has to show that the facts, not the conclusion, are false — something he has conspicuously failed to do.

Stacy McCain expanded bluntly on the matter

That’s important to understanding why it is not defamation to call Brett Kimberlin “evil.” Having been convicted of federal crimes, Brett Kimberlin has spent more than three decades defaming the victims of his crimes, defaming the law enforcement officials who apprehended and prosecuted him for those crimes, and defaming the witnesses who testified against him. He is an infamous liar.

Stacy knows excellent writing and suggests you peruse Ken’s masterful missive but if you are busy, and have say only 10 seconds to comprehend the wrongness of Brett Kimberlin’s claims, here is a condensed argument that succinctly and accurately describes the merits of Kimberlin’s RICO case and arguments as only a Sicilian can.

Not as detailed as Ken, but it makes the point.

Update: Not as long as PopeHat or as short as Vinnie but Patterio explains it in three sentences:

That means that, according to convicted bomber and perjurer Brett Kimberlin, all of the defendants — Michelle Malkin, Erick Erickson, James O’Keefe, Glenn Beck, Patterico, and the others — are criminal racketeers.

Let that sink in. Brett Kimberlin is calling us criminals.

Sounds like I’m kidding, doesn’t it? Except I’m not.

Yup that’s about it.

Yesterday the president of the united states had something to say in the wake of the government shutdown, a warning to the American people against an incredible danger to them:

And now that the government has reopened and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do, and that’s grow this economy, create good jobs, strengthen the middle class, educate our kids, lay the foundation for broad-based prosperity and get our fiscal house in order for the long haul. That’s why we’re here. That should be our focus.

I am not a lobbyist nor a professional activist.

But I am a blogger and while I don’t have the reach of Rush, or Hannity or Dana Loesch I am a “talking head” on radio so I fit two of those categories.

So to all of you who might not have realized it according to the White House this:

The face of terror

…is the face of Terror.

Who woulda thunk a fat guy with a broken hand and a Dr. Who scarf as a sling could be such a danger to the republic?

Update: Treacher

The only guy angrier than a leftist who just lost is a leftist who just won. It’s not enough that he got what he wanted. He’s seething that anybody has the gall to oppose his decrees.

I love being scolded by an autocrat who just got done calling anybody who disagrees with him a hostage-taker, and then turns around and says $#!+ like, “We don’t have to suggest that the other side doesn’t love this country.” See, it isn’t incredibly ugly, hyperpartisan rhetoric when he says it.

Dr. Evil:   One Million Dollars

Austin Powers Man of Mystery  1997

So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
You will find it better policy to say: —

“We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost;
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
And the nation that pays it is lost!”

Rudyard Kipling: DaneGeld

The Brett Kimberlin lawsuit against a variety of bloggers seems on paper to be a brilliant move. For Kimberlin there is little or no effort while the risks for the bloggers seem dire. As he himself put it:

“I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money[.]”

Given that situation it would seem logical that the bloggers who Mr. Kimberlin is trying to silence might decide to back off.

They’re certainly not going to put up web sites saying things like this:

Who is Brett Kimberlin?

Drug Dealer, Bomber and Litigious Litigant

Kimberlin is the notorious “Speedway Bomber.” Born in 1954, he was 24 when he set off a string of daily bombs in the small town of Speedway, Indiana, terrorizing the town. However, his violent criminal behavior didn’t begin nor did it end with the bombings. Currently, on parole Kimberlin is using the court system to once again harass his victims.

or have websites up called

and they certainly aren’t going to be keeping much of an eye on Kimberlin allies

Yeah, $200 for “full service,” and you were advertising yourself on Craigslist under the name “Lisa,” but you’ve never been paid to write about politics and never written under a pseudonym?

We should trust you, because you’re mentally ill. And a prostitute.

Yeah this is going to work out perfect for Kimberlin, the bloggers are going to lay down in fear and their fellows won’t dare link or talk of it at all no chance of the Streisand effect here.

