This weekend France elected Emmanuel Macron its youngest leader in its modern history but it also rejected Marie LePen who would have been the 1st Female leader in modern history

All over the MSM there was much rejoicing over the result but as I had been re-watching the election coverage from last November, I noticed in all the MSM coverage there was something missing.


France had the chance to break the glass ceiling for women, France could have told their young girls that they too could someday grow up to lead the country but they did not.

And none of the members of the MSM who were so crushed and so furious that the US did not elect the first women in history to lead them,, those very same leaders who pointed at the US electorate and screamed “Misogyny”  were dancing a jig over France not only rejecting the chance to elect their first woman to lead them, but did so in a landslide.

So my question for our friends on the left is this?

Why is the US rejection of the 1st woman president misogyny but France’s overwhelming rejection of the same not?

Or do women only count as women if they are on the left?