Why those bloggers are no more going to stand up and keep on fighting than a person can win a million bucks on the Price is Right.

Update: And nobody will link to this

Kimberlin’s progressive supporters have actually bragged online that anyone who writes about Kimberlin’s lawsuit against us might be sued, too. That’s right: Link my blog, quote my blog, and you could be added as a defendant in Kimberlin v. Walker, et al.

or this either

Bryan: I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Taken 2008

There are quite a few people on the left who I almost totally disagree with but we still get along. Dominic Nanni, Maxine Baptiste is another, but the longest debates I have tend to be with a fellow by the name of Mike Hummell.

My lead post today was delayed by many things but one of them was a debate with Mike over Syria that started with an interesting tweet from yesterday that I didn’t notice till today:

the gist of his argument was that this was skilled diplomacy by the president. We had a rather long exchange that included a tweet that I couldn’t believe could be said with a straight face


You should check out the entire exchange, you will see vastly different opinions on Syria and some strong words but there is one thing you won’t see from either Mike or Me during its course…

…any attempt to suppress the other.

That’s because for all our disagreements we respect each other basic rights as Americans. Just as important it demonstrates we have enough faith in our own positions that we do not fear others expressing theirs and considering them and if others find Mike’s opinion on Obama diplomatic skill as I do, or think I am just pushing a right wing meme and we get some mocking, no big deal, we are big boys and can handle it.

That’s the type of debate on twitter that makes it worthwhile. Unfortunately my friend Stacy McCain is seeing something else.

We all occasionally get fake tweets and/or followers they tend to be used to try and promote a link or install spam. Today Stacy Got something very different.

He explains what is going on in a post today:

Go out to smoke a cigarette, come back 10 minutes later and there’s the message: “You have 863 new followers!”

Why is this bad, this is why

Evidently, this tactic is used to try to get someone’s account suspended: A troll buys fake followers for his targeted enemy’s account, which then makes it easier to then get the target account suspended. Considering that I’ve got 20,000+ real Twitter followers and run a high-activity feed, the troll had to buy thousands of fake followers in this sabotage effort, and they need to be deprived of this resource..

If one or two people are targeting an account it’s hard to get it suspended. But if suddenly THOUSANDS do so then the twitter guys are most likely to suspend now and ask questions later. This shows a fundamental disrespect not only for the basic rights of Americans but of sheer fear. You can’t out argue a foe or defend your own position so you attempt to destroy them. It is disgusting, dishonorable and despicable. My friend Mike above might be wrong but he’s worth a million of any of the people who have done this. Who might use such tactics, well there is a clue:

Inquiries were made, and it turns out that this same troll-tactic harassment phenomenon has also been used in recent days against the Twitter accounts of John Hoge and Aaron Walker, who happen to be my co-defendants in a lawsuit filed by Brett Kimberlin. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

And twitter seems to be ignoring this so Stacy is bringing out the big guns:


And here is the worst of it, he COULD stop this by making his account private but there is a catch:


This is restraint of trade. Stacy McCain like me, makes his living freelance, his ability to pay his bills his directly related to his ability to reach people and these people are trying to stop it.

This is no different from what Charles Johnson was doing that first acquainted me with Stacy with the exception that Johnson at least didn’t pretend it was someone else trying to destroy Stacy.  It was his baby and he ran with it.

This is simply an evil act, and I have something to say to whoever is doing this be it the Kimberlin crowd, which is the rational and logical rational assumption, or someone else.

You are fools. If you are purchasing followers there will be a trail. In normal circumstances Robert Stacy McCain is a reporter who grabs a story like a dog clings to a bone and chews it till it breaks. with the attempt to stop him from feeding his family I expect the cry to ring out:

“Chlanna nan con thigibh a so’s gheibh sibh feoil!”

I’m uncertain if this is worse than having people of my ancestry after you but it’s a damn close call.